Week 3 Thursday Night Football DFS Strategy & Targets – Panthers Texans – Draft Kings FanDuel – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Can I say I hate tonight’s Showdown (DK) & Single Game (FD) Slate? Is that acceptable? Cause I do. Allow me to explain.

Both the Panthers and the Texans are so concentrated in their fantasy relevant offensive production that lineups should be relatively easy to build. BUT if you are building a lineup to win and not just place, you know you can’t just plug the studs in – everyone will be doing that” and you need to be different, to be just contrarian enough, with a piece of your lineup (and a bit lucky) to separate yourself.

The problem is that both sites have priced those 4 or 5 guys who make up so much of both offenses, so so much higher than everyone else that when you plug even 2 of the “main” pieces that you are forced to fill 3 or more slots in the lineup to legitimate dart throws. Additionally you can also pretty much figure out which of these “dart throws” most people will gravitate to just because of the remaining salary left over one Le the studs are selected.

So I hate this slate because a). There will be so so so many of the same lineups in tournaments which means a lot of people splitting winnings and b). There will be so much more reliance on luck that strategy and leverage practically are irrelevant.

So the best strategy I can suggest tonight, probably the best way to gain leverage, the best advice I can give – leave money on the table. If you build your lineup and you have $1,000 in salary left- leave it! You have no idea how many DFS players won’t and will try and figure out how to use every penny of the salary cap and in turn will plug in players that everyone else trying to use every penny will be playing. Be different, leave money on the table. $500 ok, $900 better, $1,000 great… you get the point.

My other best advice – play Christian McCaffrey. I don’t see any way you will cash by trying to be cute and fade him. He’s my favorite play at Captain and MVP and it’s not even close. Everyone will play him – eat the chalk. I think the most popular stack will be McCaffrey and Sam Darnold. I don’t mind it but here’s an idea – don’t do it. Keep Sam in lineups with his non McCaffrey pass catchers. My sneaky, no one will play stack? Stack McCaffrey with his backup Chubba Hubbard. Think about it, there is a real chance the Panthers are up by more than a touchdown going into the 4th Quarter – maybe earlier – there is a real chance that Hubbard sees the field and could he fall in the end zone too? Just sayin’ there aren’t too many ways to get different tonight.

Obviously Sam Darnold could be a fine play tonight but salary wise you’ll find it tough to build with McCaffrey and Sammy in the lineups together, people will try and figure it out though so keep that in mind. Outside of McCaffrey, I think the other “priority” Panther here is DJ Moore. 8 or more Targets 2 straight weeks, 79 or more yards 2 straight weeks, touchdown in Week 2. He’s the clear number one. The number 2 of course is Robbie Anderson – but, the difference in Anderson’s fantasy days in Week 1 or Week 2 is whether or not he caught the deep ball. The question is – will the Panthers need the Deep Ball tonight? On the off chance it happens I don’t mind Anderson in stacks with Moore and Darnold but he’s just not the priority for me to try and jam in with McCaffrey, Darnold and Moore.

I think the Panthers Defense will be extremely popular. One of the only expected “chalk” plays that DK didn’t price up… I think they are a fine play but I think they will mostly be the most common stacking piece (behind Darnold) with McCaffrey. So if you are playing the Panthers D, a different way to attack them if you dare, is to play Alec Erkison with them who is expected to be the punt returner. I mention this because I think there will be way more punts for the Panthers to return than kickoffs and you get double points if Erickson runs the punt back. What do you think the ST in DST means anyway.

You are playing Brandin Cooks if you are running back a Panthers stack or if you are brave enough to stack the Texans. It’s not even close to consider anyone else as the #1 weapon for the Texans. Going deeper on the roster you may assume will make you different but it likely will not. Try and put McCAffrey, Darnold, Moore and Cooks in one lineup and see where you end up? Yup everyone else ended up there too. So if you want to be different and have Texas exposure, be brave – give Davis Mills a shot. Yup I said it. Two reasons why I don’t think Mills will be popular. First, price – both sites suddenly priced him as if he had been a starter all season. What in the general F right? And two – I think the Panthers defense will be extremely tight.

So my Texans stacks will yes contain Cooks and Davis but – did you know Anthony Miller is on this team? He is! But he hasn’t played yet. No Danny Amendola tonight opens some opportunity there for Miller if he is on the field. Hey did you know Chris Conley is on this team? He is! He lined up at Tight End last week! Nico Collins (another WR for the Texans is out) – take a shot on Conley in Texas stacks. I also actually do not mind either Texan Actual Tight Ends Jordan Aikins and Pharoah Brown. I loved what I saw from Brown in Week 1.

This is also a game that I think Kickers Matter in. How about a revenge game for the Texan’s Joey Slye! Remember he played for the Panthers last season! Throw him in a Texas stack! And have one lineup with the Texans defense and if you do, I don’t mind stacking with the Panther’s Zane Gonzales.

As if you couldn’t tell by now. I hate this slate. My advice in the beginning of the article is the best I can give. Be different. Leave money on the table and play Christian McCaffrey. Let Lady Luck be on your side for the rest. Good luck in your contests.


WEEK 2 NFL DFS Strategy – Game Stacks, Team Stacks, Targets and More! – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Oh what a difference a week makes… As DFS Players, we should have learned so much from Week 1. We should have learned the division of snaps players made, the division of targets receivers had, the division of opportunities running backs had … but overall, the real pieces of offense each team leaned on. This helps tremendously for DFS Players as it can help even the most novice of players decide who to spend up on and who not to. Is that you? A Novice DFS Player? If so, welcome. And welcome back any DFS Veteran who maybe is here to find a gem that they didn’t think of this week to play in their lineup.

Whichever side of that DFS coin you sit on, this article is about thinking differently when building a lineup. It is about giving some ideas on not just who to play, but also WHY. It is about a DFS Vet giving you some thoughts to consider, whether you are multi-entering in a tournament, or playing single entry Mano vs Mano or you are playing Cash Games like 50/50s or Double ups. So if you are new to this article welcome and if you are a regular reader – thank you. Now let’s get into Week 2.


Here is some strategy to open up with. The Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back Najee Harris ($6,300 DK, $6,100) will be the single most owned player in tournaments tomorrow. And why wouldn’t he be? He played 100% of the Running Back snaps in week 1 and The Raiders did little to slow the rushing attack of the the Ravens. Couple all that with a relatively cheap price tag on both sites and you have the makings of a player close to 30% owned. For me when I look at a situation like this I don’t just look for a “good play” I look for leverage. That leverage is found on the rest of the Steelers Offense which (in my opinion) is going criminally under owned. In fact the next closest player in terms of ownership on this team is Ben Roethlisberger ($5,900 DK, $7,200 FD) and WR Dionte Johnson ($6,400 DK, $6,600 FD) at less than 5%. I think Najee has a great opportunity but I love him in a stack with Ben or Johnson or Chase Claypool ($5,600 DK, $5,900 FD). With so much attention being paid on Harris alone, stacking him with Ben and a pass catcher, is a sneaky way to gain leverage on the field in tournaments.

I like this game stack. Outside of Harris, all the components are flying under the radar and while I think the mini stack of Harris and the Steelers Defense will ultimately be a popular play I think using Darren Waller ($7,600 DK, $7,000 FD) to run back a Steelers stack will give you more leverage. Waller’s ownership is surprisingly half of Najee Harris’ and so I think he is a great way to be different in your Harris builds. I also think you can use Raider’s wide receiver Hunter Renfrow ($3,600 DK, $5,000 FD) as a low owned contrarian play, to include in your stack. Renfrow was the most targeted receiver for the Raiders and if they are again playing catch up I could see him once again being a target machine. Josh Jacobs will not play in this game and while Kenyan Drake ($4,900 DK, $5,500 FD) is the backup and should see work today, Coach Gruden made a very positive and leading statement to the media about 3rd RB in the depth chart Peyton Barber ($4,000 DK, $5,000 FD) calling today “Barber’s opportunity”. Now you can’t always believe coach speak but Barber is cheap and especially if Drake’s ownership becomes chalky, I don’t mind taking a couple shots with Peyton Barber

Another example of Strategy I want point out is the Cowboys and Chargers Game. Amari Cooper ($6,800, $7,800 FD), CeeDee Lamb ($6,400 DK, $6,800 FD) and Keenan Allen ($7,000 DK, $7,400 FD) will all be extremely popular and most likely in stacks with their quarterbacks. So in this game I am looking to gain leverage on the field with Austin Ekeler ($7,300 DK, $7,000 FD) and Ezekiel Elliott ($6,200 DK, $7,500 FD). Even in a stack with Dak Prescott ($6,800 DK, $8,000 FD) or Justin Herbert ($6,900, $7,600 FD) I think including one of the running backs will immediately make you different from the competition.

I also love stacking Herbert with Allen and Mike Williams ($6,100 DK, $5,600 FD) who despite a monster performance in Week 1 is coming in under 10% owned. Or Tight End Jared Cook ($3,900 DK, who saw 8 Targets from Herbert last week. Or a guy that saw 5 Targets from Herbert in week 1, Jalen Guyton ($3,100 DK, $4,800 FD).

On the Cowboy’s side, when I am stacking Prescott with either Cooper or Lamb or both I also am looking to 2 or 3 man stack with either tight ends Dalton Schultz ($3,300 DK, $4,800 FD) or Blake Jarwin ($3,100 DK, $4,400 FD). Or WR Cedric Wilson ($3,100 DK, $4,900 FD). With Michael Gallup out, Prescott target Wilson 3 times and I’d expect him to be more involved with a week to prepare at WR3 for Dallas. Another Cowboy likely in line for more targets is Tony Pollard ($5,300 DK, $4,800 FD) who I really like as a flex in lineups without Zeke.

This game will be very popular and so what I am impressed by as I look to stack is how much attention is being paid to Cooper, Lamb & Allen. All of which are great plays. But by including some other low owned pieces to the game stack you have the opportunity to gain some leverage on the field in what should be a high scoring game.

Another game that I think will end up being popular is Seattle and Tennessee. Specifically Chris Carson ($6,100 DK, $6,700 FD) who at the time of this writing is the 4th highest owned player on the slate. Last week against the Cardinals the Titans defense looked miserable as did the offense too. I think most of the field is looking for Seattle to run first and not look back. So I see two leverage plays here – the first with Derrick Henry ($8,300 DK, $8,000 FD) who is shockingly around 3% owned today. But I love stacking Russell Wilson ($7,500 DK, $8,500) DK Metcalf ($7,600 DK, $7,000 FD) and Tyler Lockett ($7,200 DK, $7,200 FD) both who had great games in Week 1 and who should find plenty of room to maneuver against a Titans Defense who was run roughshod over by the Cardinals Pass Catchers in week 1. By using Russ and his pass catchers and running a stack back with Henry who no one is playing after his week 1 performance, I think you will stand out from the field… but it isn’t a cheap way to get leverage so you will need to pay down at other positions to make it happen. We will try and pick out some cheapies to consider as we go here.

Another way to stand out is to full stack the Titans with Ryan Tannehill ($6,300 DK, $7,300 FD), Henry and his top two pass catchers AJ Brown ($6,900 DK, $7,100 FD) and Julio Jones ($6,300 DK, $6,300 FD). No one it seems is playing the Titans after a terrible Week 1, and while the Seahawks do have a decent front 7 – Chandler Jones is not a part of it. I think the Titans make a game of it and if you are able to capture it in your lineup, you will certainly be an outlier which is a good thing in DFS Tournaments.

The last game I will mention that I think you can gain leverage on the field with is Buffalo and Miami. Stefon Diggs ($7,700 DK, $7,500 FD) stacked with Josh Allen ($7,200 DK, $8,100 FD) is one of the most played stacks going into today. I love Diggs and Allen, but a simple way to be different here is to throw Cole Beasley ($4,600 DK, $5,400 FD) and make it a 3 man stack with Allen and Diggs. Beasley saw 13 Targets from Allen in Week 1 and while Miami’s defense is no pushover matchup I think Beasley will find ways to get open underneath. Another Bill I am looking at, believe it or not, is Devin Singletary ($4,900 DK, $5,600 FD). With Zach Moss being inactive in Week 1, Singletary dominated the snaps and performed admirably. If Moss is another healthy scratch, I am in on taking some shots on Singletary. I think he makes for an interesting part of a Bills stack that no one is considering. I also love to include Gabriel Davis ($3,900 DK, $4,900 FD) in stacks with Allen and Diggs. Davis came through with a TD in Week 1 and we know Allen loves to look for him deep, often times for a home run ball and Davis often times delivers.

On the other side of that game, the Dolphins are surprisingly being overlooked in DFS and while I’m not going to be playing a TON of Dolphins, I think having some shares of Dolphins Players with little to no ownership makes a lot of sense. Let’s start with Tua Tagovailoa ($5,500 DK, $6,600 FD). This should be a competitive game and if the Dolphins find a way to win they start the season 2-0 in their division. I love double stacking Tua with WRs Davante Parker ($5,500 DK. $5,800 FD) and Jaylen Waddle ($4,500 DK, $5,500 FD). This will also be another week without Wil Fuller and we saw both Parker and Waddle step up in this offense, Waddle catching Tua’s only TD pass in Week 1. For what it’s worth I also think this has a chance for a bounce back week for TE Mike Gesicki ($4,000 DK, $5,300 FD) who couldn’t get a sniff of a catch in Week 1, but I like to target TEs against the Bills anyway. Lastly, I don’t mind a dart throw at RB Myles Gaskin ($5,900 DK, $5,700 FD). In Week 1 the Bills shut down the Steeler’s running game, but I am curious with a much more mobile quarterback in Tua, if the Dolphins can find some success on the ground.

Targets & Stacks

My Favorite play of the weekend is Nick Chubb ($7,800 DK, $8,400 FD) against the Houston Texans and it’s not even close. I love his price on DK too. Chubb looked AWESOME against the Chiefs in Week 1 going 15 for 83 and 2 and I think he eats all day long against the Texans. I am not afraid of the Texans playing Jacksonville running backs tough in Week 1, Chubb and the Browns offensive line is a different animal. I also love that Chubb is (as of this writing) under 8% owned, let everyone else forget about him – I won’t. I am also really liking the mini stack of Chubb, Jarvis Landry ($6,300 DK, $6,800 FD) and the Browns Defense ($3,500 DK, $4,200 FD). I think the Texans have a rude awakening coming in Week 2.

The Cardinals vs Vikings game has peaked my interest and I think come game time it may be the most popular game stack. I think Kyler Murray ($8,200 DK, $8,700 FD) has a real chance to end QB1 on this slate. There are just too many weapons at his disposal between Deandre Hopkins ($8,000 DK, $8,500 FD) Christian Kirk ($5,000 DK, $5,600 FD), rookie Rondale Moore ($4,000 DK, $4,900 FD) and yes even AJ Green ($3,700 DK, $5,300 FD) that I just don’t see how the Vikings will slow him down. The only issue you will find by stacking Murray and Hopkins is their prices… but I think you need to have exposure to this team.

The Vikings have an uphill battle if the Cardinals Defense plays as legit as they did in Tennessee, so for once I am not high on Dalvin Cook ($9,100 DK, $9,200 FD) except that he is coming in surprisingly low owned on the slate. So I don’t mind taking a shot, but I think this will be a second week in a row that he disappoints. I am very interested in Justin Jefferson ($7,400 DK, $7,300 FD) to have a bounce back in Week 2 and I think you always need to have some exposure to Adam Thielen ($7,100 DK, $7,600 DK), especially after his 2 Touchdown performance in Week 1. Either makes for a great run back option with Cardinals stacks. The guy I have a ton of interest in here though is KJ Osborn ($3,300 DK, $4,600 FD). This second year receiver exploded in Week 1 with 7 catches for 76 yards and he could have another strong week if the Cardinals are able to contain Thielen and Jefferson. Also I love the price on DK for Osborn. Get some exposure to this game in your lineups.

I think the LA Rams are another team that is going overlooked. I think part of it has to do with pricing, as most of their skill position players are priced right around many other “names” and so I think you could take advantage of low ownership on Mathew Stafford ($6,400 DK, $7,500 FD), Cooper Kupp ($6,000 DK, $6,200 FD), Robert Woods ($5,700 DK, $6,500 FD) Darrel Henderson ($5,700 DK, $6,400 FD) and Tyler Higbee ($4,100 DK, $5,600 FD). The Indy defense didn’t look great in Week 1 and if Stafford can follow in Russell Wilson’s footsteps with the deep ball I think the Rams will have a lot of success. So capitalize. I also don’t mind a dart throw on Van Jefferson ($3,500 DK, $4,900 FD). I am not interested in running a Rams stack back with a single Colt either. I am interested in a full stack however with the Rams Defense ($4,500 DK, $4,700 FD). The Colts offensive line looked awful in week 1 and the star studded Rams defense could feed.

I’m not sure if you really need me to tell you to play Buccaneers against the Falcons, but in case you need a reminder here it is. Similar to the Rams, I have a lot of interest in Tom Brady ($6,900 DK, $8,200 FD), Mike Evans ($6,100 DK, $6,700 FD), Chris Godwin ($6,600 DK, $8,000 FD), Antonio Brown ($6,900 DK, $6,400 FD) and Rob Gronkowski ($4,700 DK, $5,800 FD) – and believe it or not, I am not interested in a single Falcon – Calvin Ridley ($7,500 DK, $7,700 FD) included. I think the difficulty you will find with the Bucs is who do you stack Brady with. If you are multi-entering I would have a lineup with Evans and one with Godwin stacked with Brady, Brown and Gronk. For my money, I think Mike Evans bounces back here against the lowly Falcons Defense and I love his price on both sites. Also, similar to the Rams I don’t mind a full stack with the Tampa Bay Defense ($4,100 DK, $4,500 FD). I think they have a field day at home.

Another game that seems to be going overlooked is the Bengals and Bears. While the Chicago defense looked overmatched against the Rams, I think they play the Bengals a lot tougher. That won’t stop me for with a Bengals stack of Joe Burrow ($5,800 DK, $7,100 FD) and Ja’marr Chase ($5,000 DK, $5,500 FD). This duo looked too good in Week 1 to not have some exposure to them in Week 2. I think a great run back here is David Montgomery ($6,100 DK, $7,300 FD) who looked excellent against the Rams and should have little resistance against the Bengals Defense. Additionally I think he is criminally underpriced on DK for his Mopportunity. I also think you could run a Bengals stack back with Tight End Cole Kmet ($3,700 DK, $5,100 FD) who saw 7 Targets in Week 1. The Bengals have always been a team that we have played Tight Ends against and if Kmet can maintain that target share today (and maybe catch a touchdown) I think he is too cheap not to at least consider on DK.

For lineups not featuring Montgomery, I also have a lot of interest in Joe Mixon ($7,000 DK, $7,800 FD). The Rams ran the ball well against the Bears in Week 1 with Darrel Henderson and Joe Mixon is a far superior runner. I think he has a chance to have a big game especially since he is one of the few running backs that doesn’t have his workload effected even when the team is trailing. David Montgomery also fits in that rare category. While I am not as interested in Bears pass catchers, if the Bears announce that Justin Fields ($5,000 DK, $6,400 FD) is starting this game, I am very interested in him as a one off or a stack with Allen Robinson ($6,200 DK, $7,200 FD)

Other Stacks I am looking at:

Jaylen Hurts – Devonta Smith vs San Francisco

Elijah Mitchell (RB) – Deebo Samuel – George Kittle vs Philadelphia

Melvin Gordon – Tim Patrick (or) KJ Hamler – Noah Fant – DJ Chark Broncos/Jaguars Game

Jameis Winston – Alvin Kamara – Marquez Callaway – Deonte Harris vs Carolina

Mac Jones – Nelson Agholor – Jonnu Smith – Damien Harris vs Jets

Zack Wilson – Corey Davis – Tyler Kroft vs the Patriots

Defenses I am Targeting

Rams vs Indy

Buccaneers vs Falcons

Broncos vs Jacksonville

Patriots vs Jets

Browns vs Texans

Saints vs Carolina

Steelers vs Raiders

Cardinals vs Minnesota

Raiders vs Steelers

Eagles vs 49ers

Jets vs Patriots


$6who looks to be the 4th highest owned player overall. The Titans


Sunday Night Football Week 1 – DFS Showdown/Single Game Preview!

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So happy to be back writing DFS on Real Deal Fantasy HQ for another season! My name is Sean Weymouth and hopefully you checked out our Week 1 DFS Weekly article earlier today and are heading into Sunday Night in the green!

Tonight we have the first Sunday Night Football game of the season and that means the first NFL Showdown slate on Draft Kings and the first NFL Single Game slate of the season on FanDuel. Get Excited!! So let’s get into this game!


I think there are two ways to play the Rams tonight on Draft Kings. Either you are playing the Rams Defense ($9,600 DK Captain, $6,400 DK Flex) and thinking that it will be a low scoring affair, OR you are thinking that this game may end up being an offensive bonanza. So let’s look at both sides of this team quickly and I’ll give you my opinion along the way.

