Subscriber League Chronicles: The Draft

Ladies and gentlemen, the 1st annual RDFHQ Subscriber League is underway! Our 12-team Superflex league had our draft on July 11th and went off without a hitch. In case you missed it, we did stream the draft and it was a riot. For those that missed the stream, you missed out on lots of uncensored,Continue reading “Subscriber League Chronicles: The Draft”

XFL Fantasy: Early Season Report

XFL Fantasy: Early Season Report ​Here we are, two weeks into the XFL season, and there is an awful lot to take in not only from a fan’s perspective but from a fantasy perspective as well. First off, we need to remember what the XFL is trying to be, not necessarily what it is. ForContinue reading “XFL Fantasy: Early Season Report”

Way Way to Early Rankings 2020

Happy New Year !!! It’s 2020 and we are at the end of football szn and fantasy football is over. It’s a happy time for new champions and a sad time for the losers. It’s never to early to start your journey to bring home the gold ! Here’s my WAYYYYY to early fantasy footballContinue reading “Way Way to Early Rankings 2020”

Key Players

The 49ers have been red hot all year. Kyle Shannahan’soffense has been incredible to watch, and they put on a show last week against the Saints. They been aggressive. They’ve been mean, and they play the Falcons this week. So lets take a dive into why Deebo Samuel is going to go OFF this week, knocking your opponent out of the playoffs.Continue reading “Key Players”

Ryan Tannehill

Its crunch time. Welcome to the playoffs. Here, the big dogs eat, and if you can’t hold your own you go home. There are no second chances, there’s no “we’ll make some changes next week”. It’s time to shut up and win. This is where you put your most trusted players in your lineup, and you can’t afford someone to bust. So canContinue reading “Ryan Tannehill”