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So today I will be lucky enough to be seeing the New England Patriots play the Cleveland Browns at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough Mass! Hey if you are going too, send me tweet we can meet for a beer! So I am going to do the WEEK 10 DFS Article differently today. What I have for you here are value plays, based on the latest round of injuries! Sorry to the injured, but what that will mean for you the DFS Player will be savings in your lineup, which will allow you to pay up for Six Stacks that I am targeting in my lineups today. In some cases the value play makes for a great run back. In other places the value play is just that – value in your lineup.

Oh yeah and since I will not be in any shape to address it later tonight. I’ll give you some plays for Sunday Night Football that I am looking at in Showdowns. Ok, so let’s begin:


D’Ernest Johnson – The last man standing (really) in the Cleveland Backfield Johnson will be MEGA CHALK at only $4,700 on DK. The thing is though, he gets the Patriots defense which famously is known for taking away a team’s best weapon. Well what has been the Brown’s best weapon over the last 3 years? The Run Game. I am not saying that Johnson isn’t a solid play at a cheap price, but my recommendation would be (if you are multi-entering) would be to hedge a D’Ernest lineup with a lineup featuring Baker Mayfield and a pass catcher. My favorite of which is Donovan Peoples-Jones, if you are wondering. That being said for the expected volume that Johnson should get, you can’t beat that price of $4,700 on DK. He also has a nice price at $5,400 on FanDuel as well.

Mark Ingram – With Alvin Kamara officially out today, Mark Ingram will also be rocketed into huge ownership at $4,500 on DK. Ingram gets the Tennessee Titans defense which admittedly have been certainly playing better, but again for the volume of touches expected $4,500 is just too cheap for Ingram. What I really like about Ingram is that he is already involved in the passing game seeing 7 targets over his first two weeks back at home. I could easily see Ingram push 6 or 7 targets in this game and I tend to like his matchup more than I do for D’Ernest who I mentioned above. Ingram is also a value on FanDuel for $5,500.

Rhamandre Stevenson – Both Stevenson and Damien Harris left last week’s game with head injuries, but it has been Stevenson that has cleared the concussion protocol and is likely to play. The Browns haven’t been the easiest matchup for Running Backs but at $4,500 on DK I think he will go overlooked with both Ingram and D’Ernest in the same range. Stevenson has looked spectacular over the last two weeks not only between the tackles but also seeing targets. He could be a sneaky play on Sunday. If Stevenson can’t go, you can go even cheaper for JJ Taylor for $4,000 or Brandon Bolden at $4,400. Call me a homer but I like the Patriot’s run game today.

Nick Westbrook-Ikhine – Julio Jones, out of nowhere, has landed on the IR which has opened up the door for some of the Titan’s lesser known WRs, with NWI being one. NWI has seen at least one target in 7 games already this season including 8 in week 4 against the Jets – a game that Julio was not in (of course, neither was AJ Brown but I digress). At only $3,200 it wouldn’t take much for NWI to pay off his salary on DK. I also think he will be relatively low owned despite the expect increase in snaps. I’d also say that pass catching Running Back Jeremy McNichols also becomes immensely more interesting with Julio off the field.

AJ Green – entirely dependent on if Deandre Hopkins plays or not but at $4,500 on DK and no injury distinction I will have some looks at Green in my lineup. Even if Kyler Murray doesn’t play, I am not that concerned. Last week Colt McCoy was serviceable and his favorite target was Christian Kirk BUT Green did not play in that game. If Kyler is in I LOVE AJ Green at that price, if Kyler doesn’t play I still like Green. Even if Hopkins is out there, he may be limited – so I still like Green at the cheap price.

Michael Gallup – Michael Gallup has been taken off IR and carries no injury designation going into a game against Atlanta. At only $4,000 om DKI will find a way to get him in my lineups and in stacks with Dak Prescott. Before he got hurt early into Week 1, he had already seen 4 targets but at only $4,000 you really don’t need Gallup to do a lot to pay off his salary. However i could also see Dak pepper Gallup, especially early, just to get the receiver back in a groove on the field.