(Editors Notes – You cannot play Defenses in FanDuel Single Game Tournaments. FanDuel Single Pricing will be addressed for players as they are listed. Draft Kings Captain selections in Showdown carry a premium price versus a Flex selection, where FanDuel MVP and Flex carry the same player costs)

The Rams are a stacked team on Defense and there is little doubt in that statement. Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey aside they have strong players in every position. However it is dangerous to roster a Defense at Captain on Draft Kings. Keep in mind every yard against, every first down against, every point against will weigh on your point total and even in a total dominating shut out, it is very difficult for a Defense to outscore an effective Offensive Stud on any given slate. Has it happened before where a Defense took a tournament down? Of Course! But the law of averages says it will not. So I would encourage those on the side of the Rams Defense dominating this game, consider what else that will mean for the Rams team. Likely they will have a strong offensive showing. So if I am leaning this way of a game script, I am using the Rams Defense in a flex and I am putting Darrell Henderson ($11,400 Captain, $7,600 Flex, $12,500 FD) as I would guess the Rams would be controlling the ball on the ground. I’d also consider Matthew Stafford ($17,400 Captain, $11,600 Flex, $16,000 FD) as the lead dog in the lineup as it is likely the Passing Game will have a positive day on a total rout. I’d try and pair Stafford with a likely pass catcher be it Robert Woods ($13,500 Captain, $9,000 Flex, $12,000 FD) Cooper Kupp ($13,200 Captain, $8,800 Flex, $11,000 FD) or TE Tyler Higbee $10,500 Captain, $7,000 Flex, $8,500 FD)

Just because you like the Rams Defense, doesn’t mean you can’t also roster a BEAR in your lineup. In this case however I would likely look to a Pass Catcher like Allen Robinson ($15,300 Captain, $10,200 Flex, $11,500 FD) or Darnell Mooney ($8,400 Captain, $5,600 Flex, $10,000 FD) or perhaps a Tight End like Cole Kmet ($7,800 Captain, $5,200 Flex, $7,500 FD) or believe it or not, old man Jimmy Graham ($6,900 Captain, $4,600 Flex, $6,500 FD). If you wanted to go deeper on the Bears, in a Rams Defense domination game script I probably wouldn’t go much deeper that also adding the kicker Cairo Santos ($4,800 Captain, $3,200 Flex ,$8,000 FD)

Now if you believe this game is a little more of an offensive shootout, than I think on the Rams side Stafford makes the most sense at Captain. It is tough to decide between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, but I lean Kupp in this matchup and I would certainly consider a double stack with another Rams receiver, be it Tyler Higbee or I might recommend a contrarian look at veteran DeSean Jackson ($2,100 Captain, $1,400 Flex, $7,000 FD) who is now considered the WR 3. You can also take a deep shot on 2nd year man Van Jefferson ($1,200 Captain, $800 Flex, $7,500 FD). I also want to point out that Sony Michel ($7,200 Captain, $4,800 Flex, $9,500 FD) is available to be rostered on both sites and it is very possible Coach Sean McVay is looking at Michel as a 3rd down pass catching back…

If you are stacking Ram’s offensive weapon in expectation of a shootout, you’ll want to include Andy Dalton ($14,700 Captain, $9,800 Flex, $13,500 FD) and at least one of his pass catchers, who we have highlighted with Robinson being the priority in my opinion. I also think David Montgomery ($12,600 Captain, $8,400 Flex, $13,000 FD) should be a part of any Ram’s offensive heavy lineup as if the Bears can get the ground game going, it could be cause for the Rams to be throwing (hey that rhymes!).


I think the same approaches can be considered for the Bears. You can build around the Bears Defense where I would absolutely include David Montgomery as well as Andy Dalton and a pass catcher, plus a Rams pass catcher and Rams Kicker Matt Gay ($5,400 Captain, $3,600 Flex, $9,000 FD).

Or you can look at the Bears the same way you would with the Rams in an Offensive Bonanza game. I think the priorities here again would be Allen Robinson and David Montgomery, but I also think you can double stack with a Mooney or a Tight End. I also think in a Bears offensive stack you can take a shot on Running Back Damien Williams ($2,200 Captain or Flex, $8,000 FD) who proved his worth in the Super Bowl two years ago and who I believe the Bears will try to manufacture touches for as the season goes on.

My Favorite Picks for Captain/MVP:

Mathew Stafford

Allen Robinson

David Montgomery

Darrell Henderson

Cooper Kupp

Robert Woods

My Favorite Dart Throws, Contrarian Plays

If you think there is a chance that Andy Dalton gets benched, I think a very sneaky flex play tonight is Justin Fields ($9,000 Captain, $6,000 Flex,$10,000 FD). In fact, it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Fields on the field tonight for a gadget play or two.

When I am multi entering in Showdown/Single Game tournaments I always throw at least one lineup with each team’s kicker in the Captain/MVP spot. Hey you never know when 6 Field Goals in a game will take a tournament down.

I think Darnell Mooney will be a very popular play tonight in lineups. He has a lot of buzz coming out of training camp and he is significantly cheaper than Allen Robinson. While I think Robinson will also be popular, I think the contrarian way to counter act Mooney chalk would be to include David Montgomery or to a lesser extent Damien Williams in stacks with Andy Dalton and Mooney. I don’t recommend a total fade on Mooney at all but try and think differently from the competition. Dalton could toss an 80 yard bomb to Mooney landing on the 1 and Montgomery could then charge in the end zone and you just captured all of those fantasy points.

My last contrarian approach is to onslaught the Rams. I think most players will choose either Kupp or Woods and maybe also Higbee, but I doubt there will be as many stacking all of them and even including a running back, either Henderson or Michel. It is a pricey play but I’d look at a cheap secondary piece on the Bears to try and round it out.

Let’s Get Ready for Sunday Night!

Good Luck in your Contests!


Tampa Bay Bucs RB Situation on Draft Day.

The Tampa Bay Bucs are looking to run it back this Szn with bringing all their key players back and even signing new faces. One of the new faces they signed was the new addition to the RB room Gio Bernard. The Bucs have a 3 headed “Beast” in the RB room and us as Fantasy players we need to know what to do on draft. Let’s not act like the running backs are deep in the draft so one of these guys will be on your roster. I’m here to clear things up for you.

Ronald Jones- Now Jones will be the lead back. HC Bruce Arians has this man crush on Jones that he just won’t let fade away. Last szn Bruce went along the lines to say “Ronald Jones is still “The Guy” in the backfield” when Fournette was signed. Jones was the lead back when it came to touches and snap opportunities. Jones ADP right now in PPR formats is the 7th round which isn’t bad for a lead back in those mid rounds with running backs so thin this season. Jones has proven to us year after year he has shown progression. As a starting running in 2019 Jones finished RB26. 2020 Jones finished RB20. Yards per carry, touchdowns, yards and rushing attempts have increased for the better. Jones has a change to either stay in the same tier as a top 20 running back or make the leap Bruce is looking for into the top 15 realms.

Leonard Fournette- “Playoff Lenny” was created obviously during the playoffs and super bowl. Can’t lie, it was impressive to see Fournette show up and show out on a big stage. As fantasy players though we can’t hold on to tight to that performance because we have to look at this from a full season lens. Fournette role as the 3rd down back maybe in jeopardy with the addition of Gio Bernard an incredibly talented pass catcher from the Bengals. Fournette gave us PPR upside week-to-week avg. 3.6 tgts per game along with rushing attempts made Fournette fantasy relevant. Fournette during the season only avg. 3.8 yards per carry with 43% snap opportunities. Now this isn’t me staying Fournette is a bad running back but his opportunities are capped. Fournette current ADP is in the 7th rd just a tad bit to expensive for my taste for a RB2/3. Now with Gio possibly taking that pass catching role its hard to believe Fournette can be trusted as a fantasy starter week to week. Training camp we’ll have to keep a eye on who’s doing what.

Gio Bernard- The bucs signing Gio has me feeling that he is not coming in as the vet signing like how Shady Mccoy was last season. Gio comes in as an experienced pass catcher who was the lead RB last season with Mixon out on injury. Gio plays a role similar if not exact as James White played in New England when Brady was a Patriot. Now I know Fournette displayed some pass catching ability last season and even when he was a Jacksonville Jaguar. Fournette career high 100tgts in Jacksonville always plays in the back of my mind that he can handle the full workload, but times have changed and his role is even more limited when you sign a guy like Gio who is a better around pass catcher then Fournette by the numbers and by tape. Come draft day I am taking a shot on the cheapest guy out of the 3 and I believe the upside is there for Gio. We saw James White with Brady finish RB18 in 2019 and RB6 in 2018. Of course, this is not Gio’s floor but its more so saying Brady has a type because the pats backfield has been and always be a crowded room. There are enough targets to go around for Gio to carve out a role in the passing game. Gio is free so why not.

Football Szn is near and I just can not wait only 8 more Sundays to go people! Draft responsibly and be equipped with the best knowledge.

By- LaQuan Jones “RealDealFantasy”


Jared Goff Top 20 Fantasy Qb 2021

So, this won’t be a article defending Goff and his poor performance in LA that got him canned to Detroit. This will just be a article to get the brain juices flowing. So hear me out. Goff a top 20 QB this season isn’t to far off the deep end.

Goff isn’t in Detroit completely stranded without weapons, he has a top 5 Tight end, a up and coming star RB and WR core with youth and hopeful upside. So, we can’t keep praising T.J Hockerson and De Andre Swift to be these big fantasy stars when the only way for them to be successful is Jared Goff. I believe Goff can be a serviceable QB for us to be able to say, “Goff can be Top 20 QB”. Now in 2020, Goff finished QB20 with 3,952 yards 20 Tds 13ints worst season for him in the Sean McVay era. Not much good came from Goff last season from his decision making, poor ability to read defenses, hitting deep shots etc. I think Goff just didn’t meet McVay’s standards but maybe he will fit the lions standards?

I do not believe the loins are going for a tank season. I think more so they will see what they got on the roster. Amon-Ra St. Brown rookie has a chance to stand out and take over that WR1 role because its wide open. T.J Hockerson has a chance to see over 120 targets. Swift could see at min. 70 targets and that’s something that a lot of Swift truthers love to hear.

Let us look at why Goff can be up to par for the lions. Now Goff worst season under Sean McVay in 2020 could been a serviceable season for Goff in Detroit. Stafford finished with 4,084 yards and Goff finished with 3,952 yards. Not much off there in that department of yards. So surprisingly Goff had his best comp % last season with 67% compared to Stafford 64%. Wild. Goff ranked 11th in comp % 2020 better than Mahomes, Brady, Tannehill and Herbert. That’s even wilder. Goff is good with a clean pocket but who isn’t… I can see OC Lynn playing to Goff’s strengths and that’s keeping the ball out of his hands for a long period of time. Play action is one of Goff’s strengths. Goff ranked 9th in play-action completion 69%, but my fear with the loins is actually establishing the run. Lions ranked 30th in yards per game. The defense is still lacking a ton so running the ball may not be something done as much. Adding OT Penei Sewell is a great step forward to improve the line but how much improvement can be done climbing that far up from the bottom of the table. Let us just hope OC Lynn carries over his plans of running the ball where the Chargers last szn finished 9th in rushing attempts per game.

Upside for Goff that plays into the volume narrative for the pass catchers and Swift is, the defense remains terrible bottom of the table. I do not see them improving enough for Goff not to throw the ball at least 30+ times a game. Goff has been in that position to throw the ball 30+ times a game. Back in 2019 Goff lead the league in passing attempts so this isn’t new for him to do, if need be, this season.

For fantasy Goff is a great QB3 in “Super Flex” leagues. We cannot give him the side eye or fade him while we praise Swift and Hock. Just simply does not make sense. Expectations for Goff week to week can be 18-25 pts a game. Goff will not be a fantasy starter for a lot a managers but will be a hopeful start when you got a guy on a bye week or even injury. Draft responsibly and do not fall into unnecessary trends. I may say Goff sucks a lot but as a rams fan im just saying he sucks because he doesn’t meet the Rams standard.

LaQuan Jones “Wolfpack Alpha”

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Thoughts on my SFB11 Team!

The Scott Fish Bowl is something that brings the fantasy community together once a year for a great cause to raise money for charity. I’m so happy to be invited again this season and make new friends and relationships built around a great cause!

The Qbs:

So, I really didn’t have any type of strategy other then not picking players that suck…. (Odell Beckham).. but I felt like I wanted to get my QBs early and make sure I have a good WR core. Simple right? I ended up with the 1.05 spot and I felt good about it. Now as expected being that it’s a Super Flex TE Premium and the ability to Flex Kickers (love this). A lot of Qbs were expected to fly off the board but I was shocked to see Josh Allen fall to the 1.08 spot. Very shocking for sure, but at the 1.05 spot I ended up grabbing Dak so I played a role in Allen falling.

Dak Prescott as my QB1 I feel good about it didn’t really have to over think it. Dallas defense remains bad so I believe Dak will be throwing the ball a ton! Full Send.

Now my QB2 I was incredibly happy to get at the 3.08 spot didn’t think I would land him, but Joe Burrow fell right in my lap. I was a little worried after that short QB run ahead me watching Herbert, Tanehill, Stafford, and Jalen Hurts go off the board. I love my 1,2 punch I got with Dak & Joe Burrow both have electric offenses that we expect big things from their WR cores. A lot of points should be lighting up line ups with this QB combo.

The RBs: Let’s talk some running backs. I took a chance with getting Jonathan Taylor at the 2.08 spot, but I love what I am hearing about JT out of camp. Frank Reich saying, he thinks JT has earned his role as the lead running back for the colts. So, we shall see if Frank keeps his word on JT. Now my RB2 was supposed to be Joe Mixon but talk about being sniped! Mixon has been getting a lot of hate on “Fantasy Twitter” so I would think he would not be on a lot of people radars but hey… in one division Mixon went as high as 1.03…. idk what type of szn that person is thinking Mixon will have but… ok.. Anyway, I ended up waiting a round to get to get my RB2 and felt as though if I wait any longer on RB ill be stuck with low end RB2s with extraordinarily little upside. I picked Ronald Jones as my RB2 in the 5.08 spot. My reasons are only based on we seen improvement from Jones year after year so maybe he can finish inside the top 15 again. I filled my RB core with guys who have some week-to-week upside. David Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Devin Singletary and Wayne Gallman.

The WRs:

Moving along to a WR core I believe will take me to the big dance! Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Julio Jones, Darnell Mooney and Russell Gage and A.J Green! Studs man! I am not worried about this position at all. I got guys who will show up and show out week to week! Really was hyped to get Bobby Trees after landing Keenan Allen I think this is a particularly good WR combo week to week. Just to add Julio Jones is absolutely a gem. I was able to get some great WR depth with Mooney, Gage and Green. All respectable WR2s that could see a lot of volume and be able to produce 10-15 points a week. A avg ppg for a WR2 should be in that rage and ill take that for what its worth.

The TEs

Now my TEs are not jumping off the paper great but they will be able to produce and have some good weeks. Jonnu Smith and Jimmy Graham are guys that come with some question marks job security and overall employment. Jonnu Smith brings huge upside and can easily be one of the best pass catchers on the Patriots offense. Jimmy had a load of TDs last szn and lead the bears in RZ tgts but we don’t know if he will make the 52-man roster. Overall if they both pan out you can’t beat the value, I got on both in those late rounds.

Its Bring Home The Gold Szn and I plan on making some noise in this Lil Wayne division. So glad a few of my friends are in this division so the weekly smack talk should make things fun. Football is on the way, and I can’t wait!

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Sell these RBs before the NFL Draft

By: Andrew Metcalfe

NFL Russian Roulette

Ever since I started playing Dynasty Fantasy football, the NFL offseason became so much more exciting to me. Holding on to mid-tier running backs can be like playing Russian Roulette with your Dynasty roster. One news flash of the team signing another starter and their value could instantly come crashing down. This is especially true during the NFL Draft, as we have no idea what coaches and front office executives are discussing in their war rooms.

The following running backs are all RB1s for their respective teams at the moment, but I don’t have much hope for their future outlook by the conclusion of the NFL Draft. I’m suggesting that you consider trading them away while they still have value.

Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals 

Once the news broke that Kenyan Drake was leaving Arizona to sign with the Raiders, Chase Edmonds owners rejoiced. He quietly had a top 25 RB season in 2020 as the number two behind Drake, finishing with career highs in carries, targets, yards, and TDs. At that point, Edmonds was the RB1 for the Cardinals by default, but then James Connor signed in April and now things are a bit murky. Connor hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy throughout his career and seemed to have lost a step last year, despite only being 25 years old. His signing actually bodes well for Edmonds, but the chances he survives the NFL Draft without the team bringing in additional competition are low.    

The track record for running backs that have not secured a lead role by their third season isn’t good (Edmonds will be going into his fourth). There have been opportunities in the past for Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury to hand the backfield over to Chase, but he does not seem to have much confidence in Edmonds as a lead back. In 2019, after David Johnson injured his ankle and was essentially benched for the season, AZ decided to trade for Kenyan Drake midseason instead of rolling with Edmonds. Last year, they could have easily let Drake walk and named Edmonds as the starter, but chose to transition tag Drake for an additional year. The most recent signing of James Connor is confirmation that Edmonds will never be “the guy”.  

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Edmonds could still have fantasy relevance if another running back is added. If the Cardinals decide to draft a bigger back like Rhamondre Stevenson or Trey Sermon, I’m sure that Edmonds will continue to have a receiving role. I just think what we saw in 2020 was his ceiling and his value has peaked. There were only two games last season in which Edmonds was a top 30 RB without having to score a TD. That is not the type of guy you want to rely on in your lineup on a weekly basis. The downside for Chase would be AZ making a splash by drafting one of the top-tier running backs (Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, or Javonte Williams), which would absolutely crush his value. Given the tough competition and offensive firepower the Cardinals face in the NFC West, this is certainly a possibility. I would be looking to trade away Edmonds for an early to mid 2nd round rookie pick.  

Myles Gaskin, Miami Dolphins

Myles Gaskin was a 2019 7th-round pick out of Washington that ended up becoming one of the unsung heroes of the waiver wire in 2020. While some were hoping to see Jordan Howard revive his career in Miami, Gaskin came out of nowhere to take the starting job and was a Top 20 running back in PPG through the first eight weeks. He battled injuries for most of the second half of the season while maintaining solid production in the games he did play, including a monster 35 point (PPR) game against Las Vegas during Fantasy Championship Week (Week 16). On the surface, it seems like Gaskin would have job security going into 2021, but I’m not confident that Miami won’t be looking to upgrade in the Draft. 

As I mentioned before, Gaskin was a decent fantasy running back, but teams don’t care about his fantasy production. It’s about what they see on the field, and his inefficiencies as a runner are a concern. He only created 1.22 yards per touch which ranked 31st among RBs and his 4.0 true yards per carry (removes runs of 10+ yards) ranked 49th in the league. I typically don’t like to remove a players’ big plays to make a point, but Myles had a Big Run rate of just 2.1% (credit: PlayerProfiler), which ranked him 55th. He’s a subpar NFL athlete, so long runs aren’t a major part of his game.  

The Dolphins were rumored to have interest in both Chris Carson and Aaron Jones during free agency before they were extended by their respective teams. It’s clear that Flores is looking for a more dynamic running back. The arguments against Miami drafting a back to replace Gaskin are similar to the ones we heard about Indianapolis and Marlon Mack last year. Mack was a feasible starter, he even had over 1,000 yards rushing in 2019, but Indy did not hesitate to pull the trigger on Jonathan Taylor when he fell to them and their offense soared in 2020 because of it. You should try to move Gaskin for 2nd round rookie pick value before the hammer comes down in the Draft.     

Mike Davis, Atlanta Falcons

I mentioned earlier that I’m not a fan of RBs that don’t secure a lead role by Year 3.  Well, Mike Davis took 6 seasons to find himself in a starting role and it was only because of an injury to Christian McCaffery.  I understand why Davis supporters like him, he looked great last season while filling in for McCaffrey.  He was Top 10 in Fantasy Points Differential (measures his production compared to what an average RB would do with his same touches), yards after contact per attempt and he even led the league in broken tackle rate.  Based on those metrics, you would expect him to be a solid backfield option, but I think his success was more about his situation than actual talent.  

When McCaffrey was first injured in Week 3, Carolina didn’t have a choice but to promote Davis to the starting job.  The other backs on the roster were Reggie Bonnafon who is more of a gadget player (never had more than 5 carries in a game before 2020) and Trenton Cannon who is primarily a special teamer.  Davis walked into a ton of volume, seeing the fifth most targets, tenth most redzone touches and a career-high 64.2-percent opportunity share.  He didn’t do anything special though, just 4.5 yards per touch (48th best) and an unimpressive 3.89 yards per carry.  His best trait is breaking tackles, but when you don’t have much burst or speed, it doesn’t mean much.  The longest run of his CAREER went for 23 yards. 

Atlanta should have the RB position high on their priority list going into the draft.  Davis signed a two-year deal, but there is no guaranteed money next year and the average annual compensation is just short of what Devontae Booker and Cordarrelle Patterson (recently signed by the Falcons as primarily a return specialist) are going to make.  That does not sound like a guy that was brought in to take on a significant role.  Even if he escapes major competition from the Draft, he will not see the same volume that he had in 2020.  If you can get one or two 3rd round rookie picks for Davis, take it and run.  


Top 5 Landing Spots For Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is one of the more intriguing free agent players this offseason for me as I still believe that if he were to get a starting role, he would be able to play at a high level. We saw it at times last season while Brown was on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He even “turned back the clock” against Atlanta in Week’s 15 and 17, cooking the Falcons poor secondary for a combined 231 receiving yards and three touchdowns. In that Week 17 game alone, Antonio Brown saw a season-high 14 targets, catching 11 passes for a 73.3% catch rate.

To me, Brown still has some juice left. He just needs to stay out of the news and out of trouble. Currently,  Antonio Brown is looking to get another contract as he’s a free agent heading into the 2021 season. The Bucs are looking to re-sign him as contract negotiations with Brown are reportedly still on the table. Brown was reportedly looking for a deal similar to what wide receivers DeSean Jackson and TY Hilton got in free agency. The Phinest Crew and I talked about this on the latest episode of the Fantasy’s Phinest Podcast too. Let’s play with this though. Where could Antonio Brown go if he doesn’t return to the Bucs? I have five landing spots that would not only let him reignite his career at the starter level, but would also allow him to be a viable asset for fantasy this season.

Continue reading “Top 5 Landing Spots For Antonio Brown”

Still Holding on to Deshuan Watson?

So as Dynasty guys it can be nerve wrecking seeing all this drama unfold. Also for us Redraft guys who been targeting Watson as their QB1 in those mid rounds when all the big dogs like Patrick Mahomes , Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray are all gone. The recent news from the sexual misconduct civil lawsuit against Watson has been interesting for the past couple days. Some of the women names are being revealed and as of yesterday Tome Pelissero had this to report.

This doesn’t mean Watson is in the clear. So to just speak on the “Fantasy” aspect of things as a Dynasty owner i would still be very worried in what to do with Watson. Redraft he’s a clear DO NOT DRAFT guy because he’s not worth the headache. Even if Watson makes it out without being charged with anything or being suspended… Watson doesn’t wanna play for the Texans and that is a fact. So we could see Watson sit the season out. If you were Watson and seeing how your employer is treating you would you return back to that toxic work place? The answer here should be NO.

In Dynasty i would be looking to sell Watson while i still can for other positions of need and some draft picks. I would be looking for a 3rd round pick for Watson with a package of 2 positions of need for my roster. Now that may sound expensive to you but Watson name still ringing bells for those “Super Flex” Dynasty leagues. Find the team who has Dak as their QB1 and wave Watson in their face and see how much attention you get. Shoot ur shot at his draft picks and players. Dak and Watson sounds like a beautiful “SF Combo” if Watson plays tho… or go find the team who got stuck with Kirk Cousin or Matt Ryan as their QB1s and see there eyes light up as well. So you have many options to go with here just to stay clear when that Watson bomb goes off and we find out he’s going to jail… or he’s suspended for x amount of games… or he makes it out clear and he decides to sit the entire szn. Either way the Waston bomb is coming and i would like to be as far as i can be from that headache.

