Sunday Night Showdown – 49ers vs Eagles – Kittle is Back and so is Deebo!

My headline is probably going to tell people that I am favoring San Francisco tonight. Well, I kinda am but really why the headline is there is to celebrate that players are BACK from injury. With so many going down to injury each week including most notably Nick Chubb and Austin Ekeler, it is just nice to see two come back.

So let’s talk this Sunday Night Showdown. You have the beyond desperate for a win, injury ridden Eagles taking on the 49ers who (despite getting two stars back tonight) also have had their own fair share of injuries already in this young season. So let’s see what we can dig up for Fantasy points and maybe we can CASH!

Editors Note: The Draft Kings pricing you see here reflects a player’s Flex pricing in Showdown tournaments. You will want to note that if you would like to play the player in the Captain spot his salary will increase 1.5 that of his flex price – but so will his points! FanDuel takes their M.V.P. spot pricing in account of all the player’s prices, so that is why FanDuel pricing will come across at times significantly higher than what I show for Draft Kings prices.

The Philadelphia Eagles

At first glance, the Eagles look bad. Probably at second glance they do too. They have a chance however to make tonight’s Sunday Night Showdown a game and that is certainly what we are hoping will happen.

It has to start with Carson Wentz ($10,500 DK, $14,500 FD). There are a lot of issues for him to overcome. No D-Jax this week. Still no Alshon Jeffery. No Dallas Goedert either. Reports from practice this week was that the only starting WR practicing was Greg Ward ($5,000 DK, $9,500 FD) and he was joined by several practice squad players. Yikes. Ward makes for an unbelievable value on DK by the way at $5,000. He took 8 catches for 72 yards and a score a week ago. Let’s Go!

On the surface it does seem that the passing volume tonight will be in a bit of a funnel between Ward, Tight End Zach Ertz ($7,200 DK, $12,500 FD) and running back Myles Sanders ($9,200 DK, $14,000 FD) however, should any member of the Eagle’s practice squad start tonight you will have fresh and hungry legs running routes and perhaps that can breath life into this Philadelphia Team. The bottom line though is that if the Eagles have a chance to win Carson Wentz needs to step up. Now one positive for Wentz is that the 49ers Defense still comes into this game missing several of their key pieces and while still formidable, they may not be their typical lights out. I want to say Carson Wentz is your best bet for a captain on the Eagles side but it is a very cost prohibitive move, especially if you like a lot of the top 49ers players. I will certainly have some shares of Wentz tonight but I do think the Stack with Greg Ward and Zach Ertz will be an extremely popular play and I think you will need to find a way to differentiate the stack.

A way that you could be a bit contrarian tonight on the Eagles side is by looking further down at WR John Hightower ($800 DK, $5,000 FD) who saw a targets against the Bengals from Wentz. Hightower is the last active receiver that DK has available, but on Fan Duel you can also play WR Deonte Burnett ($6,000 FD). I should also mention Hakeem Butler ($200 DK, $5,000 FD) who was just signed from the Panther’s Practice squad and will be active tonight. DK lists Butler as TE and FanDuel has him as a Wide Receiver. I don’t normally highlight fringe receivers like this but with Philadelphia’s WR core so thin, I feel like I need to mention a couple names who could see targets tonight. Again the stack of Wentz and Ertz or Wentz, Ertz and Ward will be very popular and if you are mass multi entering, having a few shots on these guys may not be a bad idea.

So let’s also talk about Zach Ertz and those often run 2 Tight End sets that the Eagles love to run. Without Dallas Goedert available it will be interesting to see if the Eagles opt to those same sets. If they do, next man up in the depth chart is Richard Rogers ($600 DK, $5,500 FD) who was targeted after Goedert had to leave. Rogers is obviously not nearly the receiver that Ertz or Goedert are, but previous to this he was catching passes from Aaron Rogers including a very high profile prime time Hail Mary pass a few seasons back. I would not be surprised if Rogers sees more of a share of targets with a full week to practice with the first team. Either way, I do like Zach Ertz a lot tonight. It is more due to the necessity and sense of urgency that I am expecting Carson Wentz and company to come out with. However once Goedert had gone down, Ertz saw his most targets of the season (10) and had his highest yardage (70) of the season. So even with Rogers also on the field, I see Wentz looking for Ertz early and often.

Again I need to stress – the Stack with Wentz and Ertz or Wantz with Greg Ward and Ertz will be extremely popular and while I don’t recommend a lineup with both Ertz and Rogers, I do think you can look at Richard Rogers as a low owned cheap, contrarian play in place of one of the two main pieces. On DK you can also use newcomer Hakeem Grant as a Tight End and despite the very inexpensive price tag he carries, I doubt many would be looking that far down the depth chart for DFS targets.