Najee Harris – Now I know you are saying, how is a player at $7,900 on DK on $9k400 FD a value play 0 it;s simple – the opportunity. Already, Harris was a great play due to the matchup with the Lions ranked 31st in the league against running backs and averaging nearly 140 yards on the ground. BUT he becomes an even better play with Big Ben entering Covid Protocol on Saturday. Not to mention Chase Claypool is also out. So with a backup QB and one of the primary WR targets off the field, I think the Steelers lean on Harris even more than they do and Harris has a chance at 30+ touches in my opinion, which makes him an outstanding value at any price.

James Connor – Connor is in a great spot at more work today with Chase Edmonds now on IR. I like Connor more if Kyler plays than if he doesn’t but we saw Connor’ usage go way up to a season high of 21 rush attempts without Edmonds and with a full game to go, he could hit 25 touches or more. I don’t love the matchup with the Panthers, but it isn’t the worst one to target (especially if Kyler plays) but at $6,300 on DK and for leading the running game of an explosive offense, I think Connor makes the cut for me as a solid value. I also think Eno Benjamin, Connor’s understudy, is flex worthy at $4,400. Benjamin had 9 rushes last week after Edmonds went down – including a touchdown run – and I could see his involvement increasing as well today, enough to consider him a low owned Flex at $4,400 on DK,


COWBOYS – FALCONS I love the game stack here as I expect this game to be a bit of a shootout and while I also expect it to be a popular one, there are ways to get different enough that I think it is immensely interesting. Dak Prescott will be a popular QB play and the Stack with CeeDee Lamb will be a popular one. So right away what interests me is a adding Michael Gallup and making a double stack, which is a way to get leverage on the field. I also really like Amari Cooper here too and just by using him in the stack instead of Lamb you are also getting different from the field. However my favorite Cowboy play is actually Eziekiel Elliot who is going a but under owned with Christian McCaffery, Dalvin Cook and Jonathan Taylor, Austin Ekeler and Najee Harris all in the same range. I think this is a game that Zeke eats, and on top of it, with the ownership discount, I will have a lot of lineups with Zeke in place of Dak and a pass catcher.

Incidentally, I am interested to see how Gallup’s return effects Dalton Schultz’s targets…

As for the Falcons, it is interesting to see how low the ownership is on Matt Ryan in the same game and I like attacking this game using Ryan and stacking him with Kyle Pitts (my DFS Partner Lee will tell you the way to beat the Cowboys is with the tight end, after all). Then you can use CeeDee or Zeke or Amari as a run back to that stack. If you want to try and pinpoint which Atlanta receiver will be the target, good luck – but for me, I also like stacking Matt Ryan and Corradelle Patterson who we know will be a big part of this offensive attack.

CHARGERS – VIKINGS I like the ways to attack this game a lot with stacks. First, Justin Herbert is in a great spot against a Vikings Defense that just doesn’t have it together. So I don’t mind at all playing Herbert naked and stacked with Dalvin Cook, who has a great opportunity against the Chargers’ “run funnel” defense. However, I also like the stack of Herbert and Mike Williams who I think has a bounce back game today and is extremely low owned. Yes, Keenan Allen will play but I like the low ownership and discount in pricing Williams has today. Another interesting play here is TE Jared Cook and I don’t mind at all double stacking Herbert with Allen or Wiliams and Jared Cook as another way to get different.

I also want to get to Austin Ekeler in this game, so stacking him with Herbert is also an interesting way to attack this game, but I also don’t mind using Ek as a one off in lineups either, Regarding Vikings pass catchers, I think they are in play but they are expensive. The guy I am most interested in is the Tight End Tyler Conklin who is not only cheap but the Chargers have also shown vulnerability to tight ends so far this season.

PACKERS – SEAHAWKS it is almost a lock that Aaron Rogers will be back under center – but so will Russell Wilson and in this big NFC matchup has my attention. I really love the double stack of Rogers with Aaron Jones and Devonte Adams, but it becomes really pricey if you are trying to run that back with either DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett. So I will likely be saving Aaron Jones as a run back on Russell Wilson stacks. I also like Alex Collins on the Seahawks too. So I will have a lot of Rogers-Adams with either DK Metcalf or Alex Collins as the run back.