Overall you have to act fast on what your going to do with Watson. The longer you wait the harder it will be to sell him for his true value. It’s also been reported that some teams have backed out of the race to make a push for Watson so… its becoming less likley he will be traded this szn. Which makes you stuck with him until someone throws you a wildly disrespectful trade offer you will have no choice to accept because your team is crashing and burning 6 weeks into the szn. So don’t be that guy please and thank you.

Another way we can look at this situation is if Watson ends up staying in Houston and plays this Szn.. The Texans did not get any better this off-szn when if came to free agency. So its not like Watson will have the motivation to play for a team that held him captive and tried to destroy his image. They lost Will Fuller this off-szn to the Miami Dolphins. They resigned David Johnson only to sign Mark ingram a few weeks after. Then just shortly after that signing they picked up Phillip Lindsay…. i just don’t understand it… They also signed Tyrod Taylor 1 year 12.5M deal. Which all lead us all to believe Watson was going to be traded but they were bracing their selves from the drama that happened several days later. The accusations. Smart play by the Texans but im pretty sure they’ll be the first team in history to go 0-17 with the now additional game the NFL added to the schedule.

So what did you learn from this? Dynasty sell while you can. Redraft stay far away.

Your Welcome. #BringHomeTheGold Szn.

Written by LaQuan Jones


Put Some “Respeck” On Justin Fields Name! Why He’s Better Than Most People Think

I don’t want to go completely down the rabbit hole on this subject, but for whatever reason it seems like it’s the popular thing to downplay the talent and dedication that Justin Fields has when it comes to football. Lately, word out of both the NFL (via unnamed NFL executives) and certain media outlets have been piling on Justin Fields. From questioning the young quarterbacks work ethic to snap character judgements and everything in-between. Recently, ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky caught heat for some comments that he shared on The Pat McAfee Show when asked about why Justin Fields was falling on draft boards around the league. Here’s what he said on the show:

Notice that he said that “these are not my opinions”. People may have missed that part. I understand that some may feel that he shouldn’t have shared those comments as he is “continuing to perpetuate the narrative of slandering a black quarterback” (I’m paraphrasing but stay with me), but these thoughts don’t stem from Orlovsky himself. I can’t fault Dan Orlovsky for doing his job. Should Orlovsky been smarter in vetting those statements and following up with thoughts of his own or digging deeper into these narratives? Of course. That’s just good journalism. I can only hope that Orlovsky learns not to make this mistake again but overall I won’t bury him for it like others have.

These thoughts are coming from the NFL. Those “that are decision makers” in the league. The guys that have some juice in their respective team’s front offices are the ones spilling this out into the media. No one is going to put their name on those statements either so there’s no reason to get butthurt about it because we know that’s not how these things go down.

Dan Orlovsky even went back to social media and added more clarity to response to the “firestorm” that those comments caused from Pat McAfee Show appearance:

I’ll be the first to say I don’t follow college football closely as other fantasy football writers but I will say this… Google is free. There’s plenty of ways to find out what the truth could be and what falsehoods are being planted out there. Sometimes you just have to be able to sift through the nonsense and see what it is for yourself. What I have found from my own research is this… Justin Fields is being slept on. I might even add “drastically” to that sentence.

One of the things that I have heard is that Justin Fields can’t get pass his first read on the field. He apparently has trouble processing information quickly. It’s either one read and then he’s gone. Contrary to that narrative, there were several examples of Justin Fields processing plays not only quickly but correctly.

Even ProFootball Focus jumped in with some stats, dispelling the “one-read” narrative on Justin Fields.

As mentioned before, Justin Fields work ethic and character were also brought up. NFL Media Analyst Bucky Brooks jumped all over this one.

And there was this nugget that popped up via Barstool OSU.

Now let’s close this out with a comparison. Zach Wilson has been talked about so much lately that he’s the perceived potential number 2 QB coming off the board in the 2021 NFL Draft. Is he better than Justin Fields to have that spot on lock? I don’t know. By their college numbers, I would beg to differ. Based on their numbers, Justin Fields comes out on top in most categories on the surface.

Fields vs. Wilson (College Career):

Completion percentage: 68.4% to 67.6%

Passing Yards: 5,701 to 7,652

Yards per attempt: 9.2 to 9.1

Adjusted yards per attempt: 10.7 to 9.7

Touchdowns: 67 to 56

Interceptions: 9 to 15

Passer Rating: 179 to 163

Now I’m not saying Zach Wilson is bad. At the same time, what is it that he does better than Justin Fields that he should just be considered the number 2 QB in the draft? Both are mobile QBs who can make plays with their feet but Fields looks better in the pocket to me over Wilson. Fields is also faster, running a 4.44 40 time during his pro day.

I’m not sure why Justin Fields is getting so much shade but he won’t get it from me. Fields needs a good landing spot to further showcase his talents. I have a sneaky suspension that the San Francisco 49ers could be in his future with them moving up to 3rd overall after trading with the Miami Dolphins last week. Combine that with ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio’s report that the 49ers are looking for a 1st rounder for Jimmy Garoppolo and that could be one of the best landing spots for the rookie QB.

I can’t wait to see what this kid does when he hits the NFL.


An Affair on Matt Ryan?!

An Affair on Matt Ryan?! Let me just preface this by saying I cant tell the future. But I sit here on April 2nd having just walked away from yet another debate about the Atlanta Falcons and who they should take at pick 4 in the 2021 NFL Draft. I write this knowing full well that it could age poorly in just a few short weeks. I don’t know whats going to happen in the draft. I’m just a simple nerd reading tea leaves. …and those tea leaves are SCREAMING that the falcons will not be taking a Quarterback 4th overall in April’s draft. The Falcons have laid out a number of clues that indicate what they will – or more accurately wont do in the draft. And that’s draft a Quarterback. And yet every day this week, I’ve found myself in discussions with people on twitter, reddit, facebook, the water cooler, and everywhere in-between that it simply wont happen. The masses seem CONVINCED that they could take a QB. And that’s cool. Everyone has their own opinion. But lets explore this a little bit, shall we? I’ll start off with the “why they will” arguments. Because they do deserve some merit. There are factors that point to a need. Matt Ryan is now 36 years old. The team went 4-12 in 2020. They have an aging roster with a number of holes to fill, and are in salary cap hell. None of these are unreasonable as it relates to moving on from a quarterback and looking to rebuild things from the ground up. That would likely mean having to move on from franchise stalwarts like Julio Jones as well, but I digress. Taking a quarterback likely means entering at least some amount of a rebuild. And conceptually, that’s reasonable, given the roster. That said, the team has functionally told us that they’re not electing to go that direction. No, it wasn’t a public statement, a press conference, or even an implication to a beat reporter. Rather, it was their handling of Matt Ryan and his contract. Before I go any further in this piece, I want to pose a question. And I need you to answer it in your mind, as the answer has some amount of importance as to the direction of this piece. And don’t worry, I’ll steer you back if you come up with the “wrong” answer. Lets assume the first 3 picks off the board are Lawrence, Wilson, and Fields. (You can substitute Lance for Fields there if you wish, it makes no difference to me. The Vegas odds currently favor Fields going #3, so that’s who I’m rolling with, but you do you. Hell, put Mac Jones or even “Kellen Trask” (intentional) as we joked about on the Not Analytics podcast here if you wish, it still doesn’t change the direction of this article. Question: You’re the Falcons and you DO want to take Trey Lance at pick #4. WHEN was it that you fell in love with him? Chronologically, I mean. Was it sometime during his one-game season? Was it a pro-day? 2019? Stop and seriously answer that for just one second. Keep in mind that this is your Quarterback of the future. “Your guy” for the next 10-15 years. How long have you loved Trey Lance? The answer should be that you’ve had an idea about him for a decent while now. Maybe you didn’t love love him just yet, but you were at least dating and had those butterflies of “oh man this could be it.” And those feelings have all but certainly existed for a while now. I’ll tell you this much, you shouldn’t have just developed those feelings out of nowhere in the last 3 weeks. That’s a crush, that aint love. Yeah sure maybe you could get to love, but over the course of a couple of weeks? That makes me a little nervous. I know this seems like some wild tangent, asking about your process in scouting and evaluating a player, and the timing of how him as “your guy” is a bit… weird. I know, I get it. But lets circle back to Matt Ryan. You know, the guy you’re currently committed to. Right now, your franchise is committed to Matt Ryan. But he’s 36, and you’re thinking it might be time to see what else is out there. Maybe someone younger (don’t make my relationship analogy weird) with more potential for the future who you could see yourself with. The problem comes with Matt Ryan’s salary. And you can thank your lucky stars, we’re moving off of the relationship analogy, unless you really want to shoehorn in some jokes about relationships having a cost and all of that. Yada yada. Matt Ryan is committed to cost you $40m against the cap in 2021, $41m in 2022, and $36m in 2023 (all numbers rounded for ease). Out of those three years, he is guaranteed $40m, broken down by signing bonuses in 2021-2023 as $17m, 17m, and $8m, respectively. Because these are signing bonuses, any separation from the Falcons results in these charges immediately accelerating against the current year’s cap. So if inexplicably the Falcons were to cut Matt Ryan on April 3rd of 2021, he would could $43m as dead money against the cap… or such was the case. Three weeks ago, the Falcons elected to restructure Ryan’s contract. A restructure works by taking some amount of a player’s salary and reducing- but guaranteeing it by converting it into a signing bonus. This allows the team to prorate that bonus across the remaining life of the deal. In the case of Ryan, It reduced his salary by $21m in 2021, but increased his signing bonus proration by $7m in each of 2021, 2022, and 2023. Because of this conversion, if the Falcons were to again inexplicably cut Ryan tomorrow, he would now count $65m in dead money. This is because before his salary wasn’t guaranteed, but now converting the money to signing bonus does ensure it as such. And the question is why. And hopefully that “why” is the incongruence we can come to understand in the coming few paragraphs. Because the crux of the discussion is that restructure, and why it doesn’t make sense. That question of when you fell in love with Trey Lance? Yeah that’s closing in on this very point. If you’re the Falcons and you choose to take Trey Lance, why are you restructuring Matt Ryan? Essentially what the Ryan restructure does is that it ensures that a breakup between player and team will be messier than originally planned. No, theres functionally no chance the Falcons move on from Ryan in the coming days. But that’s fine, most people consider Lance to be a project worthy of sitting behind Ryan for a year. But if you sit Lance for one year, you’ll move on from Ryan in the 2022 offseason. Except that you cant do that either, his dead cap charge would still be $40m. Moving on from Ryan in the offseasons of either 2021 OR 2022 is functionally prohibited by the nature of the dead money hits. Its either going to cost you $65m now or $40m next (2022) offseason. And those figures are locked in. There little to no way of skirting them by way of trade, as they’re all signing bonus proration. Hell, even in the 2023 offseason, moving on from Ryan is going to cost you almost $16m. So lets circle back here. You take Trey Lance 4th overall. Congrats, you just got your guy. You now have forced yourself to either sit him for multiple years behind Ryan, pay $40m to your backup quarterback, or take the largest dead money hit in the history of the NFL as part of the transition. And most of this could have been avoided. You didn’t have to restructure Matt Ryan. You’ve locked yourself into $21m more in guarantees (or more realistically $14m in 2022 or $7m in 2023) to move on from your current quarterback. For what? Cap space in the short term? Yeah sure its beneficial now, but short term cap space wont help you if you take a Quarterback and signal a rebuild anyway. Of those options, you simply have to stick with Ryan. You didn’t have to restructure his deal, and yet you did anyway. And if you truly loved Trey Lance prior to March 16th, 2021 (the day of Ryan’s restructure), you knew that invariably the day of a breakup from Matt Ryan was to come. Why are you making things more messy and difficult on your cap than needed? There exists virtually no benefit, and only pain when the invariable breakup occurs. All that to say, the Falcons either aren’t taking a QB at 4, or their front office is extremely incongruent with how they’re handling Matt Ryan and his salary. So can we PLEASE stop mocking them a Quarterback? Epilogue: I’ve told you what the Falcons wont do at 4, but what I think they should do is trade down. If a team like Carolina, Denver, New England, etc wants to move up to take Lance at 4, do it. That would be fantastic. Fill holes elsewhere on your roster and accumulate picks. If you stay at 4, honestly any of the blue-chip talents would make sense, be it Pitts, Chase, Sewell, etc. Epilogue #2: Yes, I know the cap is expected to go up in 2022, and thus a Ryan dead money charge is theoretically more palatable. That’s true. But a larger dead money hit is still illogical, as you knew you were moving on from Ryan when you first fell in love with Lance. You’ve still made the breakup more painful for no reason. Plus, an increasing cap combined with your dead money hit is actually bad for you, as you’re still eating the charge and now you’re behind relative to other teams in competing for free-agents. That dead money hit reduces your spending power, no matter where the cap is. Hopefully you enjoyed this piece, and the rantings and ravings of my lunatic self didn’t drive you off too bad. If you enjoyed this, please feel free to check out my other work at http://notanalytics.com or follow me on twitter @FF_AHayslip. And for the love of god, please stop mocking the Falcons a QB at 4.


Dynasty Targets: WRs with New QBs in 2021

By: Andrew Metcalfe

Should Fantasy players be afraid of change for their players?

Most Fantasy managers tend to avoid the unknown with their rosters.  We all love WRs that are in familiar situations from the previous year because they are easier to project.  Sometimes, you can take advantage of a player’s changing circumstances.  This is especially true with receivers that get new QBs who are perceived as a downgrade from the previous signal-caller.  Here are 3 WRs that will have new QBs in 2021, that I am looking to acquire in Dynasty leagues:

Allen Robinson, Bears

You don’t need me to tell you that Allen Robinson is an elite WR.  What I will tell you: it’s a mistake to move him down WR ranks because of the Andy Dalton signing.  I was excited like everyone else at the potential of Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson to Chicago, but those are unlikely scenarios at this point.  Lost in the disappointment of them losing out on an elite QB, is the fact that Dalton is still an upgrade over what Robinson has played with for most of his career. 

Here’s a refresher on some of the QBs Robinson has had to deal with: Blake Bortles, Chad Henne, Nick Foles, Mitch Trubisky.  Not one of them are expected to be an NFL starter in 2021.  Andy Dalton gets a bad rep, but he is a competent QB, which is more than we can say for the other signal callers on Robinson teams.  In 2020, Dalton had a better True Passer rating (excludes throw aways and WR dropped passes), deep ball completion % and Accuracy Rating (according to Player Profiler) than Mitch Trubisky.  Dalton also showed that he can support a solid Fantasy WR1 during his time in Cincinnati with AJ Green, although those days of Green dominating seem so far away now!

Acquiring Allen Robinson still won’t be cheap, but I’d bet you can find some Fantasy managers that are panic selling after the Dalton signing. Turning 28 years old this Fall, he’s still in his physical peak and will likely see the best QB play up until this point of his career. Buy the dip in value!

Quintez Cephus, Lions

I’ve discussed Cephus here recently, but I want to bring him up again now that we know Kenny Golladay won’t return to Detroit.  I’m confident that Detroit will address the WR position early in the rookie Draft, but as of now, the Lions’ WR depth chart is led by Tyrell Williams and Breshad Perriman in front of Cephus.  Perriman has never seen more than 70 targets in a season and Williams only did it once back in 2016.  Even if Detroit ends up with one of the top rookie WRs, there is more than enough opportunity for Cephus to work his way into a consistent starting role. 

I understand that no one is excited about the QB transition of Goff from Stafford.  Like my argument for Andy Dalton, Goff catches a lot of heat from the community, but he has been a competent QB for fantasy purposes for most of his career.  In 2018, LA had three top 15 fantasy WRs. Head Coach Sean McVay gets most of the credit, but Goff was the one on the field, making the throws. 

Goff’s favorite target with the Rams was Cooper Kupp, another mid-tier college prospect like Cephus was.  I don’t have any confirmation of how the Lions will deploy Cephus, but it would make a lot of sense to turn him into a big slot WR and give him a role similar to Kupp’s.  The similarities between the two receivers are interesting:

 Cooper KuppQuintez Cephus
Weight204 LBS202 LBS
Breakout Age20.220.4
Dominator Rating40.4%35.7%

Michael Pittman Jr., Colts

I’ll touch on another WR from the 2020 class, Michael Pittman Jr, son of the former Buccaneers RB.  I’m always a fan of players that have family members who were also in the NFL.  It’s a major benefit for him to have a parent with NFL experience which gave him a first-hand look of what it takes to be a successful pro. 

Free agency was a major win for Pittman, from my viewpoint.  With TY Hilton coming back, he avoided competition from the top-tier guys like Godwin and Kenny Golladay whom the Colts were rumored to have interest in.  Hilton will have a role, but his days as an alpha WR are behind him.   

Going into 2021, new Indy QB Carson Wentz will have Michael Pittman, TY Hilton, and Parris Campbell as his top targets.  Campbell mainly plays in the slot and Hilton will be the main deep threat, so that leaves Pittman as the favorite to be the “Alpha” WR that we all look for in Fantasy.  Pittman has a similar physical profile to Alshon Jeffrey, except he’s even bigger and more athletic.  Jeffrey was always a favorite target for Wentz in Philly (when he was healthy), along with Zach Ertz.  Both over 6’3” tall, it’s fair to say that Wentz loves his big receivers.  Standing at 6’4”, Pittman has the clear size advantage over Campbell and Hilton which should get him plenty of looks from their new QB.     


RDFHQ Dynasty Showdown: CeeDee Lamb vs. Justin Jefferson

We all know that Fantasy Twitter loves a good debate!  One that I’ve seen discussed before is CeeDee Lamb vs Justin Jefferson: who should be higher in Dynasty rankings?  Lamb was considered the best WR prospect from the 2020 class, but Jefferson had the better stats.  I decided to take a closer look at various factors to determine which one I would prefer going forward. Enjoy!

College Production

CD: CeeDee Lamb was a 4-star recruit out of High School that committed to the University of Oklahoma in 2016.  After a redshirt year, he recorded 807 receiving yards and 7 TDs in his first eligible season.  His final season as a Junior earned him All-American honors in 2019, after he exploded for over 1300 yards and 14 TDs with QB Jalen Hurts. 

3 YR College career totals:


JJ: Justin Jefferson was a 3-star prospect and not highly recruited like Lamb was.  Fortunately, he had connections with LSU including two older brothers that had previously played for the Tigers and one of his childhood friends being the son of the LSU Head Coach at the time, Les Miles.  Despite not being the typical LSU recruit, he was still able to leverage his ties into a scholarship with them.  He only caught 1 ball as a Freshmen but cracked the starting lineup as a true Sophomore and put up a respectable 875 receiving yards.  The blow-up came his Junior season while playing with Joe Burrow: 111 receptions for 1540 yards and 18 TDs put him on the radar of every NFL team looking for WR help going into the 2020 Draft.

3 YR College career totals:


Even though Lamb had an extra year as a starter, I still have to give him the nod over Jefferson for College Production because of his ability to get onto the field and produce as a Freshmen. 

Winner: CeeDee Lamb

NFL Production

CD: Lamb was the 3rd WR taken in the 2020 NFL Draft, pairing up with Dak Prescott in Dallas.  He spent most of his time lined up inside, setting the rookie record for receiving yards from the slot (877).  His 109 targets were just 17.7% of the team’s total targets. 

Lamb faced stiff competition for targets from Cooper and Gallup, which is even more reason to be impressed by his production.  His full season pace during the 5 games he played with Prescott (before his season-ending injury) was 92 receptions for 1,385 yards and 6 TDs.  Keep in mind that Dak was averaging a ridiculous 50.25 attempts per week through the 4 games that he finished, so I’m not going to expect these numbers from Lamb in ’21.  There is still plenty of upside for him though.


JJ: Similar to their college careers, Jefferson got off to a slower start than Lamb.  He ceded snaps to Olabisi Johnson in the first two weeks of the season (remember when Johnson was a concern for Jefferson managers in training camp?  Good times!).  In week 3, he was plugged into the starting lineup and thrashed the Titans with 175 receiving yards.  From that point, he went on to set the rookie record for receiving yards and quickly became a fantasy stud. 

Jefferson surprisingly played very few snaps out of the slot position, which is what most expected from him based on his college career.  He lined up on the outside for over 80% of snaps.  If we just look at the games where he started (weeks 3-17) his full season pace would be 94 receptions for 1,520 yards and 8 TDs. 


Even though total # of routes run and target counts were similar for both rookies, Jefferson saw 500 more air yards than Lamb on the season so it’s understandable that the yardage totals look the way they do.  With that being said, Jefferson still had the more productive season by a wide margin.  This section is a clear win for the “Jet”. 

Winner: Justin Jefferson

Analytical Profiles

CD: Now, I want to dive in beyond the surface stats and really look at efficiency and surrounding factors.  As I mentioned before, Lamb mostly played as the Dallas slot WR and typically ran short to intermediate routes (9.1 average target distance was ranked 71st among WRs).  His 1.82 yards per route run ranked 43rd and he achieved an average of 1.56 yards of separation per target which was the 68th best.    

Fantasy-wise, Lamb ranked 39th in fantasy points per route run and 40th in fantasy points per target.  We also must consider that he dealt with subpar QB play for most of the season after Dak went down, which had a negative impact on his production.  Player Profiler gave his “Target Quality Rating” a 5.7 which ranked 56th among WRs. 

JJ: Jefferson earned a much higher target share than Lamb’s 17.7%, as he received 25.7% of the Vikings’ targets.  Adam Thielen was the only other legit receiving threat for Minnesota, so Jefferson was put in a great situation for opportunities.  Even as a rookie, he was one of the most efficient receivers in the NFL.  His 11.2 yards per target was 4th best and 2.66 yards per route run ranked him at #5 in that department. 

Looking at his fantasy output, he had the 7th most fantasy points per route run and ranked 14th in fantasy points per target.  His QB situation was much better than Lamb’s, as Kirk Cousins had the 9th best completion rate (67.6%) while putting together the best season of his career in 2020.  Jefferson’s “Target Quality Rating” was 6.6 (13th highest among WRs). 

Side-by-Side snapshot of the metrics that were discussed: *(credit to Player Profiler for stats)

Target Share17.70%25.70%
Yds/route run1.822.66
Target Quality Rating5.76.6
Fantasy pts/target1.922.16
Fantasy pts/route run0.410.51

Even though I’m sure that Lamb’s profile would look better if he played with Dak for the full season, I still have to give this one to Jefferson.  His efficiency levels were off the charts for a rookie WR and he did the most with the opportunity that was given to him.

Winner: Justin Jefferson

Final Thoughts

Based on this exercise, Justin Jefferson edges out CeeDee by a score of 2-1.  As I’ve mentioned several times, this might have gone differently if Dak didn’t dislocate his ankle midseason and force guys like Andy Dalton and Ben DiNicci to QB for the Cowboys.  Regardless of their situations, you have to give credit to Jefferson for his historical debut year.  While both guys are set to be future fantasy studs for years to come, Justin Jefferson has more Dynasty value in my opinion. 


