Week 9 Sunday Night Football – Titans, Rams – DFS Showdown Strategy & Picks – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Tonight’s matchup with the Titans and Rams could be one for the ages. First it will be without Derrick Henry and how will the Titan’s game plan be effected. Second the Rams have looked unstoppable on Offense and how will the Titans handle them… this article will be a little different than previous showdowns as I am simply going to go through my Captain/MVP Picks for DK and FD and the strategy behind them, and then talk about must play flex plays and lastly dart throws. Let’s get into it.

Captain/MVP Picks:

Cooper Kupp: $18,600 DK, $9,400 FD. First any time FanDuel and Draft Kings pricing matches up precisely, it intrigues me. However the biggest thing here is in Showdowns raw points matter greatly and while Kupp will be a popular play at the top spot, I just don’t see the Titans slowing the #1 Fantasy Receiver in the game today down (barring injury I mean). I love the stack with Stafford in the flex as well as a secondary piece from the Rams in the flex, most notably Darrell Henderson or Tyler Higbee. (Robert Woods is coming into this game banged up with a foot injury).

AJ Brown: $15,300 DK, $7,700 FD. The Titans can say what they want about their game plan not changing with the addition of Adrian Peterson to the offense but for my money, the guy they will need to lean on is Brown and his big play ability. If I am not using Kupp as my main lead dog, I’ll be using Brown.

Darrell Henderson: $13,800 DK, $8,000 FD. Henderson has just plain been solid all season and I don’t get afraid playing a RB against the Titans normally, but tonight I think the Titans will try and throw the kitchen sink at slowing Matthew Stafford down and what is one way to keep a pass rush honest? Run the ball.

Matthew Stafford: $19,200 DK, $8,400 FD. Of my favorite Captain/MVP picks, Stafford is my least favorite but I will have some shares of him. Look, the bottom line is if the Titans do find a way to slow Cooper Kupp, Stafford has plenty of weapons to go around – Tyler Higbee the Tight End, Robert Woods (even if he is at limited capacity), Van Jefferson the deep ball specialist, even running backs Henderson or Sony Michel are seeing targets. So I think it is smart to have a couple Stafford led stacks. My strategy is to have some with Kupp and one other target and some without Kupp and all the other targets. Just as a hedge. For what it’s worth I also think he is too cheap on FD.


Adrian Peterson $4,500 DK, $4,500 FD If we believe Mike Vrabel that the Titan’s are really happy with what they have seen from Peterson and it hasn’t interrupted the game plan, then we could be looking at 20+ touches from Peterson and that is worth a shot at Captain/MVP for me

Ryan Tannehill $14,700 DK $7,500 FD. Tough to call a $14,000 player a dart throw but I put him here because I think he will be extremely low owned at Captain/MVP and the one thing I will say is he finds a way to get things done. Passing sure, rushing sure, rushing for a touchdown – seen it. I’ll take a shot or two on Tannehill.

Van Jefferson $10,200 DK $5,500 FD. It just says something to me that the Rams let Desean Jackson go so easily after he asked to be traded. What it says to me is, they like what they have in Jefferson and it just takes a couple deep passes and a touchdown from Stafford to Jefferson to make it count. I’ll have at least one Jefferson lineup.

Jeremy McNichols $11,700 DK, $6,000 FD. It could be all smoke and mirrors from the Titans from their running back assessment, but either way if you expect the Titans to be playing catch up, McNichols the “pass catching back” should be busy. I’ll take a shot on that theory.


I think my what will be my most used strategy is to load the lineup with as many Rams as I can with 1 run back on the Titans side. My favorite of which is AJ Brown but salary may not always permit that. I think having some combination of Kupp – Stafford and one other pass catcher will be the optimal way to go, but I also do not mind using the Rams Defense in a stack – adding Von Miller will only help what has already been a productive pass rush. I really don’t mind a lineup with Stafford, Kupp, the running back Henderson and the Defense in it at all come to think of it. Also if you think the Rams go up big and don’t look back, don’t overlook Sony Michel as a low owned cheap dart throw at the end of the lineup. It is possible we see a lot of Michel in the second half if the Rams are up big and they want to rest Henderson.

If I am building a Titans heavy team it is a probably one of two ways. The first is AJ Brown-Tannehill and 2 other pass catchers. Which could include McNichols the Running Back and a dart throw like Nick Westbrook-Ikhine or Chester Rogers, since Julio is out. I also like the TE’s Geoff Swaim and Anthony Firkser or a deep dart throw at MyCole Pruitt. These are all low owned darts to mix in a stack with Tannehill & Brown

The other way I’m playing the Titans is to lean on Adrian Peterson and build that accordingly. I think using Tannehill and Brown or McNichols in a stack with Peterson is fine. I’d also include the Kicker Randy Bullock into that mix. If I am building a stack with Peterson as the center, I am not as interested in finding dart throws on the Titans side, except for salary saving at the end of the lineups.


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