Studs & Duds Week 7 (This Time, With Feeling!)

By: Sean Weymouth

TW: @DelRayBoston

First off – week 7 had a lot of moments that NFL Fantasy would say “that helped no one!” The most notable of which was an active David Johnson, known in advance of kickoff for being active after a very shaky week of practice, only receiving one snap while backup Chase Edmunds dominated the snaps as well as nabbing two scores. After the fact Coach Kingsbury comes out to say – Yes, David Johnson was active but we were only planning on using him in emergency. On top of that it comes out the team is working out Jay Ajayi and Spencer Ware. I mention this because I won’t be mentioning DJ as a dud. Instead …


COACH KINGSBURY – I think for all of the attention, new fans and quite frankly revenue that Fantasy Football has brought and continues to bring to the NFL, Coaches should be a little more conscience of the idea that when your starting RB is listed as active PERHAPS it will cause everyone to trust the STARTING Running Back will be active. I get not wanting to give the opposing defense any clues on an offensive scheme, but maybe a mention that even though the STARTING Running back is active could be followed by, but he won’t be starting … is that so hard to ask for? Congrats on the win Coach and congrats on pulling the wool over the eyes of the defense, but quite frankly – WTF? Sorry Coach, but DUD

JOE MIXON now is it that Joe Mixon is the dud or the Bengals offensive line is the dud or maybe it’s the play calling … or maybe all of them are duds. Either way, how can a DUD list not contain Joe “first and inches” Mixon. You think I’m kidding with that name? Nope. Week 7 saw Joe Mixon bottom out with an average 7.2 inches per rush – Inches – I say again. 10 rushes for a total of 2 yards and 1 receptions for – you guessed it, 2 yards. This has been a forgettable season for Mixon and Sunday may have just about been as Dud-er-rrific as you could get. The Bengals are throwing the ball 70% of all offensive snaps, that says to me that you cannot start Joe Mixon – and you can’t trade him, unless there’s someone in your league who enjoys losing enough to take him. He is the paperweight to your fantasy bench’s stack of papers. DUD

MELVIN GORDON in the short time I have been writing this article I have tried to keep it fresh without repeats and without being redundant. However allow me to be both here … the Chargers are now 0 – 3 with Melvin Gordon back and while it isn’t all Melvin Gordon’s fault, he certainly can share some of the blame. It’s not like it wasn’t already a lousy day on the ground for Mel G, when he fumbled on the one with just seconds left on the clock and sinking the Chargers comeback as if it was weighed down with paperweight Mixon. Nope. Gordon rushed the ball 16 Times – 16 times for 32 yards. Hmm, let’s do some quick math. 16 x 2 equals what? Oh right 32. Now that means “Mr I’m Worth More Money” averaged 2 yards a carry. 2 yards a carry you say. Well that is better than Joe Mixon and his whopping 2 yards total but c’mon MEL?! Now credit where credit is due Mr Gordon did catch a ball for a receiving touchdown … and saying the word receiving reminds me of the biggest Dud that Melvin has caused and that is making Austin Ekeler into a slot receiver. However we will get to Ekeler later … for now, hey Melvin – DUD buddy DUD. However, after the last two weeks for the Chicago Defense vs Running Backs – perhaps Melly Mel could be in play in week 8.

DAVID MONTGOMERY here is another curious case of is it the player, the line or the coach but in this case I think it is more the player and I will tell you why. On Sunday David “the job shoulda been mine but it just ain’t” Montgomery carried the ball – TWICE. TWICE. (What is it about running backs and 2s this week by the way). Anyway he mustered a total of 6 yards on those two carries. He also caught two balls for a whopping 13 yards. Those numbers are Dud qualifications enough if it were not for the extremely ill timed and costly fumble Montgomery had that all but sealed the Bears’ fate (if Mitch Trubisky hadn’t already done that himself I mean). That fumble is why David Montgomery is the dud and not the coaching. If you are getting the ball that little, a sure fire way to ensure you won’t be getting anything more is by fumbling. Now to his credit, this was the first fumble of the season for the rookie but still. If your team needs you, take the snaps you are given and work as hard as you can and by all things holy – hold onto the ball. See Josh Jacobs if you need an example of this … David DUDgomery here we are. I have Montgomery in two leagues and since I want to win, I’m not taking another chance against the Chargers in Week 8.

