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Week 5 offers so many different directions you can go, with your lineups. We have several games where offensive production should be prevelant. We also have loads of value to help us to gain leverage all over the place. In today’s artcle I want to do something different and take a look at lineups that I built on Draft Kings and talk about why I chose what I chose and the strategy behind each one. Additionally the leverage that I gain in each lineup. But first I want to at give you the top owned QBs on the slate today, on both sites, as it can show you the way the public is going to be building stacks:

Top 3 Owned QBs on Draft Kings: Trey Lance, Daniel Jones, Dak Prescott

Top 3 Owned QBs on FanDuel: Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Try Lance

The common denominator between all of these plays is that these Quarterbacks a) can score you fantasy point with their legs as well as their arms and b). have a multitude of weapons at their disposal. Whether that be multiple WRs or a Strong TE or even a pass catching RB option. Additionally you can hopefully ascertain that there will be a TON of lineups that are featuring 49ers like Lance, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk (George Kittle is on IR, Aiyuk should be much more involved today) probably even RB Elijah Mitchell. Additionally I’d expect a lot of lineups with Cardinals and Cowboys too, based on the QB ownership. Does that mean you shouldn’t play these stacks? NO! What I want to do is show you a couple ways that I am building, while accounting for the chalk stacks with leverage elsewhere. So let’s start with my Daniel Jones lineup:

(Editor’s Note – I am going to go over Actual Lineups I am playing on Draft Kings. Out of respect, I would appreciate not copying and pasting them – at least in any contest you see DelRayBoston in)

(QB) Daniel Jones, (RB1) Derrick Henry, (RB2) Tony Pollard, (WR) Kenny Golladay, (WR) Kadarius Toney, (WR) CeeDee Lamb, (TE) Dalton Schultz, (FL) Marvin Jones Jr, (DST) Washington FT

So the first thing you will recognize is that stacking the Giants, any way you choose, will leave you a ton of cash to play with. However my strategy here is simple – if Danny Dimes is going to “get there” than the Cowboys will need to put up points. So in filling in Cowboys I looked for a underpriced CeeDee Lamb first who has had two down weeks which is actully keeping his ownership in check. Amari Cooper has been limited all week, but is expected to play and he is even cheaper than Lamb. I expect Cooper to gain some ownership however as the preferred stack with Prescott. My choice of Tony Pollard over Zeke is all about ownership, price and opportunity. First Pollard has half the ownership that Zeke has. Second, Pollard is about half the price as Zeke is. Third, I think Pollard sees a lot of opportunities today in what should be a back and forth affair – pluz Big Zeke comes in with a bit of an injury, so perhaps that also adds to Pollard’s opportunity. I am also doubling down on Cowboys pass catchers with Dalton Schultz who as emerged as a red zone target., also a leverage play as the Giant’s Evan Engram is shaping up to be the second highest owned TE on the slate.

Additional leverage here is playing the other Giants pass catchers Golladay and Toney over the uber popular Engram. The final pieces of this lineup have more to do with the amount of money I had left over than anything else – but with close to $15,000 left after I built the game stack, I plug in the cheap Washington FT Defense and plug in the highest projected (and highest owned) running back in Derrick Henry. That left me enough for Marvin Jones Jr, which is also a leverage play as his teammate Laviska Shenault is one of the highest owned WR on the slate.

So that is me using two popular stacks in the Giants and Cowboys and gaining leverage while also having chalk plays and if Henry does Henry things and the Giants and Cowboys have a shootout, I feel like I should have a shot at some cash.

