Sunday Night Showdown Rams Seahawks and You! Draft Kings Showdown Slate Picks and Thoughts.

By Sean Weymouth

TW @delrayboston

Tonight is a pivotal NFC matchup where the Rams are in a must win situation to try and stay alive and the Seahawks are in a must win for playoff positioning and seeding.

With the future on the line for both teams I’m looking forward to an exciting game with offense at the forefront.

So – let’s talk!


Jarod Goff ($9,600) is coming off a tremendous game against Arizona last week throwing for 424 yards and two touchdowns against the Cardinals. Now you are saying, yeah well the Cardinals ain’t no Seahawks and yes, while that is true – maybe you didn’t know that when these two teams met earlier in the year Goff threw for 395 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 pick. If Goff can throw 395 yards at home against this team, I think the Rams have a shot. He is a fine Captains choice for that reason.

But who will he throw to, tonight? (Sing to the start of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

We’ve got Woods and Gurley and Cooks and Higbee. Malcolm Brown, Darryl Henderson, Josh Reynolds and Johnny Mundty… But do you recall? The most famous receiver of all? Cooper the slot man K-uh-upp!

Ok seriously, Cooper Kupp ($9,200) is got to be the guy tonight. Last time against the Seahawks he went 9 for 117 and a score. Last week Coop had 65 yards and a score too. But our man Goff has has been sweet on more than justthe Kuppster lately! Last week Tyler Higbee ($6,600) took 7 catches for 107 and a score. Robert Woods ($8,600) took 13 catches for 172 and score. Brandin Cooks ($6,000) had 24 yards … it has seem like Cooks has been an odd man out. That being said I think all of them are in play tonight. I’d probably rank them Woods, Kupp, Higbee, Cooks from the eye test – but I think in a must win situation all of the Rams weapons are in play tonight. The Seahawks rank 20th against QBs and 18th against wide receivers and if the Ram’s offensive line can stop Jadeveon Clowney and his band of merry men from getting to Jarod Goff – another 395 Yards passing could be coming and that will only be fantasy gold for Rams’ pass catchers.

But let’s not forget the wheel of the bus that makes it go – Todd Gurley ($8,200). When recently asked as to why it has taken this long for Todd Gurley’s offensive touches to be where they were in the past Coach McVay said “cause I stopped being an idiot”. Well he said it … and Todd Gurley is primed and ready carrying no injury distinction. The last time these two teams met Gurley went 15 for 54 and two scores. Last week he went 19 for 95 and a score. I see the latter being his floor tonight with the Seahawks giving up just under 100 yards on the ground.

Barring injury to Gurley I don’t see Malcolm Brown ($1,600) or Darryl Henderson ($1,000) making the impact you’d want for a sneak and cheap flex play. Wide Receiver Josh Reynolds has been playing roughly 50% of snaps over the last 3 weeks and last week he did catch 4 for 39 so he is in my player pool. Greg The Leg ($3,600) is always in play too and he could be very busy if the Rams have any trouble getting into the Red Zone.

Run first with Gurley, 2nd and 3rd down conversions to Kupp and Woods, Red Zone targets to Higbee – there is a path here Rams fans.

The Seahawks

Russell Wilson ($10,600) is the most expensive player on the slate and I am speculating will also be the most popular player tonight as both flex or Captain. With good reason by the way … the last time these two teams met Dangeruss went for 17 of 23 for 268 and FOUR TOUCHDOWNS … he even rushed for 32 yards. Granted he is now on the road in LA but Russell Wilson needs to have a big game tonight and if history is any indication, he will.

But he can’t do it alone. Tyler Lockett ($8,800) has been practically invisible lately. Since week 9 or over the last 4 weeks he has been targeted 9 times and caught 4 for a total of 64 yards. This includes last week’s zero catches for zero yards. Tough to trust.

DK Metcalf ($8,000) has been good during the Lockett disappearance with 15 catches for 150 – but no touchdowns. Tight End Jacob Hollister ($4,800) also good over the last 4: 16 for 124 and a score. David Moore ($2,400) over the last two weeks has stepped up taking 3 catches for 96 and a score. Malik Turner ($800) caught a 33 yard touchdown pass two weeks ago. Josh Gordon ($3,400) has been on the field … so where are we going here.

We are going to the ground as the Seattle Seahawks have some bad dudes running the ball and running a lot. Chris “Will not be denied” Carson 23 for 102 and a score last week. Rashad “More than 1 Cent” Penny ($7,000) 15 for 74 and a score plus 33 yards and a score through the air. Carson also caught both of his targets last week too. Don’t be scared to start both backs in your lineups as they are seeing plenty of work.

Jason Meyers ($3,800) the kicker is an excellent value for the amount of work he has been getting – like last week 3 for 3 on field goals and 4 extra points. I do not seeing this being a kicker’s dual but I do see Meyers being busy and will have my share of him in my lineups.

My Seahawks lineups will be anchored by Wilson with both Penny and Carson, tight end Hollister and whichever receiver I can use to afford Robert Woods and/or Todd Gurley.

Lastly the Defenses. Both defenses rush the passer. Clowney in Seattle ($4,000), Aaron Donald on LA ($3,200). Both these defenses have struggled in the secondary, but lately with Jaylen Ramsey – the Rams have very quietly been Top 10 against wide receivers. I don’t know how much of either defense I will have but I think both could make for solid plays, with a slight edge to the Seahawks – only because between Russell Wilson and Jarod Goff I’d better predicting a Goff turnover.

Good Luck in your Contests!

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