Jared Goff Top 20 Fantasy Qb 2021

So, this won’t be a article defending Goff and his poor performance in LA that got him canned to Detroit. This will just be a article to get the brain juices flowing. So hear me out. Goff a top 20 QB this season isn’t to far off the deep end.

Goff isn’t in Detroit completely stranded without weapons, he has a top 5 Tight end, a up and coming star RB and WR core with youth and hopeful upside. So, we can’t keep praising T.J Hockerson and De Andre Swift to be these big fantasy stars when the only way for them to be successful is Jared Goff. I believe Goff can be a serviceable QB for us to be able to say, “Goff can be Top 20 QB”. Now in 2020, Goff finished QB20 with 3,952 yards 20 Tds 13ints worst season for him in the Sean McVay era. Not much good came from Goff last season from his decision making, poor ability to read defenses, hitting deep shots etc. I think Goff just didn’t meet McVay’s standards but maybe he will fit the lions standards?

I do not believe the loins are going for a tank season. I think more so they will see what they got on the roster. Amon-Ra St. Brown rookie has a chance to stand out and take over that WR1 role because its wide open. T.J Hockerson has a chance to see over 120 targets. Swift could see at min. 70 targets and that’s something that a lot of Swift truthers love to hear.

Let us look at why Goff can be up to par for the lions. Now Goff worst season under Sean McVay in 2020 could been a serviceable season for Goff in Detroit. Stafford finished with 4,084 yards and Goff finished with 3,952 yards. Not much off there in that department of yards. So surprisingly Goff had his best comp % last season with 67% compared to Stafford 64%. Wild. Goff ranked 11th in comp % 2020 better than Mahomes, Brady, Tannehill and Herbert. That’s even wilder. Goff is good with a clean pocket but who isn’t… I can see OC Lynn playing to Goff’s strengths and that’s keeping the ball out of his hands for a long period of time. Play action is one of Goff’s strengths. Goff ranked 9th in play-action completion 69%, but my fear with the loins is actually establishing the run. Lions ranked 30th in yards per game. The defense is still lacking a ton so running the ball may not be something done as much. Adding OT Penei Sewell is a great step forward to improve the line but how much improvement can be done climbing that far up from the bottom of the table. Let us just hope OC Lynn carries over his plans of running the ball where the Chargers last szn finished 9th in rushing attempts per game.

Upside for Goff that plays into the volume narrative for the pass catchers and Swift is, the defense remains terrible bottom of the table. I do not see them improving enough for Goff not to throw the ball at least 30+ times a game. Goff has been in that position to throw the ball 30+ times a game. Back in 2019 Goff lead the league in passing attempts so this isn’t new for him to do, if need be, this season.

For fantasy Goff is a great QB3 in “Super Flex” leagues. We cannot give him the side eye or fade him while we praise Swift and Hock. Just simply does not make sense. Expectations for Goff week to week can be 18-25 pts a game. Goff will not be a fantasy starter for a lot a managers but will be a hopeful start when you got a guy on a bye week or even injury. Draft responsibly and do not fall into unnecessary trends. I may say Goff sucks a lot but as a rams fan im just saying he sucks because he doesn’t meet the Rams standard.

LaQuan Jones “Wolfpack Alpha”

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