RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles: Playoff Preview Edition!

Well boys, we made it to the playoffs. Despite all of the COVID controversies, all of the injuries, all of the rescheduled games, we made it to week 14 without cancelling a single game (despite the fact that a few definitely should’ve been). To the 6 teams who have made it to the playoffs, congratulations we’ve all earned it and I can’t wait to see who brings home the coveted trophy! To the 6 teams who missed the playoffs, I’m sad to see some of you go and I hope you guys finish strong in the Toilet Bowl.          With that being said, let’s get into a new tiers list and remember each and every one of your seasons.

Tier 5: The Wastes of Space

12. Team Jkreis13 (6-7, Previous Rank: 12)

Say it with me gang, WE HATE AUTO-DRAFTERS. This guy wasted a spot and could’ve been replaced with a team who really wanted to be here. He also took Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones and others from managers who would’ve loved to have them this year. I’m glad he missed the playoffs and he certainly won’t be missed in the 2021 edition of this league.

11. Team dcaples75 (5-8, Previous Rank: 11)

Another thing that can turn any fantasy league into an uncompetitive nightmare is teams who don’t manage their lineups. Dcaples made very few lineup changes throughout the year not bothering to take players out on their byes and if he would’ve simply put players who were playing during those bye weeks, he would’ve finished at least one to two wins higher and perhaps made a playoff push. Another team I won’t be too sad to see go in 2021.

Tier 4: At Least You Tried

10. Team IndieNation (3-10, Previous Rank: 7)

Back in Week 6, I said that Indie was a solid shot to make the playoffs in the weak Android division that he resided in. At that time he was 2-3 and without his #1 WR (Michael Thomas). He finished the season in a 1-7 freefall, his only win coming last week against the autodrafter. After a close loss to LemD in week 6, he just couldn’t field a competitive team getting blown out week after week. This plateaued in week 10 when he started Joe Mixon and David Montgomery, neither of which played that week. It just wasn’t Indie’s year.

9. Cheap Seats (4-9, Previous Rank: 9)

I don’t know if Cheap Seats understood how SuperFlex worked as he seemed to never start 2 QBs despite having Tannehill and Stafford on his squad, the QB7 and QB14 respectively. It never seemed to hurt him too much as the points he gave up weren’t exactly costing him weeks. He made some questionable roster decisions such as starting Jordan Howard in his Eagles debut in Week 10, but hey we all make bad calls throughout the year. Overall, he was competitive, consistently filled out a full lineup and was a threat to win every week (see 3 150+ point weeks). I wish him well in the Toilet Bowl.

8. Anybody Can Getit! (4-9, Previous Rank: 5)

This was a team back in Week 6 I said was a team to be reckoned with as his rookies were going off. Since then, many of those rookies fell off the face of the earth either due to catastrophic QB injury (CeeDee has been the WR47 since), opportunities disappearing (Clyde and JT have been inconsistent at best), injuries of their own (Mike Evans WR32 since) and worse of all, poor QB play (Lamar QB10 on the year). All of these factors have led to a 2-6 freefall since the last article and a spot right out of the playoff picture.

Tier 3: On the Outside Looking In

7. HerbNLegend (5-8, Previous Rank: 8)

HerbNLegend was a victim of two things. Firstly, he had the hardest schedule on the season and because of that his 5th highest points for went to waste. Secondly, the Zero RB strategy truly failed him. Consistently starting guys like Chase Edmonds, Nyheim Hines, Leonard Fournette and Lev Bell, he was doomed from the start. While he had the QB4 in Russell Wilson, WR3 in DK Metcalf and TE2 in Darren Waller, he just couldn’t overcome the god-awful RB play he was getting week in week out and it inevitably cost him a real shot at the playoffs.

Tier 2: The Playoff Teams

6. The Fantasy’s Phinest (7-6, Previous Rank: 6)

This is a team that got some help from a rather weak schedule, facing the 4th-easiest schedule in the league. This team certainly isn’t horrible as they finished above .500 for a reason, however I wouldn’t really expect them to make a deep run either. Led by Herbert and Chubb, he does have some players with high ceiling but for the most part this is a team that doesn’t look like they’ll break 130 all that often, in fact doing so just twice this year. That could be detrimental as his first round opponent, LQ, has done so 8 times this year and his 10-3 record shows that.

5. Team Lemdmcgowan (8-5, Previous Rank: 4)

This is one of these teams that’s pretty good and has the ceiling to beat anyone any week, but isn’t a team I would put a lot of stock into winning the whole thing. He has the QB2 in Kyler Murray, the RB2 in Dalvin Cook and the TE1 in Travis Kelce which has been huge for him winning games. However, his WRs have been varied as Adam Thielen (WR10) has been the only top-25 receiver on his roster, and in a PPR league that can really be a killer. This is a good team and certainly not someone I look forward to facing should he make it to the champ game, but there’s better teams in his way.

4. Shotgun Fantasy (8-5, Previous Rank: 8)

In the Week 6 article, I mentioned that Shotgun had the unfortunate reality of facing the hardest schedule to date and his 1-4 record wasn’t indicative of his team’s ability. Boy was I right on that one, he went AWOL finishing the year on a 5 game win streak and squeaking into the #5 seed in the bracket. His team hasn’t had the easiest go of it roster wise as his normal WR1 Kenny G is still out, as is his defacto RB1 in Antonio Gibson this week and like ROS. Without those two, it’s looking like he’ll need a wing and a few prayers to beat Lem this week, but Shotgun has proved us wrong before.

3. Team A.Js (10-3, Previous Rank: 3)

LQ was a victim of his own division this year as both his roster and his record was certainly worthy of a first-round bye. Instead, he has to get through Fantasy’s Phinest first before he can look ahead to a semi-final matchup with yours truly. With the always scary RB combo of Henry and Jacobs, as well deadly options such as AJ Brown, Hunter Henry and Cooper Kupp, this is a team no one wants to face come playoff time.

Tier 1: The Division Winners

2. Maple Leaf Maulers (8-5, Previous Rank: 1)

I’ll be the first to say it, I was a little cocky in the last article. However, I still believe in my team. I have been completely ravaged by injuries losing CMC for all but 3 games, Ekeler from Weeks 4-11, and missing Mostert for 6 games, I have been reduced to starting less than ideal RBs for the majority of the year. Thankfully I have the bye so I can bypass Allen and Diggs facing Pittsburgh as well as give CMC another week to get healthy. If CMC is good next week, I believe I can beat anybody, otherwise this team may not even make it to the champ game.

  1. Alvin and The Chipmunks (10-3, Previous Rank: 2)

I’d be doing Drew a disservice if I ranked him any lower than 1, he has the best record and the most points for and deserves the bye he’s been given. This team is stacked, the RB1 in Alvin Kamara, the WR4 in Keenan Allen, the TE3 in TJ Hockenson, he is so loaded he doesn’t even need to start D’Andre Swift if he does end up being healthy. His biggest issue however is his QB situation as he has Derek Carr, Tua, Andy Dalton, Mitch Trubisky and Danny Derps to choose from, none of which are even top-20 at their position on a per game basis. Hopefully this weakness doesn’t end up being his downfall.

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