The Patriots Come Out Guns Blazing! Signing Free Agency’s Top 2 Tight Ends Jonnu Smith And Hunter Henry

The tampering period for free agency is underway and some teams are firing right out of the gate to add to their team. The Patriots, coming into the start of the free agency period being one of the top 5 teams in salary cap space backed up the brinks truck to make moves early and didn’t look back. The Patriots went ahead with the big bank and signed Jonnu Smith, the former Tennessee Titans tight end to a 4-year deal worth $50 million dollars. Smith is also guaranteed $31.25 million dollars in the deal that works out to about $12.5 million a year. The new deal puts Jonnu Smith as the 3rd highest-paid tight end in the league.

The money truck didn’t stop there either. After scooping up Jonnu Smith on his contract, the Patriots went back to the tight end well and grabbed former Los Angeles Charger Hunter Henry. Henry signed on with the Patriots on a 3-year deal for $37.5 million dollars with $25 million guaranteed. I have to admit that the Patriots signing both TE’s was definitely giving me “Gronk/Hernandez 2.0” vibes.

The Breakdown

I can’t lie that I was a bit concerned about the Jonnu Smith signing and as fantasy owners, you would have to be too if you’ve been paying attention to the Patriot’s tight end situation over the last few seasons. It’s been a dark spot for fantasy (and reality for that matter) since the departure of Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski spoiled us as fantasy owners for several seasons because of his production and his use in the red-zone with Tom Brady. Since 2015, Gronkowski was pumping out fantasy points and was able to finish no lower than 11th during that span. And yes, I’m not counting 2016 when he got hurt.

With two of the best tight ends landing in New England for Cam Newton, or whatever quarterback is the starter (my money is on Cam though), this could be the return of the two-tight end sets. Having Jonnu and Henry on the field at the same time would give Newton the best tight end tandem to work with. This could also work well with what the Patriots really like to do in terms of offense, using short to intermediate passes to move the ball up-field in concert with running the ball as opposed to just chucking it all over the place. The wide receivers on staff, including the signings of Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne don’t scream “let’s throw it deep all the time” to me. What it does tell me is that the Patriots are adding speed to the outside to help draw defenders away from the middle of the field and allow Smith and Henry to take advantage of mismatches against opposing defenses.

Fantasy Impact

I mentioned earlier that the tight end position has been a bit of concern since Rob Gronkowski retired back in 2019. Ryan Izzo and Matt LaCosse were not the answers as neither player had more than 13 catches in either 2019 or 2020. Adding legit pass catchers in Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, as well as paying them what they’re getting lends to the line that those guys will be the focal points in the Patriots offense. In 2020, the Patriots ran 12 personnel just 22 times totaling just 2% of the total play called as opposed to the 53% for the 11 personnel.

The Patriots wide receivers at the moment don’t seem like much to write home about right now either. Neither Agholor or Bourne have ever been number 1 wide receivers at any point in their careers. Even with the Patriots, its hard to see that change. While the Patriots could still add a number 1 type of receiver in the draft or free agency, right now it looks like the tight end position will be featured as one of the main aspects of the Patriots offense in 2021. It also fits well with Cam Newton at this point of his career too. Cam averaged 7.2 yards per attempt last season throwing to basically nothing. He also didn’t have great options in the red-zone. Now he gets two different tight ends with different strengths to boost the offense. Jonnu Smith is a YAC machine, averaging 5.8 yards after the catch with the Titans last season. He also averaged nearly 11 yards per catch too. Smith also averaged 1.75 yards per separation last season as well, ranking 5th among TE’s in 2020.

Hunter Henry isn’t a slouch either. Henry averaged about 8 yards in the aDOT category and ranked 11th among tight ends with a true catch rate of just over 88% and ranked 11th in contested catches with a 55.6% catch rate. I wouldn’t mind targeting either tight end during the fantasy draft. If I had to pick one, I’d probably go with Jonnu Smith over Hunter Henry and I think it comes down to who’s the better scorer when they get into the red-zone. Jonnu Smith had 9 touchdowns last season, 8 receiving, 1 rushing touchdown, and seems to be the more dangerous weapon inside the red-zone compared to Hunter Henry who scored 6 touchdowns.

Smith ranked 2nd overall inside the 20 among tight ends last season with Hunter Henry ranking 20th. Smith boasted a 61.1% catch rate on 11 of 18 passes and 68 yards. Conversely, Hunter Henry was ranked 20th overall among tight ends in the same category with 6 of 14 passes caught inside the 20, 27 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a 42.9% catch rate. In terms of fantasy value, it tells a different story. After the shakeup signings, Hunter Henry’s average draft position is actually higher than Jonnu Smith Hunter Henry currently sits at the 7.10 mark while Jonnu Smith is much lower, falling into the double-digit realm at the 11.06. If I don’t plan to reach for a tight end early, Smith is right where I would want to grab a tight end.

What do you think? Who would you target between Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry?


Dak Prescott Gets New Deal And What He Means For Fantasy Owners in 2021

Getty Images via CBSSports

What’s going on guys! A quick introduction before I go gaga over the Dak news for the article. I just recently joined on with the RDFHQ squad as a content contributor and I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to lend my fantasy talents to the site. This is going to be a fun experience and I want to not only make sure that you readers enjoy my content here but come away informed behind my perspective on things. I also want you guys to know that yes, I am a Cowboys fan so this flows right into my wheelhouse. One thing I’ve learned while playing fantasy football is that you can’t be bias. There’s always some value to find in fantasy, even if it comes from a rival squad.

You can follow me on Twitter (@hype_phinest) and you can see I do beef with NFC East rival fans but it’s largely all in fun. I mean, if you can’t talk trash in football and fantasy, what’s the point, right? I’ve gone on long enough though so let’s get into this news!

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3 Players to Buy for a 3rd Round Rookie Pick

A rookie draft pick that “hits” is a player that goes on to produce at least one Top 24 (Top 12 for QB and TE) fantasy finish at their position.  Many studies have been conducted on rookie pick hit rates, but the estimated rate for 3rd round picks is about 10-12%.  That means that we can only expect to see 1-2 players picked in the 3rd round of dynasty rookie drafts to ever become fantasy relevant. 

During this time of the year, rookie hype is at an all-time high and most dynasty managers have already pegged their favorite late-round rookie sleepers.  Capitalize on this hype by offering mid to late 3rd round rookie picks for the following players that have either shown they can produce at a high level or already found themselves in a good situation:

Phillip Lindsay

The future seemed bright for Lindsay after he became the first Undrafted Free Agent RB to rush for 1,000+ yards in his first two seasons.  But the signing of free agent Melvin Gordon to a 2-year deal was a sign of bad things to come for the 3rd year back.  The team was verbally committed to Lindsay remaining a major part of the offense, but that was not the case in 2020.  While battling injuries, Gordon out-carried Lindsay 215-118 and Lindsay finished the year as RB65.

Despite a disaster 2020 season, there is some hope for Lindsay’s fantasy outlook.  Throughout the entire season, Lindsay battled various hip and knee injuries which clearly affected him on the field.   He posted his career lows in Yards per carry, Yards per target, and evaded tackles.  He still ranked 12th in big runs (20+ yards) and saw a 6.8% big run rate which was 5th best among RBs, so the speed is still there.  While Gordon will remain with the team in 2021, a healthy Lindsay should be able to establish a solid 1-2 punch.  The Broncos plan to tender Lindsay, who is a Restricted Free Agent, for 2021.  He will then become an Unrestricted Free agent in 2022.  Melvin Gordon might also be facing suspension to start next season as he currently deals with a DUI charge from last October. 

Quintez Cephus

Cephus plummeted down draft boards after he ran an abysmal 4.73.  Pair that with a mediocre production profile at Wisconsin and Cephus slipped into the 6th round of the 2020 NFL Draft.  He saw an immediate opportunity to get onto the field when Kenny Golladay missed Week 1 because of an injury.  Cephus played 80% of the snaps and saw 10 targets.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see much more of him throughout the year, other than a couple of splash plays.  He only saw 35 targets in his rookie campaign. 

Scouts liked his large frame, good hands and physical style of play but his overall athleticism has always been a question.  That sounds very similar to the Rams’ Cooper Kupp, who was the favorite target of new Detroit QB, Jared Goff:

 Cooper KuppQuintez Cephus
Weight204 LBS202 LBS
Breakout Age20.220.4
Dominator Rating40.4%35.7%

Regardless of what happens with Kenny Golladay or the Draft, Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola alone will vacate 184 targets from 2020.  Cephus will have a great opportunity to take over the “Big Slot” WR role and hopefully establish the same chemistry that Goff had with Kupp. 

Cole Kmet

Kmet was quiet to start 2020 while Jimmy Graham operated as the Bears’ top TE for most of the season.  Nagy finally came to his senses after their Week 11 bye and unleashed Kmet.  From that point, he saw an average of 5.5 targets/game which is a 16-game pace of 88 targets. That would have put him tied for 10th most among TEs in 2020.  Jimmy Graham is expected to be a cap casualty soon, with the Bears able to save $7 million by cutting him.  Cole Kmet would become an instant TE1 candidate once Graham is gone. 


Superbowl Showdown – DFS Strategy & Picks – Chiefs Buccaneer – Brady Mahomes & YOU!

Well we have finally come to the end of the Covid Season and what a super showdown do we have on tap today. Oh to be a younger NFL Fan today. When I was younger the Superbowl was dominated by teams hundreds of miles from Foxboro and games that were largely over before they started. To have had a recent string of competitive Super Bowls over the last 6+ seasons has been a treat… but today’s offering of Da Big Game has the promise of something that all us DFSers love: A SHOOTOUT! No, not at the OK Corral and No not at Swarangens in Deadwood… no today’s shootout is primed to occur in the Sunshine state with Swashbucklin’ cannons and at least 10,000 witnesses live on hand.

Ok, hyperbole aside we do have a DFS Showdown slate to talk about. So let’s get down to business.

Lineup Construction and Contest Selection strategy:

When I think of this game and the Chiefs and Buccaneers I think it may be very easy to fall into the trap of Patrick Mahomes at Captain and one of either Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce in the Flex, paired with Brady and whichever Buc Wideout you can afford and maybe a cheap kicker. I would say 90% of lineups will look like that today – and why not? Patrick Mahomes is the highest projected player on the slate and rostering both Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce will be cost prohibitive so you have to choose – right? Well I am not saying that is right or wrong but what I am saying is you need to think differently if you want to get a leg up on 90% of your competition.

The first bit of strategy I am going to employ is to Mass Multi Enter. I don’t usually talk or recommend what contests to put your money towards, but here I want to explain how I am and why. If you think of the Super Bowls of the past, think of all of the times a star rises from the crowd that at the start of the game the majority of the 20 million viewers at home are like – Who? Be it a Defensive Stud, a Wide Receiver, a Kicker … I think we all have memories of Super Bowls where someone stepped up. So while I am not saying to base a lineup on the past, what I am saying is multi entering (mass multi entering really) will allow me the room to have flexibility in some of my lineups that kinda get weird, while still allowing me to have a lineup with the headline studs… does that make sense? It also will allow me the chance to not just have Patrick Mahomes in my captain slot but have several lineups with a different captain.

Ownership is important in DFS but the one thing to keep in mind is with only one game – two teams – getting away from having some Chalk players in your lineup will be impossible. So you have to think more in terms of your construction in that landing on the right combination of Chalk vs lower owned players will be extremely tough to pinpoint in a single entry or even a 3 entry max. So my first advice here is to consider your bank roll and consider mass multi entering and give yourself more ability to cover the field. I will help you here with picks to help you build from but if you can afford it, I recommend mass multi-entering and creating variance. The reality is that if indeed 90% of the field will construct a lineup with Mahomes, Hill or Kelce, Brady, Cheapest Buc pass catcher and Kicker and only 5 of your 20 linueps look like that, but the other 15 are built differently – the leverage those other 15 lineups have given you could be the difference between cashing or not… If you have further questions on this approach send me a DM @DelRayBoston


DFS is tough and most people do not win money. Let’s get that out in the open. I am currently on a NBA losing streak that makes me want to pack it in and give it up. But if you love the thrill of a DFS Contest like I do – you can’t give up! As long as it doesn’t bankrupt you in the process I mean.

So when I say think differently, the first thing to do is to think back as much as you can at losing lineups that you thought were going to be winners and think about how you could have built that lineup differently. Maybe you thought I need to build this lineup so I am not just playing all of the Chalk players and you went real deep on value targets that you thought carried no ownership, to the point that you sacrificed high scoring targets that ultimately you may have needed to cash. Or maybe you built a lineup where it was all chalk and you ended up winning $1.00 because 6,300 players all had the same lineup and you all split 56th place. You can go back to past contests right in Draft Kings and FanDuel and you can see the results … spend a minute and do that today. Look at past Showdown Lineups you built and then look at the winners of those contests. See what they did that you didn’t. Sometimes when you do that you will see something you missed. Yes there is a lot of luck in DFS – it’s gambling after all… but if you employ a strategy not just of thinking differently against the field but against yourself, you could find lineup construction today to be a lot more fun and hopefully more profitable.

So who says you can’t roster both Tyreek Hill AND Travis Kelce in the same lineup? A podcast you listen to every week? A pundit who tells you that it is impossible for both guys to have mega performances at the same time in the same game? Well let me give you permission to buck that line of thinking. What if you have Tyreek and he puts on another 3 touchdown 200 yard performance – but Kelce also had 90 yards and a touchdown and not having the combination of the two lost you money? Are you going to tell me that couldn’t happen? If 90% of lineups have one or the other – I want to have both. Am I eating chalk here – yes, but in this case eating MORE chalk made me different.

Who says you can’t build a lineup with a Buccaneers Domination theme? Brady, 2 of 3 wide receivers, Fournette AND Jones? Again did you hear it somewhere or read it somewhere that you shouldn’t? Listen if 90% of lineups have Mahomes at Captain I want to have at least one with Brady in that spot – don’t you? And look at how the Buccaneers have been playing recently. Brady has at least 3 touchdowns in like five of his last 6 and by the way – the Chiefs over the last half of the season have fielded the WORST Red Zone Defense in the league coming into this game. They have more wins with 1 touchdown or less lead than the Atlanta Falcons all season. Are you going to tell me that the Chiefs and the Falcons are the same caliber team? If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Iowa to sell you. So seriously – be different, build a Buccaneers domination lineup and don’t be afraid of it.

And who says that this game is going to shoot out? Well I did but that isn’t my point. Vegas has this line at 56 and the Chiefs at 3. The last time these two teams met the Chiefs won 27-24 so if you do the math in essence Vegas is giving the Chiefs 4 more points… so what if the UNDER HITS? Seriously if you are mass multi entering like I am, you need to have think this way. As a safety net I’ll have a couple lineups with a Kicker at Captain and for certain a few lineups with the Defense in a stack with an opposing kicker … is it likely we see a defensive struggle for 4 quarters? No … but in case we do, be prepared. Most players in your contest will not… I can guarantee that.

Last bit of advice here – I think it is paramount that you have both Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady in your lineup, somehow. You have two quarterbacks that ultimately run their offenses, two offenses that are high powered and can beat you in many ways. I think fading one over the other is going to be a mistake. If you are multi entering I am not saying every lineup needs to look like that, but if you had a gun to my head and asked me to predict what the winning lineup of the Millionaire Maker looks like, my best guess would be a lineup with both quarterbacks rostered. Using Brady in the Captain spot and Mahomes in the flex is the way I will attack this mostly, for what it’s worth.


My last bit of strategy to talk about here before I get into picks is using injury news to your advantage. This carries over to not just injuries but likely scenarios we could see play out today due to news we have advantage of knowing.

The BuccaneersAntonio Brown and Cameron Brate are both questionable and while both are expected to play after logging practices this week, the thing to note here is how much are they expected to play? I find it hard to believe that the Bucs will throw AB out as a decoy to open up lanes but it is possible. The reports are that he is still not operating at 100%. So while I am not saying fade AB here, what I think is important to NOT do is to chase Scotty Miller or Tyler Johnson if you are worried about AB’s condition. While I think it is a good idea to sprinkle some Miller and/or Johnson in a few lineups if you are mass multi-entering, I wouldn’t do it at the expense of not rostering AB – unless Brown is ruled out entirely. Tom Brady loves Antonio Brown and if he is out there, don’t think for a second Brady won’t try to give Brown a Super Bowl moment… so just don’t fall into the trap of thinking he is a decoy and you need one of the other guys (Miller or Johnson) to cash….

The Cameron Brate news though does have more implications I think. If you have already looked at the slate Draft Kings has Rob Gronkowski at ONLY $3,000. If Brate was out, I would have hit the lock button on Gronk in a hot minute. But the reality is that Brate over the last 4 games has run more routes than Gronk, out targeted Gronk 4 to 1 and has been a go to target for Brady. Now same mentality regarding Tom Brady and Gronk as it is to Brady and Brown. Tom Brady and Gronk’s relationship runs deep and if you don’t think Brady would love to give Gronk one more reason to spike the ball in the endzone in the Superbowl, well have I told you about my ocean front property for sale yet? My point here is that with Brate in, Gronk can’t be seen as a lock even at that ridiculously cheap price. The Bucs have been using Gronk for run blocking a lot recently and anything can happen – but I think if you are multi-entering Brate is as important as Gronk even at $1,200 more on DK. There is only a $500 difference between the two on FanDuel so this isn’t as much of an issue. Either way – keep in mind, the Chiefs have been torched by Tight Ends all season long and in their first meeting Gronk had 6 catches for 106 yards. I would keep a Tampa Bay Tight End in your player pool for sure today … or both of them.

The Chiefs – The big name to keep an eye on is Sammy Watkins. Watkins is expected to suit up for this game but will he also play a significant role – it remains to be seen. This could be Sammy Watkins last game with the Chiefs – it could be his last game period too. The oft injured Watkins has contemplated shelving the cleats. So there is emotion attached to this news here. We have seen time and time again one game per season is the Sammy Watkins game – could that be today? I don’t know but with the news circling him, it seems unlikely that he sees a full compliment of snaps. We won’t know for sure until around 5PM. Why this matters is directly tied to the age old question on the Chiefs. Who else do we roster other than Mahomes, Hill and Kelce? If Watkins is out I will have a lot of Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson and a sprinkle of Byron Pringle. Most people will gravitate to Hardman but I am going to make a rule I only use Hardman in lineups without either Hill or Kelce and that I have some lineups with Hardman and the Chiefs defense stacked in the event there is a kick return touchdown. I do not think it is a good idea to ignore Demarcus Robinson however. We have seen Robinson be the right man at the right time for Mahomes more than once and could this be a Demarcus Robinson Superbowl? Weirder things have happened. I wouldn’t roster Hardman and Robinson in the same lineup – but I don’t mind rostering Robinson with either Hill or Kelce and in this case I prefer lineups WITH Tyreek Hill. The Buccaneers have a soft spot in their secondary and especially have been beaten by the long ball. So even if Watkins is in, I don’t mind Hardman or Robinson but if he is out or limited I think both guys carry a little more priority. If we get news that Watkins is playing and starting, I likely won’t have much for any of the other three – minus the Hardman stacks with the Chiefs Defense I mentioned. If this is indeed Watkins swan song on this team, I could see Patrick Mahomes looking to send him home happy. So like I said – pay attention to this Sammy Watkins news.

My Captain/MVP Picks

If I am playing a Chief at Captain I think you may assume that Patrick Mahomes is my priority. After all in week 12 against Tampa Bay, Mahomes dropped 482 Yards on this team and 3 touchdowns completing 37 of 49 passes enroute to 35.3 Fantasy Points. Now am I saying that will happen again – no, but it certainly could! The thing is though 269 of those yards went to Tyreek Hill as did all 3 of Mahomes’ Touchdowns. Mama Mia. It makes me lean towards Hill as my favorite Chiefs captain. It is not like Tampa Bay’s secondary has improved right? Well … the thing to keep in mind is that the strategy that Tampa Bay must imploy is how do we keep Patrick Mahomes on the sideline and if they are successful at that it could severely hamper either Mahomes or Hill from having those monster performances. So while I like Mahomes and Hill a lot in this matchup, my favorite Chief Captain pick is Travis Kelce. On both sites Kelce is more expensive than Hill, so because of that I think he will be the least popular of the 3. But look at Kelce’s last 8 games and you can just see how much this offense is running through him. Since week 11 he has gone over 100 yards receiving 5 of 8 games and more notably less than 80 yards only once. Additionally, he has had at least one touchdown in 7 of the 8 games, with 2 in the victory over Buffalo in the AFC Championship. The only game in that stretch that the Thor didn’t score was against the Buccaneers. I like the odds of Kelce getting that missing touchdown back today, maybe even twice. The Bucs come into this game 16th against Tight Ends for what it’s worth.

If you are mass multi entering I don’t mind looking at a lineup with Watkins (if he plays), Hardman or Robinson at Captain/MVP if you want to be different and save some salary, but when you do that you run the risk of multiplying 7 – 10 points by 1.5 and sacrificing multiplying 20 – 30 points by 1.5 by not rostering Mahomes, Hill or Kelce in the spot. So my advice to you if you do go the route of a cheap secondary receiver at the top spot that you use that salary savings to stack you flex spots as much as possible.

The two most interesting low owned Chiefs captains though that I will have in my player pool are Clyde-Edwards Helaire and Harrison Butker. In the case of CEH no one is going to roster him at Captain. The Buccaneers run defense is too good and his usage is too low – right? Well yes, but for me this is the exact type of game script I want to attack in a showdown especially one in the Superbowl. Do I think we see CEH run for 120 yards? Probably not. Do we think he will catch 80 yards? Hmm, unlikely… but is there a real chance he takes 1 or 2 touchdowns to the house from the goal line? Definitely possible. So don’t let the the narratives scare you. If you are multi-entering, having a lineup or two of CEH at Captain definitely interests me. For Harrison Butker it’s just simple math. The Chiefs won by a field goal in Week 12. Vegas is basically giving the Chiefs 4 more points today to get to the 56 mark. That is a field goal and an extra point. If Butker kicks two or three field goals and delivers on 2 or 3 more extra points, he is well worth a nod on at least one lineup at Captain for me.

On the other side of the ball, I love Tom Brady at Captain. First he is the fourth most expensive player on the slate which is ideal for a little variance rostering him over Mahomes, Hill or Kelce at Captain. Second Brady threw for 345 and 2 against this team in week 12, so really right behind Mahomes in that regard and if it wasn’t for the two picks he threw, he also would have cracked 30 Fantasy Points. Interceptions have been a problem for Brady, but Touchdowns have been a problem for his opponents. Since week 14 Brady has thrown 2 or more Touchdowns in EVERY GAME. Why are you going to consider fading that at Captain. If he can throw even close to the yardage in Week 12 and have 2 or more Touchdowns and no interceptions today … he makes an EXCELLENT Pivot from the more chalky Chiefs at the top spot.

