Week 14 Sunday Night Football – Packers Bears – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Man am I excited about this classic NFC matchup between the Packers and the Bears. The thing is though, I don’t feel like this will be a classic knock down drag out. In fact, I am not even sure this will be much of a game at all. Which for DFS Showdowns is going to make for a lot of same or similar lineups.

So here are the players I think you will want in your lineups tonight, basically as much as possible.


Davante Adams

Aaron Jones

AJ Dillon

Marques Valdez-Scantling

Mercedes Lewis

Packers Defense

I think there will be about 90% of lineups with Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams stacked in some way. I am going bold here and saying, I don’t know if you need Rogers tonight. The reality here is I am not convinced he is going to have or need a massive passing game to get this job done and certainly doubling up on Touchown passes is always a plus, I’d rather save the salary to get Adams and Jones in the same lineup and to a lesser extent Adams and Dillon. I know it may be crazy to say but I don’t think it’s crazy to go Adams, Jones and DIllon triple stacked. If the Packers go up big in the first half with Adams and Jones getting touchdowns, there is a real chance that Dillon just takes over for most of the second half just to keep Jones fresh for the playoffs.

MVS has been seeing the targets over the last 3 games that is for sure – 10 in Week 12, 9 in Week 13 – but it is the same old same old with MVS. The catches are what is needed. With Randall Cobb out, we could see another healthy dose of looks. If you happen to use MVS without Davante Adams, I would definitely pair him with Rogers. Same goes for Mercedes Lewis who took a step forward and saw 3 targets recently instead of his random 1. Rogers likes Lewis and I think he wants to get him more involved.

And the Packers Defense I definitely think is in play against this Chicago offense, especially at home.


David Montgomery

Justin Fields

Darnell Mooney

Cole Kmet

Cairo Santos

Jimmy Graham

Allen Robinson

Look I think you will need to use Bears as run backs and Montgomery and Fields lead the pack for me. If the Bears have a shot at this game, both players will need to step up and even if you don’t stack a receiver with Fields, he has the ability to get points for you via his legs.

If you are building around Justin Fields, my most favorite picks to stack him with are Mooney and Kmet. I only included Jimmy Graham here as he is a Red Zone Target and if you are building a competitive lineup with Rogers and/or Adams included you are supposing that the Bears are competitive and in the Red Zone and believe me, if so they will be looking for Graham in the end zone.

I mention Robinson because it is a game like this that no one sees coming that suddenly Robinson breaks out. I wouldn’t build multi-lineups without at least one that featured ARob. Lastly, this is also the type of game where I could see the highest scoring Bear being the kicker Santos. I’d try and have him in several lineups both Packers builds and Bears builds.

And of course it is 2021 so if you have the guts and are multi-entering, go ahead an fire one up with Montgomery and the Bears D stacked. You never know what can happen in Prime Time.

My apologies for the lack of #Analysis here, but from where I sit, I just don’t see the Packers being able to do what they like to do best. Good Luck in your Contests.

RIP Demaryius Thomas

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