Starts of the Week: Week 10

Jameis Winston (vs ARI)
Passing volume is the best way to describe this Tampa Bay offense this season. In the past 3 games Winston has had passing attempts of 54, 43, 44 respectively in each game which is a very healthy amount in terms of fantasy production. Winston gets the Cardinals this week, who in the last 5 games are allowing 29.7 fantasy points per game and last week the Cardinals let up 32.07 to Jimmy Garoppolo on a run first offense. Passing volume and a good matchup alone are solid reasons as to why Jameis will be a top play this week, but pace of play is playing an extremely important role this week as well. Via pace of play tool, both of defenses are top 10 in terms of plays allowed in a neutral game script. In what should be a “neutral” shootout I expect both offenses to tear apart the opposing defenses making this a fantasy gold mine.

Marlon Mack (vs MIA)
In what is a tough week in terms of running back matchups, I think Marlon Mack is in a very solid role this week against the Dolphins. In the last 3 games Mack has seen 18,19, and 21 rushing attempts deeming him as nothing less of a workhorse back and I have no reason to pull me against him not being a workhorse this week. In the past 5 games, the Dolphins are allowing 25.5 fantasy points per game to opposing running backs and they are set to face a run heavy team in the Colts. With T.Y. Hilton out and Jacoby Brissett most likely sitting out of this game the Colts will look to use Mack for 20+ carries to manage the game clock. Mack will easily go over 100 yards and has a very solid chance to find the endzone.

Keenan Allen (vs OAK)
Keenan Allen fantasy owners have been nothing less than disappointed by Allen’s fantasy production since his monster start, but I PROMISE you that this week will be a Keenan Allen bounce back week. Allen is still second in total air yards and has seen a 30% and 34% target share the last two games, so he is still seeing elite numbers in terms of usage in this Chargers offense. Allen has been given a 21% matchup advantage this week to a team that has allowed totals of 13.8, 28.7, 21.3, 21.9, and 26.6 to a receiver on the opposing team. The Raiders have been absolutely torched the past couple games and this game is lining up to be another offensive minded game, so I expect Allen to be used heavily. Remember folks, air yards never lie, and a bounce back IS coming, and it will be this week.

Mark Andrews (vs CIN)
If you can remember back a couple weeks to when the Ravens played the Bengals last you may remember Mark Andrews totally shredding this Bengals defense for a line of 6-99 on 8 targets. I know any fantasy owner would be happy with 6-99 in PPR when it comes to the tight end position. Andrews is currently seeing a 24% target share and was given a 50% matchup advantage this week! An advantage of 50% is by far the biggest advantage I have seen so far this year. The Bengals have given up on the season and I fully expect the Ravens to control this game and Andrews will be used as the primarily target.

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