If I am not going Brady, I think my next favorite Buc is Leonard Fournette. It has been clear that Fournette has taken over this backfield with 12 or more carries over the last 3 weeks and a touchdown or more in every game since week 15. He also has averaged 4 catches per game in that span. The Chiefs are 21st against the run and have been gouged by dominant running backs all season. With Brady the focus of the defense I could see a lot of check downs going Fournette’s way and I could see Fournette having a nice game on the ground as well. In Week 12 Ronald Jones went 9 for 66 and caught a 37 yard pass for a score. If Fournette has taken over this role, I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say he could match or surpass that.

You also can’t talk Bucs captains without mentioning Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. I think if you are playing Cash Lineups Godwin is your guy, but I love Evans for Tournaments. The Red Zone upside Evans carries against the worst redone defense in the league coming into this game, is too much to pass up. We have seen Evans with multiple touchdown games numerous times this season and I wouldn’t be surprised at all of it happens here. It isn’t to say I don’t like Godwin a lot – I do – but I think his target share and yardage are safer play in cash. My biggest piece of analysis here on Evans and Godwin is ownership. Both Evans and Godwin are priced in that range where you could go up for Brady, Hill or you could go down for Fournette, Antonio Brown. Which I think will keep their ownership in check and that is where I like to attack in Showdowns.

I also think if you are multi entering, having at least one lineup with the Buccaneers Defense at Captain isn’t crazy. The Bucs are at home and they have been playing great football recently defensively. Can anyone fully stop Patrick Mahomes, no … but if they can shut down the run and bottle neck the pass. the Bucs have as much of a shot as anyone at sacks, fumbles, interceptions and I don’t think it’s crazy to have at least one lineup telling that story. And when you play Patrick Mahomes it is always smart to have the opposing Kicker on at least one lineup as Captain/MVP – the thought being that teams want to keep pace however they can and that means field goals are better than a goose egg in the red zone. So Ryan Succup – Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up.

Flex, Flex, Flex it Up!

As always – anyone I mentioned above is firmly in play for me in the flex. I want to mention that if you are new to this article but it is a way for me not to mention a player twice and waste time.

The common theme people will build around is a domination of one team over the other but I am more inclined to think that balanced builds win Superbowl tournaments. So make sure you are stacking your quarterbacks with your favorite target for them and filling your lineup with the most potential points that you think could happen. If you think Demarcus Robinson catches more balls and has more yardage than Harrison Butker, than play him. If you think Patrick Mahomes goes out and lights up the field and throws another 200 yard game to Tyreek Hill, but maybe roster Mike Evans or Chris Godwin at captain so you can have some salary left over to still use on more likely point scorers and not going full Stars and Scrubs with your lineups.

I think the only player that I haven’t talked about already is Ronald Jones. Yes I like Fournette at Captain, I also like Jones as a Flex Play. He is too cheap on Draft Kings and no one is better at breaking a 60 yard score out of nowhere than RoJo. So he is firmly in my player pool as a Flex but I fear his lack of volume will keep him out of Captain consideration for me. I also think Jones is more of a Tournament play than cash play due to the volatility. I also want to mention another favorite low owned tournaments play for me is Darrel Williams who sees enough snaps to warrant consideration here. Especially as a pass catcher and change of pace I think Williams should be in consideration and especially if Sammy Watkins plays I like him over Hardman or Robinson from a low ownership high upside standpoint.

If Sammy Watkins and Antonio Brown Sit, I would rank the options available like this for Flex Consideration:

Mecole Hardman

Tyler Johnson

Scotty Miller

Demarcus Robinson

Byron Pringle

Last bit of flex strategy to think about is lineups that favor a positive game script for one team over the other (aka Domination lineups). I think it is a common trap for a lot of DFS players to say – I think the Chiefs will dominate this game and load their lineups with Chiefs players … but the reality as we saw in Week 12, the dominating Chiefs performance really came from only 2 guys – Mahomes and Hill. So for me, if I am building a lineup with the game script of a Chiefs domination than I want my lineup to be chalk full of Buccaneers as they will be needing to play catch up ball and minimally with the Chiefs. Or vice versa. Does this make sense? THINK DIFFERENTLY

Here are some example lineups for you that I built this morning:


Captain: Tyreek Hill

Flex: Patrick Mahomes

Flex: Demarcus Robinson

Flex: Tom Brady

Flex: Chris Godwin

Flex: Ronald Jones


MVP: Mike Evans

Flex: Tom Brady

Flex: Patrick Mahomes

Flex: Mecole Hardman

Flex: Antonio Brown

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CONTESTS and THANK YOU for reading Real Deal Fantasy DFS all season long! PS I’m serving St Louis Ribs and Skyline Chili (homemade) today – how about you?! Tweet me your Superbowl Spread @DelRayBoston! I’ll be sharing pics of mine at Kick Off!


SATURDAY Wild Card Weekend DFS Strategy & Picks

What a long strange trip it has been to get us here. 2020 was at best unpredictable and at worst, well the worst. Between positive Covid-19 tests (outbreaks in some cases) and real injuries t key players, the teams in the Wild Card hunt today have has a tumultuous 2020. They are ready to put that behind them however and go for glory. So should you. With only 5 NFL DFS Slates left for this season (counting tomorrow’s) this is where the rubber meets the road – the cream rises to the top. So let’s try and cash today ok?

I am excited to announce that Real Deal Fantasy has a new member to the team! Lee will be joining me each week next season breaking down the DFS slates … and you may even see him pop up a few times before this season ends. Give Lee a follow today @MatechLee on Twitter. And if you have been reading Real Deal DFS all season long and not following me – what’s up with that? @DelRayBoston.

I will break this slate down by position and who I like and do not like today. At the end my new partner in crime Lee is going to provide a Draft Kings lineup for you to check out. Maybe I will too..


I think everyone likes Josh Allen today, and why not. Allen is the highest projected point getter at QB today and playing at home in front of a partial Bill’s Mafia – a home game playoff game something Buffalo hasn’t seen in 20 years… you have to think that the Gunslinger will be coming out firing. The Colts Defense by the way is living off a bit of an early season rep too when you break it down. Prior to meeting the first round draft pick earning Jaguars in Week 17, the Colts were on a streak of 5 games where they gave up 350 yards or more to opposing offenses including a back to back against the Raiders and Texans where the Colts allowed 425 Total Yards. However it is Week 16 against the Steelers that stand out to me. This was the game where the Steelers came all the way back in the second half to win all while dropping 354 Total Yards on the Colts. The reason why I look at this game is that Big Ben and the Steelers Pass at a higher clip than any other team in the league. This should play into Allen’s hands nicely who only 4 Times this season attempted less than 35 passes. Allen is the most popular Quarterback but on small slates like this, ownership matters especially regarding stacking. In this case Stefon Diggs for example, which he and Allen will be the highest owned and highest projected stack on the slate. Diggs by the way is Questionable with an Oblique injury but expected to play. I am in no way say fade that Allen – Diggs stack but I think you may gain some leverage if you look at a Bill’s 3 man and include Tight End Dawson Knox or John Brown – or even Gabriel Davis. This is the first game of the 3 game slate, so I wouldn’t go much further than a 3 man as you don’t want your entire lineup in the first game, logically speaking you may miss a player going nuclear in the 3rd game for example. It should also be noted that Cole Beasley has been upgraded from doubtful to questionable so keep and eye on that. If Beasley plays he makes an excellent pivot from the uber chalky Diggs and depending on when his eligibility is announced you may be able to catch Beasley at all time low ownership.

No one is going to tell you to play Philip Rivers and I am not really going to suggest it, well kinda. Rivers is shaping up to be a pretty solid leverage play today if you are looking to go that route however. Here is why. First his running back Jonathan Taylor is the second highest owned player (behind Stefan Diggs) on the entire slate. So first leverage play Rivers represents is if you want to play the Colts passing game over the run game. This includes explosive pass catching back, Nyheim Hines. The other leverage you could get from Rivers is to stack Rivers and Diggs vs Allen and Diggs. QB ownership aside, the stack ownership on a Rivers Diggs stack is in the basement. You can also build around that stack a little easier as Rivers is a lot less expensive than Allen. Now am I worried that Philip Rivers could blow up in my face after saying this, possibly. I would assume the Bills will stick star cornerback Tre’Davious White on comeback kid TY Hilton, so I may look at secondary options more like Hines, Michael Pittman or Trey Burton or Jack Doyle for stacking with Rivers and Diggs. But I’ll also have at least one Rivers TY Stack in my lineups too. The Bill’s defensive strength has been their secondary this season so it may be tempting fate but since the Colts’ bye in Week 7, Rivers has failed to score 17 or more fantasy points only twice and as a cheap pivot play that can help you build a stronger lineup around it … works for me.

Russell Wilson – at home today and facing the #1 defense in the league … with glory on the line and an MVP nod within grasp. I do like a warm and fuzzy story don’t you? Remember the Titans after all. But here’s the thing, in week 16 the Rams limited Wilson to 225 yards and 1 touchdown. He did run for 52 yards however finishing with 19.9 Fantasy Points … but what else are you going to do with a team in the Rams ranked #2 against the Pass, #2 against QBs, #2 against the Pass and #1 against Wide Receivers? Me thinks you run the ball. But back to Wilson. He is the 3rd most popular quarterback play but what makes me so interested in him is the stack. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are literally HALF the ownership of Stefan Diggs and for the first time all season – DK Metcalf is the cheaper on on Draft Kings! Tyler Lockett finally broke out of his slump in Week 17 with a monster performance and with Jaylen Ramsey likely doing what he can to slow Metcalf down I like the Lockett-Wilson play as a contrarian stack. It isn’t to say that the Rams are a one trick pony with Ramsey by the way as Troy Hill has been a stud in the second half of the season. But I think Russ may be looking at the Hot Hand in Lockett. I also love to use David Moore as a cheap contrarian piece to Seahawks stacks. Moore is good for a Touchdown when you don’t expect it and at 1% ownership, those touchdowns can come in very handy. Additionally tight end Greg Olsen made his way back in Week 16 but on a pitch count. With 2 weeks rest we could see Olsen return to when he was averaging 5 targets a game earlier in the season. Tight End Jacob Hollister additionally is a favorite target of Russ’ when Russ needs a bail out. I think many will shy away from a Seahawks stack due to Ramsey in the secondary and Aaron Donald in the trenches. But if Russ can scramble for 50 more yards, it may be enough to keep the Rams pass rush at bay and I like Russ and his hawks as am upside Pivot from the Chalkier Bills.

Tom Brady needs to make a statement. The issue here is the Washington Football team has one of the most lethal pass rushes in the NFL led by Chase Young and Brady historically has had a lot of trouble when being hurried in the pocket. However now you have Tom Brady on a new team in the playoffs with the team he left at home on the couch. You have Tom Brady chasing history and you have Tom Brady with WEAPONS. We have not seen Tom Brady facing a wicked pass rush in the playoffs with actual WEAPONS since Randy Moss wore a Patriot jersey. I think we are on the verge of seeing Big Game Tom do it one more time and at literally 60% of the ownership of Allen, I like the play. Much like the Seahawks too, the Buccaneers receivers are at most half the ownership of Stefan Diggs and at least under 20% ownership for Mike Evans and Antonio Brown. I like ’em all. I don’t think any fantasy analyst will tell you to stack Brady with Evans, Chris Godwin and Brown but to be honest – if you happened to have done that last week you would have been happy. Seriously though, Mike Evans intends to play in this game and I have loved the Brady-Evans Stack all season long. BUT the question is will he be a decoy or only in on half his normal snaps? We don’t know. The safest I think is the Brady – Godwin stack which has the second highest projection behind Allen and Diggs. But I like Antonio Brown too who in the last quarter of the season has really come on as a favorite target for Brady in the Red Zone. If you are multi-entering I think it would be wise to stack Brady with 2 of the 3 in a few lineups. I would prioritize it as (1) Brady – Godwin – Brown, (2) Brady – Evans – Brown, (3) Brady – Evans – Godwin. However you can’t ignore Rob Gronkowski‘s connection with Brady either. The Football Team ranks 20th against Tight Ends and at under 20% ownership Gronk also makes a fine inclusion on a 3 or 4 man Bucks stack. I kinda like this game as a SHOWDOWN Tournament pick. If Evans can’t go, I’d take a flier on TE Cameron Brate or WR Scotty Miller especially if you do play a Showdown on this game – but on the main Saturday slate I think you have to play the studs.

I also want to give you additional plays that I am looking at, that I haven’t mentioned already by position. These will be quick hits as time is of the essence, but the above should be looked at as building blocks for your lineups while these picks will help round the lineup out and bring you some green!

Running Backs

Cam Akers – the CHALK Running Back today and only $5,100 on DK. I’d expect the Rams to lean on the run with Jarod Goff potentially being limited with his finger injury. The Seahawks are 16th against running backs and that is enough for me…

Chris Carson – Carson went 16 for 69 and caught all 3 of his targets against the Rams in Week 16. The only difference between that game and this game is that Carlos Hyde is probable and it is unknown how much that will effect Carson. I mention him here as he is the 2nd highest owned Running Back behind Akers by only .5%. I am as good with playing Carson as I am fading him.

Jonathan Taylor – Has been Lights Out over the last month. Since week 13 he has 7 touchdowns and twice he has gone over 100 yards including last week’s 253 yard performance. At 35% ownership he is very chalky (which is why I like Rivers and the passing game) but the Bills rank 23rd against running backs and are allowing nearly 120 yards on the ground. In competitive games over the last month Taylor is averaging 17.5 carries per game and I’d expect that here.

Ronald Jones – If you are to believe that the Bucs are up in this game than you should believe in the volume that RoJo should see. Additionally, with a high powered offense around him the touchdown upside is always there in this backfield. At nearly 36% ownership again, he is chalky – BUT it is a slight pivot from the Rams/Seahawks guys and I’ll be honest, I like RoJo today better than Akers or Carson – but maybe that is me. Uncle Lenny will be hanging around but I think this is RoJo’s time to shine.

JD McKissic – the Tampa Bay Run Defense is no joke. We know that. However interestingly, as good as the Bucs have been between the tackles – did you know that they give up the 2nd most passing completions to running backs out of the backfield? Do you know who Alex Smith targets more than anyone else? Do I need to keep going here? He is moderately priced and going underowned in my opinion at sub 20%. I like McKissic. I should mention, it isn’t that I don’t like Antonio Gibson at all today (anything can happen and Washington is at home) I just think McKissic has more upside in this matchup.

Nyheim Hines – as much of a Pivot Play from the Chalk Jonathan Taylor as it is a game script play with that script being the Colts are playing from behind. At 15% ownership the elusive pass catching back should be in your player pool.

Wide Receiver

Cooper Kupp – just because I don’t like Jared Goff today doesn’t mean I don’t like his receivers. Kupp is back and is playing the historically worst team in the league against wide receivers. Don’t over think it. The Rams receivers are going overlooked today and I think that is an error I do not plan to mirror.

Robert Woods – see Cooper Kupp above. Rinse Wash Repeat #Analysis

Cam Sims – I think you’d expect to see Terry McLauren here and while I like Scary Terry, too I want to highlight Cam Sims for a second. Over the last 3 weeks Sims has averaged 7.5 targets per game and while he has topped out at only 63 yards, last week he should have had 2 touchdowns that Alex Smith just missed him on. If the Bucs are keying in on Scary Terry, Sims may be the outlet. He is cheap and at less than 5% ownership he is a contrarian play I do not mind playing.

Van Jefferson – I know I am talking a lot about Rams here but they are playing the Seahwak’s defense and who have we not liked against the Seahawks all season long. Jefferson stepped up last week with most Rams sitting taking 4 targets for 50 yards and it does make me wonder if he found his way into the playbook for this game. Like Sims he is cheap and no one is playing him, I don’t mind a contrarian dart throw with upside on a 3 game slate.

Zach Pascal – This is another contrarian play here and low owned and cheap, but I mention him because he is the Wide Receiver 3 in this offense and if the Bills do key in on TY Hilton it may cause Rivers to look elsewhere – to Pittman and Pascal. Again this is a contrarian play with low ownership. Not one to build from but one to finish a lineup off with.


Logan Thomas – the CHALK tight end of the day, Thomas is the most likely WFT player to catch a pass or a touchdown not named McLauren. He has seen 6 or more targets his last 3 games and had a touchdown last week. I am just as easy play Logan Thomas as I am fade him due to his ownership, but he should be a key to this offensive game plan today so I understand the attention.

Tyler Higbee – Again, Rams Pass Catchers against Seattle. Higbee has averaged 4.5 targets all season long and I don’t mind taking a flier here. Thomas, Gronk, Knox are all popular plays today and Higbee is going unowned for a player on the field nearly every snap. Don’t be surprised if Higbee gets a TD today when no one but me is playing him. Hey it could happen.


I like the Rams and Seahawks Defenses today. I think of the 3 this will be the lowest scoring games and so from a Defense standpoint, I don’t mind rotating these two in my lineups. For what its worth the Seahawks are the CHALK defense today.

The Buccaneers Defense has the best overall matchup and are the most likely optimal play here. They are projected at 25% ownership but they are also only $3,300 on DK. I’d take a shot here.

The Bill’s Defense is also going very overlooked. The Bills are at home and 25% of the Bil’s mafia will be in the house. From an emotional standpoint of the historical significance of this game for this franchise – they are in play.

The ultimate pivot is to roll with the Colts Defense and leave Stefon Diggs out of your lineup. It takes bravery and guts, but I’ll have a lineup like that. Anything can happen on any given Sunday.

And NOW my buddy Lee’s Saturday Lineup for you to review:

QB: Josh Allen

RB: Ronald Jones

RB: Jonathan Taylor

WR: John Brown

WR: Stefon Diggs

WR: Robert Woods

TE: Gerald Everett

FL: JD McKissic

DST: Seahawks

I like this lineup don’t you? He is using Allen and Diggs but offsetting the chalk with John Brown. He is also using JD McKissic as an upside flex that helps to offset the chalk with RoJo and JT. Lastly he has a unique strategy attacking the Rams and Seahawks that I don’t think many will play.

Good Luck LEE and Good Luck in YOUR Contests!


Sunday Night Showdown – NFC East hangs in the balance – Washington vs Philadelphia!

Week 17 never disappoints and if you read my earlier article you know that there was plenty to talk about and plenty of excellent plays to make in your lineups. Hopefully you came out ahead. I should have listened to myself more, but that is what a Sunday Night Showdown is for – absolve your past errs… right?

This game between the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles has a lot on the line for the NFC East. Earlier today the NY Giants defeated the Dallas Cowboys which now means that the G Men are waiting with baited breath for what will happen on Sunday Night. If the Philadelphia Eagles are able to defeat the Washington Football Team, the Giants are NFC East Champions and get to play Tom Brady next week. However if the Washington FT are able to get the W, it will be Washington taking on Tampa Bay next week as NFC East Champion.

Win lose or draw I think this has to be a very big moment for Alex Smith, who looks to be good to go and starting tonight. To have a comeback story add another chapter like an NFC Title and playoff appearance would be nothing short of incredible. But they have a red hot Philadelphia Eagles team to contend with tonight so we shall see if sparks fly.

Before I begin I just want to go through the actives and inactive up front, because earlier today I dealt with an angry reader who couldn’t believe I didn’t mention a player was inactive… I will hold my comments for another day. But here we go.

Eagles Inactive/Questionable

Miles Sanders (RB) – OUT

Dallas Goedert (TE) – OUT

DeSean Jackson (WR) – OUT

Richard Rogers (TE) – OUT

Washington FT Inactive/Questionable

Terry McLaurin (WR) – Probable

Alex Smith (QB) – Probable

Antonio Gibson (RB) – Probable

Kyle Allen (QB) – OUT

Alright, now that we have that out of the way – let’s talk SHOWDOWN DFS and let’s have some fun!

My Captain/MVP Picks

Jalen Hurts has made the last 3 weeks of Eagles football fun and successful. It does make you wonder, what could have been. However here we are, week 17 and win lose or draw The Eagles will be on the outside looking in come next week. The gloves should be off for Hurts to perform tonight, but he does face a Washington Football Team with a ton of motivation and who are 7th Best in the NFL against Quarterbacks. The FT D is also allowing the 2nd fewest passing yards per game (218) and only giving up a hair over 110 yards on the ground. So my guess here is it will not be a walk in the park for young Jalen. However, since taking over under center in Week 14 has 2 300+ yard passing games under his belt, 238 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns including 1 on the ground. With Miles Sanders out, I could see the Eagles leaning even heavier on Hurts’ legs tonight especially if it can help to dispel the pass rush of Chase Young and company. So despite the tough matchup I do like Hurts at Captain and MVP tonight. If the Eagles have a hope of playing spoiler to the FT tonight, Hurts will need to have a big game and I think he has a chance to do so.

It has been a long time since I have said this, but I also like a likely top target for Hurts at the top of the lineup and that is Zack Ertz. Since returning from a long injury absence, Ertz has been involved but playing second fiddle to Dallas Goedert – however he is coming into the game with 7 targets in each of the last 2 games and with Goedert now out, I could see that target volume continue to rise. The Football Team is in the bottom half of the league against Tight Ends and that is has been a position to attack them with all season long. Especially with top back up Richard Rogers also out, Ertz could be the #1 Target for Hurts tonight and I think he could make a solid option at Captain/MVP.

With Miles Sanders out, I also have some interest in Boston Scott at Captain/MVP. He is coming in surprisingly inexpensive tonight on Draft Kings at only $1,400 and only $6,500 on FanDuel. But you have to love that price on Draft Kings. Scott should see the majority of the work tonight in the backfield and I think most people will not look to roster him at the top spot with the red #3 matchup symbol on DK. Yes the Football Team are 3rd Best in the league against running backs, but with an extremely mobile quarterback to deal with – plus Scott’s ability to catch balls out of the backfield, I think Scott makes for an interesting choice at Captain.

