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2021 NFL has just left me speechless. So many things just seem so upside down and turned around and quite frankly it’s a bit exhausting. It’s not just the injuries – though is it me or does it seem like WAAAY more injuries to starters on every team then there normally is? No it’s not just the injuries, it’s the absolute suprises (and not in a good way) we have seen from teams that we expect to be winners!

My hats off to Defensive Coordinators everywhere who have flicked the switch on powerful offenses with, hold up – Cover 2 spy? Cover 2 shell? Cover 2 Man? I mean, am I playing Madden NFL 1995 here? Also offensive coordinators, if during this “second half of the year” you keep seeing this coverage – why in the hell aren’t you adapting your game plan? Or are the studs you are paying millions (and millions) to not able to adapt to your comprehensive Billy Bean Ball? It has to be one of the two … then we have the Cowboys and the Saints.

I’m not going to say this game will be one for the ages but it is a game between an incombent playoff contender and a team that just plain doesn’t want to admit that it’s all over – probably because that team is at home tonight and there is that whole voodoo, domino, bayou thing going on down there. Ok enough of the Tom Foolery, let’s get into my favorites for Captain on DK and then we’ll talk some lineup strategy and dart throws… and try not to get spooked by the hoodoo that we do here, because I am in Boston and unlike the Saints, the Pats are on a REAL MAGIC ROLL, so all is well in this safe space for DFS:


Taysom Hill $14,400 I have no earthly reason why I am choosing Hill as my first choice here other than I want to have some fun tonght. Also that in only 4 starts last year he ended with a passer rating of 71%, threw for 4 touchdowns AND ran for 4 touchdowns and 209 yards. There are guys in the league – STARTING ALL SEASON – that don’t even have close to that stat line, across at least 2 positions I can think of. ANYWAY, love Hill here but

Mark Ingram $7,500 I think a fun stack that many people will play will be Taysom Hill and Mark Ingram stacked with one or the other at Captain, wanna know why? Cause Alvin Kamara isn’t playing and no one can trust a New Orleans wide reciever and so “by playing both Ingram and Hill together I could really account for all of the Saints scoring, I mean touchdowns”. This could be true. But why I like Ingram is just the numbers. In two games without Kamara in the lineup, Ingram has seen 14 and 16 carries respectively and 4 and 6 targets respectively as well. If this trend continues, I’d guess 18 carries and 8 targets tonight. Just doing the math.

Adam Trautman (I mean) Nick Vannett $5,400 “You beat the Cowboys through the Tight End!” says my DFS Partner in Crime Lee all the time, so let’s see if this is true! Dart throw! Yes! Vannett is the next man up since Adam Trautman went on IR and Vannett only saw 1 target for 11 yards last week – BUT THAT WAS TREVOR SIEMIAN… who knows what Taysom will do! For the record, if you want to go deep dart throw you also have TE2 Juwan Johnson $1,400 who every time he catches a pass the announcers remind us, he used to be a Wide Reciever! Maybe Taysom mistakes him for a Wide Reciever in the endzone tonight.

CEEDEE LAMB $15,000 Will be the second most popular play tonight at Captain and with Amari Cooper on the cusp of missing another week, I can understand why…I think… in his return from in 3 of his last 5 games Lamb saw 7 or more targets and accumulated 94 or more yards catching nearly 90% of what was thrown to him. Most of those were WITH Cooper on the field. Now fully healthy, even if Cooper plays, I like the opportunity for Lamb operating out of the slot tonight.

