Mid Szn Recap

Leonard Fournette – Putting up great numbers this Szn producing elite rb numbers on the field. My plan going into draft day was to target fournette in the 3rd round with the understanding he’s my RB2 and nothing else. Boy was I wrong. Fournette week in and out showing everyone his true value in this game. Ive mentioned before in june that fournette would be a nice rb stack if the strategy was to go RB WR RB with fournette being the target in the 3rd round. Hopefully drafting fournette u grabbed an Elite RB in the first round. a lot of teams with a nice RB1 & RB2 stack like such Saquon Barkley & Fournette or CMC & Leonard Fournette or Zeke & Fournette . All great RB stacks leading you to Bring Home The Gold . Salute to you Lenny let’s get this money!

Stefon Diggs- Things started off very slow for Diggs with the Vikings using and abusing Dalvin cook in that run game. Tough times for Diggs seeing as little as 2 TGTs in a game to making only 1 catch. Diggs expressed his frustrations with the offense not throwing the ball enough and things seemed to turn around rather quickly after Diggs showing interest in the trade market. The last four games Diggs has been WR4 and looks to continue this hot streak to greatness. Hopefully ur the guy who traded for Diggs while he was in that drought because the return your getting could be bringing home the gold. 

Odell Beckham- WOW! What a shit show it has been for the browns and Beckham. Odell was thought to be a first round pick for sure but clearly we were wrong. Beckham is struggling week to week to get anything going on that offense. Currently WR28 in ppr formats not looking good for OBJ owners. I would honestly trade OBJ for what you can now I don’t expect any top 10 performances or finishes this SZN I feel like sell him while you can while his name may sell his self. Just go into your league feed and just post “OBJ FOR SALE” someone may bite on it for a good offer. Players I would possibly target at good value now : Golden Tate , D.j Chark , Allen Robinson and plenty more. Players in that bracket who are consistent with production with very little question marks around them. Ive learned my lesson with OBJ last season he’s a player that will remain on my “Do not Draft” List for the rest of his career. IDC what team he’s on. Ok. I’m done venting.

Aaron Jones- A lot of questions for Jones going into this draft. Will he be worth that 4th rd pick? Will the packers run the ball enough to have ant production value? Will he lose the starting job to Jamaal Williams? Well he proved the haters and ME wrong! Currently RB3 Packers are firing on all cylinders and Jones is getting the job done not just rushing but also in the passing game. Jones sharing some light with Williams but not enough for him to lose any noticeable touches. Jones running away with the starting job but if you told me 8 weeks ago that Jones will be a top 3 RB mid SZN I would probably slap you with a hand full of powder. Just saying. Some people saw a productive season from Jones but not like this hes gone above and beyond expectations even for the believers in Jones. Before we jump the gun on Jones let’s see if he can finish the SZN strong with a up and down schedule based on RB matchups.

Do you believe in Ghost ?

Dante Pettis- Where the hell has he been? He’s been on the field just not seeing the targets. The biggest hype bust on my list. Pettis was going as high as the 5th round in some leagues but hasn’t shown up in weeks. Pettis was on the path to greatness the way he finished the 2018 SZN that lead to all this big hype but produced a nice shit turd on everyones bench. Doesn’t make sense why his numbers look the way they do only thing that changed in the offense was Jimmy Pornstar was back into the line up. Which should be even more opportunity for him to produce something at least . He’s avg. 3 pts a game which is embarrassing to be as high as a 5th rd pick in ppr formats. The step back has to be a injury that’s lingering or something but the addition of Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t help his case to be relevant any time soon. Pettis is droppable at this point him taking up space on ur bench is unnecessary. Your bench should be filled with guys who are going to produce not take up space.

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