Subscriber League Chronicles: The Draft

Ladies and gentlemen, the 1st annual RDFHQ Subscriber League is underway! Our 12-team Superflex league had our draft on July 11th and went off without a hitch. In case you missed it, we did stream the draft and it was a riot. For those that missed the stream, you missed out on lots of uncensored, off the cuff talk about fantasy and many more topics got sprinkled in there as well. While we wait to see if we’ll be able to have a full season in 2020, I’ll take this time to break down the teams in our league and showcase the rosters as they appear so far. A quick note before we get into the rankings, these are solely my opinion about how these owners drafted their team, this is not an indication of the owner’s skill level.

Tier 4: The Autodrafters

12. Team Lemdmcgowan

I don’t have a lot to say about this team, this team was auto-drafted and it shows. There is no position of strength for this team besides possibly TE due to the strength of Travis Kelce and that’s about it. With other players who wanted to join the league, it is incredibly disappointing to see someone not show up to the draft, but at least they got the team they deserved.

11. Team Jkreis13

If you like the strategy of stacking up on QBs, this team is the team for you I suppose. Due to the auto-draft, this owner was able to luck into getting Patrick Mahomes in the 1st round then Aaron Rodgers in the 4th thus giving him far and away the best QB group of the league. Fortunately, the auto-draft didn’t give him much help as he has no other strengths and will struggle in the RB and WR position all year.

Tier 3: The Question Marks

10. Anybody Can Get It

First off, Geezy seems like a great guy to have in your fantasy league. He was electric in the stream, keeping the drinks steady all draft, and he never stopped talking which I personally love to see in a league! However, this man’s draft strategy was, well, questionable. At time of writing, he has 6 rookies on his roster including all of his RBs. Admittedly, with rookies like Clyde, JT, CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy, his team is far from a write-off, however he certainly doesn’t have a contending roster heading into week 1 either.

9. The Fantasy’s Phinest

This is one of those rosters where you look at it on paper and think that they could go one of two ways. This team will either surprise and be a contender straight away, or they will flounder and have to rely on the waivers early and often. His QBs (Brees, Rivers, Cousins) and TEs (Gronk, Olsen) have seen much better days and could surprise but is more likely to regress and struggle. His RBs and WRs are decently strong groups as his week 1 starters are Nick Chubb, Miles Sanders and Amari Cooper, JuJu respectively. The issue here however is the bench leaves a lot to be desired and he really is one injury away from having to pray the waivers help him out.

8. Team IndieNation

Personally, I think Indie drafted a team that could warrant a ranking higher than 8th. His WR group is NASTY (Michael Thomas, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, DJ Chark among others) and in my opinion is the best in the league at time of writing. However, from here you can see why this roster is a question mark. His RB1 is Joe Mixon, who is nice but after that he has a lot of boom/bust guys that could make or break weeks. His QBs are no different as with Drew Lock and Tyrod Taylor, it’s hard to say what to expect. Finally, with his TE group being Blake Jarwin and Jonnu Smith, he’s hoping for guys to take leaps. This team could be a contender, but it could struggle as well.

Tier 2: Middle of the Pack

7. Team Dcaples75

The good news for this team is that they are average, the bad news is they are lucky to be called average. The immediate concern is that this owner didn’t draft a single RB who is secure in their job, with MGIII and Marlon Mack being his 1-2 punch. You can’t win games when your RBs are combining for under 20 points a game. The rest of his team is alright but besides Deshaun Watson and DeVante Adams, there isn’t much that’s going to save him here.

6. Team Drew0602

Before we begin Drew, if you’re reading this, come up with a name before week 1 bro. Anyways, his team is exactly what you would expect from a team ranked 6th. The only team to draft 4 QBs in this draft, he has the potential to have a top 3 QB group with Dak and Danny Dimes leading the way. As well, his RBs led by Kamara, Gurley and Singletary could be very strong which is always an indicator of a good team. After that it gets much murkier as both his WRs and TEs are horrific as his WR1 is Robert Woods and his TEs both could end up on the bench quickly. This team could be solid with the right trades, but it’s going to take some work.

5. Shotgun Fantasy

This team is right on the cusp of being a contender, there’s just a few things Shotgun needs to go his way to help make that happen. Firstly, with a QB group of Wentz, Ryan and Darnold, there is a lot of potential to go off week after week and is the best non-autodrafted QB group in the league in my opinion. Unfortunately for Shotgun, except for Saquon and Kenny Golladay, the rest of his roster does leave a lot to be desired as there is some depth and potential there but not a lot of game-breaking talent heading into Week 1.

Tier 1: The Week 1 Contenders

4.  Team Brandon10bt

Do I believe this team, as constructed today, can win a championship? No. But do I believe this team is a playoff team barring major injury? Yes. With Zeke, Julio Jones and Zach Ertz leading the way, there’s a lot of potential for this roster to be a consistent top performer. I like Brandon’s RB depth as with Drake and Carson pulling up the rear, his QB1 Matt Stafford could also be an explosive boom/bust option that could turn weeks. However that’s the biggest issue with this roster, there are so many guys that are boom/bust and it’s difficult at this time to see him being a consistent performer throughout the season.

3. Maple Leaf Maulers

Call it bias, call it whatever you will, I love my team through and through. In a year where consistent performers are hard to find at the RB position, I have two solid three-down backs in CMC and Ekeler. In a league where there is a TE premium, I have the 3rd best TE in Mark Andrews. I have one of the strongest QB groups with Josh Allen and Jared Goff. Admittedly, my WR group is lacking as at time of writing, I don’t have a true WR1 however there is plenty of depth and WR 2/3 level performers that would hold up fine if the rest of my roster can pick up the slack. Don’t write off the kid from Canada, he’s coming at the league hard.

2. HerbN Legend

This team may be the most well-rounded team in the league. While I don’t believe they dominate any position group, they seem to be well built at all 4 positions. At QB, he has Russell Wilson leading the way who is always a danger to go off. At WR, he has D-Hop followed by a ton of solid WR2/3 candidates to pick up the slack. At TE, he has Darren Waller and Austin Hooper to act as a solid 1-2 punch. The only potential issue is at RB. He has Bell and Fournette which could be really good or really disappointing, then after that there isn’t much depth to follow so he’ll have to be ready to adapt should either of those backs go down.

  1. Real Deal

I’m not just putting LaQuan here because it’s his blog, I genuinely loved his draft. In my opinion, the two most important positions in this league are RB and TE and he has a stranglehold on both. His RBs led by Henry and Jacobs with a ton of depth to follow are going to be a problem all year, then with TEs like Kittle and Hunter Henry he is going to have no issues there whatsoever. This is a reminder though that no team is perfect, his QBs (Brady and Big Ben) have an average age of 40 so my hopes are low for that group and his WRs led by Kupp and AJ Green scream inconsistency.

            This should be a great season for the Subscriber league, the group chat is seldom quiet, there’s enough big mouths to go around and a lot of the guys really know their football. It will be very competitive throughout the year and I’m excited to keep publishing these chronicles to keep those on the outside looking in up to date! If you have any questions, or ever want to talk fantasy, shoot me a DM on Twitter or Instagram @goursie19 and I’d love to hear from you!

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