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Oh what a difference a week makes… As DFS Players, we should have learned so much from Week 1. We should have learned the division of snaps players made, the division of targets receivers had, the division of opportunities running backs had … but overall, the real pieces of offense each team leaned on. This helps tremendously for DFS Players as it can help even the most novice of players decide who to spend up on and who not to. Is that you? A Novice DFS Player? If so, welcome. And welcome back any DFS Veteran who maybe is here to find a gem that they didn’t think of this week to play in their lineup.

Whichever side of that DFS coin you sit on, this article is about thinking differently when building a lineup. It is about giving some ideas on not just who to play, but also WHY. It is about a DFS Vet giving you some thoughts to consider, whether you are multi-entering in a tournament, or playing single entry Mano vs Mano or you are playing Cash Games like 50/50s or Double ups. So if you are new to this article welcome and if you are a regular reader – thank you. Now let’s get into Week 2.


Here is some strategy to open up with. The Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back Najee Harris ($6,300 DK, $6,100) will be the single most owned player in tournaments tomorrow. And why wouldn’t he be? He played 100% of the Running Back snaps in week 1 and The Raiders did little to slow the rushing attack of the the Ravens. Couple all that with a relatively cheap price tag on both sites and you have the makings of a player close to 30% owned. For me when I look at a situation like this I don’t just look for a “good play” I look for leverage. That leverage is found on the rest of the Steelers Offense which (in my opinion) is going criminally under owned. In fact the next closest player in terms of ownership on this team is Ben Roethlisberger ($5,900 DK, $7,200 FD) and WR Dionte Johnson ($6,400 DK, $6,600 FD) at less than 5%. I think Najee has a great opportunity but I love him in a stack with Ben or Johnson or Chase Claypool ($5,600 DK, $5,900 FD). With so much attention being paid on Harris alone, stacking him with Ben and a pass catcher, is a sneaky way to gain leverage on the field in tournaments.

I like this game stack. Outside of Harris, all the components are flying under the radar and while I think the mini stack of Harris and the Steelers Defense will ultimately be a popular play I think using Darren Waller ($7,600 DK, $7,000 FD) to run back a Steelers stack will give you more leverage. Waller’s ownership is surprisingly half of Najee Harris’ and so I think he is a great way to be different in your Harris builds. I also think you can use Raider’s wide receiver Hunter Renfrow ($3,600 DK, $5,000 FD) as a low owned contrarian play, to include in your stack. Renfrow was the most targeted receiver for the Raiders and if they are again playing catch up I could see him once again being a target machine. Josh Jacobs will not play in this game and while Kenyan Drake ($4,900 DK, $5,500 FD) is the backup and should see work today, Coach Gruden made a very positive and leading statement to the media about 3rd RB in the depth chart Peyton Barber ($4,000 DK, $5,000 FD) calling today “Barber’s opportunity”. Now you can’t always believe coach speak but Barber is cheap and especially if Drake’s ownership becomes chalky, I don’t mind taking a couple shots with Peyton Barber

Another example of Strategy I want point out is the Cowboys and Chargers Game. Amari Cooper ($6,800, $7,800 FD), CeeDee Lamb ($6,400 DK, $6,800 FD) and Keenan Allen ($7,000 DK, $7,400 FD) will all be extremely popular and most likely in stacks with their quarterbacks. So in this game I am looking to gain leverage on the field with Austin Ekeler ($7,300 DK, $7,000 FD) and Ezekiel Elliott ($6,200 DK, $7,500 FD). Even in a stack with Dak Prescott ($6,800 DK, $8,000 FD) or Justin Herbert ($6,900, $7,600 FD) I think including one of the running backs will immediately make you different from the competition.

I also love stacking Herbert with Allen and Mike Williams ($6,100 DK, $5,600 FD) who despite a monster performance in Week 1 is coming in under 10% owned. Or Tight End Jared Cook ($3,900 DK, who saw 8 Targets from Herbert last week. Or a guy that saw 5 Targets from Herbert in week 1, Jalen Guyton ($3,100 DK, $4,800 FD).