I don’t mind taking a look at an Eagles wide receiver at the top spot either, but to be honest I am worried about the upside. First, the Football Team ranks in the top 10 against Wide Receivers and a lot of that has to do with the hell that their defensive line puts on Quarterbacks. Second, the Football team has only allowed over 27 points against them once this season and in fact NINE Times this season the Football Team has held their opponents to 20 points or less. Now with a quarterback who will be mobile and able to scramble could anything happen – of course – but I don’t like the wide receivers as much as I do Ertz or Scott, if I am not using Hurts at Captain. I would rank the Eagles Receivers like this however: Jalen Reagor, Quez Watkins, Greg Ward, Travis Fulgham. With the Deep Play ability of DeSean Jackson as gone just as quick as it came, I could see Watkins get more involved – he has seen 4 and 3 targets in the last two games going for a total of 97 yards and a score. He could be a deep threat that could pay off at a cheap price and low ownership. I do think Jalen Reagor will see decent ownership in tournaments, but he does have the most targets out of the bunch consistently. Ward and Fulgham are much more of a leverage play from the what I will expect to be a chalky Reagor. But I just like Watkins at only $1,600 on DK the best…

I think I will just feel good about myself playing Alex Smith at Captain/MVP tonight, but I also think there are some reasons to consider doing so. I think you have to like the matchup against a continually banged up Eagle’s Secondary who is allowing nearly 270 passing yards per game, being part of a defense that on a whole is giving up close to 400 total yards per game as well. However there is certainly a narrative that Smith isn’t playing risky with the ball and is more playing to short yardage high probability throws. Quite frankly – I don’t care. If he completes a boat load of passes and throws for 300 yards and a couple scores, he makes a great Captain in my book. However I do have a theory here that I want to express. If Antonio Gibson is “good to go” and assumes his role in this backfield, the Football Team could have a shot at establishing the run game against the Eagles defense allowing over 120 yards on the ground. If they can do that and Smith can work play action to Scary Terry and Tall Thomas, the Football Team could control the clock and the scoreboard. So I am willing to take a shot at Smith at Captain.

Speaking of Antonio Gibson, if this stud is in fact back and healthy and ready to go, I like him a lot against this Eagles defense. After firmly cementing himself as the lead back in this backfield, Gibson has seen double digit touches in 8 of 13 games he has been healthy for. Moreso in two division matchups against Dallas, Gibson saw 20 carries. Additionally he has averaged 4.6 targets per game across his season of injury woes. I’d look for the Football team to get Gibson going early and control the pace and the clock of this game and I will take a shot at him at Captain.

With Gibson healthy and active, a contrarian play at the top spot may open up with JD McKissic. Just because Gibson is starting or playing a majority of snaps does not mean McKissic won’t be involved especially with such motivation behind him. McKissic has seen 10 Targets in 3 of his last 4 games going over 70 yards in two of those games. He also is coming into tonight’s game on a two game touchdown streak. I’ll have my share of McKissic in the Captain/MVP Tonight.

Perhaps though, my favorite WFT player for my top spot tonight is tight end Logan Thomas. Thomas has emerged over the last quarter of the season as a real weapon in this offense. He has seen 9 or more targets in 3 of his last 4 games and has scored Double Digit Fantasy Points in every game since week 12. Additionally, he has been severely lacking in the touchdown category BUT tonight he gets the Eagles – 23rd against Tight Ends and they certainly have had their troubles with the position all season. I think Thomas has an excellent upside tonight in this must win matchup.

And you really can’t talk the WFT without talking Scary Terry McLaurin. The unquestioned #1 receiver, McLaurin needs to have a big game tonight to help this team get into the playoffs. It has not been an easy season for McLaurin so far. Only 5 times this season has he seen double digit targets. In fact he averages 7.3 per game. When these two teams met in Week 1, McLaurin went 5 for 61 and no scores. It comes with a lot more risk than you may assume, but I’ll have at least one lineup with McLaurin in the top seat.

I will be honest here. I do kinda feel like this could be one of those games where Kickers are the optimal Captain/MVP. This is a divisional game first and foremost and while the Eagles aren’t playing for a playoff berth, they are playing for pride. Meanwhile the WFT should have their full rosters available but there are notable offensive skill players banged up. So if you are multi entering, throw together a lineup with Dustin Hopkins (Wash) and one with Jake Elliot (Philly). It may not work out, but if it does – you’ll be glad that you did!

Flex, Flex, Flex it Up!

If I am using Jalen Hurts in the Captain spot tonight, I am likely to make sure I have Zach Ertz plus Boston Scott and a Wide Receiver with Watkins and Reagor being my favorites. Likewise if I am using any of the pass catchers at the top spot I will want Hurts in the Flex to stack with. I do like the play of including Kicker Elliot in the stack and if you want to get really contrarian, give Alshon Jeffery a shot on a lineup. I always like to play at least one Alshon lineup when I see the Eagles in Showdowns. I don’t mind taking a shot on Corey Clement as another dart throw if you are building a 5 man Eagles stack, you know he is always that guy who scores the errant touchdown on prime time, so why not take a shot on him if you are multi entering. Also being a divisional game in prime time in 2020, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest at least one lineup built around the Eagles Defense.

If I am running an Eagles stack back with Washington Football Players I am likely focused on pass catchers – be it McLaurin, McKissic or Thomas. I do not mind also using Gibson and the Washington DST either. I do not think you need to go too much deeper for a run back.

My Washington Stacks will primarily depend on my Captain Picks. If I have Alex Smith at Captain I am going 5 deep on FT players – Smith – Logan Thomas, JD McKissic and two Receivers – be it McLaurin or Cam Sims (who has seen 8 or more targets over the last two weeks) or going deeper on Stephen Sims. If you want to go really cheap and dart throw, Dontrelle Inman is only $200 on DK and Isaiah Wright also caught a couple balls last week too. If I am going with Gibson at Captain, I don’t mind also using McKissic in the Flex – I think that will be a contrarian play, with Alex Smith and the Washington FT.

The run backs for me on the Eagles side are Jalen Hurts and Jalen Hurts and Jalen Hurts. No Just Kidding, but I think Hurts should be heavy in your lineups. I don’t mind using Zach Ertz as a run back or Boston Scott but on Washington heavy lineups I am most likely going Hurts and either kicker Elliot or the Eagles DST. I know it sounds weird but sometimes you have to be weird to win a showdown.

Good Luck in your Contests!


Week 17 – DFS Strategy & Picks – Happy 2021 and Goodbye 2020

Week 17 is one of my most favorite weeks in the NFL DFS Season. You have so many different situations with Playoff Implications to consider that both Must Plays and Stay Aways go hand in hand. Plus the amount of value that opens up if you know the right places to look for it, is at a peak. I have been working on this article for two days for you because there is a LOT to talk about and 15 GAMES on the main DFS Slate. You’d think this was a MLB or NBA slate if you looked too fast. SO thus begins – Week 17 The DFS Opus of Articles….

I want to start with the AFC teams that have either confirmed or are likely to confirm that they will be resting players due to Week 17 having little to no impact on Playoff Standings.

The Kansas City Chiefs – Coach Andy Reid has said earlier this week he is planning on resting “some guys” on Sunday. This is because the Chiefs have locked up the #1 Seed in the AFC and the only first round bye available. The impact of Sunday’s game is irrelevant. Both Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill are already out and I would suspect Travis Kelce to be in that category as well, along with some of the Chiefs Defensive starters. While we may not know until 90 minutes or so before kickoff who exactly will be getting a rest, we do know that backup Chad Henne will be starting under center and the whole situation really makes me want to X any Chiefs out of my player pool. It does also make me much more interested in Chargers and the Chargers defense. Keenan Allen is OUT but Justin Herbert, Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler – yep, I’ll buy.

The Buffalo Bills – While there has not been any official word coming out of Buffalo on the matter, I would suspect that there is a plan in place to give some of their key starters a lessened load on Sunday or even a day off. The reason is simple – the Bill’s have little to play for here as win or lose their standings in the playoffs will not alter. In fact it would take nearly every other team in the AFC playoffs to lose on Sunday for a Buffalo win to matter in any way. Cole Beasley has already been ruled out. So I would be very careful on going all in on Josh Allen or Stefan Diggs or even Zack Moss – unless we hear otherwise from the Bills. Miami however NEEDS to win to have a shot at getting into the playoffs so they are in the exact opposite situation from the Bills and in fact, Myles Gaskin is one of my favorite plays at Running Back because of it. This also is a chance to find some values in the Bills secondary receivers – Gabriel Davis, Isaiah McKenzieDawson Knox at Tight End – or if he is finally active, Tyler Kroft. I think these all of these guys will be in play on Sunday for some value in your lineups.

The Pittsburgh Steelers – Coach Mike Tomlin has already said that Big Ben will get a day off in Week 17. The Steelers clinched their division title in Week 16 and are therefore locked (just like the Bills) in their Playoff Seeding and winning or losing in Week 17 will not change anything for them. The question is will we see other starters also get either a day off or a lessened amount of snaps especially as the game goes on. There has been a lot of chatter that perhaps star defensive player TJ Watt may fall in that category. Couple that with Mason Rudolph having been announced as the Starting Quarterback and my interest in Steelers players in my lineups on Sunday is at a 0.00. The Browns however NEED to win this game to get into the playoffs, so I have some interest in Baker Mayfield especially now that he has all of his wide receivers back on the field with him – but in general I am kinda staying away from this game. We will talk about the Browns later as they need a lot of help and not just a win, to get in.

The next set of teams I also think should be top of mind as you look at this slate and the 15 games to choose from. These are the AFC and NFC Teams that NEED to win to get into the playoffs – nothing else, just the win.

Arizona Cardinals – This team is largely being overlooked on this slate and will be in a dog fight against the Rams Defense but they are the only remaining team in the NFC Wild Card Race that a WIN – JUST a win – no matter whatever any other team does, if the Cardinals Win they are in. So we are talking 4 Highly Likely 4 Quarters of Football here, unless Kyler and company find a way to blow out the Rams – which you probably will have wanted to roster Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins and Kenyan Drake for anyway. Christian Kirk is on the Covid-19 IR, so I think Larry Fitzgerald is also in play and to a lesser extent Andy Isabella as a deep threat. Don’t forget about Tight End Dan Arnold too who has become a bit of a security blanket for Kyler, lately. I have a lot of interest in Cardinals – especially in Cash Games. Plus with Cooper Kupp OUT and Jared Goff OUT and Cam Akers Questionable the Cardinals DST could be a sneaky value play.

The Washington Football Team – A win on Sunday Night clinches the NFC East crown no matter what the Giants or Cowboys do. So make sure you check out my Sunday Night Football DFS Article later in the weekend.

Now let’s talk about THE COLTS and why I think a Phillip Rivers, TY Hilton, Jonathan Taylor stack has upside and plus being a contrarian start to a lineup:

The Colts are in a unique scenario. They first NEED to Win at Jacksonville. Nothing happens if they do not win. But if they do win AND one of these teams LOSE: Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns – the Colts are in the AFC Playoffs. However specifically if the Titans lose, the Colts are the AFC South Champions. Now you could say, yes but there are other teams in similar scenarios – but the COLTS play at 4:25. They will very likely already know the results of the Ravens and Browns games which kick off at 1PM. If both the Ravens and Browns win, the Colts will need to be on their A Game ASAP. I also would not be surprised if they aren’t scoreboard watching the Tennessee game (also at 4:25) for AFC South Title dreams. To me the Colts primary weapons NEED to be in your player pool. I don’t mind taking a shot on Michael Pittman or Trey Burton as a fliers but Phillip Rivers, Jonathan Taylor and TY Hilton are my primary targets. Also the Colts DST is going very overlooked here against the Mike Glennon led Jaguars.

Next up are the “ORs”. These are the teams that clinch with a win OR a loss by another team. I will lay these out in the order of priority in my opinion. Some situations are not what they seem … and some “locks” may not really be the “locks” that you think they are.

The LA Rams: Believe it or not, the Rams don’t actually have to win on Sunday to advance to the NFC Wildcard. This is because if the Chicago Bears LOSE to the Green Bay Packers, the Rams are IN. The only issue with this is that that both the Rams/Cardinals and Packers/Bears games will be playing at the same time. So while I think there is a very popular thread going around of “If Cam Akers plays he is a lock” and even if he doesn’t Malcolm Brown should be (since Darrell Henderson is out), but I’m not sold on that. Or even with back up quarterback John Wolford (who has never taken snap of NFL football mind you), Robert Woods and Josh Reynolds, Tyler Higbee are priorities (Cooper Kupp is out) – again, I am just not ready to commit. There is a real chance that Coach McVay scoreboard watches in the game and if he sees the Packers go up BIG against the Bears (which could likely happen), I could easily see McVay starting to pull players – especially Akers, Woods and Key Defensive players who he will need healthy for the playoffs. So while I do not mind taking a shot on a lineup with Wolford and Reynolds or Higbee stacked as a contrarian play, I just don’t have a lot of interest in the Rams in general. I will say if Akers is out and it is Malcolm Brown, the volume he will see does make him viable too. Play at your own risk in other words.

The Chicago Bears – are in an identical scenario to the Rams. If they win they are in, but they are also in if the Cardinals lose to the Rams, the Bears are also in. With both of these games playing at the same time, again there is risk in playing Bears on the basis of playoff implications. BUT there is one reason why I prefer Bears players to Rams players on Sunday – the Bears are playing Aaron Rogers. If the Bears get any sort of lead on Aaron Rogers there is no way they are slowing down unless it is a HUGE one. Aaron Rogers can turn a game around and come from behind on anyone and so I see the Bears playing hard for 4 Quarters. I really have a lot of interest in David Montgomery who has literally been on fire all month and is in a must win against the 24th ranked run defense. Montgomery will be a chalky play, but there are a lot of ways you can get different in your lineup to off set. I think you need to take a look at Mitchell Trubisky and Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney. Plus both Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet are cheap and will go under owned on a slate that also has Mark Andrews, George Kittle, Darren Waller and oh yeah Travis Kelce on it. The Bears DST has a lot of missing pieces on it and a full game stack here is not out of the question. We will talk about Packers targets later. I kinda love the Bears here.

The Tennessee Titans – The Titans do need to win – if they win they get in BUT they can also get in if either Baltimore, Miami or Indianapolis loses. The thing is, when the Titans take the field at 4:25 they will already know the fate of the Ravens and Dolphins. If both of those teams win, you can expect the Titans to go all out against the Texans. But if the Bills beat the Dolphins or somehow Cincinnati upsets the Ravens… the only thing left to accomplish would be the AFC South Title which they would secure if Indy Loses and they win. Derek Henry should smash the texans and he will be the Chalk running back on Sunday because of it. The last time these two played he took 22 carries for 212 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He even had 52 yards receiving. How can you not like him in a must win scenario. I will have a lot of Henry and I will eat the Chalk. Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown, Corey Davis, Jonuu Smith, Anthony Firsker … they all are in a great matchup and again in a must win. In that same week 6 game Brown went 5 for 58 and 2 Touchdowns. Firsker went off – 8 for 113 and 1 and that was with Jonuu on the field. I love Derek Henry in this spot but I do worry if the Titans are up big and Coach Vrabel knows that they are in the playoffs because of a Baltimore loss or Miami loss, if we will see 4 quarters out of Henry. Maybe 3 Quarters will be enough. It is why as much as I like Henry, I like Tannehill and his pass catchers just a smidge more. Corey Davis didn’t even play in that Week 6 game so now he gets a crack at a defense giving up a league WORST 426 yards per game. I like the stack of Tannehill and Brown or Davis as pivot from Henry – but I also like Henry a lot. Deshaun Watson will play in this game and I expect the chalk stack will be Watson – Henry – Brandin Cooks. I think Tannehill – Davis – Cooks will be a contrarian way to stack or Brown in place of Davis there. Don’t sleep on KeKe Coutee or Chad Hansen on the Texans side either. Or the Tight Ends Jordan Akins or Darren Fells too as cheap dart throws. In fact just by including either Coutee or Hansen in your Watson-Henry-Cooks stack will give you some leverage. I like the Titans on Sunday and I like this game to kinda go off so I also like the full game stack too … but keep in the back of your mind, Tennessee may have less to play for than you think when they take the field based on the results of the earlier games.

The Baltimore Ravens – Just play Lamar Jackson and don’t think about it. Pair him with the Ravens DST and Mark Andrews is my favorite pass catcher. The Ravens are in with a win OR a Cleveland or Indianapolis Loss. Lamar isn’t going to wait for the chance that the Colts lose and the Browns will be in a close game (most likely) against the Steelers. So expect the Ravens to pour on the offense. Even if he only plays 3 quarters, I think Lamar is a smash play here at QB and with no Mahomes on this slate, he is also the highest projected QB on the slate. Play all the Ravens you want. Outside of Lamar and Andrews, no one is seeing much ownership and with the Ravens DST pricey, they aren’t seeing much ownership either. To be honest, Lamar himself isn’t really the Chalk at QB either. Honestly I am starting to like a Lamar – Henry – Montgomery – WR? – WR? – Andrews – Ravens DST lineup a lot right now. I do think JK Dobbins is in play as well but I kinda like Gus Edwards more. If the expectation is the Ravens go up big here, Gus the Bus will be the grinder. No one is going to play Gus Edwards on a 15 Game slate and he makes for a cheap flex play with some upside. It’s not that I don’t like Hollywood Brown or Willie Snead in this matchup, I just like Andrews more in this matchup. I also don’t mind not stacking anyone with Lamar as with his legs alone he is likely to provide the fantasy points you need. I also don’t mind not running the stack back with a Bengal either. If you do want to, Tyler Boyd should play in this game and he would be my favorite to do so with. Just play Lamar and collect your winnings after. #Analysis

The Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are in if they can win against the Bills. However they are also in if the Ravens OR the Browns OR the Colts, lose. Their opponent we have already discussed has clinched the AFC East and their playoff seating and have very little to play for in this game except maybe to try and keep the Dolphins out of the playoffs. So what are we going to see on Sunday? Well first Tua Tagovailoa will be under center. Ownership will be way down on Tua with the specter of Fitzmagic looming after last week – BUT many players may not know that Fitzpatrick is now on the Covid-19 IR. So barring injury, this should Tua’s show and that makes him a sneaky QB play. The Bills are the second WORST team in the league against Quarterbacks and are giving up nearly 360 total yards in offense on average. Plus, with little to play for, we don’t even know what defense the Bills will field on Sunday. DeVante Parker is questionable but he did practice on Friday and local beat writers have said he looked good. I’d be shocked if he didn’t play in a game of this magnitude. Jakeem Grant did play in Week 16 and is likely to play on Sunday, I could see his role increase with the Playoffs on the line. If either of those two aren’t playing you have hero of last week Mack Hollis, Lynn Bowden Jr, Isaiah Ford, Malcolm Perry – all of them cheap and with little to no ownership may be worth a look (My favorites out of that group would be Hollis and Ford btw). But the two Dolphins I have the most interest in are RB Myles Gaskin and Tight End Mike Gesicki. If there was any doubt Gaskin wasn’t the Dolphin’s “guy”, week 16 should have erased that and Gesicki is seeing targets at a near elite level for a TE in 2020. 6 or more over the last 3 games and averaging 60 yards over that span as well. Plus in Week 2 he took the Bills to school scoring 30 Fantasy Points with 8 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown. The Dolphins on a whole are projecting at low ownership, so I think taking a piece or two from this offense could pay dividends. I also don’t mind taking a shot at the Miami DST either. We just don’t know how much of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs we will see (at least at the time of this writing) and again in a must win situation, the already excellent Miami Defense could step up even more.

The Dallas Cowboys AND The New York Giants – I am grouping these teams together because they are both in the same situation and playing each other. If Washington loses on Sunday night, the winner of this game will be NFC East Champion and advance. Which means of any game on Sunday, you have the best possible chances of the entire offenses playing all 4 quarters in this Cowboys Giants matchup. Since the winner’s fate will not be decided for hours after the conclusion neither team can afford to take their foot off the gas. So here are some notes that may interest you. First the Giants DST has only allowed 2 teams to go for 30 or more points against them all season. One of those 2 teams was the Cowboys, with Dak Prescott under center in Week 5. This happened to be the game Dak Prescott’s season came to an end and in relief Andy Dalton threw for 111 yards on 11 passes (ie; averaged a little over 10 yards per throw). Second the Cowboys DST carry a narrative that they have been playing “better recently” but in reality they have given up 30 or more points in 3 of their last 5 games and in that week 5 game, the Giants (with Daniel Jones under center) put 37 points on them and won. I am telling you this because I think this game has the potential to be a shootout with a lot of points scored and no one is really talking about it. Both defenses are giving up 250+ passing yards per game, so I think Andy Dalton and Daniel Jones make for contrarian plays at QB with upside. The Last time these two teams played CeeDee Lamb dropped 124 yards on the Giants with 6 Catches while Michael Gallup went 4 for 73. Amari Cooper was the lone ‘dud’ but perhaps that had a lot to do with James Bradbury on the other side of the ball. It’s hard not to go back to the well on Lamb who has really broken out over the last half of the season and I think Gallup also is in play. Whether it’s Cooper, Lamb or Gallup though – all of them are under $6,000 on Draft Kings and I think they all are viable. On the other side of the ball, Sterling Shepard wasn’t available in Week 5 but he should firmly be in play on Sunday in a must win. Darius Slayton however put on a show going 8 for 129. Golden Tate is Doubtful by the way, so I really also like Evan Engram here in a must win scenario and the same goes for Dalton Schultz of the Cowboys. Both Tight Ends should come in relatively low owned with bigger names on the slate. But I think the real heart of this game will be the running backs. Ezekiel Elliot will play in this game and while he has been bad for pretty much the entire season from a fantasy perspective, if there ever was a game where Zeke needs to show up for his team it is this one. I don’t mind taking a shot on Zeke and I think Tony Pollard is definitely in consideration for a Flex Play as he certainly has earned a share of touches even with Zeke on the field. On the other side of the ball, Wayne Gallman has disappointed lately but against the Cowboys defense that ranks last in the league for yards BEFORE contact, he should find room to run. I also think, believe it or not, Alfred Morris is worth a look as a cheap cheap low owned dart throw flex…. this game is seeing very low ownership across the board and with each team trying to be the one holding their breath for the Sunday Night results, I really do think it has a chance to be the sleeper game of the weekend.

The Cleveland Browns – the Browns are in a unique spot where a win isn’t enough and a win plus a loss by another team isn’t enough but it has to be a Win OR a Tennessee Loss PLUS a win by Baltimore, Indianapolis and Miami. That is a lot to take in for the Fabulous Baker Boys. The Browns and Steelers will play at the same time as the Ravens and the Dolphins … so I’d be shocked if the Browns aren’t scoreboard watching. That being said we know that the Steelers will be starting Mason Rudolph under center – so I think the Cleveland DST is in play. What we don’t know if there are any other starters who will be sitting or playing limited snaps – including any defensive starters. Against this Steelers team, I have faith that Big Game Baker Mayfield will show his face and with his wide receivers back I don’t mind at all a Mayfield – Jarvis LandryRashard Higgins stack. I also think you can mix in Tight End Austin Hooper who has seen an uptick in usage since returning from injury. I also like Kareem Hunt here as a pass catching option, but if the Steelers are going to rest any Defensive starters (Including TJ Watt) I think Nick Chubb is certainly in play with extremely low ownership. The only thing the Browns can control here is their own win, after that it will be prayer time that somehow the stars align. Speaking of the stars aligning, Donovan Peoples-Jones is also worth a Dart Throw flex look. He has been a down the field threat for Baker recently.