I also like the Russell Wilson – Metcalf or Tyler Lockett with either Adams or Jones as a run back. Frankly though, if this game goes off, you could build an entire lineup just focused on this game. Don’t sleep on cheap tight ends either in your stacks – Gerald Everett on the Seahawks and an Aaron Rogers favorite in Mercedes Lewis. There are a lot of ways to get into this game with stacks and I’ll be using this game a lot as the base for a lot of my lineups.

BUCCANEERS – FOOTBALL TEAM I think this game will be one many players will find one offs from, but I don’t think there will be a lot of stacks built and so I will be attacking it. It looks like Chris Godwin will play so I have a lot of interest in a Brady – Godwin Stack and of course Brady – Mike Evans too. In fact, I don’t even mind a double stack with Brady – Evans and Godwin. However I think my favorite build will have Brady naked, stacked with Terry McLauren and JD McKissic. I really don’t have a lot of interest in Taylor Heinicke but I like McLauren and McKissic as run backs with Buccaneers stacks. Gun to my head, I think Evans has a great game but with Godwin back in I will try and have even shares of both players stacked with Brady and build from there. I also want to find a way to get to Leonard Founette in this game too.

TITANS – SAINTS I like this game mainly because of the values that I touched on earlier, but I also like the idea of stacking Tannehill – AJ Brown and a Saints Receiver – primarily Deonte Harris or Marquize Calloway. I mentioned Jeremy McNichols earlier and I don’t mind stacking Tannehill – McNichols and AJ Brown as a way to get different.

I also think that with Kamara out, we will see Taysom Hill and his gadget plays in this game. Unless Hill is announced as the Starting QB though I can’t recommend playing him – unless in Showdowns. And with the way they have been playing lately, I also like the Titans DST too which I think is being slightly overlooked in tournaments.

COLTS – JAGUARS This should be a game that the Colts dominate and I love Jonathan Taylor here. However I also like Carson Wentz, with both Michael Pittman AND TY Hilton on the field.

The first way I am building here is Stacking Trevor Lawrence with either Marvin Jones or Jamal Agnew and TE Dan Arnold, with Jonathan Taylor as a run back. For what it’s worth, it just feels like a Marvin Jones week to me. The other way I am attacking this game is with Carson Wentz stacked with Pittman or Hilton and running it back with either the Tight End Arnold or RB James Robinson (if he plays) or Carlos Hyde (if Robinson doesn’t play).

Overall this game is going overlooked and so I really like building stacks here as a way to immediately get different with my lineups.

Lastly, don’t sleep on Josh Allen and a Bills stack. They have not played well over the last two weeks but this is a AFC East matchup with the Jets and I could see Allen bounce back here and catch everyone sleeping. Just sayin’.


The last two meetings of the Chiefs and Raiders have not disappointed – however this Chiefs team has not looked great recently and the Raiders Defense has really been coming on and keeping them in games. So, I’ll be honest – I would not be surprised to see a lower scoring game than people think.

That being said I like Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce as my two favorite Chiefs Captains on DK. On FanDuel I think using Darrell Williams at MVP will be a way to get different. I just can’t trust Mahomes at the top but I also recognize that you may have to have Mahomes in your lineup to cash. With the Cheifs I also think you can find some dart throws to fill out the rest of the lineup, primarily MeCole Hardman and Byron Pringle, but I also like a really cheap Derrick Gore who I think may have carved out a role in this offense. Also I do want to say a lot of people when playing the Chiefs in showdowns try and jam both Hill and Kelce into lineups, but the way that the Chiefs are playing right now, I thin playing one or the other and building from there.

On DK my favorite Captains are Derek Carr, Hunter Renfrow or Darren Waller. On Fan Duel my favorite MVP is Josh Jacobs – but I also have some interest in Kenyan Drake at MVP as well. Drake has seen more work as the season has gone on and especially if you think the Raiders are chasing points. In the flex, I also like the dart throw on Zay Jones. I really like starting my Raides builds in the Flex with Carr and stacking either Jacobs or Drake, Renfrow or Waller and Zay Jones. I wish I could say Bryan Edwards too but It just doesn’t seem like the Raiders want to really use him as a down field target. Maybe they surprise me in this game, but overall I just don’t have a lot of interest in Edwards in this game.

This will be a showdown that I think Kickers are in play on both sites and while I don’t recommend using a defense at Captain on DK, I do think having at least one or two lineups with either defense is a smart play. This season, you just never know what it is going to happen.


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