Thoughts on my SFB11 Team!

The Scott Fish Bowl is something that brings the fantasy community together once a year for a great cause to raise money for charity. I’m so happy to be invited again this season and make new friends and relationships built around a great cause!

The Qbs:

So, I really didn’t have any type of strategy other then not picking players that suck…. (Odell Beckham).. but I felt like I wanted to get my QBs early and make sure I have a good WR core. Simple right? I ended up with the 1.05 spot and I felt good about it. Now as expected being that it’s a Super Flex TE Premium and the ability to Flex Kickers (love this). A lot of Qbs were expected to fly off the board but I was shocked to see Josh Allen fall to the 1.08 spot. Very shocking for sure, but at the 1.05 spot I ended up grabbing Dak so I played a role in Allen falling.

Dak Prescott as my QB1 I feel good about it didn’t really have to over think it. Dallas defense remains bad so I believe Dak will be throwing the ball a ton! Full Send.

Now my QB2 I was incredibly happy to get at the 3.08 spot didn’t think I would land him, but Joe Burrow fell right in my lap. I was a little worried after that short QB run ahead me watching Herbert, Tanehill, Stafford, and Jalen Hurts go off the board. I love my 1,2 punch I got with Dak & Joe Burrow both have electric offenses that we expect big things from their WR cores. A lot of points should be lighting up line ups with this QB combo.

The RBs: Let’s talk some running backs. I took a chance with getting Jonathan Taylor at the 2.08 spot, but I love what I am hearing about JT out of camp. Frank Reich saying, he thinks JT has earned his role as the lead running back for the colts. So, we shall see if Frank keeps his word on JT. Now my RB2 was supposed to be Joe Mixon but talk about being sniped! Mixon has been getting a lot of hate on “Fantasy Twitter” so I would think he would not be on a lot of people radars but hey… in one division Mixon went as high as 1.03…. idk what type of szn that person is thinking Mixon will have but… ok.. Anyway, I ended up waiting a round to get to get my RB2 and felt as though if I wait any longer on RB ill be stuck with low end RB2s with extraordinarily little upside. I picked Ronald Jones as my RB2 in the 5.08 spot. My reasons are only based on we seen improvement from Jones year after year so maybe he can finish inside the top 15 again. I filled my RB core with guys who have some week-to-week upside. David Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Devin Singletary and Wayne Gallman.

The WRs:

Moving along to a WR core I believe will take me to the big dance! Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Julio Jones, Darnell Mooney and Russell Gage and A.J Green! Studs man! I am not worried about this position at all. I got guys who will show up and show out week to week! Really was hyped to get Bobby Trees after landing Keenan Allen I think this is a particularly good WR combo week to week. Just to add Julio Jones is absolutely a gem. I was able to get some great WR depth with Mooney, Gage and Green. All respectable WR2s that could see a lot of volume and be able to produce 10-15 points a week. A avg ppg for a WR2 should be in that rage and ill take that for what its worth.

The TEs

Now my TEs are not jumping off the paper great but they will be able to produce and have some good weeks. Jonnu Smith and Jimmy Graham are guys that come with some question marks job security and overall employment. Jonnu Smith brings huge upside and can easily be one of the best pass catchers on the Patriots offense. Jimmy had a load of TDs last szn and lead the bears in RZ tgts but we don’t know if he will make the 52-man roster. Overall if they both pan out you can’t beat the value, I got on both in those late rounds.

Its Bring Home The Gold Szn and I plan on making some noise in this Lil Wayne division. So glad a few of my friends are in this division so the weekly smack talk should make things fun. Football is on the way, and I can’t wait!

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