On the Cowboy’s side, when I am stacking Prescott with either Cooper or Lamb or both I also am looking to 2 or 3 man stack with either tight ends Dalton Schultz ($3,300 DK, $4,800 FD) or Blake Jarwin ($3,100 DK, $4,400 FD). Or WR Cedric Wilson ($3,100 DK, $4,900 FD). With Michael Gallup out, Prescott target Wilson 3 times and I’d expect him to be more involved with a week to prepare at WR3 for Dallas. Another Cowboy likely in line for more targets is Tony Pollard ($5,300 DK, $4,800 FD) who I really like as a flex in lineups without Zeke.

This game will be very popular and so what I am impressed by as I look to stack is how much attention is being paid to Cooper, Lamb & Allen. All of which are great plays. But by including some other low owned pieces to the game stack you have the opportunity to gain some leverage on the field in what should be a high scoring game.

Another game that I think will end up being popular is Seattle and Tennessee. Specifically Chris Carson ($6,100 DK, $6,700 FD) who at the time of this writing is the 4th highest owned player on the slate. Last week against the Cardinals the Titans defense looked miserable as did the offense too. I think most of the field is looking for Seattle to run first and not look back. So I see two leverage plays here – the first with Derrick Henry ($8,300 DK, $8,000 FD) who is shockingly around 3% owned today. But I love stacking Russell Wilson ($7,500 DK, $8,500) DK Metcalf ($7,600 DK, $7,000 FD) and Tyler Lockett ($7,200 DK, $7,200 FD) both who had great games in Week 1 and who should find plenty of room to maneuver against a Titans Defense who was run roughshod over by the Cardinals Pass Catchers in week 1. By using Russ and his pass catchers and running a stack back with Henry who no one is playing after his week 1 performance, I think you will stand out from the field… but it isn’t a cheap way to get leverage so you will need to pay down at other positions to make it happen. We will try and pick out some cheapies to consider as we go here.

Another way to stand out is to full stack the Titans with Ryan Tannehill ($6,300 DK, $7,300 FD), Henry and his top two pass catchers AJ Brown ($6,900 DK, $7,100 FD) and Julio Jones ($6,300 DK, $6,300 FD). No one it seems is playing the Titans after a terrible Week 1, and while the Seahawks do have a decent front 7 – Chandler Jones is not a part of it. I think the Titans make a game of it and if you are able to capture it in your lineup, you will certainly be an outlier which is a good thing in DFS Tournaments.

The last game I will mention that I think you can gain leverage on the field with is Buffalo and Miami. Stefon Diggs ($7,700 DK, $7,500 FD) stacked with Josh Allen ($7,200 DK, $8,100 FD) is one of the most played stacks going into today. I love Diggs and Allen, but a simple way to be different here is to throw Cole Beasley ($4,600 DK, $5,400 FD) and make it a 3 man stack with Allen and Diggs. Beasley saw 13 Targets from Allen in Week 1 and while Miami’s defense is no pushover matchup I think Beasley will find ways to get open underneath. Another Bill I am looking at, believe it or not, is Devin Singletary ($4,900 DK, $5,600 FD). With Zach Moss being inactive in Week 1, Singletary dominated the snaps and performed admirably. If Moss is another healthy scratch, I am in on taking some shots on Singletary. I think he makes for an interesting part of a Bills stack that no one is considering. I also love to include Gabriel Davis ($3,900 DK, $4,900 FD) in stacks with Allen and Diggs. Davis came through with a TD in Week 1 and we know Allen loves to look for him deep, often times for a home run ball and Davis often times delivers.

