League winner is a phase that’s thrown around quite a bit in Fantasy Sports. It doesn’t take a Fantasy Football expert to know that the Patriots D/ST has been incredible this year. They lead the league in turnovers and defensive touchdowns. They are first in yards per game allowed, and first in points allowed per game. They have been a statistical anomaly. And while they have been so good thus far in fantasy, a lot of their success can be attributed to having an easy schedule, as they have faced the easiest schedule of any defense so far this season. This raises the question…

Will the Patriots defensive dominance continue? Is the Patriots D a league winner?

The Pats remaining schedule is as follows: @Phi, Dal, @Hou, KC, @Cin, Buf, Mia.   They have a pretty tough 4 game stretch, the next 4 games all feature offenses in the top 13 in scoring, 3 in the top 10. After that however? All 3 teams are in the bottom 8 in points scored. More interesting is looking at how many Fantasy points each of these offenses allow to defenses. The Dallas Cowboys have been the toughest opponent for a fantasy defense this year, as they have a good offense line and hold onto the ball well, reducing the number of sacks, fumbles, and picks they allow.

Depending on your leagues structure, Playoff start at different times. The question at this point is, will your team make it to the playoffs? Right now the Pats D/ST is the 19th highest scoring Fantasy asset both in points and a points/game basis. That puts them ahead of Nick Chubb, Zeke, Julio Jones, and every single fantasy TE.

So here is my suggestion, if you have a championship caliber team at the moment, hold steady with the Pats D/ST, as they could win you your championship week, depending on when it is played for you. If you are on the cusp of the playoffs, or are trying to sneak in, try to trade the Pats D as they are coming off their bye. If you can get a solid TE or a low end RB or WR 2, it could be well worth it, as they have a tough schedule in the near future.

But hey, it is Bill Belichick, who knows what could happen.

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