Myles Sanders finally came back to the lineup healthy and if there was anything that equaled a bright spot in Week 3 it sure was him. 18 for 95 yards and 4 catches on 8 targets for 12 yards. Over 100 total yards and the Eagles need that kind of production from their dynamic young back. Yes you will see that he 49ers are ranked 1st according to the numbers against the run – but with injuries on the defensive line, I think Sanders can find some room to move. Especially if he sees 8 or more targets again tonight. I think Sanders is in play for sure tonight – HOWEVER, Myles Sanders is receiving MASSIVE OWNERSHIP tonight. 74% on DK, 62% on FD. He will be tough to avoid tonight if he performs well. If you are mass multi entering however, you may be inclined to fade Sanders on a few lineups and at that level of ownership I couldn’t blame you.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little bit of Running Backs Boston Scott ($2,800 DK, $7,000 FD) and Corey Clement ($1,000 DK, $5,000 FD) get some run too. Perhaps even lining up as a receiver. The Eagles are very short handed on pass catchers and they need to look to the sturdiest hands that they have and there is definitely a game script of desperation that could lead all three of their running backs being active. I am not saying to start either Scott or Clement over Myles Sanders. Just that if I am listing fringe Wide Receivers I need to also mention fringe RBs as potential low owned, cheap, contrarian targets.

San Francisco 49ers

Before I say anything further, I need to call attention to some very strange and beneficial pricing on DK. Deebo Samuel has been activated from IR and will play tonight. Samuel is arguably the most dynamic pass catcher on the 49ers after George Kittle and the 49ers themselves have had their fair share of Wide Receiver woes so far this season. Now they have Samuel back and Draft Kings has him priced at $200. You read that right. On top of that, at the time of this writing he has NO Ownership. Even if the 49ers “ease” Samuel in, against a very weak secondary – he has a fantastic opportunity tonight. It could burn me, but I am locking $200 Deebo Samuel in every DK Lineup I build. He could immediately step in to being again the #1 Wide Receiver for this team and the #2 target behind Kittle and his price tag just is criminally low. Lock in Deebo Samuel on DK, he’s practically free and has massive upside. Fan Duel has taken into account his active status into account pricing him at $10,000.

Nick Mullens ($9,800 DK, $15,000 FD) will once again be under center for the 49ers tonight and he has served the team well thus far. Starting in Week 3 he threw 36 times completing 25 of them for 343 yards and a touchdown. And that was WITHOUT George Kittle ($9,400 DK, $13,500)! Big George is back tonight and he is about as close to a SMASH it could come. Yes, it is possible that Kittle comes back a little rusty – but the reality is this offense runs through Kittle and with him back on the field tonight, look out Eagles. Last week the 49ers found very creative ways to get Rookie receiver Brandon Aiyuk ($7,800 DK, $8,000 FD) involved and it really showed how dynamic of a player he is. Aiyuk had 5 catches for 70 yards but it was his 3 for 31 rushing yards and rushing touchdown that really stood out. With both Kittle and Samuel back tonight, it will be interesting to see what Coach Shananhan does with Aiyuk tonight. I think it will be a good idea to stack him with Mullins and Kittle, but with the lack of ownership on Deebo Samuel – the full 49ers team stack may have great mix of Chalk and Contrarian plays that could be a winner! Just sayin’!

However, I see the 49ers trying to control this clock from the outset. Thumper Jeff Wilson Jr ($7,000 DK, $11,000 FD) and Jerrick McKinnon ($8,200 DK, $12,000 FD) will be up to the task. There was fear that McKinnon might miss time after his injury last week but he will be active tonight and will lead the backfield. He is a dynamic player both running but most importantly catching balls out of the backfield and I think he will be a key part of the game plan tonight and should be a key part of your lineups too. Jeff Wilson JR is a power runner who has some speed and in week 3 he had 2 touchdowns. While I think it is known he is the clear goal line back, I could see them giving him more runs on first and second down especially if the Niners jump out to a lead. I think both of these backs are in play tonight and since they each seem to have a role in this offense, in showdowns, I don’t even mind playing the thunder and lightning together. An interesting way to be contrarian too is to use McKinnon in a stack with Kittle and Mullens, in place of one of the Wide Receivers.

On DK you are able to roster Defenses and Kickers and after the last 3 weeks all I can say is anything can happen and if you are multi-entering, you should have a lineup or two featuring the defense. But you need to have some strategy and follow a narrative. If you believe that the 49ers will jump out ahead and never look back and you want to roster their Defense ($5,600), it’s a great place to then use Eagles Kicker Jake Elliot ($3,800) and stack your 49ers skill players. Or if you think the Eagles shock the world and shut down the 49ers then pair the Eagles Defense ($4,400) with 49ers Kicker Robbie Gould ($4,000) and stack your Eagles’ skill players. I personally don’t like rostering either Kicker or Defense naked, without the opposing teams Kicker or Defense. So that is how I tend to play. Again if you are mass multi-entering, never a bad idea to hedge all of your bets with a couple shots on the defenses.

BUT the one thing I want to stress is, if you are just throwing a Defense or Kicker in because they use up every penny left of your salary cap – don’t do it. Too often DFS players think they need to use every dollar of a salary cap and you don’t. Look if you have $4,000 left and you see Robbie Gould and just want to plug him in so you can use your whole salary, take a pause and see what else is available. Guys like Boston Scott for $1,200 less or even Richard Rogers at a full $3,600 less could nap a touchdown pass or have a career game and you missed it because you needed to use up all $4,000 of those remaining dollars. I just wanted to mention that.

Good Luck in your Contests!

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