Calvin Ridley

WR24 (PPR) 29 Recs 373 yds 4 TDS (So Far)

After big news that Mohamed Sanu was traded to the New England Patriots, things started to look better for Calvin to be the clear #2 target behind Julio Jones. Even though we already knew that…. Let’s face it Falcons are bad right now in all 3 phases defense, offense and special teams. Ridley has been hot cold hot cold and may be leading to staying hot with Sanu gone now. The targets will obviously increase but will he be able to take the full work load? I believe so! Ridley was and will be a solid WR2 moving forward with or without Sanu on the team. The writing was on the wall for Sanu the moment Ridley was drafted. Ridley rookie year was no mistake the kid can ball. Meanwhile, Dan Quinn needs to be fired overall for the falcons to be back on top. Week 8 could be the last game he could coach. Matt Ryan also suffered an ankle injury against the Rams Sunday so that maybe a downside in Ridley’s production but still a bright future to get Ridley back to his rookie year numbers or better with Sanu gone. I don’t see Ryan missing much time, the 34 year old should be back on the field in no time. Ryan’s last injury was 2016 week 16 with a hip contusion. Nothing serious at all. Its Ridley Szn ladies and gentlemen.

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