Spooky Season – 10 Scary and Paranormal Activity in the fantasy Football world

Tis the season, so lets talk about what’s scaring us in fantasy so far this season. We also can’t leave out the weird and paranormal. Fantasy football can get crazy at times, particularly in 2020, but not even we could see some of this stuff coming!

Scary Hours

  • Michael Thomas is Currently WR 156 – Michael Thomas was arguably the “Safest” pick in the draft when you selected him the first round early this offseason. Since that time he has been anything but safe. Thomas has 4.7ppr points this season, and has yet to complete a full game heading into week 8. After missing time early with an injury, he was designated to come back only to be suspended for a game for disciplinary issues, and is now questionable with a hamstring injury. This pick has been haunting you long before Halloween.
  • 2019 Louisiana State University – LSU won the National Championship early 2020, which feels like a lifetime ago. That team was one of the most dominant in recent history, they’ve continued to be nightmares for people in the NFL. QB Joe Burrow is fantasy QB 13, and while he hasn’t been great due to a terrible offensive line, he’s had some great weeks, and leads all rookies in passing yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire hasn’t quite been worth of his first RD ADP but he’s been close. Clyde leads all rookies in rushing yards through 7 weeks, and is sitting at RB 10. Justin Jefferson currently leads all rookie WR in receiving yards, and sits as WR 17 in PPR. On a Vikings team that has been playing from behind for much of this season, Jefferson has been dominant, and has easily been the best rookie WR so far. LB Patrick Queen leads all rookies in tackles, and that Ravens Defense has played incredibly, current sitting at DEF/ST 3.
  • Adam Gase – Adam Gase is in my opinion the worst coach in football, and remain the only winless team in the NFL. Jets are absolutely useless on your fantasy roster. Lev Bell has finally gotten his freedom, and the Jets hopefully get their freedom from Gase sooner rather than later. The Jets have one player in the top 20 at their position. AND IT’S THEIR DEFENSE! They do not have a RB in the top 5. They have 1 WR in the top 50 at their position. Terrible.
  • Alvin Kamara – The lead for 1.01 in next years draft, seeing Kamara on your opponents roster gives you nightmares. He’s been averaging nearly 30ppr pts each week, and he has been nothing short of spectacular. He’s the Nightmare on Bourbon St.
  • Cowboys QB situation – We watch DAK absolutely go off the first 5 weeks of the season. After his devastating injury, the cowboys went from a rocket arm to the red rifle. If you own a Dallas pass catcher, after watching the cowboys put up an absolute stinker last week, you have to be nervous. They looked pathetic against Washington.

Straight out of the Paranormal

  • Calvin Ridley > Julio Jones – Calvin Ridley has outscored Julio Jones through 7 weeks, and is currently the WR 3 on the season. Many people thought Ridley was in for his best season as a pro, but I don’t think anyone thought he would be the number 3 WR through 7 weeks.
  • Top TEs – In what is an incredibly odd paranormal phenomenon, a position group has ended up exactly how everyone thought it would so far? The 4 of the top 5 TE’s right now are Kelce, Kittle, Andrews, and Waller. My top 5 TEs included them, and it’s just weird to see it play out like that. I don’t like it. Also, who resurrected Jimmy Graham? Surprise showing at TE 4 so far.
  • Another Sophomore QB – 2 years ago it was Mahomes, last year it was Lamar, and now it Kyler. Currently the Fantasy QB1, watching Kyler through it to Hopkins has been a real treat (no trick) for fantasy owners. Drafted as the QB 5, he has lived up to the hype.
  • Unlikely RB Heroes – MIA and JAX really surprised people with their RBs early this season. MIA traded for 2 RBs in the offseason, and then decided to go with a guy who was already on their roster in Myles Gaskin (and made for some great Carole Baskin themed team names). Currently RB 16 he’s had a great year thus far. A lot of people has JAX with a top 20 RB this season, NO ONE had it be the undrafted James Robinson. After cutting Fournette, Robinson has taken the lead role in JAX and run away with it (sorry for the bad pun). Wild to find 2 top 20 RB on the waiver wire early in the season.
  • The disappearance of the Ravens RBs – What happened? The ravens running backs, after such a dominant year last season, have completely ghosted us. Dobbins is sitting at RB 39 and Mark Ingram is RB 42. What changed? The Ravens are still a 5-1 team. Can this RB group rise from the dead?

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