Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A – Week 6!

Week 6 in the NFL is Here!  What a showcase for future stars last week right?  Chase Claypool, Robert Tonyon, Travis Fulgham – outta nowhere!  That is 2020 in the NFL, you never know what you are gonna get … like a box of chocolates .. well my wife’s anniversary box of chocolates had what each piece were on the box…soooo here at Real Deal Fantasy HQ we want to be the images that tells you what is in the box of chocolates, only for fantasy football

So without further ado – it’s the Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A for Week 6!

  1. READERS – WE NEED QUESTIONS!!  Send them in to us so we can answer them here!  Tweet your questions for Week 7 @delrayboston

2.  What was you biggest ‘Wrong Answer’ from the Week 5 that you regret: 

Laquan: I actually think I was on point for the most part. 

TY:  I didn’t really have any last week. I guess not trusting DeVonta Freeman who had 16.7 PPR points last week would be my only wrong guess. Keep that in mind when reading today!

Sean:  Recommending Brian Hill as a waiver wire add.  Todd Gurley looked great on Sunday and he will eat again this weekend against the Vikings.

3. What was your biggest “I Told You So” from the Week 5

Laquan: D.J. Moore’s coming-out party putting up 21 pts against the Falcons.

TY:  Recommending Justin Jackson over Josh Kelley. JJ had 20 touches and looked great while Kelley struggled to break the line of scrimmage.

Sean:  Recommending that Emmauel Sanders IS a thing in New Orleans, especially with Michael Thomas out!  

4. Dak Prescott is now done for the season.  If you missed out on a waiver claim for the Red Rocket, who on the waiver wire are you looking to grab to start this week and potentially rest-of-season?  

Laquan:  Kirk Cousins. He has great back to back matchups against weak defenses. Has ATL this week – full send it. 

TY:  If Matt Stafford is still available, he’s a must-add. Otherwise Kirk Cousins has a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way and the ball should be in the air a lot against the Falcons this week.

Sean:  Jarrod Goff. The bottom line here is that the Rams are playing good football and they have a solid defense and run game.  But take a look at the schedule, I like Goff’s chances to put up solid numbers as we approach the second half of the season.  

5.     Dalvin Cook will not play this weekend due to a hamstring injury. Alexander Mattison will start on Sunday and play against the Atlanta Falcons who haven’t been able to stop ANYBODY.  Two Part Question:  

1). If you weren’t a Dalvin Cook owner, but were able to scoop up Mattison from the waiver wire, how much of a priority is he to get in your lineup?  Would you start him over another “starting running back” this week?  

2). If you were a Dalvin Cook owner, but were NOT able to scoop up Mattison, is there another guy on the waiver wire you could grab if you were desperate?  

Laquan:  100% over any rb2 i have this week. 


1) Yes! Start him, find a spot for him, he is gonna be a top-10 back this week. If that isn’t at least good enough to make your RB2 spot then you don’t need to be reading this because you’re winning your league.

2) This week, Royce Freeman has interesting fantasy appeal. It’s doubtful Lindsay is gonna get a full workhorse role in his first game back so he should see some touches.


1). I’m probably one of the lucky ones but Mattison in my NFL League, but now I have a problem.  Do I start him over Raheem Mostert or CEH?  

2). If I were desperate, Mike Boone will likely be the change of pace for Mattison. He saw touches last week and he is an explosive player.  Dollars to donuts, he’s available in your league.  

6. Who is the normal starter in your lineup you are sitting in week 6 and why?  

Laquan:   DJ Chark. He’s dealing with an ankle injury and doesn’t have the best matchup this week against the Lions, so he’s getting the bench.

TY: Kenyan Drake again. Chase Edmonds out touched and outscored him again. Drake will lose the starting role very soon.

Sean:  Deebo Samuel.  It stinks because we ‘just got him back’ but quite frankly the whole 49ers offense stink, stank, stunk in Week 5 and Jimmy G looked terrible.  Tough to trust against Aaron Donald and the Rams this week

7. Who is your favorite SMASH play, on your lineups, that you can’t wait to see dominate your competition in week 6?  

Laquan:   David Monty vs CAR!  This will be a very refreshing game for Monty owners! Cohen out for the szn and Panthers can’t stop a soul in the run game. FULL SEND

TY:  If you need a QB, Kirk Cousins vs ATL. Otherwise, get Justin Jefferson in your lineup for the same reason.

Sean:  AJ Brown vs The Texans. Probably the only thing that will slow AJ Brown down this weekend is how much the Titans run Derek Henry.  Brown looked AWESOME in Week 5 against the Bills and now he gets to play Houston and a secondary that is only slightly better than Cheese Cloth.  He should EAT!  

8. Who is your favorite Cowboys WR THIS week (aka the dawn of the Red Rocket Era of Cowboys Football):  

Laquan:   I look for Dalton to lean on Cooper this week being the #1 WR

Ty:  Michael Gallup was getting a lot of targets under Dalton. Worth keeping an eye on.

