Week 11 Studs & Duds and what we can expect in Week 12 PLUS Thursday Night Colts Texans Showdown picks and thoughts for Draft King’s

By: Sean Weymouth

TW: @DelRayBoston

It always seems to be that I am the last to talk Studs & Duds but I like to use the S&D content to help guide you for the following week. I like to have all the info in front of me to do this which includes Monday Night Football results and a couple days of practice results too.

Today’s article will be a hybrid also including my Thursday Night Football Draft King’s Showdown picks and thoughts. I decided to combine these because of some of the subjects I’ll discuss in Studs & Duds – but also, today is one of those days where all I can think about is Fantasy Football but all I have to do is work … so time management. Hope you don’t mind. Now on to the show:


Christian McCaffery I believe this entry is one that is considered an old hat at this point but I need to make it. The Panthers and Kyle Allen had their a*** handed to them by a suddenly very game Atlanta defense. Yet Christian McCaffery still finished with 30 Fantasy Points and HE DIDN’T EVEN SCORE A TOUCHDOWN. At the beginning of the season, while McCaffery was a top draft pick he wasn’t THE top draft pick – but man has even exceeded the value of a consensus #2 o #3 pick. Aside from a down week in week 2 against a Tampa Bay Defense we all know now are stout against the run – McCaffery has delivered week after week. He is a matchup proof player and in Week 12 he gets a New Orleans defense that has been good against running backs all season. Do Not Be Afraid to roll McCaffery out… we now see that even if he doesn’t score, he can win you your week and I don’t see it slowing down either. STUD

The Atlanta Falcons Defense It isn’t often I highlight a team but since you have the DST option in both season long and on Draft King’s at least it is worth it. Dan Quinn came out and said he’d given up the defensive playbook to his team of defensive coaches and – wow, what a difference. Before their bye they had racked up 7 sacks and 4 takeaways but in the two games since the bye they have 4 takeaways and 11 sacks. Those two games the upset victory and general stonewalling of Drew Brees and the Saints and the only 3 points allowed game against Christian McCaffery and the Panthers. Now in Week 12 they take on a turnover prone Jameis Winston and the Bucs AND they are at home! I expect them to be a popular play on DK this weekend but if they are on your Waiver Wire this week and you need a defense – pick ’em up! If they put another shellacking on another high powered offense this week I guarantee they’ll be off the wire. A defense playing so well late in the season can really be an asset as you play for playoff positioning and beyond. STUDS.

Jacoby Brissette people are going to say, huh? Yes the stats don’t necessarily show on paper what I mean here but did you see the game on Sunday? Jacoby has gone well beyond a game manager and could now be a potential league winner! 19 Fantasy Points in week 11. A touchdown through the air and a touchdown on the ground too! And that was WITHOUT TY Hilton – who by the way looks like he will play TONIGHT. Jacoby is poised every week to find a way to win and in week 11 against a returning Nick Foles, Brissette played spoiler and he is a STUD in my book. Got Mahomes on a bye? You could do worse that Brissette on the waivers.

  • OK first side bar for Draft King’s Showdown tonight, I like Jacoby Brissette as a Captain or flex. At $10,400 he makes for a great anchor tonight. If Hilton plays he is an obvious stack, but even if he doesn’t the nice thing about the Colts Stack tonight is the rest of the cast of characters are fairly cheap. However Brissette should have a nice night through the air against a shaky Houston secondary and with Marlon Mack out and a cast of characters playing running back, who knows Jacoby could get on the horse again and run one in.
  • Courtland Sutton I feel like people are sleeping on SUTTON and that seems silly to me. Keep in mind he was already heating up before Emmanuel Sanders left town but in Week 11 he really put on a show and a lot of it was in the first quarter! Oh yeah and PS the guy has had a quarterback change and likely will have another one before season end (enter Drew Lock). Sutton went 5 for 113, rushed the ball twice and even threw a 38 yard bomb too. C’mon. This guy is a STUD. Now this week he gets the Buffalo Bills and as scary as that sounds, I actually still like him to put up numbers. His size speed and versatility will be keeping him in my lineups. STUD
  • Week 11 Honorable Mentions:

    – John Brown. (Sit him week 12)

    – Michael Thomas. (Never Fade)

