The 2019 Real Deal Fantasy Awards – Electric Boogaloo

By Sean Weymouth

TW @DelRayBoston

Awards are fun. Awards can be rewarding to recipient and reader. Depending on which you are, we hope you feel rewarded. Let’s begin, so then we can end …

The Best Draft Pick of the Year – Period, Award:

Christian McCaffery

It really didn’t matter if your draft had CM first, second, third or unbelievably in my own draft fifth (yeah that happened) there is no denying that McCaffery was the best this year.

– 363.5 Total Fantasy Points.

– 1387 total rush yards.

– 1003 total yards in the air.

– 19 total Touchdowns.

Bow Down and all Hail McCaffery. Next year’s #1

The Worst Draft Pick of the Year – Period, Award:

Odell Beckham Jr

As good as Christian McCaffery was as a first round pick is as bad as Odell was, mostly being selected in the same round. Only 5 out of 17 games with double digit fantasy points and only 1 of those over 20. Only 4 touchdowns on the season – including a 8 game “goose egg” streak mid season. Somehow Odell limped to 1,000 yards but fantasy managers sure didn’t feel any of that week after week.

My prediction, you’ll find Odell available to you in the fourth round next year.

The Best RB2 of the year Award:

Austin Ekeler

Remember way back in the beginning of the season? Melvin Gordon sitting out – no one knowing will he be there come week 1? Well those who took a chance on Ekeler were rewarded with consistent production yards and touchdowns. Finishing with over 1,500 total yards and 11 touchdowns, you could play Ekeler all season even after Gordon was back. That is mid draft value if you ask me!

The Best rookieWR – of the year

DK Metcalf

First let’s hear it for one of the best overall classes of Rookie Wide Receivers in history. Terry McClaurin, Marquise Brown, DJ Chark, AJ Brown, Mecole Hardman, Deebo Samuel, Darius Slayton… all these guys helped you win some weeks but what made Metcalf stand out was how quickly he became a real weapon for Russell Wilson. Even all the way up to Week 17 it was clear RW was looking for DK. 900 Air Yards, 7 touchdowns, 18 Red Zone Targets and he did not miss a game all season. Plus with the trust of Russell Wilson – that’s a season well done, rook.

The Best Rookie – RB – of the year

Devin Singletary

I know what you are thinking – wasn’t Josh Jacobs better? Mathematically – sure I give you that – but why I was most impressed with Singletary is for three reasons. First, in many (many leagues) he wasn’t even drafted! So for a waiver wire and bench stash, who was better down the stretch than Singletary? Second, he really took on the lead back role right when his team needed him most – as they were vying for a playoff seat from weeks 9 on – and he came through, even with a nightmare of a matchup schedule as a dual threat rushing and receiving. And three: YOU try being the guy that steps in front of Frank Gore and history and live to tell about it. I’m down with Devin Singletary.

Defense of the Year

The New England Patriots

The narrative all season long was that the Patriots Defense wasn’t that good it was just that the Patriots opponents were worse. While lately maybe that seemed to be the case there are still a few facts to keep in mind:

– Double Digit Fantasy Points in 10 of 17 Games.

– An average of 275 total yards allowed, and 12.5 points.

– 47 Sacks, 25 Interceptions, 15 Forced Fumbles, 11 Fumble Recoveries, 4 Blocked Kicks and a Safety.

The Patriots Defense was the least dropped, least benched, defense of the fantasy season and we tip our caps. Oh yeah and one other thing: At 271 total fantasy points scored, the Patriots Defense outscored Odell Beckham Jr by over 140 fantasy points. I rest my case.

The Waiver Wire Find of the year:

Terry McLaurin

It seemed like every week for the first five weeks of the season a new waiver wire superstar emerged. Again I could have slid DJ Chark into this conversation or Mark Andrews or even Jacob Hollister – but of all of them this year I think it is safe to say none have excited like Terry McLaurin has. The Redskins are not a dominant team but on that team McLaurin dominated the targets, yards and touchdowns even through a rotation of quarterbacks, running backs and coaches. Finishing the season with 58 receptions for 919 yards and 7 touchdowns is incredible especially on a team that wants to “run first”. McLaurin clearly will be a coveted draft pick come next season and with good reason. Cheers “Scary” Terry!

The Sequel IS as good as the original, award:

George Kittle

Kittle Smash! As a die hard Gronk Fan I was so psyched to see George Kittle play again this year and he did not disappoint. How many men did he drag down the field? All of them. How many contested yards and yards after the catch did he have – all of them. Seriously. At least that is what it felt like. With Jimmy G back and a very potent running game – Big George rumbled to 85 receptions for over 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns. He even averaged 4.4 yards per carry if you count his 5 for 22 rushing as a part of his overall line. George Kittle became the clear cut playmaker on the 49ers offense and is a huge part of why the team is the #1 seed in the NFC right now. Well done George!!

The Don’t Call it a Come Back, Come Back Award

Kareem Hunt

First – why Kareem Hunt was suspended for 8 games this season was disgusting act of cruelty and violence that should never have happened and he should have been punished for and will never be condoned by anyone…without question. However as the season progressed and the date of his reinstatement neared the question loomed heavier – what would his role be when he returned? Now that the season has ended it is clear – Hunt’s role is a big one despite being on a team with a top 10 bell cow running back on it. Starting in week 8 on Hunt had a total of 81 touches for 464 total yards and 3 touchdowns. That is a season long pace of 181 total touches and 986 total yards and 6 – and he isn’t even the starter! Now that he is back in the fold with the past behind him, he could be a sneaky pickup in an early round next season.

The Biggest Lead Balloon, of the season, Award

Nick Foles

It’s not like it was Nick Foles’ fault he got hurt in week 1 after an entire pre-season of hype of “Finally Foles” and “DeDe Destiny” … and how could have Nick Foles predicted a long haired mustached guy with a middle name of Beowulf coming in and capturing the nation’s hearts … but it sure was Nick Foles’ fault for a). Getting Healthy b). Coming back and getting Gardner Minshew benched c). Putting on a stinker of a performance forcing the reemergence of Beowulf as the starting quarterback d). ending the season the exact same way he ended nearly every other season – the most highly paid back up in the league. That my friend is a lead balloon. Boom.

And Finally –

The Man, Award.

Lamar Jackson

A famous man once said “To Be The Man, you gotta Beat The Man” and buddy, this season – Lamar was the man. If you had him rostered and starting you probably ended up in the Super Bowl of your league – I know I did. Lamar was tough to beat all season and even on the few times they did beat him, dollars to donuts you still probably beat your opponent with him as your QB. 534.5 Fantasy Points. 3,127 Passing Yards plus 1,267 Rushing Yards. New Record. 36 Passing Touchdowns. Not bad for a running back (his words). Let’s round it off with 7 more touchdowns on the ground, the number one seed in the AFC, a first round bye and home field advantage through the playoffs. That is an MVP season and I say again – Lamar is the Man.

So that’s the awards folks. Agree? Disagree? Did I miss your favorite? Let me know! Or not! Just keep on keepin’ comin’ back to Real Deal Fantasy right here on Word Press! Thanks!

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