Thursday Night Showdown – Jets Broncos – DFS Picks & Strategy

Gone are the days of ‘dog’ matchups in 2020 NFL. Please cite last Thursday’s Dolphin’s Jaguars matchup as proof. Everything about that game going in saw the Jaguars rolling over the hapless Dolphin’s defense and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing to the moon to try and keep up. Well in case you missed it, the exact opposite happened. So while thinking about tonight’s penny dreadful I can’t help but think that perhaps even though the Jets looked God Awful on Sunday, we could have a bit of a game on our hands – and where there is a game there are fantasy points and where there are fantasy points there is a DFS Slate to attack! So let’s talk…and let’s Cash!

Editor’s Note: The DK Pricing you will see in this article reflects the “Flex” price of a player in Showdown tournaments. If you want to choose that player as your Captain in those lineups you need to keep in mind that their salary will be 1.5x the Flex price. FanDuel includes the M.V.P Spot in their pricing for both spots and that is why it looks higher. Both the Captains spot and M.V.P spot garner 1.5x the fantasy points that is scored by the player.

I have to start this out with the Jets.

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