RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles!

Without a doubt, this year has been the hardest in the history of fantasy football for managers. With the unpredictability of the virus, the high amount of devastating injuries, and the constant schedule adjusting, it has become incredibly difficult to try and keep a competitive roster week in, week out. It feels as though this year more than ever, it takes an awful lot of luck to be a contender. With that being said, it’s time to update the power rankings and show you, the fans, what’s going on in our crazy league.

Tier 6: The Waste of Space

12. Jkreis13 (2-3)

The only reason this team has won any games is because he’s rostering the QB2 and QB6 in Mahomes and Rodgers as well as the RB3 in Aaron Jones. He got lucky enough to get those pieces because the guy auto-drafted. He hasn’t changed his lineup since week 1 and we know this because he’s been starting Kerryon Johnson week in, week out. It infuriates me to see someone who doesn’t even want to be here in this league, can’t wait to replace this bum next year.

Tier 5: The Ones Who Aren’t Very Good

11. Dcaples75 (1-4)

It seemed like this guy was trying, up until about week 4. He left an injured DaVante Adams in his starting lineup that week, but it didn’t really matter because one of the contenders Alvin and the Chipmunks pumped him by 30. Then in week 5, he just gave up leaving 3 players on bye in his lineup and throwing the week to Lemdmcgowan, albeit even if he started his best lineup he likely still would have lost that week. He has pieces to be a good team, however it can get disheartening when you sit 1-4 and your only win is to a fellow 1-4 team. If he continues to not care, he’d definitely fall into Tier 6.

10. Cheap Seats (1-4)

Cheap Seats isn’t a bad metaphor for this team. He has some pretty solid pieces on his team, such as the RB5 and 6 in Zeke and Carson respectively, as well as two great QBs in Stafford and Tannehill and lots of depth. And it’s not like he’s trying, in fact his issue is he may be trying too hard. Case in point, he sat Tannehill last week and chose to start Joe Flacco instead… costing him 17 points. In week 4, he started Kenyan Drake and Mike Geisecki instead of Chris Carson and Zach Ertz, a decision that cost him 28.9 points in a week he lost by 30. He deserves a better record, he just needs to get out of his own way.

9. HerbNLegend (2-3)

What a shame. This man was near the contending ranks in my pre-season rankings and just look how far he’s fallen. Kids, this team is why you never go Zero RB strategy. His week 1 starting RBs were Le’Veon and Leonard Fournette and he had no viable replacements for them… they combined for 9 points that week. Ouch. Week 2, he started Hines and Michel, they combined for 3 points. At no point this year has his RBs combined for even 15 points in a week, you simply can’t contend with that poor of production. The only reason he even has wins at all is because of the Russell Wilson-DK Metcalf stack as well as the TE2 in Darren Waller.

Tier 4: The Unlucky Ones

8. Shotgun Fantasy (1-4)

This guy just can’t catch a break. Firstly, he’s had the hardest schedule to date. Secondly, it always seems like he’s a lineup decision away from winning his week. He doesn’t have a great team, as no player he has on his team ranks top 15 at their position, but it doesn’t feel like he should be 1-4 either. He has matchups against Autodrafter, Cheap Seats and HerbNLegend in the next 4 weeks to help right the ship before playoffs.

7. IndieNation (2-3)

It’s not like Indie has a bad team, in fact I like a lot about his team. He has Michael Thomas coming back in Week 7 to give his team a much-needed push. He has Alex Mattison who will be infinitely valuable until D.Cook comes back. And he has tons of depth, just lacking a dependable star player and it’s hurt him to this point. He’ll make the playoffs for sure as the two teams below him in the conference are write-offs, and he has the roster that could beat anybody any week, just not a roster I’d bet on going too far.

Tier 3: The Middle of The Pack

6. The Fantasy’s Phinest (3-2)

“Didn’t y’all say I wouldn’t win 3 games?”

This team has no business being here. The only reason he’s 3-2 is because he ran into the lowest-scoring team of the week for all 3 of his wins. Considering him a playoff team is laughable and yet Lady Luck is gonna carry him there it seems. And yet, through all of this, I actually don’t hate his team. His RB duo of Sanders and Chubb is downright scary when healthy, Herbert and Brees as your two QBs in SuperFlex is a great place to be. His WRs and TEs are horrific, however and that’s gonna hold him back from being anything more than a pretender come playoff time.

5. Anybody Can Get It! (2-3)

“F*** you, <insert any other owner here>, I’m gonna beat the breaks off of <insert opponent here>”

The all-rookie team is actually pretty scary all set and done. Clyde and JT are RB12 and 13 respectively which really isn’t a bad spot to be. CeeDee Lamb is the WR11 to date, and he’s accompanied by the WR6 in Tyreek Hill and WR12 in Mike Evans. This team is deep and skilled where it matters, and he could get even better if Lamar Jackson can step up his play. His biggest issue is if he loses a player to COVID/injury, there isn’t a ton of depth especially for RBs. Regardless, this is not a team I want to face.

Tier 2: The Pretenders

4. Lemdmcgowan (3-2)

This team is one that makes you think. He auto-drafted, but sets his lineup every week and has made roster moves so he’s actually managing his team, I can respect that. He’s the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, but he’s tied for 3rd easiest schedule. He just lost Dalvin Cook which leaves him with next to nothing at RB for at least a week or two as even when fully healthy his starters are Cook and Kelley. That could end up being his downfall, especially once OBJ comes back down to earth.

3. Team A.Js (4-1)

“Applying Humble Sauce all szn”

Is LQ really about to get torched on his own blog? Oh yeah. Week in, week out you just don’t know what you’re getting with this team. He’s beaten Alvin and the Chipmunks, and yet his 1 loss came to Shotgun. He’s had the 2nd-easiest schedule thus far and has been the 4th highest scoring team so it’s tough to say he’s deserving of 4-1. His RB core of Henry and Jacobs is downright scary, his WRs… not so much. Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown and Jamison Crowder don’t exactly have me ready to crown him champion by any stretch, His QBs are shaky as well. He’s got some work to do to prove he’s gonna take a serious run at the title.

Tier 1: The Contenders/The Likely Final

2. Alvin and the Chipmunks (4-1)

“F*** you and your maple syrup”

This team has a lot of upside and downside at the moment. Upside, his RB core of Kamara and Gurley has been downright terrifying thus far coming in as the RB1 and 11 respectively, he has a PPR god in Keenan Allen and his TEs of Hock and Hooper will do great in this TE premium league. However, there’s a big problem for Drew upcoming. He lost Dak Prescott for the season and his next man up is Derek Carr followed by Danny Derps. Not the ideal QB combo, but overcomeable. He gets two cakewalk matchups next in Autodrafter and Cheap Seats to figure it out.

1.Maple Leaf Maulers (5-0)

“You’re gonna have to figure out how to ship the trophy to Canada” Would you look at that? The Canadian kid is running the league so far. Highest scoring team? Check. Moderately hard schedule? Check. Only two wins where my opponent was within 20 points? Check. Mark Andrews being a TE premium god? Check. My Josh Allen/Stefon Diggs stack being absolutely lights out? Check. I’m doing this all without the #1 overall pick, CMC? Check… Wait what? That’s right, the most dominant team so far in this league has not had the best player in fantasy football on their roster the majority of the season. I better start making a place for the trophy on my mantle, the way it’s looking right now I’m untouchable.

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