Ryan Tannehill

Its crunch time. Welcome to the playoffs. Here, the big dogs eat, and if you can’t hold your own you go home. There are no second chances, there’s no “we’ll make some changes next week”. It’s time to shut up and win. This is where you put your most trusted players in your lineup, and you can’t afford someone to bust. So can you trust this WR? He’s been lights out so far this year, having statistically one of the best seasons of his career on his new team. Additionally, he’s been keen to run the ball as well, adding to his fantasy value. What WR am I talking about? He’s a former Miami Dolphin. Still unsure?

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Ryan Tannehill.

Before you get mad, hear me out. Tannehill was a WR in college at Texas A&M, so he’s always some sneaky athleticism. His QB career was a little shaky in Miami, but he’s had some outstanding performances so far in 2019 for the Titans. So the question is at the most crucial point of the season, can you trust Tannehill at the top of your lineup in fantasy leagues?

Here are things you might not know about Tennessee’s signal caller. Here’s some fact about Tannehill, he was an aspiring orthopedic surgeon in his you, and at 31,  he’s been #3 at QB on a points per gam basis since taking over as a starter in week 7. He’s also had a minimum of 2 touchdowns each week since taking over as the starter. He has the 2nd highest completion percentage, this season at 72.7%, with only Drew Brees ahead of him. He has the highest completion percentage above expectation per Next Gen Stats, the highest among any QB, 3.7% higher than second place Russel Wilson. He’s making all the throws he needs to make. Now I know these stats don’tcorrelate directly to fantasy points, but here’s some that do. Tannehill has the 6th highest Air Yard per attempt. Right behind Mahomes, Prescott, and Wilson. Seems like pretty goodcompany to me, and a willingness to send the ball deep allows for more big plays and scoring opportunities. He also has 128 rushing yards and 3 TD in 6 games, giving you an average of 5.1points per game, just from his rushing alone! 

So why start him this week? He has a dud last week in a tough game against Indy, but clocked kicks and interceptions made the Titans not have to throw the ball much against the Colts. This week he gets the Raiders in Oakland, who have allowed the 5thmost points to fantasy QB’s this season. A must win game for the Titans to stay in the hunt for the last Wildcard spot, expect them to come out firing. I think he can put up some huge numbers this week, after putting up 32.4 against a much better defense in Jacksonville.

Put Tannehill in your lineup. Let him take your team to the next round, and thank me later.

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