RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles: Playoff Preview Edition!

Well boys, we made it to the playoffs. Despite all of the COVID controversies, all of the injuries, all of the rescheduled games, we made it to week 14 without cancelling a single game (despite the fact that a few definitely should’ve been). To the 6 teams who have made it to the playoffs, congratulationsContinue reading “RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles: Playoff Preview Edition!”

2020’s Most Deceptive Matchups

By Ty Gour and Andrew Metcalfe Many trade deadlines have passed at this point of the season, which means that it’s time to buckle down and evaluate your current players.  These next few weeks will be vital in separating the contenders that will advance to the playoffs from the pretenders that will be on theContinue reading “2020’s Most Deceptive Matchups”

RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles!

Without a doubt, this year has been the hardest in the history of fantasy football for managers. With the unpredictability of the virus, the high amount of devastating injuries, and the constant schedule adjusting, it has become incredibly difficult to try and keep a competitive roster week in, week out. It feels as though thisContinue reading “RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles!”

RDFHQ Subscriber Chronicles Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of the RDFHQ Subscriber League is now in the books and it wasn’t without its own drama. Before the matchups even really got underway, FantasysPhinest made waves by picking up Boston Scott off waivers on Saturday, which kickstarted an entire debate about the legitimacy (or lack there of) of the waiver process. However,Continue reading “RDFHQ Subscriber Chronicles Week 1 Recap”

The Curious Case of Leonard Fournette

Earlier this week, Tampa Bay made the intriguing move of picking up the recently released Leonard Fournette. Now, this would be an amazing pickup for any offense that lacked RB depth or has to cover for an injury. However, Tampa is quite the opposite with the likes of Ronald Jones, LeSean McCoy, Ke’Shawn Vaughn andContinue reading “The Curious Case of Leonard Fournette”