So let’s go to the other side and look at a lineup I built using Dak Prescott at QB and stacking Cowboys:

(QB) Dak Prescott, (RB) Saquon Barkley, (RB2) James Robinson, (WR) Amari Cooper, (WR) CeeDee Lamb, (WR) Kadarius Toney, (TE) Dalton Schultz, (FL) Chubba Hubbard, (DST) Saints

Here I am accepting the chalk with Prescott, Cooper and in my flex with Chubba Hubbard (no McCaffery Today, should be a good matchup for Hubbard) and using the rest of the lineup to gain leverage. First with Saquon Barkley and Kadarius Toney, neither seeing a ton of ownership and neither are named Evan Engram who is seeing a ton of ownerhship. Then I am layering in as many likely Dak Prescott Targets that I can with Lamb and Schultz. Again I am banking on this game going off and if so I want the most likely touchdowns in my lineup. That leaves me with enough money to gain leverage off of the very popular Derrick Henry with James Robinson in the same game and finish it off with the Saints against Taylor Heinke and the Washington FT. Again I am using the Chalk stack and building around it to gain leverage against the field.

The other game that based on QB ownership that a lot of attention is being paid to is The Cardinals and the 49ers. Here are two lineups focused on both teams and their QBs Kyler Murray and Trey Lance respectively:

(QB) Kyler Murray, (RB) Damien Williams, (RB) Tony Pollard, (WR) Deandre Hopkins, (WR) Deebo Samuel, (WR) Darnell Mooney, (TE) Ricky Seals-Jones, (FL) Kadarius Toney, (DST) Patriots

This is a chalky lineup. The Game Stack of Murray – Hopkins -Samuel will be the way most players ae attacking this game. So I am doing 3 things to offset this. First, paying UP at Defense with the Patriots against total disaster Houston. No one pays UP at defense. Second, dart throw at Ricky Seals-Jones of the Washington FT who will not have TE Logan Thomas in this game and Seals-Jones saw some look last week in the second half, maybe they build on that today. I am also adding a secondary stack of Bears in Damien Williams and Darnell Mooney – each individual popular one offs so stacking the RB and WR is not a very popular play – BUT, I love doing it because what you are banking on is the Bears have good total offensive day against the Raiders. Lastly I am finishing the lineup with a third game stack with Pollard and Toney, two of the least owned pieces in the Giants/Cowboys game, each carrying a great shot at opportunities. So the lesson here is accept the chalk as good chalk (which in this case I think Murray-Hopkins-Samuel is good chalk) and use low owned mini-game stacks to increase your leverage and give your lineup more upside.

(QB) Trey Lance, (RB) James Connor, (RB2) Damien Williams, (WR) Brandon Aiyuk, (WR) Deebo Samuel, (WR) Christian Kirk, (TE) TJ Hockenson, (FL) Kenny Golladay, (DST) Patriots

Again, I am accepting that the Lance-Samuel stack will be very popular. So I am gaining a measure of leverage by double stacking Lance with Samuel AND Aiyuk who I like to have a role today with George Kittle out. I am running this back with a Cardinal who has been having himelf a season in Christian Kirk, who is going extremely low owned incidentally which helps because believe it or not James Connor is seeing some ownership. 2 Touchdowns in back to back weeks is driving that but also that Chase Edmonds may be limited today isn’t hurting either. But Connor makes sense here because if my San Fran stack goes off, I would assume that it is because the Cardinals are scoring points.

I finish this lineup by attacking games and pieces of those games that I think will perform well. Damien Williams the Bears’ RB, TJ Hockenson, pretty much the Lions offense and Kenny Golladay in that matchup with the Cowboys and no Shepard or Slayton again today. Again – Accept the Chalk if you think it is good chalk and I think Lance – Samuel is good chalk today by gaining leverage with the other pieces of your lineup and give yourself opportunites for more upside as much as possible.

Here is a quick look at OTHER Stacks I am using as lineup foundation:

Tom Brady – Antonio Brown – Mike Evans

Aaron Rogers – Aaron Jones – Davante Adams

Jalen Hurts – Devonta Smith – a Philadelphia TE

Kirk Cousins – Justin Jefferson – Adam Theilen

Justin Herbert – Mike Williams – Browns RB or TE

Sam Darnold – DJ Moore – Philadelphia TE


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