DIShonorable Mentions

Sam “I’m Seeing Ghosts Out There” Darnold

Kyler “Uh, Coach can I please throw over 10 yards like, one time? Please?” Murray

Mark “Next time I’ll put glue on my gloves” Andrews

Mark “My QB took my RB1 job” Ingram


AARON RODGERS well, well, well – for all that have tweeted me asking how I hadn’t reported Mr Rodgers a DUD yet – be damned!! How about 5 Passing Touchdowns? Not enough? How about he run one in too. Aaron Rodgers had a day like you read about – and you will, all this week I’m sure. Lest I remind you that his #1 receiver was ruled out. Lest I remind you that his #2 and #3 receivers were limited and on pitch counts. I don’t mention their names, because I don’t need to – because it didn’t matter Sunday, and likely it won’t matter again and maybe again and again. Aaron Rodgers reminded us all why he is that damn good. Now everyone knows Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. but even I am man enough to say Aaron Rodgers may just be G.O.A.T .0 SIX SCORES? STUD.

LATAVIUS MURRAY sure the big Lat Machine is a handcuff that got the start because the RB1 was out – but, isn’t that kinda Latavius Murray’s thing? Remember when he ran wild for the Vikings when Dalvin Cook couldn’t go? Or remember when he was an Oakland Raider sharing snaps? Hey you know what it just kinda don’t matter. David Montgomery take notice – when Latavius gets his opportunity, he knows what the F to do – and that is run hard. How hard? 27 rushing attempts for 119 yards and TWO Touchdowns. Plus five catches for another 31 yards. Against Da Bears no less. Now this may be the only time Latavius Murray gets the start all year but I couldn’t help but mention – STUD. Now keep an eye on the injury reports because if Kamara sits again, the Lat Machine will get to run all over Arizona in week 8. Watch out.

COREY DAVIS now the StudB to this Stud entry should actually be Ryan Tannehill for nothing else than showing the world that if you just treat the pocket passing game like a professional NFL quarterback should, a talent like Corey Davis emerges – but I digress. Hey there Corey, hows it feel to go six for 80 and a touchdown? Like a fog has lifted? I bet. Now compared to the other studs on this list perhaps those stats don’t seem too impressive but if you watched that game it was the 4th quarter 38 yard reception that helped his team win the game that makes Mr C Davis a Stud this week. Hey Corey Davis – keep it up STUD. Next week this new Tannehill to Davis combo gets to take on the Swiss cheese secondary of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers … I smell a DFS pick in my future!

MARVIN JONES how could a Week 7 Stud list not include a guy who caught 4 touchdowns while going 10 for 93 as well. Oh and by the way, that was in a losing effort as well. Now look, you can’t expect that Kenny Golladay will only get 2 targets every week. You also can’t expect Detroit to go against a team as red hot as the Vikings are right now, each week either. However Marvin “Steamroller” Jones just reminded you that – oh yeah, he is on this team too and he can be dangerous and in week 7 he was as bad as he wanted to be. 4 Touchdowns Marvin? STUD. Oh yeah and by the way this Stud next week? He gets the Giants and their Swiss cheese secondary … who knows, maybe not four but at least 1 and 80 yards is sure within reach. STUD

Honorable Mentions

Austin “Seriously guys, I’m not starting cuz why?” Ekeler

The Patriots Defense aka The Empire to your pathetic rebel alliance

The Saints Defense aka No 100 yard rushers, No 300 yard passers, No Bueno if you don’t have ‘em

Chase “Ya shoulda had me in your flex at least” Edmunds

Kurt “I don’t know how long I can be a stud, but a stud for now I am” Cousins

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