Thursday Night Showdown: Spooky Cards & Ghoulish Niners – Draft King’s picks 10/32

By Sean Weymouth

TW @delrayboston

Tonight’s NFL Main Event is eerily similar to Monday. Dominant Defense vs Shaky Offense. Rookie QB vs Former Backup. Running game vs an organized committee. Wait is this Steelers Dolphins again – is it a Halloween vortex? A time warp? Just kidding there is one big, big defense.

The 49ers are undefeated and their Defense rivals only that of my beloved Boogeymen. Additionally, unlike the Steelers last week there should be no mistake who the targets will be funneled to or who will be running between the 1’s & 2s.

But let’s start with the Cardinals, because I think they are more interesting tonight.

Kyler Murray: I am going to keep this short and sweet. I think Kyler is going to have a tough time tonight if he continues what he has been doing over the last 2 weeks. If the Cardinals have a shot tonight, Kyler needs to take the ball and run. Run like the wind. If there is one thing that the Nick Bosa led 49ers is an actually mobile QB. I am not going to say, it is going to work – but it’s worth a shot.

Unlike last week where I thought you would need to pair every receiver with their QB and vice versa, I don’t mind playing Kyler by himself or to be very different as your MVP. But should you want to pair him with a receiver, my first pick to do that with may surprise …

Charles Clay: Quietly Clay the journeyman TE was second only to the returning Christian Kirk in receptions and yardage, with 79. I expect the 49ers to be in Kyler’s face early and often and without DJ or Chase Edmunds tonight (and with Kenyan Drake new to the offense) I like Clay to be the check down… but do so with risk and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out, the Niner’s are #1 against the position…

Christian Kirk & Larry Fitzgerald: I pair these two only because I think you have an equal shot of success with either. I’d expect Richard Sherman to be on Christian Kirk like a kid on a bowl of candy on Halloween – but I also see an opportunity for Kirk to put on the jets and if Kyler can get a pass off, he has a great chance to boom. Meanwhile Larry Fitz hasn’t been Larry Fitz lately and therefore I thCardinals ink he could be very sneaky play. Kingsbury has been known to script Edleman type sweeps for Fitz and chewing up 10 or 12 yards a pop during a big blitz isn’t out of the question. I also think a very contrarian play could be Kyler with both of these guys in Flex spots surrounded by Niner’s. Junk time points are still points after all.

Back Field of Drake, Morris and Zenner: No

The Forty Niners:

Start ’em all. Don’t be cute.

My pick for your MVP is the 49ers Defense. If you go that way and then grab a cheap Charles Clay, you can pretty much start who you want on the 49ers.

George Kittle: I see this as a game where when the 49ers aren’t running the ball they will be funneling to the big guy. Not only for the narrative that tight ends do well against the cardinals – cause he’s George Kittle. He is a fine choice for MVP or Flex.

Tevin Coleman: I wouldn’t have a lineup without Coleman tonight period. It may me bold of me to say but I don’t recommend it.

Emmanuel Sanders: I would have to think that if the 49ers continue to keep him outside tonight he will draw Patrick Peterson. If that is the case I may choose to look the other way. But in Denver, Sanders often ran from the slot and if he does that he certainly will be a red zone target. He isn’t my favorite play but he is in play.

Debo Samuel and Jeff Wilson: as I head to go trick or treating I just want to mention these two. They cheap and they will be involved. Wilson especially on the goal line.

Jimmy G: my daughter is running house to house as I type but one thing Handsome Jimmy doesn’t do is run. For that reason, I like it. He won’t need to. I also don’t know if he’ll need to throw a ton here but don’t sleep on the handsome one tonight. Pair with Kittle or Sanders or be different with Samuels. Let’s Go!

Happy Halloween and Good Luck in your Contests!

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