Sean:  Michael Gallup! 

9. It’s the Battle of the Bays as a fully healthy Tampa Bay Buccaneers play a fully healthy Green Bay Packers.  The question is, who has the better day?  Touchdown Tom Brady or Goat Aaron Rodgers?  

Laquan:  Aaron Rodgers 

Ty:  Rodgers by a mile

Sean:  Rodgers and he has 5 more Superbowls to win before I consider him GOAT. 

10.  As of this writing the Patriots and Broncos will play on Sunday AND Cam Newton will make his return.  The question is, would you play Cam Newton against the Broncos even if you had another option at QB?   

Laquan:  If Cam can play I’m playing Cam.  He’s been balling out and has the rushing upside.  I like him this week against Denver. 

TY:  If that other option is top-10, no. Otherwise, hell yea I would. 

Sean:  Yes. Newton is a gamer and you have to believe he will want to make a statement on Sunday, considering when he wasn’t on the field the last time the Patriots played … well … it didn’t look good. 

11.  Melvin Gordon was arrested for a DUI and now suddenly has a ‘mystery illness’ that WILL prevent him from taking the field (Gordon has been ruled out).  Would you  start Phillp Lindsay this week against New England AND is Royce Freeman worth an add if you are desperate for RB or Flex Help? 

Laquan:   Lindsay should see most of the workload so yes he should be a RB2 this week for a lot of lineups. Freeman –  I’ll wait and see before reaching for him. 

TY:  Philip Lindsay is gonna be an RB2/3 play for sure this week so he’s a must-start with Gordon out. Freeman could actually be worth a flex start if you really need the help in a PPR league.

Sean:  The Patriots have had struggles against pass catching running backs and I personally think Phillip Lindsey is starting this game.  So if I was in a bind I would start him.  AND if I needed desperate help in my Flex, Royce Freeman isn’t the worst idea to add from Waivers.

12.  Once again we have 5 Games with a line of 50+.  Which of these shootouts do you want the most pieces from in your lineup.  

Laquan:  DAL vs ARZ

TY:   Dallas vs Arizona is gonna be insane. Expect to see 30s on both sides of the scoreboard.

Sean:  I like Dallas vs Arizona to have a lot of fireworks and guys like Michael Gallup, Dalton Schultz, Chistian Kirk and if you are lucky Chase Edmonds are still on waiver wires.  Fire ‘Em Up if you need the help! 

13. We have one less New York running back in the mix, but still with the pieces that are left – can you trust a New York Running Back?  

Laquan: Freeman maybe at a flex spot but the Giants O Line is still trash.  

TY:   Freeman might actually be worth a play but that Washington run defense is scary. Let’s see what (Lamichal) Perine does this week.

Sean:  If I was desperate and he was available to me, I might take a shot on Freeman this weekend against The Football Team.  

14. Ok so NOW can we drop Kenyan Drake?    

Laquan:  No not yet. 

TY:  I just traded him for David Montgomery this past Thursday. So try trading him first, someone is gonna buy on name value alone.

Sean:  It appears Chase Edmonds is the running back to own on the Arizona Cardinals.   

15.   Who is your favorite waiver wire QB to stream this week?   

Laquan:  Kirk Cousins 

TY:  Kirk Cousins

Sean: Kirk Cousins

16.  Who is your favorite waiver wire RB to stream this week?  

Laquan:   None to be honest. 

TY:   JD McKissic is at least worth a stash.

Sean:  Lamichal Perine or JD McKissic

17.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Wide Receiver to stream this week?  

Laquan: Greg Ward Jr –  the only Eagles legit WR to catch balls out there sadly.   

TY:   Christian Kirk if he’s there is gonna feast on the Boys this week. And I don’t buy into the Claypool or Fulgham hype this week.

Sean: Assuming Chase Claypool has been scooped up, Travis Fulgham.  No DeSean, No Alshon AGAIN.  Zach Ertz looks like scorched earth.  I’d take a shot on Fulgham.  In Case you missed it, he just put 172 and 1 on the Steelers. 

18.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Tight End to stream this week?     

Laquan:  ehhh none..  

TY: Austin Hooper just because he’s getting a big target share, even against an awful Steelers team.

Sean:  Big Irv Smith going against the terrible Falcons defense

19.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Defense to stream this week?     

Laquan:   Believe it or not but I’d take Miami this week. 

TY: Titans if they’re available.

Sean:  The Giants vs The Football Team 

20.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Kicker to stream this week?     

Laquan:  ewwwwwwwww

TY:  Graham Gano vs the Football Team

Sean:  Staying with my man Joey Slye – Carolina Panthers 

Have a question?  Send them in to us at Real Deal Fantasy HQ and you may see your question show up here in this new Weekly Article!  We can answer your Start/Sit, Season Long, DFS or whatever you want to ask!    

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