Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A – Week 5!

As we head into Week 5 of the NFL Season there is some positives overall to consider.  Injuries that plagued us in Week 4 are for the most part returning and Games are being Postponed to later in the week instead of being out right canceled (well at least not yet).  So once again the Staff at RealDealFantasy HQ have given you their takes on some of the hot topics of discussion for Week 5!


  1. READERS – WE NEED QUESTIONS!!  Send them in to us so we can answer them here!  Ok now onto the Q&A: 

2.     What was you biggest ‘Wrong Answer’ from the Week 4 RealDealFantasy HQ that you regret: 

Laquan:  Fitz magic didn’t deliver with a great match scoring 0 tds but Parker had a nice 20pts for fantasy owners so it wasn’t completely terrible. 

Cody:  I thought Kupp would have a much bigger week. Still 60 and a TD, but I wanted more against a weak Giants team.

TY:  Kenyan Drake was supposed to eat. That man barely had a nibble. As an owner of his in 3 leagues, I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Sean:  Throwing a ton of shade on Joe Mixon.  Clearly he has plenty of gas left in the tank – but I still say he is matchup dependent, at least a little bit.

3. What was your biggest “I Told You So” from the Week 4 RealDealFantasyHQ & A? 

Laquan: Dalvin Cook feasting on the worst run defense in the NFL

Cody: Getting all of the Cowboys and Browns players into the lineup last week. Game went WAY over the total. Everyone (but chubb) feasted.

TY:  The Rams defense ended up doing exactly what they were supposed to do, forcing Danny Derps to turn the ball over all day.

Sean:  George Kittle.  Injury – Shimjury, Kittle once again showed his dominance and in Prime Time no less!  

4.     Austin Ekeler is now out.  Obviously Joshua Kelley moves up the pecking order, but he has been most likely rostered already.  Who are you targeting on the waiver wire if you were an Austin Eckeler Owner?

Laquan: Justin Jackson would probably be the best option to try to replace Ekeler he has the vet presents but overall its a tough matchup against NOLA in the dome. 

Cody: Damien Harris if he was still available was my grab, he has a chance (although slim) to take over that lead role in a run first Pats offense

TY: Justin Jackson. Kelley has already fumbled the ball twice and Lynn doesn’t exactly love RBs who fumble the ball. Don’t be suprised if he splits touches with Kelley in week 5 and could outright be the starter if Kelley continues to disappoint.

Sean:  Brian Hill.  Hill exploded in Week 3 and was a hot button waiver claim, then put up a dud in Week 4.  There is a good chance he was dropped in your league and I think he has a solid chance in what should be a shoot out against the Panthers.   

5.     Corey Davis was a hot waiver claim in weeks 1 & 2 and you may have picked him up and played him.  Now that the Titans are back playing football Corey Davis is on the IR.  Are you keeping him even if you don’t have an IR Spot on your bench or are you dropping him?  

Laquan: This may be the szn he stays healthy (outside of covid) and he’s been a solid flex play.

Cody:  You only give a guy so many chances. I’d rather roster someone else with upside.

TY: In deep leagues, keep him. If you have an open IR slot, keep him for now. Otherwise don’t waste the roster spot.

Sean:  Drop him, when he gets back AJ Brown will be back anyway

6.     Who is the normal starter in your lineup you are sitting in week 4 and why?  

Laquan:  Dj Chark. Houston has a tough passing defense but he’s only seeing the bench for me for the hope of MT returns this week.

Cody: Jarvis Landry. He had a decent week last week with a passing TD, should be a TOUGH week for Cleveland pass catchers against a stout Colts D.

TY: Kenyan Drake. He simply can’t be trusted right now and Chase Edmonds could very well become the starter soon.

Sean:  Darius Slayton.  I know that the Giants are playing the Cowboys and that it will be a shootout with how bad the Cowboys defense has looked, but in truth the Giants have been playing from behind since Jump and outside of Week 1, Slayton has just not gotten the job done for me.  It could bite me in the ass, but I have better options available and for this week at least he’s hitting my bench.  

7.     Who is your favorite SMASH play, on your lineups, that you can’t wait to see dominate your competition in week 4?  

Laquan:  Justin Jefferson vs the Seahawks. I expect him to feast for another 100+ yds and maybe a touchdown. 

Cody: Vikings WRs!  There are going to be a TON of points in this game, and SEA has the worst pass defense in the league.

TY: Raheem Mostert. If he plays, which he should, he is about to feast on a doggy doo doo Dolphins offense.

Sean:  George Kittle.  Yep two weeks in a row but now the Kittle Monster is going to play Miami who may be able to slow a receiver but no way they slow Big George.  Can’t wait for Kittle Smash!  

8.     Who is your favorite Cowboys WR this week:  

Laquan:  Amari Cooper he has the most targets and volume is key. 

Cody: Amari Cooper. The guy is still the number 1 target for Ol’ Dak Prescott

Ty: CeeDee Lamb. I love this man and it seems like every week he’s putting up 15+ which you never see rookies do with consistency. So much to love about him.

Sean:  Cee Dee Lamb 

9.     Who has the best fantasy day:  Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods?  

Laquan: Cooper Kupp will see the endzone this weekend. 

