Still Holding on to Deshuan Watson?

So as Dynasty guys it can be nerve wrecking seeing all this drama unfold. Also for us Redraft guys who been targeting Watson as their QB1 in those mid rounds when all the big dogs like Patrick Mahomes , Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray are all gone. The recent news from the sexual misconduct civil lawsuit against Watson has been interesting for the past couple days. Some of the women names are being revealed and as of yesterday Tome Pelissero had this to report.

This doesn’t mean Watson is in the clear. So to just speak on the “Fantasy” aspect of things as a Dynasty owner i would still be very worried in what to do with Watson. Redraft he’s a clear DO NOT DRAFT guy because he’s not worth the headache. Even if Watson makes it out without being charged with anything or being suspended… Watson doesn’t wanna play for the Texans and that is a fact. So we could see Watson sit the season out. If you were Watson and seeing how your employer is treating you would you return back to that toxic work place? The answer here should be NO.

In Dynasty i would be looking to sell Watson while i still can for other positions of need and some draft picks. I would be looking for a 3rd round pick for Watson with a package of 2 positions of need for my roster. Now that may sound expensive to you but Watson name still ringing bells for those “Super Flex” Dynasty leagues. Find the team who has Dak as their QB1 and wave Watson in their face and see how much attention you get. Shoot ur shot at his draft picks and players. Dak and Watson sounds like a beautiful “SF Combo” if Watson plays tho… or go find the team who got stuck with Kirk Cousin or Matt Ryan as their QB1s and see there eyes light up as well. So you have many options to go with here just to stay clear when that Watson bomb goes off and we find out he’s going to jail… or he’s suspended for x amount of games… or he makes it out clear and he decides to sit the entire szn. Either way the Waston bomb is coming and i would like to be as far as i can be from that headache.

Overall you have to act fast on what your going to do with Watson. The longer you wait the harder it will be to sell him for his true value. It’s also been reported that some teams have backed out of the race to make a push for Watson so… its becoming less likley he will be traded this szn. Which makes you stuck with him until someone throws you a wildly disrespectful trade offer you will have no choice to accept because your team is crashing and burning 6 weeks into the szn. So don’t be that guy please and thank you.

Another way we can look at this situation is if Watson ends up staying in Houston and plays this Szn.. The Texans did not get any better this off-szn when if came to free agency. So its not like Watson will have the motivation to play for a team that held him captive and tried to destroy his image. They lost Will Fuller this off-szn to the Miami Dolphins. They resigned David Johnson only to sign Mark ingram a few weeks after. Then just shortly after that signing they picked up Phillip Lindsay…. i just don’t understand it… They also signed Tyrod Taylor 1 year 12.5M deal. Which all lead us all to believe Watson was going to be traded but they were bracing their selves from the drama that happened several days later. The accusations. Smart play by the Texans but im pretty sure they’ll be the first team in history to go 0-17 with the now additional game the NFL added to the schedule.

So what did you learn from this? Dynasty sell while you can. Redraft stay far away.

Your Welcome. #BringHomeTheGold Szn.

Written by LaQuan Jones

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