The last grouping I will talk about is the teams in the NFC that have Motivation to win. Despite having clinched their playoff berth, these teams have more to play for and I think it would be wise to consider the options.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I want to bring the Bucs up here because while they have already locked their seeding in for the playoffs, they kinda are also in a MUST WIN situation. You see if the Buccaneers win they will play the winner of the NFC East in the first round. That could be the Washington Football Team or the New York Giants or the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t think it takes a lot of thought to think that the Bucs would much prefer that matchup to potentially the Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks or most notably – the Saints. So I would expect Tom Brady to be ready to go and for me Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown and Gronk are all strong plays on Sunday against the Falcons. I also don’t mind Ronald Jones and to a lesser extent Leonard Fournette. Even with Brady taking the second half off last week, his first half performance and most notably Mike Evans’ and Rob Gronkowski’s performances led to some bit payouts in week 16. Could lightning strike twice? The Bucs certainly have a reason to play hard on Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers – The Packers are already the #1 Seed but they need a win against the Bears to claim a first round bye. Since this year only one team will claim a bye in each division, this is a very valuable asset to have entering into the playoffs. So Aaron Rogers and Devontae Adams stacks should the highest owned and highest projected stacks on the entire slate. In fact I think there will be a lot of Rogers – Montgomery – Adams stacks in the field on Sunday. For me though, I also think TE Robert Tonyon and he will be in my player pool. After breaking a Five Game touchdown streak, Rogers may be looking for him again in the end zone here. I don’t mind looking at a secondary receiver, be it Marquez Valdez-Scantling or Alan Lazard for leverage, but I don’t know if you will need to if you are stacking Rogers and Adams and including Tonyon and then running it back with a Bears receiver instead of David Montgomery,.. But make no mistake, I think it would be wise to have a good amount of Rogers and Adams on Sunday if you are multi-entering. The question mark for the Packers though is the running game. Aaron Jones is expected to start and play, but did AJ Dillon show enough last week to cut into Jones’ workload – especially if the Packers want to try and save Jones as much as possible for the Playoffs. Jamaal Williams will also work his way into the mix as well. I don’t mind taking a shot on Jones on a lineup or two, as I think he could be a great play, but I’m not as high on him as I am Rogers and Adams. If you are multi-entering, I don’t mind a shot on Dillon as a flex play if you are multi entering and to a lesser extent Williams.

There is one pause to the Green Bay Party however. The Packers also earn the First Round Bye if the Seahawks Lose. Both the Packers and Seahawks games are at 4:25 so if the Seahawks are losing in the 4th quarter there is a real chance the Packers will rest some players – Rogers, Adams and Jones most notably. So here’s to hoping the big numbers come early and often from the Green & Yellow.

The New Orleans Saints – The Saints have already clinched their division too but if they win AND the Packers lose AND the Seahawks win, then they will earn the First Round Bye. So Drew Brees and Company certainly have plenty to play for … but they will have to do it without Michael Thomas (IR) and now both Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray due to Covid-19 IR placements. So Who DAT starting at Running Back for the Saints? Enter journeyman Ty Montgomery as you first candidate. Montgomery has been an adept pass catcher in the past, so I could see him soaking up a lot of targets that would have gone to Kamara and he should see the lionshare of work. He is a cheap play as the sites haven’t caught his salary up with the news, so I do expect him to be popular – but I feel safe using him as a high upside Flex Play. The Saints have also called up Tony Jones from their practice squad who I would expect to see some snaps as a backup to Montgomery. Jones is not in the Draft Kings player pool but he is on Fan Duel for $4,500. Lastly and perhaps most notably, I think we will see a good amount of Taysom Hill on Sunday with designed run plays. The problem there is, both Draft Kings and Fan Duel now have Taysom Hill only QB Eligible and I cannot justify you starting Taysom Hill at QB, unless news breaks late that he and Brees will have a true Timeshare at the position. It doesn’t get any easier either with Wide Receiver. Tre’Quon Smith is also now on IR. Which means Emmanuel Sanders needs to be in your player pool. The Panthers are giving up nearly 260 yards through the air and I can’t see Brees not looking Sanders way early and often here. Over the last two weeks Sanders has taken 5 targets for 76 and 83 yards respectively and he is also due for a Touchdown having last caught one from Taysom Hill during Brees’ absence. I also think you need to look at Tight End Jared Cook. The Panthers rank 26th in the league against Tight Ends and last week Cook 3 Catches for 83 yards. Cook is also due a score, since his last came on the arms of Taysom Hill. You can get cute with WR names like Marquez Callaway, Juwan Johnson or Austin Carr but last week with both Smith and Thomas off the field only Callaway saw enough targets to have a fantasy impact. All of them are cheap and will carry no ownership, if you pick the correct dart throw here – more power to you. I do have to wonder though if we may see the former Packer, Jake Kumerow get back on the field and a decent amount of snaps. The Saints claimed him off Waivers on Christmas Day so he wasn’t eligible for week 16 – but he will be for week 17. Aaron Rogers was high on Kumerow as a Packer and in his first game as a Saint (week 15) he did catch a touchdown pass. Of the 4 Wide Receivers I just mentioned, I have the most interest in Kumerow on Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks are in the playoffs but if both the Packers and the Saints LOSE, they will earn the #1 Seed and First Round Bye. All they have to do is beat the 49ers who earlier this season Russell Wilson threw for 261 and 4 Touchdowns against and ran for 23 yards. However anyone with a pair of eyes can tell you, Russell Wilson hasn’t looked or played the same as he was earlier this season over the last month. BUT we do have DK Metcalf to lean on. In that game against Seattle, Metcalf accounted for 161 of Wilson’s 261 yards as well as 2 of the 4 Touchdowns. I will have no issue playing Metcalf as a one off on Sunday. Ownership should be a little down on Metcalf too as I think the Seahawks are going a little overlooked since what they are playing for seems a out of reach, at least on paper. Then we have the curious case of Tyler Lockett who since week 7 when he had 200 yards and 3 Touchdowns has had 67 yards or fewer in his last 9 games also only 1 touchdown in that same span. Ownership on Lockett is in the basement and frankly, that is really why I don’t mind taking a shot on him here. Isn’t it just like a Must Win situation to bring out the best in us after all? Tight End Jacob Hollister is also riding a two game Touchdown streak and I think you can also take a shot there – he is cheap and no one is going to play Hollister over the other bigger names on the slate at that position. I also like Chris Carson. Carson has seen 15 and 16 touches since returning from injury but with Carlos Hyde out, I could see that number rise to potentially 20 touches. He also has seen 3 targets in each of his last two games and again with Hyde out, he could be more involved in the passing game. I also think the Seahawks DST is as sneaky cheap play that could go overlooked. C.J. Beathard will be under center for the 49ers and with both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk out – it will be George Kittle and … Richie James? Kendrick Bourne? Oh my. If you are making a Seahawks stack with Wilson and Metcalf for instance, I think a run back from the 49ers that can give you some leverage off off Kittle (who will be a very popular play) is Jeff Wilson. With Raheem Mostert ruled out in Week 16, Wilson had 22 carries plus a nice catch and run for 20 yards and the Seahawks run defense doesn’t scare me too much to take a shot on near guaranteed workload.

Alright you have now gotten my picks for every team with something to play for this weekend. However there are teams playing that have nothing to play for except pride. Some of those teams have plays on them that I think you should target. Some of them don’t. If it burns me, it burns me but I won’t have a Patriot, Panther, Jaguar or Bengal in any of my lineups or in my player pool for Multi Entry. The teams in this “playing for pride only” category that I will be targeting are:

Atlanta Falcons

New York Jets

Minnesota Vikings

Detroit Lions

Houston Texans

LA Chargers

Las Vegas Raiders

Denver Broncos

San Francisco 49ers

So going position by position – here is who I like, who I haven’t already mentioned above, from this group of teams with only pride on the line:


Matt Ryan vs Tampa Bay – 2 weeks ago Ryan put up 356 yards and 3 TDs against this defense. With potentially his job on the line going into next season, he will want to put on a show.

Kirk Cousins vs The Lions – Dalvin Cook will not play Sunday and Cousins threw 3 TDs against Detroit already once this season.

Mathew Stafford (if he plays) vs The Vikings – coming off of one of the worst statistical games of his career in Week 16, Stafford now gets a Vikings team giving up nearly 270 yards of passing offense per game.

Justin Herbert vs The Chiefs – there is a real chance that it isn’t just Chief’s Offensive starters that will get a rest on Sunday and Herbert will want to cap his stellar rookie season off with a strong performance, cementing his spot under center for 2021.

Derek Carr vs The Broncos – I am mainly interested in Carr as a stack with Darren Waller and or Nelson Agholor as I don’t think many will be rostering a stack like that and I like the potential against a Broncos team ranked 22nd against QBs and giving up nearly 250 yards through the air.


Melvin Gordon – Philip Lindsey is out and he plays the 27th worst Defense against Running Backs

Ty Johnson – Jets Running Back? Frank Gore and La’Michel Perine are out and he catches passes too!

Alexander Mattison – will draw the start against the leagues second worst run defense, allowing nearly 140 yards on the ground on average. In week 9 Dalvin Cook had 252 total yards and two touchdowns against this team. If Mattison can do half that, I’ll be ecstatic.

Deandre Swift – with Stafford starting I like Swift’s potential for targets here and the Vikings are nearly as bad as the Lions, ranked 26th in the league against running backs and giving up nearly 140 yards on the ground per game.

Austin Ekeler – with Keenan Allen officially out, Ekeler could be in for an even deeper workload and against a Chiefs defense ranked 20th against running backs, you could do worse than a low owned Ekeler in your lineup.

Josh Jacobs – I haven’t liked the time share with Deandre Booker and Jaylen Richard recently, but with nothing to play for except pride – I think Jon Gruden leans on his work horse to show Raiders nation there are better days ahead. For what it’s worth, Jacobs ran for 112 yards and 2 scores against the Broncos in Week 10 and you may not find him at any lower ownership than you will this week.

David Johnson – coming off his best performance as a Texan in Week 16, Johnson should be a prime position to stay hot. The Titans are just behind the Lions at 28th in the league against running backs allowing 120+ yards on the ground. Johnson also scored a touchdown against them in Week 6.


Justin Jefferson – only 50 or so yards from breaking Randy Moss’s single season rookie receiving record and hard pressed not to think he will break it with 4 of his last 6 games totaling 85 yards or more. Especially with Cook out, Cousins may be given the green light to let it fly in Week 17.

Adam Thielen – the thunder to Jefferson’s lightning, Adam Thielen has also had a spectacular 2020 with 14 Touchdown catches. Hard not to think he doesn’t make it 16 against a Lions team ranked 31st against Wide Receivers and giving up nearly 290 yards through the air per game. You may not catch Thielen at this low ownership again, by the way.

Calvin Ridley – Ridley has just gone bananas over the last 4 weeks, smashing the 100 yard mark in each of those games and scoring 2 touchdowns along the way. In Week 15 he went 10 for 163 and 1 against the Bucs. Fly Falcon Fly. He will be a popular play, for good reason.

Russell Gage – the immediate pivot from a Chalky Calvin Ridley, Gage has quietly had a nice season as well and he found success against the Bucs in Week 15 going 5 for 68 and a score. His price tag is a little higher than I’d like but if Ridley’s ownership skyrockets, I like Gage as a leverage play.

Marvin Jones Jr – who else but Marvin Jones right? With 8 or more targets in 5 of his last 7 and a Touchdown Catch against the Vikings in Week 10, I kinda like Marvin Jones as Stafford’s go to this weekend. The Vikings are allowing nearly 270 passing yards per game. Give me 70 and a score from MJJ and I’ll be happy.

Nelson Agholor – Phillie be Damned – a star has been born in Las Vegas! 8 or more targets in 3 of his last 4 and TWO 100 yard games in that same span along with 2 touchdowns. He has become a big play threat for Gruden and I could see him featured heavily in this season finale. The Broncos are giving up nearly 250 yards through the air and while he is a little more expensive on the sites than I normally like, I do like the stack with Carr and Agholor as a low owned option with tons of upside.

Mike Williams – he is the ultimate boom or bust guy but with no Keenan Allen and nothing to lose, would it shock you to see Herbert take multiple deep shots to Williams in this game against the Chiefs? If so, I’ll be happy to be rostering Williams. He saw 11 targets last week without Allen by the way.

Jerry Jeudy – I really don’t trust his quarterback and in general Broncos Wide Receivers have been disappointing us all season long, but Jeudy saw 15 targets last week and even if he sees half, he should find more room to move against a Las Vegas Defense allowing nearly 270 yards through the air on average.

Tight End

Darren Waller – Waller the Baller has been on a TEAR over the last month. 537 Yards through the air between weeks 13 – 16 and 3 touchdowns. It doesn’t matter the defense he has played he has been ELITE in the last month of the season. With Kelce’s playing time in question, Waller will be very popular as the second most expensive tight end – but if you are paying up for the position, I think Waller needs to be in serious consideration. I will have my fair share of him in my lineups.

George Kittle – After 7 weeks on IR the 49ers said that Kittle would be limited. No problem, he took his limited snaps to 92 yards. Now a week removed there should be no question who the 49ers offense will run through in Week 17. This is the Kittle revenge game by the way since it was in week 8 against Seattle that he went down. Clear the way – big George is coming through and with Waller above him in price and Mark Andrews below him in price, George could be coming in at an ownership discount and I’ll take it!

Irv Smith – with so much fanfare on Justin Jefferson, Irv Smith’s breakout campaign has gone a little unnoticed. But with Kyle Rudolph off the field, Cousins looked to Big Irv and in Week 16 Irv delivered with a 6 for 53 and 2 line. I’d look for Irv Smith to be involved again here with Dalvin Cook and his target share not on the field.

Hayden Hurst – Hurst has been hit or miss all season but he is riding a 2 game touchdown streak including one against the Bucs in week 15 and sometimes I like to ride the hot hand.

Noah Fant – I can never seem to get Noah Fant right (by the way, don’t you just wish he was as dominating as Kelce or Kittle or Waller so we could nickname him Noah FantASY?) He has seen 11 and 9 targets over the last two weeks and had a touchdown in that span. The Raiders have been pretty good against Tight Ends this year, but he should see solid volume and so I do not mind taking a shot, possibly as a run back on Raiders stacks more than anything else.

TJ Hockenson – I am only going to use him if I am playing a Lions stack with Stafford, but for what it’s worth Hockenson has been seeing a fairly consistent amount of targets all season long and nothing about the Vikings pass defense scares me.

Donald Parham/Stephen Anderson – in the wake of Hunter Henry’s Covid positive test, Parham and Anderson got the start in week 16 and both saw targets (Parham 3, Anderson 6) and both went for about the same yardage (Parham 47, Anderson 48). One of these guys is going to catch a touchdown pass and both are cheap and have NO ownership. My bet is on Parham who already has two TDs on the year but for cheap low owned dart throws – you could do worse.


The Jets – as much as I hate to say it about my beloved Patriots, they stink. The Jets are on an actual roll and the Patriots are not. Pair the Jets D with Ty Johnson as a mini stack in your lineup. I just think the Jets are ready to pay some comeuppance after a lot of years of frustration.

The Raiders – The last time these two teams played, Drew Lock threw 4 Interceptions. #Analysis

The Chargers – Chad Henne is starting for the Chiefs. Worth a shot in my book.

The 49ers – If it’s true that Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh is in line for a Head Coach job in 2021 there sure isn’t a better resume builder left this season than “I built the Game Plan that kept the Seahawks form the first round bye and number one seed last year”. #Analysis

Good Luck in your Contests!


Monday Night Showdown – Bills Patriots – The Shoe is on the other foot this time in the AFC East – Week 16 Concludes

I hope as you are reading this you are in the lead or have won your league championship. I will be honest, I decided to celebrate my own victory a little too much last night so my #Analysis on the Sunday Night Game stayed in my head and not on the page… if you had Davante Adams in you Captain spot though, you should be pretty happy right now …

Tonight’s matchup with the Bills and the Patriots is an interesting one because in truth, it doesn’t really matter for either team in the grand scheme of things. The Bill’s have already locked up their playoff berth with the AFC East Title and the Patriots have already been eliminated from playoff competition. So sure the Bills can win out and have a shot at being a higher seed in the race, however by and large their destiny is playing in January.

Tonight I expect two things. First the Patriots will try and play spoiler and beat the Bills to show there is still some life in the old bones and the Bills will (I hope) run the ball down the throat of the Patriots Defense and carve up the field with play action. So let’s get into it.

My Captain/MVP Picks

I really don’t have a good statistical reason for saying this, but I like Cam Newton at Captain tonight. With his recent performances his ownership should be way down and I do believe most players will rush to have a Bills player at Captain or perhaps a Patriot receiver. But if you read any media that covered Cam after last week’s loss, he really came across as a guy that not only knows he can do better – he is disappointed in himself and his play. Now this may be his last chance on Prime Time to give the world one more dose of CAM and I don’t mind taking a shot.

I also don’t mind looking at Jacobi Meyers at Captain. No other Patriot comes remotely close to the Target Share that Meyers has been seeing (over 33%) and as I expect the Patriots to be throwing to get points on the board, Meyers should be a big part of the effort.

It may sound really crazy but I also don’t mind looking at the Patriot backfield for Captain or MVP tonight. The Bills are ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league against running backs and are giving up over 120 yards. Damien Harris is inactive again and last week Sony Michel did have 74 yards on the ground and with a much better matchup tonight, I could see the Patriots leaning on the run heavily. I will be taking a look at Michel especially if we get news that JJ Taylor if he is also inactive. If Taylor is active though, I don’t mind taking a flier on him either. James White is always much more popular of a play in Showdowns because of his pass catching – so I don’t mind White as a flex – but no one is going to look at Michel or Taylor especially at Captain/MVP and I could see a path to 75 and a score for one of them if the Pats can get their game plan in action.

With Stephon Gilmore placed on IR I believe Stefon Diggs will be a very popular Captain pick – however it is expected he will see a lot of JC Jackson tonight who is in the Top 3 for Interceptions this year and has been solid. Jackson has been beaten on the deep ball a few times this year, so you will need to hope that Diggs can take advantage of some shots. Diggs leads the Bill’s receivers in target share and raw yardage – and is due for a touchdown too. So I don’t mind Diggs at Captain.

But with John Brown again out tonight, I like taking a look at Gabriel Davis as a cheaper option to get a piece of the Bill’s passing attack. Last week David snapped a 3 game Touchdown streak and I am sure he is hungry to get a new streak going – plus with a lot of attention being paid to Diggs, I think Davis may be a sneaky play.

I also like looking at Zack Moss at Captain. Moss has apparently taken the lead back role on this team and as I said in my opening, I am expecting the Bills to run the ball early and often tonight. He also is a threat on the goal line. Again I think Diggs and Beasley will be some of the most popular Captains, so I do not mind shifting to secondary pieces to gain some leverage.

That being said though – it is very likely the optimal lineup tonight will be with Josh Allen at the Captain/MVP. Let’s face it – Allen has been fantastic this season. With the Patriots Defense in a bit of a rut and down key pieces too, he will for all intensive purposes take advantage. It doesn’t help too that as a proud member of Patriot nation that I know that running quarterbacks give the Patriots fits. As much as I like Davis and Moss, I think I will have the most Bills exposure to Allen tonight.

Flex, Flex, Flex it Up

I think if you are stacking the Patriots you need to think about it one of two ways. That they will try and run the game plan that they have all season, in which case stacking Cam + Meyers + Running back will make the most sense OR with nothing on the line they just go for broke, in which case I’m stacking Cam + Meyers + Dameire Byrd + James White. I don’t mind swapping White with N’Keal Harry in some lineups, but Harry has been as bad as Cam has recently and I don’t mind at all if you want to fade him. I also think you may want to consider using the cheap Tight Ends here – not together – but as a way to fill out the lineup taking a shot on Dalton Keene or Devin Asiasi. If the Patriots use this game as a way to see what they have in their young tight ends, the matchup with the Bills may be the best of the remaining two games to do it. I am not saying to load up on these guys, but they are cheap and can make a lot of things work in your lineup.

For the Bills I think stacking Allen with Diggs, Davis and Cole Beasley is going to be the very popular and pricey. So I might recommend using either Diggs or Beasley and rotating Davis with Isaiah McKenzie and then look at including Zack Moss or Devin Singletary in the stack… I think that the running game of the Bills will be a little underowned tonight but I see them having a big role, unless somehow the Bills fall behind I think including them with one of the secondary receivers will give you leverage on the field.

I don’t want to ignore the kickers in this game entirely but I am not as interested in them as Normal. Nick Folk has been very solid for the Patriots for sure, but if I am going to use him it will be in a stack with Cam and a receiver and not as a run back option on Bills stacks. Tyler Bass also has been solid but I am concerned with his field goal opportunities tonight. I could be wrong and this could be a game where it is slow and low scoring, but again I prefer using Bass in a stack with Allen and not as a run back.

I also think you can take a shot on the Bill’s defense if you are multi-entering. You can’t ignore how bad Cam has been recently and certainly both fumbles and interceptions are at play. And because it is 2020 and anything can happen – having at least one lineup with the Patriots Defense is something to think about. I don’t mind using the Patriots D in lineups with Allen either.

Good Luck with your Contests!


Week 16 DFS Strategy & Picks – Real Deal Fantasy HQ – The most value heavy slate EVER!

This may be the most interesting DFS Slate of the Season. With 4 Games already played containing a lot of our the biggest ‘studs’ that we target each week – plus Green Bay, Tennessee, Buffalo and New England all playing in prime time, this slate contains a really significant funnel for “top plays” and loads of value.

I am going to take this by position on my favorite plays. I will also introduce up my primary strategy on attacking the slate too. I am hoping that if you aren’t in your season long Championship game, you can be a Champion in DFS today.


Quarterback today, from an ownership perspective is pretty simple. It’s Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts and then everyone else. So what I am going to focus on here are pivots from the top two dogs… but before I do, let’s talk about Mahomes and Hurts.