    – Josh Jacobs. (Start him week 12)

    – Josh Allen. (Sit him week 12)

    – DJ Chark. (Never Fade)


    Mohammed Sanu wow what a difference a week makes. I have heard the name Mohammed Sanooze this week and I get it. I hate to bag on my beloved Pats but what the heck man? 4 targets, 2 catches, 4 yards? Really? Sure it’s nice you rushed for a first down but you are a Wide Receiver! Ok I get it, it wasn’t an easy – wait a minute they played the Eagles. The secondary everyone kills? Wow 4 targets 2 catches to the guy that suddenly became a must start … what happened did you have a Dud in your pants? Sanu and the Pats have the Cowboys in week 12 who have been middle of the pack against wide outs. I’d say I expect a bounce back but … zzzz oops sorry, I was Sanooozin’. DUD.

    Deshawn Watson what the heck was that? 18 for 169, 1 touchdown and an INT? Yikes. Here is a MVP candidate that just put up a stinker and I can’t really wrap my head around it. Sure the offensive line is terrible and yes the Ravens blitz more than any other team in the NFL but really? Also 3 rushes for 12 yards and HE FUMBLED TOO? Have you seen the clip of Watson running around in a literal circle being chased by defenders? You could have put Benny Hill music behind it and had a viral video on your hands. Wow. Sorry man but DUD.

    • SECOND THURSDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN GAME BREAK I like Watson tonight but I hate his price. At $11,600 he is the most expensive player on the slate and while I don’t see another INT and Fumble in his future, that Colts pass rush can be disruptive. I don’t feel as good as I do with Brissette as a Captain, but if you are rostering DeAndre Hopkins ($11,000) or another Houston pass catcher, you should stack Watson. He should have a bounce back game tonight but I could also see the Colts getting to him for 3+ sacks too. Buyer beware.
  • Leonard Fournette Hey Carlos Hyde – take note! The Colts shut down Fournette on Sunday. Or was it the play call? Or was it Nick Foles forcing balls downfield playing catch up ball. Whatever it was, this was clearly a shocker as Fournette had become a set it and forget it part of most fantasy lineups. Eight for 23 on the ground and no targets though? Wow. That is a Dud and I’m sorry to say that because I have really enjoyed how well Fournette has been playing. Again Carlos Hyde be warned, the Colts aren’t screwing around. Fournette should find some running room in Week 12 against the Titans who rank bottom half of the league against the run. It also should be a competitive game and I could see Fournette get that elusive TD plunge on the goal line too. Better days ahead but for right now – DUD. 
  • Jack Doyle I could say the same thing about Ebron but for now, let’s talk Doyle. Last few weeks – DOYLE RULES! This week DOYLE IS DUDLE. Ok it came out that Doyle was dealing with a bum shoulder – but if you are hurt, SIT – so we can make other plans! Doyle was out for 41 of 66 snaps and of the 41 only ran a route on 16 of them. No targets, no receptions, no problem looking the other way in week 12. Doyle’s week 11 reminded us of the inconsistencies that have plagued him fantasy wise for what seems like 3 years now. I don’t know what is going on with Jack Doyle but I’m staying away. DUD.
    • OK THIRD GAME BREAK FOR THURSDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN. Let’s talk Tight Ends. I like the Houston Tight Ends tonight more than the Colts. Darren Fells is a phenomenal play tonight for a player with Red Zone and two touchdown upside and he’s only $3,400 he’s a steal. He may be highly owned for the price but still lock him in as a Flex. Don’t sleep on Jordan Aikins too though his usage is inconsistent. However he does get looks from Watson and again at only $1,600 his price really can open things up for you. Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle both were barely targeted in week 11 but at $4,600 and $4,400 they are just too pricey for the dart throws that they are. You’d need a touchdown to get your value and I’m not sure they get there. TY Hilton looks to be back and the Texans have been quietly good against tight ends. I think I’d rather look at Chester RODGERS ($2,600) or Zach Pascal ($8,000)

    Week 11 Dishonarable Mentions

    – David Montgomery. (Sit him week 12)

    – Miles Sanders. (Flex consideration week 12)

    – Ronald Jones (Sit him week 12)

    – Kenny Golladay (Start him week 12)

    The rest of tonight’s Showdown:

    Ok we have talked about Brissette and Watson. Dissected the Tight Ends. So what else should you look out for?