On the other side of that game, the Dolphins are surprisingly being overlooked in DFS and while I’m not going to be playing a TON of Dolphins, I think having some shares of Dolphins Players with little to no ownership makes a lot of sense. Let’s start with Tua Tagovailoa ($5,500 DK, $6,600 FD). This should be a competitive game and if the Dolphins find a way to win they start the season 2-0 in their division. I love double stacking Tua with WRs Davante Parker ($5,500 DK. $5,800 FD) and Jaylen Waddle ($4,500 DK, $5,500 FD). This will also be another week without Wil Fuller and we saw both Parker and Waddle step up in this offense, Waddle catching Tua’s only TD pass in Week 1. For what it’s worth I also think this has a chance for a bounce back week for TE Mike Gesicki ($4,000 DK, $5,300 FD) who couldn’t get a sniff of a catch in Week 1, but I like to target TEs against the Bills anyway. Lastly, I don’t mind a dart throw at RB Myles Gaskin ($5,900 DK, $5,700 FD). In Week 1 the Bills shut down the Steeler’s running game, but I am curious with a much more mobile quarterback in Tua, if the Dolphins can find some success on the ground.

Targets & Stacks

My Favorite play of the weekend is Nick Chubb ($7,800 DK, $8,400 FD) against the Houston Texans and it’s not even close. I love his price on DK too. Chubb looked AWESOME against the Chiefs in Week 1 going 15 for 83 and 2 and I think he eats all day long against the Texans. I am not afraid of the Texans playing Jacksonville running backs tough in Week 1, Chubb and the Browns offensive line is a different animal. I also love that Chubb is (as of this writing) under 8% owned, let everyone else forget about him – I won’t. I am also really liking the mini stack of Chubb, Jarvis Landry ($6,300 DK, $6,800 FD) and the Browns Defense ($3,500 DK, $4,200 FD). I think the Texans have a rude awakening coming in Week 2.

The Cardinals vs Vikings game has peaked my interest and I think come game time it may be the most popular game stack. I think Kyler Murray ($8,200 DK, $8,700 FD) has a real chance to end QB1 on this slate. There are just too many weapons at his disposal between Deandre Hopkins ($8,000 DK, $8,500 FD) Christian Kirk ($5,000 DK, $5,600 FD), rookie Rondale Moore ($4,000 DK, $4,900 FD) and yes even AJ Green ($3,700 DK, $5,300 FD) that I just don’t see how the Vikings will slow him down. The only issue you will find by stacking Murray and Hopkins is their prices… but I think you need to have exposure to this team.

The Vikings have an uphill battle if the Cardinals Defense plays as legit as they did in Tennessee, so for once I am not high on Dalvin Cook ($9,100 DK, $9,200 FD) except that he is coming in surprisingly low owned on the slate. So I don’t mind taking a shot, but I think this will be a second week in a row that he disappoints. I am very interested in Justin Jefferson ($7,400 DK, $7,300 FD) to have a bounce back in Week 2 and I think you always need to have some exposure to Adam Thielen ($7,100 DK, $7,600 DK), especially after his 2 Touchdown performance in Week 1. Either makes for a great run back option with Cardinals stacks. The guy I have a ton of interest in here though is KJ Osborn ($3,300 DK, $4,600 FD). This second year receiver exploded in Week 1 with 7 catches for 76 yards and he could have another strong week if the Cardinals are able to contain Thielen and Jefferson. Also I love the price on DK for Osborn. Get some exposure to this game in your lineups.

I think the LA Rams are another team that is going overlooked. I think part of it has to do with pricing, as most of their skill position players are priced right around many other “names” and so I think you could take advantage of low ownership on Mathew Stafford ($6,400 DK, $7,500 FD), Cooper Kupp ($6,000 DK, $6,200 FD), Robert Woods ($5,700 DK, $6,500 FD) Darrel Henderson ($5,700 DK, $6,400 FD) and Tyler Higbee ($4,100 DK, $5,600 FD). The Indy defense didn’t look great in Week 1 and if Stafford can follow in Russell Wilson’s footsteps with the deep ball I think the Rams will have a lot of success. So capitalize. I also don’t mind a dart throw on Van Jefferson ($3,500 DK, $4,900 FD). I am not interested in running a Rams stack back with a single Colt either. I am interested in a full stack however with the Rams Defense ($4,500 DK, $4,700 FD). The Colts offensive line looked awful in week 1 and the star studded Rams defense could feed.

