Thursday Night Showdown Ravens Jets The Hollerdaze and YOU

By Santa

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Let’s get into this one as the Vegas Line sits with the Jets +17 which for all intensive purposes says to me, start your Ravens…

But let’s talk anyway:

The Jets

The Jets side of things is interesting because should you choose a 5 to 1 Ravens Jets lineup, which I can only expect to be very popular, you will need to find the right Jet to come back with. Sam Darnold ($9,800) to me is a logical choice but I’m slightly concerned with who he will be throwing to. The Baltimore Defense has been stingy against both QB and Wide Receiver over the last month. However, I kinda like Robbie Anderson ($9,000) tonight. Last two weeks for Robbie – 7 targets 100+ yards and a score. Now certainly Miami and Cincy are certainly not the defense that he will face tonight, if the Jets are going to try and give it a go, the go will go through Anderson. Here’s why:

Jamison Crowder ($7,800) last two weeks total – 5 Targets 37 yards. Demaryius Thomas ($5,200) Doubtful. Daniel Brown ($2,000) TE, last week 2 Targets 7 Yards. Braxton Berrios ($200) One Target no yards. Shall I go on? 

Robbie Anderson is my favorite Jet tonight. And now onto the running backs…

Le’Veon Bell ($9,400) fresh off bowling a 200 will be on the field against a Baltimore defense ranking 7th in the league against running backs giving up under 100 yards per game (95.6). Lev Bell will be involved for sure but at some point if this game gets out of hand Darnold will be throwing. I like Robbie Anderson. With Bilal Powell on IR, the change of pace back is Ty Montgomery ($3,000) who had his most touches last week with Bell out going 9 for 31. Previously his season high touches was 5 for 2 in week 12. If there is a skippable Jet tonight it is Ty.

While I, for somewhat obvious reasons, am not crazy about the Jets Defense ($2,800) I do like Kicker Sam Ficken ($3,800) who may be the only Jet who scores points this evening in most scenarios.

I do want to also mention Wide Receiver Vyncent Smith ($800) who if Thomas sits could slide into a starting role. I think I like Robbie Anderson. Also Tight End Trevon Wesco ($200) who has seen looks from Darnold over the last three weeks.

Assuming the majority of lineups that are produced are Ravens heavy, my favorite Jets tonight are Robbie Anderson, Jamison Crowder, Sam Darnold and Lev Bell – in that order.

The Ravens

Play your Ravens.

Good luck in your contests!

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