    The Colts:

    TY Hilton $9,600

    Zach Pascal $8,000

    Jordan Wilkins $6,600

    Nyheim Hynes $6,200

    Jonathan Williams $5,600

    Marcus Johnson $4,200

    Adam Vinateri $3,600

    Chester Rogers $2,600

    Colts Defense $3,200

    Ok I am going to go out on a limb here and say I like the Colts a lot tonight. Their Defense is playing better. Their #1 offensive weapon looks to be back and as I mentioned their quarterback is a stud. Don’t be surprised if the Colts win this game.

    One way they could win is with TY Hilton who if he plays should be playing with no restriction. The Houston secondary is not good and Hilton could have a monster game coming. He is a must start if he plays and is a fine choice for Captain. Make sure you stack with Brissette. Get as much as you can from the expected yardage total.

    If Hilton plays Pascal and Rogers need to be downgraded. Of the two in that scenario I’d rather play Rogers just for the salary savings but I am not sure what his targets will look like. If Hilton does not play though both of these guys should be priorities and don’t sleep on Marcus Johnson who had 38 yards on Sunday and will be involved.

    The merry men of the Colts backfield make me want to throw my phone out. Wilkins is in. Williams is, in and coming off a big game on Sunday. The only one that really interests me is Hynes as whomever is getting the early down work, Hynes’ role as the pass catcher isn’t in danger. I am just concerned Brissette won’t need the check down as often, as I think his receivers will more often than not will be open. Gun to my head, I’d say Wilkins is the better play of the other two but don’t fall out of your chair if it ends up a 50/50 split especially if the Colts go up big in this game.

    I’m not playing Adam Vinateri tonight. He has been too risky all season and I just don’t need the headache. Plus with Chester Rogers a full $1,000 cheaper I don’t feel like Vinateri is really a salary saver either.

    I do think a very sneaky play tonight will be the Colts Defense. There is a real possibility they sack Watson 6 times or more tonight. Also if they play the run game the same way they did against Fournette and force Watson to throw, with the aforealluded to pass rush in his face – turnovers can happen. I will have at least one lineup with the Colts D in it tonight.

    The Texans

    DeAndre Hopkins $11,000

    Wil Fuller $7,800

    Carlos Hyde $7,000

    Kenny Stills $6,400

    Duke Johnson $5,000

    Keke Coutee $2,400

    Ka’imi Fairbairn $3,800

    Houston Defense $4,000

    While I do think the Colts will win tonight I also think a winning lineup will have the right mix of Colts and Texans. That starts with DeAndre Hopkins who should be a lock tonight. Yes I am concerned with the Colts Pass Rush but more so for Wil Fuller (if he plays). Hopkins is the clear #1 and if the Texans have a shot at winning it is Nuk that will need to be involved.

    Wil Fuller and Kenny Stills are a lot like Pascal and Rogers. The only difference is Watson loves to throw the ball deep to Wil Fuller and as risky as this sounds, if he plays tonight I prefer him over Stills. Who knows – Fuller could go off for two scores on two bombs and you are in the green.

    It’s not that I don’t like Stills but if Fuller is out there I don’t like the upside for Stills. I’d rather the salary savings KeKe Coutee offers for probably the same amount of targets. You never know – Stills May be the guy with two deep touchdowns. I just don’t think he will. I am not sure anyone will (short of Hopkins and Hilton) so Stills is likely out of my lineup. Coutee for salary relief only – though he could be a good check down option if the Colts do bring the pressure.

    I will have some shares of the Houston backfield but my shares will be with Duke Johnson through the air and not Hyde on the ground. If the Colts can keep Leonard Fournette to 23 yards, what can they do to Hyde? I’m not waiting around to find out. I don’t love Duke Johnson either but of the two, he is the guy I’d roll with tonight.

    I will have shares of Fairbairn as he has been fairly consistent and I see a lot of field goal tries coming from Houston. I likely won’t be on the defense though. I just see a real potential for them to be lit up by Brissette and Hilton and that is too risky of a space for me to play in.

    Good Luck in your Contests!

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