Studs & Duds ✅🤦🏾‍♂️


Most of week one is in the books we still have the Monday night games to go but we are attacking the studs and duds early. A lot of big names doing big things but also a lot of big names dropping a nice fat dud on a lot of fantasy owner chest. ( No this isn’t a OBJ joke).. but he was one of them.

So lets start off with the Duds list. 

·      Carson Wentz

·      Michael Thomas

·      Austin Ekeler

·      Joe Mixon

·      D.j Moore

·      Tyler Boyd

Ur probably wondering where’s OBJ, Le’veon Bell, Baker, Mark ingram, Keenan Allen and etc? Well it was either bad match ups to begin with or bad games we should of expected. Also for those who don’t understand the Duds list we don’t count injuries as performing like a dud duh so no Mike Evans talk… ( guy played hurt and it showed) 

But let dig into some of the players named above. 

Carson Wentz: 270/2tds/2Ints

First off Carson Wentz didn’t look comfortable in the pocket and the o line was letting him down causing some miss timed throws, duck balls and overall pocket collapsing more time than not. Wentz was sacked 8 times and 1 fumble. Not to touch on any real life football but lost a 17-0 lead isn’t a good look for overall performance. If they won wentz would still be on the Dud list only because he was suppose to stomp a mud hole in the redskins terrible defense but didn’t do so as we saw. 

Moving forward to wk 2 will be something to watch but I feel bad for guys with Wentz as there QB1 with a mid to low tier Qb as a backup on the bench. Its going to be a long year. 


Person I wanna touch on is 

Michael Thomas : 3recs 17 yards

So disappointed in Thomas performance only putting up 4.7 on 3 catches.. Thomas was a lot of owners first pick in the first round and didn’t help owners this week coming out with a dub. He was just simply covered and once the saints jumped up 2 scores on the bucs in the 3rd qt. it was the kamara show and a bunch of random WRs getting catches that don’t need to be on the field…and to make stills worst in the 4th qt he left the field limping with a ankle injury and did not return. So moving forward to wk2 he will have to be watched all week for injury reports and practice reps. I hope he’s ok but I will be a worried Thomas owner at the moment.

Now this is painful but I cant say it wasn’t expected but….

Austin Ekeler: 12 pts 84yards 1 TARGET for 3 yards.. 

Tyrod in the driver seat I been preaching it could get ugly and that’s exactly what’s happening. Allen took a hit and ekeler took a hit for sure. Ekeler seeing only 1 target is crazy to me. Ekeler lost the goal line duty to the rookie Kelly as well so things got a bit fishy for ekeler owners scratching their heads of whats going on. The only thing that does worry me a lot is the lost of goal line duty to Kelly so that means he may see less TD opportunities but hoping this week was a hick up of not seeing the catches out the backfield. On paper Ekeler was pose to eat up the Bengals defense but the Bengals had other plans of showing up and showing out. ( yes I know they lost) So moving forward my hopes for a ekeler bounce back in wk2 will be low due to the fact Tyrod is the starter. 

Now lets talk about some home run guys showing up Wk 1 with some fire. Here’s the list

·      John Brown

·      Jamison Crowder

·      Robby Anderson

·      Sammy Watkins

·      David Johnson

·      Nyheim Hines

Crazy to say most of these guys up above probably sat on ur bench blowing up. Good news is now u know they mean business. 

Robby Anderson 6 recs / 115 yards/ 1 TD 

Robby had a great camp. So great he killed all Curtis Samuel hype we had all summer. Robby was looking like a good overall WR in a new city with something to prove. I always thought of Robby as a troubled player, a one trick pony on a terrible team and just overall not much trust week to week. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves thinking hes a full send start and forget every Sunday but I have to admit I liked what I saw from robby and hope he can do this most weeks moving forward.

David Johnson: 77 yds 3 recs 1 TD 19 Fpts

DJ looked great in a Houston Texans uniform. He looked refreshed and hungry to play. I don’t wanna get ahead of my self but I have DJ as the Comeback player of the year. 

As long as they keep giving DJ the back in his hands Houston can have something special on their hands with DJ in the backfield. He showed he can still catch and run out the backfield. Looked very explosive in open space. Overall I was happy to see DJ in a good spot putting up Fantasy Points. 

Nyheim Hines: 8 recs/ 1 rec td/ 28 yds / 1 rus TD 27.3 Fpts

Well it must be 2021 and mack is out the door looking for work and it’s the JT and Hines show.. oh wait.. its 2020 and mack is hurt already and could miss a lot of time and here we are… the JT and Hines show. I gave Mack a chance and even said it might take up to 4-6 weeks before we see JT and Hines show but Mack tore his Achilles in the 2nd qt and it was curtains for him. JT did his thing for his first NFL start (14pts) but the guy who stood out to me and everyone else was defiantly Hines. Hines is the Ekeler 2.0 that Rivers will forever lean on when he runs into trouble. Hines was in on all the 3rddowns and most of the redzone opportunies. It warms my hurt that Hines is still floating on waviers to be grabbed because we maybe seeing this for the rest of the szn. Hines is just great after the catch and will see a ton of targets so he’s a stud this week putting up 27 points. He’s a no brainer MUST ADD for Wk2.

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