I’m not sure if you really need me to tell you to play Buccaneers against the Falcons, but in case you need a reminder here it is. Similar to the Rams, I have a lot of interest in Tom Brady ($6,900 DK, $8,200 FD), Mike Evans ($6,100 DK, $6,700 FD), Chris Godwin ($6,600 DK, $8,000 FD), Antonio Brown ($6,900 DK, $6,400 FD) and Rob Gronkowski ($4,700 DK, $5,800 FD) – and believe it or not, I am not interested in a single Falcon – Calvin Ridley ($7,500 DK, $7,700 FD) included. I think the difficulty you will find with the Bucs is who do you stack Brady with. If you are multi-entering I would have a lineup with Evans and one with Godwin stacked with Brady, Brown and Gronk. For my money, I think Mike Evans bounces back here against the lowly Falcons Defense and I love his price on both sites. Also, similar to the Rams I don’t mind a full stack with the Tampa Bay Defense ($4,100 DK, $4,500 FD). I think they have a field day at home.

Another game that seems to be going overlooked is the Bengals and Bears. While the Chicago defense looked overmatched against the Rams, I think they play the Bengals a lot tougher. That won’t stop me for with a Bengals stack of Joe Burrow ($5,800 DK, $7,100 FD) and Ja’marr Chase ($5,000 DK, $5,500 FD). This duo looked too good in Week 1 to not have some exposure to them in Week 2. I think a great run back here is David Montgomery ($6,100 DK, $7,300 FD) who looked excellent against the Rams and should have little resistance against the Bengals Defense. Additionally I think he is criminally underpriced on DK for his Mopportunity. I also think you could run a Bengals stack back with Tight End Cole Kmet ($3,700 DK, $5,100 FD) who saw 7 Targets in Week 1. The Bengals have always been a team that we have played Tight Ends against and if Kmet can maintain that target share today (and maybe catch a touchdown) I think he is too cheap not to at least consider on DK.

For lineups not featuring Montgomery, I also have a lot of interest in Joe Mixon ($7,000 DK, $7,800 FD). The Rams ran the ball well against the Bears in Week 1 with Darrel Henderson and Joe Mixon is a far superior runner. I think he has a chance to have a big game especially since he is one of the few running backs that doesn’t have his workload effected even when the team is trailing. David Montgomery also fits in that rare category. While I am not as interested in Bears pass catchers, if the Bears announce that Justin Fields ($5,000 DK, $6,400 FD) is starting this game, I am very interested in him as a one off or a stack with Allen Robinson ($6,200 DK, $7,200 FD)

Other Stacks I am looking at:

Jaylen Hurts – Devonta Smith vs San Francisco

Elijah Mitchell (RB) – Deebo Samuel – George Kittle vs Philadelphia

Melvin Gordon – Tim Patrick (or) KJ Hamler – Noah Fant – DJ Chark Broncos/Jaguars Game

Jameis Winston – Alvin Kamara – Marquez Callaway – Deonte Harris vs Carolina

Mac Jones – Nelson Agholor – Jonnu Smith – Damien Harris vs Jets

Zack Wilson – Corey Davis – Tyler Kroft vs the Patriots

Defenses I am Targeting

Rams vs Indy

Buccaneers vs Falcons

Broncos vs Jacksonville

Patriots vs Jets

Browns vs Texans

Saints vs Carolina

Steelers vs Raiders

Cardinals vs Minnesota

Raiders vs Steelers

Eagles vs 49ers

Jets vs Patriots


$6who looks to be the 4th highest owned player overall. The Titans

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