Studs & Duds, a look ahead at Week 10 including early Draft King’s Week 10 Main Slate thoughts (11/7/19)

By: Sean Weymouth

TW: @delrayboston

First off I apologize for being tardy on this article. It so happens that when your passion is Fantasy Football but your career pays the bills, sometime the career comes in first. Again I apologize.

That being said, this is not going to be your run of the mill Studs & Duds this week. I have too much on my mind going into week 10. Also do I need I need to tell you that Gardner Minshew was a dud in week 9 – the Jags already did it for me by naming Foles as their starter after their buy.

No – today will be my predictions on who will be Studs and who will be Duds in Week 10. This will include season long, early DFS thoughts and I will also highlight some Thursday Night Football picks too. Cool with you? Well then if all agreed – let’s begin.

My STUD Picks for Week 10:

Christian McCaffery – if you have him you are starting him and if you are questioning starting him ever, then get out of Fantasy Football. He is the unquestionable set it and forget it choice and aside from two games against a very underrated Bucs run defense, he has likely helped win you your weeks. Good luck getting a trade done, just hope you don’t have to play him. In week 9 McCaffery touched the ball 27 times for a total yardage of 166 and three touchdowns. He scored roughly 40 Fantasy Points (depending on your league’s scoring) and it was his third time doing so this season. McCaffery is on pace for the most fantasy points of all time. In week 10 Christian the Destroyer gets a Green Bay defense averaging 158 yards allowed on the ground per game – is there any doubt that all 158 will go to one man on the Panthers? Plus with Cam done for the season I could see McCaffery and Kyle Allen using this as a statement game. Week 9 Stud, yes. Week 10 Stud, he’s a pick for me.

Now Christian is the most expensive running back on DK’s main slate at $10,500. Tough to fit in, tough to fade. I expect him to be a popular choice but I also expect a contrarian approach would be to stack him with Kyle Allen and one or two Panthers Pass Catchers like DJ Moore or Greg Olsen. I think most players that pay up for McCaffery will go elsewhere from the rest of the Panthers. The Panthers D with McCaffery also could be a Boom/Bust play too.

Devin Singletary to quote the Rock, Devin Singletary owners in week 9 were saying: “Finally”. Yes Devin Singletary was a Stud in Week 9 and he’s one of my picks to be a stud again in Week 10. Coming off of a 20 Carry 95 and 1 performance in Week 9 I believe Singletary has finally usurped the ageless Frank Gore as Buffalo’s starter. Singletary also had 45 yards receiving and his involvement in the passing game is what will keep him as Buffalo’s workhorse for the remainder of the season. Week 10 will have him face Cleveland who’s front 7 have a reputation for being tough on the run but the reality is they are 27th in the league against it. I think you should have confidence in Singletary as a high end RB2 or Flex. Stud in week 9, he’s one of my Stud picks for week 10.

Draft Kings has Singletary at a great price of $5,000 for Week 10 which again puts him fully in play as a RB2 or Flex option. Alone or stacked with Josh Allen, at $5,000 he gives you a great high ceiling upside and value.

Aaron Jones Here is a player that easily could have been a Dud had this article not included the look ahead, but then again the entire Green Bay offense could have been listed as Duds. More on that later. However, I have to put him here because I think he bounces back against the Panthers this week because I think Aaron Rogers is pissed off. In Week 9 the Panthers Defense gave up two scores on the ground to Derek Henry last week and Green Bay (despite stinking in Week 9) are overall a superior offense than Tannehill’s Titans. I think the opportunity for Jones to have multiple scores is real – so don’t be scared. He may have been a Week 9 dud but he’ll be a Week 10 Stud so if you have him, start him.

At $7,400 on Draft Kings I think Jones and Rogers for that matter will go a little over looked, with the other choices around them. In Jones’ case, for under $1,000 more you can get Alvin Kamara and if Kamara sits for $100 less you can get Latavius Murray. Also in the range is Mark Ingram at a $300 dollar discount from Jones and Nick Chubb a $400 discount, both of whom with great Running Back matchups in week 10. I think a risky but sneaky tournament play would be to stack Jones and Jamal Williams ($5,200) together in the same lineup with Rogers ($6,600). Just an idea.

