RDFHQ Subscriber Chronicles Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of the RDFHQ Subscriber League is now in the books and it wasn’t without its own drama. Before the matchups even really got underway, FantasysPhinest made waves by picking up Boston Scott off waivers on Saturday, which kickstarted an entire debate about the legitimacy (or lack there of) of the waiver process. However, in easily the most bone-headed move of the season, he left the injured Miles Sanders in his starting lineup and left Boston Scott on the bench! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s breakdown what happened this past week!

Maple Leaf Maulers def. HerbNLegend

              This game was never really in any danger for the Maulers at any point. Carried by performances by CMC and Mark Andrews who both scored 2 TDs each, the Maulers were able to easily overcome subpar performances from Ekeler and Marvin Jones who both finished in the single digits. Meanwhile, HerbNLegend left his original RB2 Fournette in that spot and couldn’t make any moves to trade for another startable RB and it hurt him with the former Jag finishing with just 2.9 points. Couple that with his RB1 Lev Bell getting hurt and finishing with just 6.6 points and he was doomed from the get-go. In my season preview, I had HerbNLegend as a contender, however the lack of roster moves so far has already compromised that statement and put him at a less than enviable position.

Team A.Js def. Team Lemdmcgowan

              LQ came out and did exactly what was expected of him in week 1. Led by surprise standout Cam Newton (2 rushing TDs) and a HUGE 93-yard, 3 TD (35.9 fantasy points) performance from RB2 Josh Jacobs, he was off and running and was able to clinch the victory despite RB1 Derrick Henry and WR2 AJ Brown still left to play on Monday night. Albeit, the auto-drafter continued his careless ways leaving Deebo Samuel in his starting lineup despite being on the IR and starting Matt Breida over Malcolm Brown despite Brown being named the starting back for the Rams and putting up a 26.8-point night to boot. This is a classic case of a good team blowing out a bad team as they should’ve.

Team dcaples75 def. Shotgun Fantasy

              This game was a tale of two teams. For dcaples75, despite having a less than stellar roster, he had stellar performances with Devante Adams and Calvin Ridley both giving him 30+ point performances and with the rest of the roster simply performing to standard it was enough to carry him to a big week 1 win and the week’s highest score. While, for Shotgun, he has a good roster that performed just less than what he needed with Dallas Goedert bringing in 36.6 (remember our league has a 1.5 premium for TE receptions), Noah Fant with 26.6 and David Johnson being just shy of 20. Beyond that, his fate was sealed by underperformers however he should be good with a similar or better Week 2 to avoid falling in a hole.

CHEAP SEATS def. Team jkreis13

              Brandon brought the heat this week as his team was simply better in every facet. The only disappointing performance for him was Michael Gallup and everyone else was average or better. On the other side, the only guy that really showed out was Aaron Rodgers with his 4 TD performance over Minnesota. Other than that, everyone else was average or worse, special focus on Mark Ingram who finished with just 2.9 points and looks to be losing value by the day with the emergence of JK Dobbins as well as starting Kerryon Johnson in his flex and getting just 1.4 points out of him. I had Jkreis as my #11 in the preseason rankings and with his performance this week, he seems to have lived up to those expectations and not much else.

FantasysPhinest def. Team IndieNation

              This has to be a fantasy player’s biggest pet peeve, when you see the lowest and second-lowest scoring in the league play each other. In this case, these two teams were the only teams to score under 100 points and each with their own reasons for their poor performances. As mentioned earlier, Phinest decided to start Miles Sanders despite picking up his replacement. Couple that with poor performances like Gronk’s 2/11 statline and he was doomed to fail. Now, Indie just had poor luck across the board, his best performer was Jonnu Smith (19.6 points) and besides that nobody else scored 12 or more points. Hopefully, these two fantasy veterans can put together better performances next week.

Alvin and the Chipmunks def. Anybody Can Get It

              As his name may suggest, Drew was carried by a huge 23.7-point performance by Alvin Kamara. Couple that with a 24-point day from TJ Hockenson as well as good to great weeks across the board and you have yourself a recipe for a successful week. Geezy was able to put up a solid fight led by Lamar Jackson who did what Lamar Jackson does however he ended up just a few points short due to underperformers such as Dionte Johnson who could have been replaced by Parris Campbell and given Geezy enough for the win. He’ll have to hope for better next week.

              For the first few weeks I’m only going to be posting weekly recaps and perhaps every 4 weeks or so I’ll be going through the power rankings and updating them. Hopefully this series gives you the opportunity to see what it’s like to play with the RDF crew, and if you like it, stay tuned for all the shenanigans and trash talk that is sure to ensue.

              As for the RDF crew, we’re gonna keep the content coming hot all season long. We have a bunch of articles and videos planned all week every week as well as my podcast Cold Hard Sports Talk on Spotify! I highly recommend checking it out if you want some advice, some weekly recaps as well as our own overall struggles in our various leagues! As well, follow my twitter (@goursie19) if you’re not already to stay up to date with all things that I’m doing along with all of my hot sports takes!

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