Studs & Duds Week 8 (A bard’s tale)

So let’s put a couple things in perspective shall we. First – I want to say thank you to everyone who have been checking out my DFS Posts lately. Hopefully you started a couple of my sleepers in your lineups, cause a more than a few had double digit fantasy production and more than a few weren’t being talked about by DFS experts anywhere… but with that said, I admit I missed Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson in my picks last night and I shouldn’t have as both were so cheap they allowed for almost any other combination you could have wanted to fit. In case you missed it, both Wilson and Hurns scored the Dolphins only touchdowns last night – so for that allow me to declare ME as the first DUD on my list today. Let this be a lesson however, much like Drake says – start at the bottom of the list for Showdown Slates. There may be some gems to find at mint pricing, and if you start one or more and they go off like they did last night – that can be a difference maker between cashing and not cashing.

Ok, with that out of the way – On with the show:


KYLER “Lead Foot” MURRAY. Last week I had Kyler as a ‘Dishonarable Mention’ and as I had said to an apparently angry twitter follower about it – that was more about the Coach than him. This week though … whoa nelly, I can’t avoid full Dudness for the #1 Draft Pick. Now to be fair – the Saints are very good at defense. If you didn’t know that before, then maybe you could be on this list just like me. But still – even with his favorite target Christian Kirk back in the fold, Kyler for the second straight week had ZERO touchdown passes. Additionally, he only ran twice for a paltry 13 yards, which I suppose is a better average than he had over the prior two games where he went 10 for 28 and 11 for 32 respectively, but still. If the defense is that stout, you need to make plays Ky and for you that means you gotta move them feet! If you aren’t going to throw touchdowns, how about try running for them – or JUST RUNNING! Now look before Twitter throws more shade on me for this pick, Kyler is on a bye this week. Maybe they get DJ back in Week 10, maybe they get Chase Edmonds back in Week 10. Maybe Kyler goes for a run in between and remembers how good it feels. Either way for Week 8 – DUD

MITCHELL “Overthrow or Bust” TRUBISKY. Is there an actual NFL rule that when Matt Nagy gets something right (ie; get the running game going), then everything else goes wrong? Well wait, that isn’t really fair. The defense played well. But in a very real way, I think Mitch needs to be switch-ed. Someone needs to sit him down and get whatever is going on in his head out. Inaccurate is a nice way of saying – STINK, STANK, STUNK. Actually a nice way to say that is to not use Caps, but I digress. It is actually fairly incredible Mitch was able to throw for over 250 yards in a game where errant pass was king. It isn’t often you’d hear me say thank god for a pass interference call but poor Allen Robinson was looking to go to the house. You gotta feel for the guy. Another week another extremely costly interception and on top of it a fumble too and Mitchell the Pickel has now gone 4 of his last 6 games without a Touchdown pass. I mean Andy Dalton has been benched for less. Joe Flacco and his ‘neck’ has been benched for less (by the way – did it look like Flacco was in neck pain when he spat venom at the post game press conference? Yeah, I didn’t think so either). Back to Mitch. Make the Switch, don’t ignore the Itch, Matt Nagy. DUD.

SAM “I think I’m actually Haunted” DARNOLD. Now as a Pats fan I can chalk this one up to simply that the Boogeymen are still in Darnold’s head. Ok maybe not, but there was not a fantasy analyst anywhere that didn’t predict a bounce back for Ol’ Kissin’ Sammy. For the Jets entire offense really, but Darnold in particular. Yes Sam Darnold threw 2 touchdown passes. However he also threw 3 Interceptions along the way. Just some quick math here, since he had been back (Week 6) Sam Sham has thrown a TD to INT Ratio of 4:8. So in other words double the amount of interceptions than touchdowns for those keeping score. Sam has been so DUDerrific I am not even sure he is a viable started against the NFL’s Cheat Code for Offenses – the Dolphins. Meh, who am I kidding – it’s the Dolphins. If Mason Rudolph can do it – maybe Sam can too. Especially with his new shiny toy and Week 8 leading receiver Demariyus Thomas who in case you missed it, nabbed the catch of the week including a little Harlem Globetrotter action between the leg on the way to the ground. That was a Stud. Darnold however is a DUD.

MELVIN “But I scored” GORDON. I hate to repeat myself from last week here – but C’mon guy! Prior to week 8 the Bears Defense had been chewed up on the ground. If there was a spot for Gordon to get right, especially in a tough overall matchup and prove why he deserves the money he was asking for – it was this one. Eight carries for 31 yards and 3 catches for 3 yards ? Seriously? Now look I get it – the Bears are still a good defense but after the last two weeks they seemed to have a hole in their hull with the run game. Thankfully ol’ Melly Mell was there to plug it up it seems. Ok I give it to the guy he has scored touchdowns in the last two games but (and I say this as classy and as adult as possible) BIG WHUP! Since his return Melvin Gordon has run for a total of 112 yards – over 4 games! Can you stop please – no more contract extensions, no more GORDON starting. It’s Ekeler’s backfield now – he is the far more explosive player. Interestingly enough, Gordon’s role model in hold out haven Lev Bell certainly isn’t lighting things up either – but at least he has the Dolphins next week to push around. DUD DUD DUD DUD DUUUUUUUD.