Lamar Jackson Who’s afraid of the Boogeymen? Not Lamar. Lamar went into New England in Week 9 and slayed the beast in formidable fashion and taking a big leap toward MVP status for the season. Interestingly he had under 200 yards passing and under 100 yards rushing but it was his two Touchdowns (1 passing, 1 running) and his overall control of the offense that made him a Stud in week 9 and now he gets to play Cincinnati in week 10 a team he decimated in week 3 with 388 total yards and a rushing Touchdown. You should have started this stud in week 9 and you need to start this stud in week 10.

Lamar Jackson is the most expensive QB on the DK main slate at $6,700 and a fine play against Cincy in Week 10 – but, who do you stack him with? In Week 9 Jackson targeted all three of his tight ends, 3 different wide receivers and 2 different running backs. I don’t often say or do this with DFS, but I think you are good to go with Jackson solo! If he gives you another 150 yard performance and a score on the ground plus 250 yards in passing and another score – you are in the driver’s seat. I think it could be very sneaky to actually pair him with Mark Ingram ($7,100) and be done. Hollywood Brown ($5,100) is a fine WR stacking choice, but … the only reservation I have is that with the Bengals starting their untested rookie quarterback in place of Dalton, will the Ravens run roughshod over them early and turn to Gus Edwards to suck up the clock and grind ’em down. But what is DFS without the risk, right?

Mike Evans: for the second week in a row Mike Evans made a statement with his play in week 9. The statement was – I’m the Man. Corralling 12 of 16 for a whopping 180 yards and a score. Holy smokes. Now looking ahead he will likely draw Patrick Peterson in week 10 as the Bucs take on the Cardinals, but you simply cannot fade this Stud. If he was a wrestler you know his name would be “Big” Mike Evans. This is a big time stud in your lineup, was in week 9 and will be again in week 10.

I am anticipating the most popular game stack of the week will be The Bucs and Cardinals and Mike Evans at $7,600 could bring tremendous value. You should note that Chris Godwin, coming off of a great Week 9 himself, at $200 less may end up being the more popular choice of the two due to the discount. That’s fine. Give me plenty of Evans in tournaments or cash games. Stacked with Winston you can’t go wrong BUT I will tell you, the “perfect” DK Lineup in Week 9 actually game stacked with Russell Wilson, Tyler Locket, DK Metcalf, Jacob Hollister and MIKE EVANS… could that again happen in week 10 with Kyler, Kirk and another Cardinal with Evans included?

(PS may I humble brag that right here on Real Deal Fantasy in our Week 9 DK article – we were one of the only sites to pick Jacob Hollister as a Sleeper Tight End Play. That “Perfect Lineup” I mentioned, with Hollister, took down the Millionaire Maker! In other words – don’t sleep on our DFS coverage here. The next big winner – could be YOU!)

Other notable Week 9

– “Danger” Russ Wilson – 5 Touchdowns and an overtime win!

– Jameis “No Interception” Winston – 335 Yards and Two Touchdowns!

– Kenyan “The Desert Suits Me” Drake – 15 for 110 and a score on the ground and another 52 in the air!

– Matt “Come Back Patrick!” Moore – pulling out a win!

– Emmanuel “Told You I could be the #1 Guy” Sanders

– Pittsburgh Steelers D – also was a part of that DK “perfect lineup” in week 9 by the way

My DUD Picks for Week 10:

Mitchell Trubisky is is possible to say that Trubisky is currently the worst starting QB in the NFL right now? Week 9 saw Trubisky pass for only 124 yards on 21 attempts. While he didn’t throw a pick this week, he also didn’t throw a touchdown and the second half of the game – 25 yards.Honestly David Montgomery’s two TD runs were about the only bright spot on the day for the Bears but here’s a couple more TRUEbisky stats. On the season he is a mere 5:3 TDs to Interceptions. His completion percentage has dropped a full point from 2018 (64% to 63%) and worst of all, he isn’t rushing either – where last year, that was a hallmark. Trubisky was a week 9 dud and in week 10, if he is even still on your roster – drop him and find a replacement.Amazingly Draft Kings still has Trubisky priced over $5,000 ($5,100) in Week 10 and that is over priced big time. While it may be a contrarian play to start Trubisky, I also don’t see it being a wise one either. #StayAway

