Studs & Duds Week 2

Studs and Duds Week 2 


Josh Allen 

Stefon Diggs

Calvin Ridley

Jonnu Smith

Tyler Higbee

Mike Gesicki


Julio Jones

Ty Hilton

Aj Green

Chris Herdon

Malcolm Brown

Todd Gurley

Week 2 is in the books and these guys up above are players I believed stood out as clear duds and clear studs for week 2. So lets start off with the Studs of week 2. 

My BOY! Josh Allen putting all the haters to bed with a elite fantasy performance putting up 46 pts against the dolphins. Yea I know ur thinking it was the dolphins that’s what he was suppose to do but that’s not the case here the game was very close at one point and Allen had to put the team on his back and set up his teammates for success to find the endzone. Allen had tones of hate being called a QB2, not a very accurate deep pass thrower , and a risk taker. Meanwhile back to back weeks with elite Qb1 performances putting the haters to bed. While we are on the topic of Allen I wanna bring up Stefon Diggs. 

Diggs and Allen connection is so beautiful to watch and its crazy its only week 2 with very little time spent in the off-szn due to covid. Diggs put up a whooping 29 pts 8/153/1 very impressive performance from Diggs catching long balls and making toe tap side line catches and etc. Diggs is looking like a top 10 WR if Allen and Diggs can keep this going. Its always fun to watch when guys are winning so ill be watching the Bills game very closely to see if this is the real thing or is it just early szn luck. 

MAN! Was I WRONG!Tyler Higbee went off ! 3 TDS putting up a whooping 28 fantasy points looking like a solid target for Goff moving forward BUT I will say I need to see this every week from higbee before I crown him TE1. Higbee finished with 5tgts 4recs and 54 yards. Not a lot of tgts and not a lot of yards I would like to see those yards increase maybe in the 70-100 yd range. Overall look for Higbee in a lot of starting line ups moving forward he earned it. 

Now lets talk some duds of the week. Some back to back duds that we expected a bounce back week or to take a step forward in week 2 but just didn’t pan out that way.

I wanna highlight Todd Gurley for this DUD of the week. Gurley ran the ball 21 times for 61 yards…Crazy we just seen a stat saying if Gurley runs the ball 20+ times the team wins 22-2 times… well lets make it 22-3 times.. Hard lost for the falcons to the Dallas Cowboys comeback victory but Gurley just looked terrible only putting up 6.7 points. Ito Smith looked more explosive and was heavily involved towards the end of the game. This worries me about gurley only because he ran the ball 21 times and didn’t produce much points. Gurley ADP was sitting tight in the 3rdround and he hasn’t returned that price tag for fantasy owners. The falcons aren’t a run first offense we see the WR core going crazy on teams with 3 100+ yard wrs in week 1 and Calvin Ridley turning up this week with 100+ yards as well. So moving forward with Gurley every week he maybe in question for fantasy owners starting lineups come Sunday. 

Next dud…. Chris Herndon..

I think this was a clear dud only because so many offensive weapons were injured he had no choice but to make plays for Sam Darnold and that didn’t happen. With Crowder, Bell, and Perriman catching a injury mid game u would think it would be the Herndon show but it wasn’t…. 5 targets for ONE REC! It should be hands off all Szn for jets players not named Crowder I cant stand that “Offensive Guru” Adam Gase and his questionable play calling and coaching style… it has to be miserable to be in that jets locker room. If he’s not fired mid szn… nvm because I know its not happening… 

Next Dud goes to my fellow ram player Malcolm Brown. I don’t think he’s one and done but the Cam Akers injury did knock the running game out of momentum for a min but Darrell Henderson was the next man up in that backfield behind Brown but I think this was more or less to see what Henderson could do with the potential of handle a decent amount of the workload. Basically Sean Mcvay is still holding try outs for the RB1 roll but watever he’s doing its working u have 3 very talented RBs why not use them all but for us fantasy owners this is very bad owner any of the 3. At the start of the szn I was telling the #Wolfpack to stay clear of the rams backfield this szn til the smoke clears of whos the “Guy” but right now its just nothing but a headache trying to figure out who will get u the most points this week. To be continued.

That was this weeks Studs and Duds article hoping u gained some understanding to lead u to victory in week 3! Make sure you follow me on all social media platforms @realdealfantasy.

Peace Love Happiness.

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