Playoff Guide 

It’s finally here the most important 3 weeks of your life the playoffs! Are you ready? (In my most DX voice) Some may have made it by the skin of their teeth or you just showed great in season management and drafted very well. However you made doesn’t matter but what does matter is Bringing Home The Gold. This is no time to slip up for any reason benching a guy who belongs in the starting line up or starting a bench warmer who has no business in your line up only to be starting him because he showed signs of life for a game or two… cough cough.. Will Fuller …Anthony Miller and for god sakes don’t you dare think Tyson Hill will be a guy in your starting lineup.. but on to better things. There some players you may have legit questions about starting due to their matchups for the next 3 weeks. 

Devin Singletary- Next 3 weeks his schedule looks tough borderline scary as hell. Its nice to see Singletary come off a 19 point game against Dallas who still has a pretty good defense. Very impressed to see Singletary getting involved in the passing game and making his mark as the true Bills number running back. I see big things for him come next season he’s slowly becoming one of my favorite RB2 backs come next season. So these matchups…. Baltimore (#7) week 14 things could get out of hand quick with 04 Vick leading charge.. I mean Lamar Jackson. With Lamar running the numbers up the bills could move away from running the ball early and could leave Singletary with very low fantasy points. A lot of risk on the table against Lamar and his tough defense who are ranked 7th in the league against the run, this could be a very tough start for him and may need to look elsewhere for a running back to start week 1 of the playoffs. Say you make it to the next round or you had a first rd bye. Singletary has the Steelers who are ranked 6thagainst the run. Another tough matchup for Singletary but different situation seeing as though the Steelers offense isn’t the best right now with their QB situation , Juju missing time with a bum ankle , and James Conner dealing with injury as usual. Better chances even though i still don’t like the matchup. Not a chance Steelers get so far ahead that the Bills go away from the running game. Week 16 Championship round he will be facing the New England Patriots the number one defense. Singletary was injury on the first go around week 4 with a hamstring injury. Frank gore on 17 carries was able to put up 10 point against the Pats Defense. 10 point will not be enough to Bring Home the Gold. So overall Singletary has a tough road ahead of him and I do not recommend starting him come playoff time.

Will Fuller- Is the prime example of boom or bust every week. Fuller just can’t stay healthy and that hurts his overall value. He’s a great WR2 and has potential to put up huge numbers but we only saw that happen once this SZN against Atlanta in week 5 51.70 fantasy points in ppr formats. He has the target volume and has the potential to shine but week after week he’s not playing up to his potential. If he’s not leaving the game early with a injury, he’s just not on the field at all. That hurts his value a lot when it comes to the playoffs. You need winners in the lineup and you need guys who will show up and show out to bring home the gold. Fuller can’t be trusted going into the playoffs. I’m not comfortable starting him these next 3 weeks with Broncos, Titians, and the Bucs. Fuller has been dealing with a lingering hamstring injury and that only gets worst with time which we all know can come back and haunt you in the worst time. Let’s not have be in the playoffs. It’s time to tighten up and play smart no time for mistakes now. It’s now or never to bring home the gold. Stupid mistakes can cost you everything, Fuller belongs on your bench for the playoffs don’t risk it. Hopefully you have better options available to replace fuller. Good Luck. 

Ryan Tannehill- Tannehill has really come thru as a waiver wire hero these past 7 weeks. He found the end zone multiple times each game in a run first offense. He has been a very serviceable QB2. With him as your Qb going into the playoffs I feel very comfortable with his leading the charge knowing he’ll find a way into the end zone and we all love tds. It’s very refreshing for a 31 year old Tannehill who may be getting the franchise tag out playing Mariota who is also looking to cash in but I don’t think it’ll be with the Titians. If so he’ll be nothing more than a backup. Overall I like his next 3 weeks into the playoffs if you look below Tannehill will face Oakland, Houston, and New Orleans.

Now Oakland in week 14 first round of the playoffs Tannehill has a very favorable matchup. Like I said before he has found the end zone since he’s been the starting QB so this is a plus side with Oakland being top 3 defense allow 27 Tds to QBs this season. Top 5 defense allowing 25 tds this season to opposing Qbs the Houston Texans. The Texans will be his week 2 matchup in the playoffs also a great opportunity for him to out some points on the board. If Tannehill is your only option at Qb then your sitting pretty in the playoffs. If he’s your second option cool, but if your QB has a tough matchup in the playoffs why not play it smart by playing the better guy. Good luck

Cooper Kupp- As a Rams fan I do have to say Cooper Kupp is hard to peg what his ability will be in the playoffs. I can tell you now I don’t like his schedule in the playoffs it’s a bit shaky with the Seahawks week 1 of the playoffs. Kupp put up 24 fantasy points week 5 against the Seahawks but with a unstable o-line and Jared Goff not playing up to par it looks like Kupp could have a difficult time putting up big numbers. Kupp would be a hard sit but its playoff time you may have to sit him one of these weeks in the playoffs. Based on his previous matchup with the Seahawks putting up 24 points I could personally see myself starting him. He’s the unsure player in fantasy right now that I can’t come to a clear decision on his actual value in the playoffs. So going with my gut and experience in fantasy football I do believe Kupp will be a Serviceable start and contribute to your victory come playoff time. Kupp went radio silence when facing top 10 defense. The past 3 weeks he faced the Steelers, Bears ,and the Ravens all terrible games for the Kupp owners. Steelers game he saw 4 targets and 0 fantasy points.. The next 3 week he will face the Seahawks week 14 then Dallas. You may get lucky week 1 of the playoffs but week 2 against Dallas defense ranked 8th in the league then the 49ers for the championship ranked 1st doesn’t pan out to good for Copper Kupp owners. So overall get what you can out of Kupp against the Seahawks and pray to god you make it out of the 1st round with Kupp in the first round. Good Luck.

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