MARVIN “Touchdown-less” JONES. From hero to goat. Please note, this kind of goat does not need to be separated by periods. Now I do not think anyone assumed a 4 touchdown game was going to happen back to back but seriously Marv – 22 total yards? Ewww. Marvin’s longest gain was for six yards on Sunday. I know what you are thinking, I thought you were done talking about Melvin. Well you read it wrong. MARVIN’s longest gain was for six yards. So I guess that would mean that Marvin’s ceiling is 4 touchdowns and his floor is a high of six, yards that is. Again – no one should have been expecting the cieling two weeks in a row – but now that we have seen the floor, time to call National Floors Direct and get some carpeting – cause it’s COOOOLD. Dud.

DIShonarable Mentions

BAKER “Wait, you’re not my guy come back with that” MAYFIELD

TY “But, uh, I thought the job was mine Coach?” Johnson


KEENAN “Yeah, I know, me too guys – sorry” ALLEN


COOPER “Two Bills” KUPP. What more is there really to say about Coooper Kupp than the guy is a machine. After two down weeks in a row, Kupp looked like the actual real life version of that Stefon Diggs commercial where everything sticks to Diggs’ hands. Wherever Jarrod Goff looked, there was Kupp going 7 for 10 for a eye opening, jaw dropping 220 yards and a touchdown. Now to put that in perspective, Cooper Kupp in one game actually doubled the offensive yards Melvin Gordon has gained in 4 games. How about dem apples? It is a shame Cooper Kupp is on bye week this week, I know 2 of my 3 fantasy teams will miss him – but good luck Pittsburgh in Week 10. Cooper Kupp is coming to town and hell is coming with him! STUD.

MIKE “Contested Catches are my Jam” EVANS. Hey here is a fun fact about Mike Evans – he is really, really good! It seems like all season long and even dating back to the pre-season all anyone wanted to talk about was Chris Godwin. Chris Godwin is a special talent, no doubt – but so is Mike Evans. How special? How about 31.8 standard fantasy points good. 198 yards on 11 receptions and TWO touchdowns! Dag! Here’s the crazy thing, against the tight coverage of the Titan’s secondary, Evans only missed on 1 pass. He caught 11 of 12 of his targets – incredible! This is also the second time this season that Evans has had a multi touchdown game. Pretty good for sure. Definitely a STUD this week. Next week Evans goes up against Seattle. My money is on Big Mike. I think you’ll see him later this week in my DFS article too. STUD.

AARON “The other Aaron in Green Bay” JONES. Much like Melvin Gordon is now a two time dud, Aaron Jones is a two time stud! Rightfully so. I mean when Aaron Rogers gushes praise on you on national TV and your name isn’t Davante Adams, then sir – you a stud! And here is the kicker, it wasn’t Jones’ rushing that makes him a stud this week (though 67 yards on 13 carries against a very game Chiefs Defense isn’t something to shake a stick at) it was Jones’ receiving – 159 yards receiving and two, I say, two receiving touchdowns. I’m sorry – was that actually Davante Adams? No, no it wasn’t. Hey here is a fun fact – on Sunday Aaron Jones had only 10 less yards receiving than Josh Allen had throwing. Let’s hear it for the boy! And thank god they finally gave this boy a chaaaayaaaance (yes, that is an 80’s song reference but I don’t care) – cause Aaron may not be any romeo, but he sure has been a one man show Oh Oh Oh Oh …. STUD

DESHAUN “Go ahead, Kick me again, I dare ya” WATSON. Now before I mention any stats, the reason Dr. Watson here is on this list is because he GOT KICKED IN THE FREAKIN’ EYE and still threw a game winning touchdown pass – his third of the game by the way. Incidentally this is Watson’s third game this season with 3 Touchdown passes. If you are a Texan’s fan, I sure feel for ya with JJ Watt going down – but in the immortal words of Bruce Springsteen – show a little faith, there’s magic in the night. Watson on Sunday 27 of 39 for 279 and the aforementioned three touchdown passes. He completed nearly 70 percent of his passes and also ran for 46 yards. Getting kicked in the face, in the eye really and still is out there throwing touchdowns. Don’t argue – just admit it! STUD

TEVIN “The T in my name stands for Touchdown” COLEMAN Ok all you Tevin Coleman Truthers out there, please stand up – right? Oh wait, there were no Tevin Coleman truthers out there, but I bet there is now! 11 rushes for 105 yards and THREE touchdowns. Oh wait, there is more… no not DJ Moore, more for Coleman catching 2 balls for another 100 yards receiving and ANOTHER Touchdown! 4 Touchdowns, 205 yards of total offense – now that is studerrific if you ask me! This is Tevin Coleman’s backfield to lose… so look out, everyone else. The Niners and Coleman are undefeated. Let’s Go! STUD

Honarable Mentions

Jamal “Yeah, we all know that ball was being thrown away – but then again, was it?” Williams

Dalvin “Don’t Look Now, I just ran past ya” Cook

Kenny “2 Receptions last week, 2 Touchdowns this week” Golloday

The Boogeymen aka The Patriots Defense

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