Starts of the Week: Week 15

Ryan Tannehill vs HOU
This may be considered cheating based on how Tannehill is playing as of late, but I am going to ride the hot streak with no shame felt and take Tannehill again this week. In the last 5 games, the Texans are allowing 24 fantasy points per game to the QB position which via Rotoviz’s Stat Explorer makes this Tannehill’s easiest matchup of the season. Houston’s defense has had no answer for stopping any offense this year and they just got man handled by Drew Lock last week in their home stadium. Now they go to Tennessee in a battle for first place in the division and I am all aboard the Titans and Tannehill this week. In that 5-game stretched I mentioned earlier, opposing quarterbacks are averaging 34 passing attempts per game and since Tannehill became the starter, he is executing this fantasy hot streak on just 27 passing attempts per game. With the run game being prioritized in Tennessee I don’t think that they will throw more than 30 times, but the opportunity for Tannehill to throw 4 touchdowns is for sure there. Top 5 QB this week, lock it in.

Chris Carson vs CAR
Normally I don’t celebrate due to an injury but in this case, I am super excited to see what Carson can do this week without Rashaad Penny. In the last 5 games, the Panthers are allowing 33 fantasy points per game to the running back position and now without Penny to take some of the work Carson is a lone wolf (which is a great thing). There are tons of great matchups for running backs this week, but I think this one stands out more than the rest because of the way the Panthers are getting beat. The Panthers are allowing 33 points per game by running backs getting a low volume of carries. For example, Devonta Freeman had only 17 carries last week and he had 19.4 points. I think it is a consensus agreement that with no Penny to take carries, Carson will easily see 25 oppurtunities this week and that is what makes Carson stick out more then the rest this week. To prove this, the chart below shows Carson’s splits with and without Penny.

Besides touchdowns, every category improves when Penny is inactive (out of split). Carson is going to single handily take teams to the championship.

Kenny Golladay vs TB
This was a hard decision for me this week as I think tons of receivers have great matchups, but again due to an injury I have made my decision. In the last 5 games, the Buccaneers are allowing a league high 47.9 fantasy points to the wide receiver position. They have been absolutely torched by any and every single quarterback/wide receiver in the league and by no means is this going to stop in week 15.

As mentioned earlier, an injury to Marvin Jones leaves Golladay as the true alpha in this offense. If you look at the chart above you can see that in the games without Jones (out of split) Golladay is seeing more receptions, targets, yards, and fantasy points per game. Take that uptick in work and combine that with the worst pass defense in the league you can see why he is my start of the week.

Ian Thomas vs SEA
*Disclaimer: this decision is based off the understanding that Greg Olsen is not playing this week*

If you watch football as closely as I do, then you know that Ian Thomas is a great receiving weapon at the tight end position, and he has just been patiently waiting behind Greg Olsen. Now with Olsen banged up, Thomas has slid himself into the starting tight end role in fantasy and in real life football. Thomas has an amazing matchup this week against Seattle, who in the last 5 games area allowing 17 points per game to the tight end position. In the last 3 games, Seattle has faced “respectable” tight ends in Ertz, Rudolph, and Higbee and in the same order they put up 27.1, 15, and 18.6 fantasy points.

As you can see above, when Olsen doesn’t play (out of split) he is seeing fantasy start able usage. Now add in a top tier matchup and you have a solid streamer for the week.

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