Studs & Duds Week 10 with a look ahead to Week 11 including some early DFS thoughts

By Sean Weymouth

TW @delrayboston

First off I apologize for being tardy to the party on this weekly article. Sometimes life gets in TE way of fantasy. That being said I have a lot to say so, sit back and relax and let’s dive right in!


Derek Carr: I would guess many would think that if a Raider is going to make the Stud list it would probably be Josh Jacobs, and yes he certainly is a stud – how great was that game winning touchdown by the way? But for me this week it’s Derek Carr who truly took control of his team and the game in the 4th quarter and led the Raiders to their 6th win against a very game LA Charger team. Sure the stats might not show it (218 yards and 1 touchdown) but if you watched that game his 75 yard 10 play drive which led to the aforementioned Josh Jacobs TD was real NFL QBin’. This is Carr’s third straight game of throwing a touchdown and his third straight without an interception. Coming up in Week 11 Carr gets a much lighter task going up against the Cincinnati Bengals. I’ll tell you what, this STUD will be in my player pool in DFS for sure. I think a sneaky stack would be to pair him with Hunter Renfrow and Josh Jacobs and even the Raiders Defense. Good on Derek Carr – STUD.

Deebo Samuel: If there was a name for the performance Samuel put up on Monday night, aside from Studly, I would say that name would be Ricelike. With George Kittle sidelined and Emmanuel Sanders leaving the game early, Jimmy G (who we will talk about later) needed a go to threat and Samuel came through big time. Deebo took 11 targets for 112 yards (a career best) including the game high 30 yard nab in the 4th quarter. Again if you watched that game, when the Niners needed to keep a drive going – Samuel got it done. He also happened to be the most fantasy friendly Samuel on the day (sorry Curtis an Jaylen). Looking ahead he gets the Cardinals for the second time in 3 weeks and with both Kittle and Sanders looking doubtful to play, I’m going to have a lot of Deebo in my lineups on Draft Kings this weekend!! STUD

Joe Mixon: There wee quite a few stud running backs in Week 10 including Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Derek Henry and Melvin Gordon – but I wanted to highlight Mixon here as he was an early season dud for sure – but even in a losing effort on a struggling team – Mixon just took the Bengals offense and put it on his shoulders and ran. Receiving 30 carries Mixon ran for 114 yards plus he also caught two balls for another 37. That’s 151 yards of total offense. STUDLY performance Joe! Next week come the surging Raiders who have as of late been sneaky good against the run and quarterback. But if Mixon proved anything on Sunday it was that he wants to win. Good on Joe Mixon. Stud.

Noah Fant: It took a little while for Noah Fant to get out of his shall this season for sure – but man has he! Perhaps it’s the change in QB in Denver or perhaps it’s opportunity with Emmanuel Sanders gone – or maybe it’s a combination of all three things but seriously you want to talk about a Week 10 breakout – how about 4 targets for 115 yards and a score. Now that is FANTastic!! Now Noah gets the Vikings in Week 11 so I’m not sure what his targets will look like so I’m likely not playing him in DFS but I did pick him up as a streamer in a couple season long leagues – I think you could do worse.

Honarable Mentions:

– Lamar “The New Spinaroonie” Jackson

– The Atlanta Falcons Defense (Can’t believe I just typed that)

– Golden “Two Touchdown” Tate

– Kyle “One Hand is all I need” Rudolph

– DK “Toes Are in bounds” Metcalf


Drew Brees & Alvin Kamara: Who Dat stinkin’ up the Superdome on Sunday? If you would have told anyone on Friday that Drew Brees wouldn’t throw a touchdown pass against Atlanta at home, people would have been thinking you may have screw loose. But that is what happened! Brees threw for 287 ugly yards as well… which brings us to Alvin Kamara who again with a great matchup only ran the ball 4 times for 20 yard and while he did get 50 receiving yards – he also didn’t have a touchdown. Yuck. Guys – this is the Falcons we’re talking about – at HOME? Next week it’s Tampa Bay and while they do have the #1 run defense, they are Swiss cheese in their secondary. I’d expect a Brees Michel Thomas stack will be very popular in DFS but I think a lot of people will be off Kamara due to the Week 10 performance and defense. I think a way to differentiate a Brees Thomas combo would be to include Kamara who again I expect to come in at low ownership.

Jarod Goff & Cooper Kupp: I am actually getting tired of hearing the excuses for Jarod Goff. At this point in the season and his career, with the weapons he has, there is no reason why with the weapons he has, that Derek Carr should be outvoting him (all due respect Derek Carr) but it’s true. Rush and hurry Goff and he can’t throw and with a banged up offensive line that is exactly what the Steelers did. Now all credit where credit is due the Steelers Defense is red hot right now but still – this is NFC Champion Jarod Goff throwing 2 picks. If you watched that game you’d be shocked he even threw for over 280 yards – Goff looked bad. And when Goff is playing bad – so are his receivers, none of which felt it as bad as Cooper Kupp. 4 targets, no receptions – holy cow. Now clearly the Steelers game planned for Cooper Kupp and again credit where credit is due but only 4 target? 0 catches? 0 yards. 0 fantasy points? Yuck that is bad. Oh and next week look who they play – Chicago. The Bears now have the playbook courtesy of the Steelers in week 10. Rush Goff, shut down Kupp. I will not be playing either Goff or Kupp in any DFS contest. I’m even thinking about benching Kupp in season long. I already dropped Goff!

Jimmy Garoppolo: Now look I know what you are going to say – how could Jimmy G be a dud? He threw for 248, 1 and 1. That isn’t bad, sure (better than Brees – which I doubt will happen again). But it’s not his overall play that puts him here, it’s his lousy play under pressure that does. Jimmy G came out in the 4th quarter with a chance to win the game and man did he look scared. Frightened even. Poor throws, short throws, not looking off his targets. It looked bad and then – it nearly happened again in overtime. Maybe it was that he didn’t have Mr Clutch George Kittle on the field or his newest target Emmanuel Sanders not being there too… I don’t know but Jimmy G needs to find his nerve and find it fast. Next week he gets the Cardinals again, a team that Jimmy legit carved up two weeks ago. But this time around, no Kittle and no Sanders. We’ll see what Jimmy G can do… Jimmy and Deebo could be another overlooked stack to consider.

David Johnson:

There were a lot of duds this weekend but David Johnson makes my list because I think anyone that has David Johnson was ready for a bounce back spot that just never came. In fact it was the opposite. First off six touches for 10 yards total? Seriously David Johnson? Oh and before I forget he also fumbled and was BENCHED for the entire 4th quarter. You know it’s bad when Kenyan Drake our snaps you too. Drake by the way 64% to Johnson’s 43%. Yikes. Dud. Next up DJ faces the Forty Niners, who I would hesitate greatly playing him against. Yikes DJ, just Yikes.

Dishonorable Mentions

– Odell “Hey guys we get Miami this week” Beckham Jr

– Saquon “1 yard is bette than no yard” Barkley

– Brian “I don’t want to be here either” Hoyer

– Darren “Hey Derek, remember me?” Waller

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