Cody: Cooper Kupp is better than Robert Woods. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Ty: Cooper Kupp. You can’t take away his big play ability.

Sean:  Cooper Kupp 

10.  Has Emmanuel Sanders done enough to warrant a start in your lineup, even if Mike Thomas returns?   

Laquan: No not at all.  MT will probably see 4-5 targets. He’ll be slowly but surely put into the groove of the offense. Sanders hasn’t done anything for me to entertain him at all. 

Cody: Absolutely not, he’s at best the #4 weapon Brees has when that team is healthy (Thomas, Kamara, Cook 1,2,3)

TY:  It all depends if Michael Thomas returns. If he does, no. If he doesn’t yet, it’s clear he’s the best receiving option without Thomas despite Tre’Quan Smith’s boom potential.

Sean:  If Michael Thomas returns it will be tough to trust any other pass catcher on that team – BUT, over the last two weeks we have seen a rapport between Brees and Sanders develop.  I’d be willing to stash him on my bench

11.   With the news of Stefon Gilmore going on the COVID-19 List, can you trust any Denver Bronco Pass Catcher in week 5?  If so – who?  (Running backs included)

Laquan:  Gilmore is one man. The defense as a whole are tough hard hitting defense. So no I don’t trust Broncos WRs this week.

Cody: Jerry Jeudy could have some success after being featured against the Jets. Worth a flex spot.

TY: Jeudy is the only guy to trust without Drew Lock starting. He seems to get 4/60/1 lines every week. However, the Pats defense is still a force, he’s definitely not a must-start.

Sean:  If I had Jerry Jeudy to play, I’d take a shot on him in a flex spot.

12.  There are another 6 games this week with a Vegas Line of 50 Points.  Of these projected shootouts, which one would you want to have pieces of in your lineup?  

Laquan: Atlanta vs Carolina 

Cody: MIN vs SEA should be another monster game from the WRs on both sides, wouldn’t surprise me if the total ended up in the 60s

TY:  Giants vs Cowboys. Neither defense can stop a runny nose so should be a high-scoring game.

Sean:  Atlanta vs Carolina. Atlanta was embarrassed by Aaron Rogers and are desperate for a win and the Panthers riding a two game win streak.  Lots of fantasy relevant pieces to this and little to no defensive opposition on either side.  If I had a piece of either I’d play them and Teddy Bridgewater is an interesting Streaming option if you need it.  

13.  Can you trust a New York Running Back (Giants or Jets) in Week 5 and Moving Forward?  

Laquan:   I trust Giants’ backfield only based on matchups. Dallas is giving up a ton of yards on the ground. Freeman this week could be a nice start.  

Cody:  I trust that they are going to stink. I won’t have any in my lineups this week.

TY:  Sam Darnold is not a running back I have been informed. So no.

Sean:  If I was desperate and he was available to me, I might take a shot on Freeman this weekend against the Cowboys. 

14.   Kenyan Drake was a borderline first round draft pick and we have now seen another week of less than stellar performance… can you drop Kenyan Drake?  

Laquan: Sell before it’s too late. 

Cody: No. at this point you need to hope he has a monster week and sell high.

TY: Never drop your first 2 picks unless they’re injured. You can get some sucker to buy him solely based on name value. 

Sean: No. I would stash him on your bench, hope he smashes and then try and trade as high as I could for him coming off the smash game.  

15.   Who is your favorite waiver wire QB to stream this week?   

Laquan: Kirk Cousins vs Seahawks. Seahawks giving up a ton of passing yards. 

Cody: Captain Kirk should have a nice week in a shootout against Seattle

TY: Kirk Cousins is gonna feast.

Sean: Teddy Bridgewater  

16.  Who is your favorite waiver wire RB to stream this week?  

Laquan:  Justin jackson 

Cody: There’s not much available this week that I feel comfortable in starting lineups. If someone dropped Zach Moss, he could be a solid play.

TY:  Justin Jackson

Sean:  Justin Jackson if he is available on your waiver wire  

17.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Wide Receiver to stream this week?  

Laquan:  Tim Patrick

Cody: Brandon Aiyuk could have a nice week against MIA if Shanahan continues to get him involved

TY:  Golden Tate has boom potential this week, but the options are slim.

Sean: Mecole Hardman   

18.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Tight End to stream this week?     

Laquan:  None. 

Cody:   If you’re desperate, Greg Olsen has a nice matchup.

TY:  Ian Thomas could go off against the Falcons.

Sean:  Evan Engram or Eric Ebron 

19.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Defense to stream this week?     

Laquan:  Browns

Cody: I know the Cowboys Defense is miserable, but the giants have scored 3TD in 4 weeks. No better time to use them than now.

TY:  Cardinals if they’re available! 

Sean:  Arizona Cardinals vs Jets 

20.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Kicker to stream this week?     

Laquan:  None

Cody: Jason Myers has a great chance to score points against Minnesota

TY:  Younghoe Koo sounds like he’s gonna play, if he does you want him.

Sean:  Joey Slye – Carolina Panthers 

Have a question?  Send them in to us at Real Deal Fantasy HQ and you may see your question show up here in this new Weekly Article!  We can answer your Start/Sit, Season Long, DFS or whatever you want to ask!    

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