Battle of the RBs

Battle of the RBs

Kenya Drake vs Miles Sanders

Drake : 8 tds 817 yds & 50 recs. RB18

Sanders : 6 tds 818 yds & 50recs. RB15

 Drake has some impressive stats in the 2019 szn since being traded found his self-taking the starting role from Dj fairly quickly. Getting involved in the passing game also a huge plus to ppr owners of course. But what’s next for Drake? Now the lead rb for ARZ rb 1 possibly in a workhorse situation with now Dhop joining the squad this makes the offense even more exciting to watch. Drake has all the signs pointing at him to be the lead back and to see at least 15-20 touches. All sounds good but we have to think.. is Chase Edmonds an actual threat to drakes production. At the moment we do not know completely of the game plan but I will say Drake will have some fire under his ass playing under a one year tag that he may be playing a bit harder than chase. To be fair we seen Chase blow up for one game against a bad giants defense and I believe that’s when the wave was created that chase is an option in the draft. Hand cuff yes of course but an actual draft pick for his actual value no. Drake and Chase could share a 1A 1B situation which wouldn’t be the end of the world for Drakes value come draft day because drake isn’t a high investment. As of now I got Drake in the 3rd round but come Nfl draft night if the cards bring in a rookie rb then might have to re think the investment of drake to be my RB2 on my squad. I look for Drake to be the supporting cast to my roster not the main character to bring home the gold. While drafting him I’m going with the understanding he’s not going to carry my team to the championship but he will be a very important piece to my squad to contribute at least 10-15 points a week if not more with this high power offense. But the question now is Drake or Sanders

Mile Sanders

Sanders has been slowing crawling up my draft board the closer we get to draft day. Corey Clement was basically let go. Jordan Howard signs with Miami and now all that is left is Boston Scott who finished the season off very strong. Now the eagles are known for the RB committee but Sanders was very productive when he was on the field. Giving the eagles a dual threat with his pass catching ability and his ability to get the edge and find open spaces. Sanders almost cracking 1k rushing is actually a surprise for me only because the eagles constant change at the RB position and found his way into the top 15 rbs going into the 2020 szn. Sanders is set up for success with this empty back field for the moment. Eagles would like to move forward with sanders being the number one rb but can we believe they will allow that? If not then Sanders needs to be used like Austin Ekeler if eagles want to bring in another brute body rb. If he’s not going to be having high rushing attempts then let’s get his targets out the backfield up to 100+ no sense of him having less than 200 rushing att. To be splitting carries and not getting the proper reps he deserves. Keep Wentz healthy dump offs to sanders will move the ball up field. Ertz isn’t always going to be open lol. Sanders has the potential to put up Ekeler numbers with the right play calling.

So over all drake or sanders? Both have question marks with situations. if I had to lean towards one of them in the 3-4th rd then I would have to go Drake only for the simple fact hes the workhorse and has 1 year to prove his self and it wouldn’t matter to the team running him to the ground on a one year contract. Sanders holds weight as well but with the eagles they seem to love to hold on to a lot of rbs so no telling what they will do in the draft and still early in free agency so time will tell with that situation.  

Drake for the win!

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