DAK PRESCOTT $17,700 Will be the most popular play at Captain tonight and it is tough to argue why. 8 times this year Prescott has scored 19 or more fantasy points, with 6 of those games 25 or more fantasy points and 3 of those games 30 or more fantasy points. We’ll need a 30+ night from Dak to pay off the salary, but it’s tough to fade him at Captain or Flex with the Saints ranked 29th against Quarterbacks and allowing nearly 350 total yards per game…

EZEKIEL ELLIOT $16,200 Is going to be sincerely overlooked tonight at Captain and I think that is a mistake. Yes, earlier this week Coach Mike McCarthy said (following last weekend’s game) that the team may be looking to switch up Zeke’s role in the offense (aka Coach speak for, we are giving him too much) – BUT as fate would have it, Mike McCarthy caught Covid and is not coaching this game. Fast Forward to Wednesday when OWNER Jerry Jones said he expects Elliot “to handle a significant workload on Thursday” (aka I’m the boss and we are paying this player too much to be on the sideline). Move aside Coach McCarthy, the Zeke train is coming through… now the Saints have been traditiionally tough on Running Backs but, if what Jerry says is true – Zeke’s volume and durability are legendary. I like that others are scared to play him at Captain. I am not.

Dart Throw Captains:

Marquez Callaway – WR – Saints

Michael Gallup – WR – Cowboys

Cowboys Defense

Tony Pollard – RB – Cowboys

Deonte Harris – WR – Saints (if he is active)

Dalton Schultz – TE – Cowboys


I think your chalkiest builds will be Taysom Hill/Mark Ingram/CeeDee Lamb and 4 Cowboys OR Dak Prescott/CeeDee Lamb/Taysom Hill or Mark Ingram. So you will need to get different in your builds. I think the first differentiator is using Ezekiel Elliot in any stack with a Cowboys pass catcher in it.

But you also have several cheap pieces to this game that I think can help give you some difference. For instance instead of stacking Hill with Ingram, stack Hill with a pass catcher – Marquez Callaway, Tre’Quon Smith or Deonte Johnson – or double stack with a WR and one of the tight ends Vannett or Johnson. I think if you are using Ingram at Captain, don’t use Taysom Hill – again stack other offensive pieces and build your lineup that Taysom can’t get his run game going and needs to throw.

I think the Saint Defense is also a very sneaky play here. It is the expectation that the Cowboys will be racking up points but again it is Wierd ’21 and nothing can be wierder or more magical than that Superdome atmosphere in Prime Time. So I don’t mind at all using the Saints Defense and the kicker Brett Maher in stacks with Ingram as well.

Other Saints Low Owned Dart Throws:

Tony Jones – going to be the #2 Running Back for the Saints tonight, Jones had a long stay on the injured list but came back last week and had 16 carries.

Ty Montgomery – 6 Rushes and 7 Catches last week with no Kamara.

Kenny Stills – he’ll be running routes when the Saints go 5 wide and he has speed. Taysom likes to throw the ball down field and by the way, how many times have you missed out on cashing because you missed the Kenny Stills 2 catches 98 yards and a touchdown game before. Now is the chance to excersize those demons!

Like I said I think the Dak/Lamb stack will be everywhere tonight but Amari Cooper is at historically low ownership. We haven’t talked about Cooper but there is a solid chance he is on the field. How much, we don’t know – everyone handles Covid Recovery differently – but since he is at low ownership, take advantage. I am not saying go all in but a lineup or two with Dak and Cooper instead of Lamb could go a long way – we may not get news on Cooper until kickoff. So if he is playing, you could catch a lot of people sleeping. However also be quick with the fingers and be ready to swap him out if he isn’t.

Another way to be different in a Dak/Lamb stack is just playing both guys in the flex. Use Taysom Hill or Zeke at Captain for example and Flex Dak/Lamb. I also like the 3 man of Dak/Lamb and Gallup, though I do think Gallup will see the most of Marshon Lattimore tonight as the deep threat. So give a three man flex stack with Dak/Lamb/Schultz and use a Saints player at Captain.

I also love a Zeke (Captain) Dak – Cowboys Defense stack as a way to get different. I also like Dak (Captain) Lamb – Tony Pollard as another way to utilize Cowboys pass catchers differently.

I am wary of Greg Zuerline the kicker as the Leg as looked more like the Peg Leg lately, but a sprinkl mainly as a run back in Cowboys stacks is what I’ll have.

Other Cowboys Low Owned Dart Throws

Noah Brown – WR who likely will play the Cedrick Wilson role of #4 or #3 if Cooper is out

Sean McKeon – The OTHER Tight End since Blake Jarwin is on IR


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