Sunday Night Showdown Rams Bears Draft Kings Picks and Strategy

By Sean Weymouth

TW @delrayboston

Oh what a difference a year makes. Last year roughly at the same time these two teams met in prime time and it was a true coming out party for Chicago’s defense and Khalil Mack. And for a team in the Rams that had been dominating on offense last year by Todd Gurley, that wake up call was one that many believe, the Rams never really came back from despite making it to the Super Bowl.

However now we have two teams that are struggling on. Offense and on Defense. While the Chicago Defense is not what it was earlier this year it is still a defense to be wary of. Oh yeah and the Rams Offense, it’s been offensive to fantasy owners.

It has been announced that Robert Woods is in active tonight as is Brandin Cooks. So make sure you are aware of that going into tonight’s matchup.

Here we go:

The Rams:

Cooper Kupp $10,600

Jarod Goff $10,000

Todd Gurley $8,800

Gerald Everett $8,000

Josh Reynolds $4,800

Greg Zuerlein $3,800

Malcolm Brown $2,400

Tyler Higbee $1,800

Darrell Henderson $1,200

With Robert Woods now out of the game, I would guess that Cooper Kupp’s Target volume will only go up and while that could be the key to a Rams victory, it also could be a glaringly obvious choice for the Bears to attempt to shut down. We saw what happened last time when Kupp was shot down. My guess is that the Bears will follows that same game plan – rush Jarod Goff and shut down Cooper Kupp. Unfortunately with a lack of receiving options on the Rams side however, I don’t know if you can keep Kupp out of your lineup. I may not use Kupp as my Captain as I do see him having a tough game, but I doubt I’ll have much Goff without Kupp paired with him.

Speaking of Goff. Last year against the Bears he looked terrible. Last week against the Steelers, he looked terrible. I don’t think he is actually terrible but I also don’t think this is the “get right” game he needs either. While anything can happen of course, I see Goff having another Tough Game. He is an interesting pick for Captain because I do not think he will be a popular choice and if he does find a way to thread the needle for 2+ touchdowns you may be in a good spot with him. However stack Goff. I would not play him as a one off.

So who is left then to catch passes if Kupp is taken out and Woods and Cooks are actually out. My first two choices are Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee. I could see with two of the big three on the bench where Sean McVay dials up a lot of two Tight End sets. In this case I see both Everett and Higbee as being very viable to stack with Goff. More so Everett than Higbee but I am good with both. Don’t forget about Josh Reynolds either who has filled in for Brandin Cooks as of late, but I could see him shifting more to the Robert Woods role complimenting Cooper Kupp. If the Bears do shit Kupp down, Reynolds May get extra looks down field and so for me he is a nice pivot from Kupp especially for the salary savings when stacking with Goff.

As for who would then assume the deep threat role that Cooks defines on the offense, you could be looking at JoJo Nelson ($200) or Mike Thomas ($200). Both these guys are dirt cheap but I just don’t see the volume being enough to consider them. As I said, I think the Bears will be rushing Goff a lot and if that happens the underneath ball will be headed to Kupp, Everett, Higbee or a back … I’ll feel ok leaving Natson or Thomas off my lineup.

Then we have the curious case of Todd Gurley. The run recently on Chicago is that they are not great against the run. However Gurley this season has looked not great running. Despite that I would still look to roster Gurley. While a get right Jarod Goff game isn’t likely a get right game for Todd Gurley may be more likely. Watch out for Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson also coming out of the backfield and stealing touches from Gurley. With Woods suddenly out, I could also see Henderson getting a little more action tonight with Woods out.

I really like the Kickers on both sides tonight as I see this being a low scoring affair so roll out Greg The Leg with confidence particularly in a lineup you build with the Bears defense.

The Rams Defense is also in play tonight as they face Mitch Trubisky and his propensity for mistakes. I think the Rams Defense May go a little under-owned too which could be to your advantage. Maybe try to pair the Rams D with Pinero the kicker since if they Rams are able to keep Mitch at bay – especially in the Red Zone there could be plenty of opportunity for young Eddie

The Bears:

Bears Defense $5,400

David Montgomery $9,000

Allen Robinson $9,400

Mitch Trubisky $8,400

Taylor Gabriel $6,600

Tarik Cohen $5,000

Eddie Pinero $3,600

Anthony Miller $2,000

Cordarrelle Patterson $1,000

Ben Braunecker $800

Javon Wims $400

Bradley Sows $200

With Jaylen Ramsey patrolling the secondary for the Rams I can see a tough night for Mitch Trubisky and his receivers. And don’t forget about Aaron Darnold either. However, I actually think this could be a big opportunity for Mitch and he may deliver. I have to be honest – it so tough to say where the touchdowns from Mitchell’s arm will come from. Robinson is a great receiver of course and always a good play – but in showdown tournaments you need Upside and that is why I am falling on Taylor Gabriel who has 3 TD upside on any night. But then you also have the back up to the backup tight end Braunecker who caught a TD last week and now could be much more involved in the offense. You also have Tarik Cohen who had a score last week, coming out of the backfield – Cohen could be a sneaky Captain tonight as I could see a game script where his checkdown catches end up being for big games with his ability to run after the catch.

Believe it or not – I also like Cordarrelle Patterson tonight. The big bodied speedy receiver could fill the void of a tight end for Mitch and his ability to also take end around and other creative plays. I am less fond of Anthony Miller as it has seemed like he has been schemed out of the offense a bit. He has as much upside as Gabriel behind Robinson, but I like Gabriel better for the potential deep threat touchdown.

David Montgomery is playing tonight and I think he is a great play. If he can show his dynamic ability to run after contact he could be a real problem for the Rams pass rush heavy line. He also is catching balls out of the backfield and these underneath routes have been a bit of a trouble spot for the Rams.

Lastly the Bears Defense who has been gashed a bit with injuries. I could easily see the Bears making real trouble tonight for Goff. As I mentioned, I like the kickers tonight and if you are trying your hand with the Bears D then maybe think about pairing with Greg the leg since game script could favor field goals if the Bears are able to contain the Rams in the red zone

Good luck in your contests!

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