It is absolutely insane how good he has gotten all of a Sutton…

All terrible puns aside, Courtland Sutton has balled out through 6 weeks. But is he legit? Let hear a ruling from the Court(land). I promise that’s the last one.

Sutton is currently WR 12 in PPR formats. This is surprising to a lot of people, as Sutton didn’t quite break out his rookie season, and the Broncos passing attack, and QB, are somewhat lack luster. So how does a second year WR manage to thrive in this offense? He had 4 catches for 76yds last week against the Titans, which isn’t a bad showing by any means. Sutton has had 46 targets in this offense, which isn’t and incredible amount, however he has 30 receptions catching 65% of his targets. None of these statistics is that outstanding, so what sets him apart? He currently has 43% of his team’s air yards, which is 4th amongst WR’s. When you get that much of your teams air yards, you are bound for some big plays, and so far, Sutton has been Flacco’sgo to in Mile High. Sutton is a great athlete, and while he’s not thought to be phenomenal after the catch, he’s shown to be shiftier than the average player at his position. He averages 1.3 more yards after the catch than expected per reception. Adding that up for 3 catches allows for some explosive plays. He’scurrently 9th in receiving yards, and it doesn’t take a fantasy expert to know that yards equal points.

So that’s all fine and dandy, but yards are only a portion of fantasy points. Let’s talk about touchdowns. Sutton has 3 on the year, which is tied for 15th at the position. While that doesn’tseem exceptional, Sutton has 7 red zone receptions on the year. Here’s a list of players with more… Oh wait. That’s the most in the National Football League. While he only has 3 TD’s he’s had a ton of opportunity. So while his value is up and down as he is fairly TD dependent, you should expect him to get there, and get there often. He plays the Chiefs at home in week 7 who has had one of the worst pass defenses in the league. If I was a gambling man (I am), I’m betting on seeing him in the end zone tonight.

So is Courtland Sutton the real thing? Is he as good as the numbers?

Absolutely. The court is now adjourned. 

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