Keenan Allen: I think that Keenan Allen is a fantastic NFL football player and he is a key player in the Charger’s offense – but for some reason this season either he just isn’t playing well or the Chargers just are choosing not to use him. It’s mind boggling really. Week 9 saw a mere 40 yards on 3 receptions – but look at what Allen has put up over the last six weeks: 7 for 53, 4 for 61, 2 for 33, 4 for 18 and 5 for 48.Unfortunately I don’t see a break in this pattern coming in Week 10 so I reccomend if he is on your bench, keep him there. I wouldn’t even bat an eye if I saw him on a waiver wire come Sunday.Until the offense shows they will go to him more, he is an unplayable fantasy asset right now.You’ll only be able to play Allen in the Thursday – Monday or Showdown slates in Draft Kings, since he is playing tonight against Oakland. Prices: $6,100 Th-M Slate. $13,500 Captain, $9,000 Flex. As unplayable as Allen has been in Season Long, I actually don’t mind him in Daily. I don’t expect him to be highly owned in either slate and I actually don’t hate him as a GPP option against the Raiders who, with a decent pass rush could have Rivers looking for Allen in the Slot. Allen’s biggest threat for targets though comes via Hunter Henry though who plays and runs similar routes and has had River’s eye. So beware.

Davante Adams I don’t expect Davante Adams to stay a dud for long but after multiple weeks on the shelf to come back in week 9 with a 7 for 41 stinker was like a lead balloon to a lot of fantasy teams I am sure, mine included. The positive was he logged 83% of the offensive snaps, the negative is that he enters week 10 questionable once again. Now to be fair the entire Packers offense and defense put up dud performances in Week 9 so it wasn’t just Adams. Additionally if you watched the game you clearly saw that despite the performance he was Roger’s #1 target by a long shot.However in Week 10 they get to face a very formidable Panther’s defense and while I will never sh to fade your studs, I would be wary of Adams here.Keep an eye on the inactives leading up to kickoff.Perhaps Adam’s turf toe will make your difficult decision to sit him or not, much easier if he isn’t playing.I actually do not like Adams this weekend in DFS. At $6,100 I think you can find better options in the same range, plus I could easily see Rogers and LeFleur going back to the well and focusing on the two running backs. The Panthers at after all much better against the Pass than they are a against the Run.

Cameron Brate: so much for a favorite of Winston which has been a narrative on why Cameron Brate for the last few seasons. In a shoot out game that ended in over time, Brate drew 0 targets from Winston and was a non-existent “streamer” with OJ Howard out in Week 9. Not like Howard was setting the world on fire to begin with but often part of that problem was Brate’s presence on the field. Well you can’t be more than a dud than popping a goose egg. In week 10 Howard is probable and I don’t see any trends changing regarding the tight ends in Tampa Bay. Stay away.Regarding Daily Fantasy, Brate does clock in at a cheap option at only $3,700 – which could help your Tampa Bay Stacks out with Evans and Godwin over 7k, but I would look elsewhere at the position. Delanie Walker could be back for the same price, for $100 more you could get Vance McDonald and for a $100 less you could get Greg Olsen. Both of whom are better plays than Brate. I won’t be going to Brate and I’d recommend doing the same. If you are looking for a Sleeper play save $600 and start Mike Geisiki in Miami with Fitzmagic throwing to him.Other notable Week 9 Zeroes:

Adam “Laces out on my career” Viniteri

Aaron “Even a Goat eats a bag egg every once in a while” Rogers

Dalvin “Yeah, I don’t know what happened either” Cook

Stefon “I am half steppin’ ” Diggs

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