Sunday Night Showdown Cowboys vs Eagles Week 7 DFS Showdown Picks

By: Sean Weymouth

TW: DelRayBoston

Tonight’s NFC Showdown between the Cowboys & Eagles has the real potential for shootout. With Dak Prescott now having all of his offensive weapons at his disposal and Carson Wentz and the Eagles hoping to keep pace, as their 29th ranked defense is giving up on average 353+ total yards per game to opposing offenses.

I’ll give you some thoughts on plays tonight plus my choice for your Captain/MVP slot. Here we go:

Cowboys: I would expect Dak and Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup to feast on the Eagle’s secondary. However one player that I believe will have a tough game is Eziekel Elliot. The Eagles for all of their secondary’s woes have been shut down good on opposing running backs. The Eagles’ front seven have averaged under 100 yards per game to opposing running backs.

On the other side of things, minus Desean Jackson, Carson Wentz also enters the game with nearly a full compliment of offensive weapons. However the Cowboys are right alongside the Eagles from a Run Stopping perspective, holding opposing run games to even a lower average yards on the ground then the birds. Tough sledding for Jordan Howard but I do like Miles Sanders a lot more – particularly after last week where the rookie caught 3 balls for 86 yards and a score. I also like the tight ends here Ertz and Goedart (as a sneaky play) as Dallas’ zone coverage does create a vaccum for the middle of the field.

For me, I like to try and play contrarian for at least one or two of my flex spots and play the chalk in the MVP spot. Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott, Michael Gallup, Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Miles Sanders are all solid MVP candidates.

If you want to go against the grain, try Big Zeke in the flex or Jordan Howard.

Some other dart throws to add in Dallas Goedart, Nelson Aghlor on the Eagles side. Jason Witten and Randall Cobb on the Dallas side.

Last word of advice – if you are playing either Dak or Carson in your MVP or Flex you want to try and put as many of their pass catchers as you can in the rest of your lineup. So if my MVP is Amari Cooper I am going to also play Dak so I can double my points. But if I have Dak in my lineup I’d want to try to fit both Amari and Michael Gallup and maybe include Jason Witten. Then come back with an Eagles player who in theory will he also playing well, causing Dak to throw to stay competitive. Alshon Jeffery or Miles Sanders for example.

I also always have at least one Showdown Lineup with the defense and the opposing kicker in it. I wouldn’t advise on this slate using either defenses or kickers in the MVP slot but flex spots should be considered. Even though both teams have fantastic passing offense, they are both run first and as discussed both defenses are great against the run.

Here’s a sample of a Draft Kings showdown lineup I’m playing tonight. Please don’t copy, but perhaps you can gain some ideas from it.

MVP: Dak Prescott

Flex: Amari Cooper

Flex: Michael Gallup

Flex: Jason Witten

Flex: Miles Sanders

Flex: Dallas Goedart

Good Luck in your contests!

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