Patrick Mahomes gets to plat the Atlanta Falcons who are giving up the MOST fantasy points to Quarterbacks and the 3rd Most to Wide Receivers. I don’t think you need me to discuss the reasons why Mahomes may be the TOP play at Quarterback on the week. What I am going to mention though is that since his ownership puts him as a ‘chalk’ play, consider how you are rostering him. I will say the same thing about Jalen Hurts in a moment. Most players will stack Mahomes with Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce and why not. Today though I will be thinking a little differently and stack Mahomes with Falcons. For instance game stacking with Mahomes and Calvin Ridley or Russell Gage or both… It isn’t that either of those guys won’t also be popular plays – but the correlation that you create with a stack like this can help you create a unique lineup. If I was to stack Mahomes, I do prefer Hill to Kelce today but only slightly.

Jalen Hurts has been a phenom in Philadelphia over the last two weeks alone. Did you know that he is averaging over 10 Fantasy Points on his rushing alone? Now he gets a Cowboys team that is first in the league for yardage allowed BEFORE contact on the ground and is allowing over 160 yards per game on the ground. Hurts will be the second highest owned QB on the slate – but instead of attacking this with a stack of a Philadelphia Wide Receiver or tight end, what about a game stack with Hurts, Myles Sanders and Ceedee Lamb or Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup? Or Hurts with Zeid or Tony Pollard. Just think a little differently. Game stacking led to the winning lineup last week in the Milly Maker … so it isn’t without warrant. If I am going to stack Hurts with anyone it is either Dallas Goedert or I will go back in time and nab Alshon Jeffery. By the way – Desean Jackson is BACK too … what will Hurts do with a field stretcher like that and how will that open up things for the other receivers. There is a lot to like about this Philly offense today.

The bottom line is that Mahomes and Hurts are excellent plays today – but a lot of people know that and the standard stack of Mahomes and Hill or Hurts and Raegor will be extremely common. So by all means, fire these guys up – just think differently when you do it.

So let’s talk Pivots for a minute. To me the perfect Pivot from Patrick Mahomes is Lamar Jackson at 8% ownership playing the New York Giants. The Giants have been better on Defense lately is the narrative. Don’t care. The Ravens need to win out to make the playoffs and Lamar has all of his weapons on the field today. It should be a competitive matchup with the Giants who also need a win to stay atop the NFC East. The reason I think Lamar is a pivot from Mahomes is he is a QB that you do not necessarily need to stack with any player, for him to deliver for you. If I am stacking Lamar with anyone it is Mark Andrews for what it’s worth.

My pick for a Jalen Hurts pivot – hold your breath – Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky gets to play the boys from DUUUUVALLL who bleed fantasy points. The reason I like Trubisky as a pivot is his rushing floor, not as prolific as it was – but he does give you points with his legs. Now I would stack Trubisky with either Allen Robinson or Darnell Mooney (Mooney especially if Robinson is out) but at under 10% ownership, Trubisky could be a path to a DFS Victory.

Surprising Low Ownership on a few other QBs I want to mention.

Russell Wilson – playing the Rams and the #1 Rated Defense, Wilson and the whole Seahawks offense is coming in severely underowned. However this game could very well decide the NFC West and I don’t know, Russell Wilson – DK Metcalf – Tyler Lockett all under 10% owned seems like a sneaky play, with risk of course.

Baker Mayfield – Baker has been lights out for weeks now and in a matchup with the Jets you would think his ownership would be through the roof. You would be wrong – the entirety of the Browns’ Starting Wide Receiver corp is out today and on the Covid 19 list. That has helped keep Baker around 7% ownership. In fact outside of the Browns Defense, no Brown is even close to 10% ownership. Take advantage! Austin Hooper, Kareem Hunt, Harrison Bryant, David NJoku and a host of value Browns wide receivers are available and they are playing the JETS. Could be the sneakiest of all plays today.

Matt Ryan – People hate playing Matt Ryan and I get it. But the guy is throwing the ball 40 times per game and in a game with the Chiefs … yes the Chiefs secondary has been very good, but volume here wins out. Outside of Calvin Ridley (the second highest owned Wide Receiver) the Falcons are going unowned and I like the play of Ryan and Russell Gage as a pivot. Additionally cheap Ito Smith is now the starting running back and while I wouldn’t touch him in Season Long, in DFS – a cheap underowned starting running back in what should be a high scoring game… give it to me.


I am going to go through my player pool for you to consider. Where value exists I will highlight and where low ownership exists I will highlight – but with a limited amount of players available because of a limited amount of games, I think hitting this quick will give you the most bang for the buck.

Running Backs:

David Montgomery – been playing lights out lately and now he gets the 30th ranked Jaguars who themselves are down their own starting back – James Robinson. I think Montgomery is in store for a big work load and a big day. He is my #1 Running Back on the slate

Austin Ekeler – with Keenan Allen likely out or limited and playing a shaky Denver defense in California, I think Ekeler will be involved from start to finish and is firmly in play today. His targets alone make him a tremendous play.

Myles Sanders – gets to play a Dallas Defense that as I mentioned is #1 for yards allowed BEFORE contact. Big play Sanders should eat today and since Hurts has been entered in the lineup, he has actually seen his usage INCREASE. Going Underowned today by the way. A Unique Stack is Hurts – Sanders – Lamb. Just sayin’

Washington Running Backs – Antonio Gibson is expected to play but is coming back from Turf Toe… yikes. I don’t mind taking a shot on Gibson but I really like JD McKissic as a flex today. Dwayne Haskins will be under center and Terry McLauren is out. Targets, Targets, Targets for McKissic I predict. Both guys going way underowned for the opportunity against the Panthers allowing 120 on the ground per game.

JK Dobbins – gets to play the Giants Defense who rank 25th against Running Backs especially those who catch passes. I like Dobbins as a flex because I’d expect Gus Edwards to get some carries – but the Ravens like Dobbins on the goal line… keep that in mind.

Kareem Hunt – very simple, Baker will need someone to catch passes. The Jets have been pretty good against the run, but the Cleveland Browns have one of if not the best Offensive Line in football and again all of the starting Wide Receivers are out today. Hunt catches passes. Let’s go. Going a bit underowned today.

Melvin Gordon – No Phillip Lindsey Today. Royce Freeman is banged up. This will be the Gordon show – the Gordon REVENGE matchup against the Chargers and this is a Volume Play. In games where Lindsey did not play Gordon has had 20+ touches. Really underowned today for the opportunity.

Gio Bernard – Two Touchdowns against the Steelers #2 defense against the run last week and now he gets the Texans #32 ranked run defense today. With QB issues in Cincy, I think they lean on Gio today. CHEAP VALUE PLAY with a TON of Upside.

Wide Receiver

Tyreek Hill and Calvin Ridley are the top owned wide receivers and both could be EXCELLENT choices to roster – but who else am I looking at?

Allen Robinson – Darnell Mooney. The Bears play Jacksonville and Jacksonville loves to give up points and big plays to Wide Receivers. Robinson is the Alpha but is questionable. Mooney is the X. If Robinson doesn’t play, Mooney becomes the Alpha and the X. Don’t sleep on these guys … many others are.

Robert Woods – The Seahawks have been getting better on defense, yes. Jamal Adams of the Seahawks I think will be keeping a keen eye on Cooper Kupp and Carlos Dunlap on Jared Goff. Will be a tough matchup – that is why Robert Woods is going severely unowned today. Mr Reliable for the Rams is in play for me today.

Houston Texans Wide Receivers. I should mention Deshaun Watson here, also a solid Pivot from the higher owned QBs – the Bengals though have been actually limiting teams over the last 4 weeks to 20 or under points. However Watson, Cooks, Coutee – upstart Chad Hansen. No one is looking here and in fact David Johnson (after 11 targets last week) has more ownership today than any of the pass catchers. I trust Watson enough to make these wide receivers, all values in their own right, viable for you.

Bengals Wide Receivers – Tee Higgins, AJ Green – yes Ryan Finley at QB is a question mark, but when have we not played Wide Receivers against the Texans this year? Why stop now?

Jamison Crowder – Breshard Permian – the Browns for their solid win streak have been allowing big plays to wide receivers and with the Browns offense severely limited today, you could have a very tired Browns defense playing especially as the game drags on. I like the volume of Crowder and I like the Big Play ability of Perriman.

Russell Gage – great pivot from Calvin Ridley, Gage has stepped up in Julio Jone’s absence and has also scored a touchdown twice recently. Cheap, under owned and in potentially the most competitive game on the slate. Don’t be afraid at look at a cheap Gage here.

CeeDee Lamb – my favorite pairing with Jalen Hurts, he has more targets than any other wide receiver on the Cowboys over the last 3 weeks AND Amari Cooper has struggled against Big Play Slay’s shadow coverage in the past. Let’s go CeeDee…

Tyler Lockett – He has been terrible recently. Doesn’t this just feel like the right time for a Lockett explosion game? We have the DK Metcalf Jalen Ramsey thing going on. We have the Aaron Donald Russell Wilson thing going on. I think Lockett is being largely ignored and I wonder if he will be ignored by the Rams too a little bit. No one is playing Seahawks today – but I am.

Chargers Wide Receivers – Mike Williams is healthy. Keenan Allen (even if he plays) is not. I like Mike Williams. Jaylen Guyton – cheap and most likely to fill the Allen Role should he sit. Tyron Johnson, already a part of this Wide Receiver corp and even cheaper than Guyton. I really don’t mind a Justin Herbert stack with Ekeler and any one of these guys.

Darius Slayton – Danny Dimes will be back under center and Golden Tate will be on the sidelines. With the Giants likely playing from behind, Daniel Jones will take some shots on his big play guy Slayton and if a couple of them are successful, I want to have a piece.

Curtis Samuel – yes the Football Team has a wicked pass rush and have been very good against wide receivers but how Samuel is used makes him a solid value play today that no one is looking at. Lining him out of the backfield and on wheel routes – these help to slow pass rushes. I think he is a solid dart throw and cheap and unowned at that.

Tight Ends

Travis Kelce is the alpha today no question. But he is very pricey and very highly owned. Pretty much every other tight end today is a VALUE…

Logan Thomas – 10+ Targets in back to back games and no Terry McLauren today. He could be in line for a monster game against the Panthers.

Browns Tight Ends – Austin Hoopper, Harrison Bryant, David NJoku. Baker needs someone to catch passes and by the way – You can’t even play any of the wide receivers they will have on the field on Draft Kings. Literally – they aren’t there. Cycle Browns TEs in your lineups.

Donald Parham – Hunter Henry is out with Covid and Parham has been named the Starter. He is big. He has two touchdown catches already this season. He was a stud in the XFL. He is also VERY CHEAP – $2,500 on DK.

Mark Andrews – great pivot from Kelce with a great opportunity

Noah Fant – coming off his biggest game of the season and playing the Chargers ranked 20th against TEs

Tyler Higbee – could be a safety valve for Goff today and always a Red Zone threat. The Seahawks have been better lately, but they still aren’t great against pass catchers.

Hayden Hurst – again the Chiefs and Falcons should have a competitive game and Julio Jones will miss it. I will be taking a look at any of the pass catchers in this game and Hurst has been getting more targets recently.

Dalton Schultz – the Eagles stink against Tight Ends and the Cowboys need a win just as bad as the Eagles do. Cheap, underowned, what else can you say here?

Dallas Goedert – mentioned already, a favorite of Jalen Hurts and probably the most likely stacking option with the young QB. But what about a Goedert – Lamb game stack?


Honestly I think you can make a case for all of them but I’ll give you one to consider that maybe you will think I am crazy to mention … but

The JETS. $2,000 on DK and the Browns are doing walk throughs as we speak in the stadium parking lot lining tight ends up as Wide Receivers. Yes, really. I’ll have some shots on Gang Green Today.

Good Luck in your Contests!


Saturday DFS Strategy & Picks – Holiday Edition – 3 Games to Glory!

I took a holiday from pretty much everything yesterday minus family, food and Santa Claus. What a game for Alvin Kamara and the Saints. They needed that win almost as much as my. Daughter needed a new Barbie Dream Closet.

Today we have three games and with people’s Season Long Fantasy Championships on the line, there certainly is a lot of drama going on this weekend. So maybe you need a break from it all or perhaps your own season long fantasy dreams have gone up in smoke. Thankfully we have our old friend DFS to get us through! Today when 3 games on tap should provide some fun and fantasy points and where there is fantasy points there can be DFS Winners. So let’s see what we can do about making YOU one of those!

Arizona Cardinals – San Francisco 49ers

Arizona Cardinals Favored by 5.5 points

This game has an over/under of 48.5

If this was a healthy 49ers team I could see this total pushing 60 however this is anything but a healthy 49ers team. Most recently, back up QB Nick Mullens went on IR which only adds to the woes of the gold and red. Jimmy G will not be walking on that field. Nick Bosa will not be walking on that field. Deebo Samuel … you get the picture. BUT YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE? GEORGE KITTLE IS ACTIVE!

Meanwhile you have a surging Arizona Cardinals team that need a win to keep playoff hopes alive… so I don’t Cliff Kingsbury taking his foot off the gas pedal today.


Kyler Murray played like the Kyler Murray at the beginning of the Season last week. 406 Passing Yards, 3 Touchdown Passes plus 29 yards on the ground and a rushing score. Now admittedly, the 49ers Defense poses a little more threat than the banged up Eagle’s secondary, but I have little doubt that Kyler will be able to move the ball today. He will be the most popular QB play on both sites today but perhaps also the safest, so he makes for an excellent Cash Game option. I don’t mind him for tournaments too, but at close to 40% ownership and a hefty price tags I have other options I will be looking at.

One of those options believe it or not is CJ Beathard the expected starter for the Niners with Nick Mullens on IR. When he stepped in for Mullens last week he threw for 100 yards and a touchdown and I don’t hate the matchup with the Cardinals 30th in the league against QBs. With the Cards favored by over 5 Points the expectation is that the Niners will be playing catch-up which means Beathard will be throwing and at $5,000 on DK an $6,800 on FD he can really help make your lineup come together nicely. Do I expect him to break the slate – NO – but I do like the options Beathard at QB can give you. Currently right now only 4% of DFSers agree with me, so take advantage of low ownership if you got the guts.

Wide Receiver

Deandre Hopkins is the logical pick here as the Alpha and Omega on the Cardinals offense. He makes a great pairing with Kyler naturally but I also like the game stack of Beathard and Hopkins. While the Niners are Top 10 overall against the pass, they are middle of the road against Wide Receivers and a talent like Hopkins should be in line for a big performance. Hopkins will be the Chalk Wide Receiver today, so being different and game stacking with the 4% owned Beathard is a way to gain leverage on the field. I think you can also take a look at Christian Kirk who has developed into the #2 for Kyler and a real deep threat as well. With a lot of other Stud receivers on this slate, I could see Kirk being overlooked. The guys I am looking at most however outside of Hopkins is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz may be playing for his swan song this year and was targeted in the red zone and caught a touchdown, but I also like the volume that Fitz is seeing for a Cheap Low Owned Play. Last week he saw 4 targets, but earlier in the season Fitz was averaging 6 per game and I don’t mind taking a shot there. He is only $3,400 on DK.

On the 49ers side – it should be the Brandon Aiyuk show. With Deebo sidelined, Aiyuk is has seen 16 and 13 targets over the last two weeks and has gone for 73 or more yards over the last 3. If Beathard is going to have success he will need to lean on this shifty player, who also sees some work in the run game. Aiyuk will be popular today and he could see a fair amount of Patrick Peterson but I think he is still in play. It may sound like a cop out, but I really don’t have a lot of interest in any other San Fran wide receivers. You have Richie James and Kendrick Bourne available and I am ok with taking a flyer on one or the other but I don’t know if I am building a team with more than one of them on there…I may have no exposure to either. I do have a little interest in River Carcraft however. At the minimum salary on DK he is more of a price play for me, but he should see a few targets today and he is so cheap, kinda like Beathard, I don’t mind taking the shot.

Running Back

Kenyan Drake could be in store for a very heavy workload if Chase Edmonds (Currently Questionable) can’t go. Even if Edmonds can’t go, I think Drake is in play especially if you believe the Cardinals will be playing with a lead. The 49ers have been ok against running backs but with Kyler himself running, I believe it opens up the lanes for Drake and we have seen him make use of his opportunities over the last month. There is always the threat of Kyler taking the goal line work himself, but especially if Edmonds can’t play Drake is a volume play for me. I don’t know how much interest I will have in Edmonds if he can go. As the Pass Catching back, I could see him being eased into the game as if the Cardinals can get into a lead his services may not need to be employed the way they were last week against the Eagles and the Cardinals may want to rest him as he could be very useful in the playoffs. Drake is in my player pool and if Edmonds can go, I don’t mind taking a shot with him as a flex but I won’t be very heavy on Edmonds in lineups.

On the other side of the ball it looks to be the Jeff Wilson Jr show with Raheem Mostert out. Wilson is a dynamic runner and we also know the 49ers like to run Wilson on the goal line. The Cardinals have been tough on Running Backs – top 5 against the position, so it may be tough sledding – but I think you have to take a look at Wilson again as a volume play. I could see the Niners going very run heavy in this game with the backup to the backup under center. Believe it or not though, I think the 49er Running Back to own here is Jerrick McKinnon. The 49ers like McKinnon a lot and I expect him to get solid work today as the pass catching running back. Again if you think the Cardinals go out ahead – McKinnon could be the guy on the field and he is cheap and is going very underowned, surprisingly.

Tight End

Dan Arnold has been a great DFS Tight End in the back half of the season. With 4 Touchdowns over the last 5 games and seeing 3 plus targets he is a cheap option with upside every week. But he is questionable today and if he can’t go, I think taking a shot on Max Williams isn’t a crazy idea. Kyler likes targeting his tight ends on 3rd downs and in the red zone and while not popular plays, I will have some shares of a Cardinals Tight End – either Arnold or Williams.

GEORGE KITTLE IS ACTIVE. He is potentially going to go a little underowned with the news breaking this morning. Currently projected at 20% ownership vs Darren Waller at 42%. George Kittle is also only $5,000 on DK and $6,000 on FD. Play George Kittle. #Analysis To be fair however, it isn’t 100% Green Means Go here. The Cardinals are top 5 against tight ends and you have the backup to the backup throwing to him. So could Kittle bust? For Sure. But I will be playing a lot of George Kittle.

(Here is what I wrote about the other SF Tight Ends, before the Kittle News if you are interested) Jordan Reed still plays football. He is seeing 5 targets per game and has 2 touchdowns over the last 3 games. I could easily see Beathard targeting his tight ends today so while there is risk here, I also don’t mind taking a shot on Reed or Ross Dwelley (the other 49er Tight End) as both are being targeted and if Beathard is throwing to play catchup, I think his tight ends are viable. I prefer Reed to Dwelley but like the Cardinals guys – Reed and Dwelley are cheap and no one is playing them.

Many say Defense Doesn’t Matter … I tend to agree as I usually just play the cheapest defense I don’t think will kill me and with the Backup to the Backup under center for the 49ers under center The Cardinals DST is in play for me.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Detroit Lions

Tampa Bay is favored by 4 Points

This games projected total is 54 points

Tom Brady gets to play the second worst defense against the pass and he has all of his pass catchers healthy. Good Luck Charlie. (Charlie being the Detroit Lions) Brady is the second highest owned QB on the slate behind Kyler, but it is with Good Reason. Just like the Cardinals, the Bucs are playing for the playoffs and I don’t see Brady slowing down. Without sounding like a homer for Brady, I think he is an excellent play today.

Matthew Stafford is a questionable today with a thumb injury and of course his rib injury from a week or so back. If Stafford can play, I don’t mind taking A shot but I am not going to be very heavy on him. First, the Bucs have a solid defense. They rush the passer and are stout against the run. Which means Stafford will need to be throwing and will need to be likely rolling outside the pocket a lot, I don’t see him just standing back there with a ton of time on his hands. His injuries give me pause because of this. Coupled with over the last two weeks in arguably much better matchups against the Titans and Packers, Stafford has barely cracked 15 fantasy points. I think that is injury related. So if he plays, I don’t mind taking A shot, but not multiple. If he doesn’t play, I have no interest in a Lions QB.

Wide Receiver

Marvin Jones Jr will be the second highest owned WR on the slate behind Hopkins. With Kenny Golladay out Jones is seeing close to 10 targets per game and has gone for over 100 yards to 2 of his last 3 games. In both of those games he also scored a touchdown. He will be a popular run back play on a Brady Bucs receiver stack. I also don’t mind taking a shot on Danny Amendola. Amendola has not seen the volume he was earlier in the season, recently – but if the Bucs are able to key in on Jones, Stafford could lean heavy on Amendola particularly on third down. I think you can also take a shot on Qunitez Cephus. At the minimum salary on Draft Kings he makes for an interesting pivot from Jones and in a matchup with a similar tough defense recently (the Bears), Cephus had his best game of the season with 63 yards and a score. He is a pricing play, but he is in play for me.

I’m just going to say it – I like Mike Evans a lot today. He will be the 3rd highest owned of the Bucs receivers but I just like the report that Brady has built with Evans and I like the chances of Evans finding the Endzone. The most popular play of the Bucs will be Chris Godwin who against the Lion’s 28th ranked passing defense, Godwin should eat. He has been a volume target option for Brady in the past. Then there is the boy of the hour – Antonio Brown who found the last week for the first time since 2019. The Lions are terrible against wide receivers and I don’t need to spend a ton of time telling you that. Nearly 280 yards per game over the year and giving up close to 30 fantasy points to the position. Who is you favorite Buc Wide Receiver today? Mine is Evans, but if you like Godwin or Brown more – play ‘em. I think an interesting way to attack this game is to game stack one or two Bucs pass catchers with Marvin Jones and not stack with Quarterbacks. It is an upside leverage play to consider in your lineups.

Running Back

I am not planning on playing a Detroit running back against Todd Bowles stout run defense that is holding opposing running games to league high average of under 90 yards. I’m just not going there. If you believe that the Buccaneers will focus solely on stopping Stafford and that will open up some lanes for Deandre Swift, more power to you. I make a hard rule to not play a running back against the Bucs. #Analysis

Leonard Fournette however may be my favorite Running Back on the slate however. The Lions are ranked 31st against the run and are giving up nearly 140 yards per game to running backs. He will be the highest owned running back on the slate but I don’t mind eating the chalk. With Ronald Jones out last week, Fournette carried the ball 14 times and had 2 rushing TDs. He also caught 3 of 5 targets for 16 yards. I like Fournette a lot today.

Tight End

TJ Hockenson will be the second highest owned Tight End on the slate behind Darren Waller. Hockenson certainly has become a target for Stafford but after a couple costly fumbles and drops over the last 3 games we saw his target share plummet from 11 in Week 14 to 4 in Week 15. The Bucs are middle of the road against Tight Ends so I don’t mind taking a shot on Hock here, but he is far from my favorite Tight End play today.

GRONK SMASH. BRATE CATCH. Both Gronk and Cameron Brate should be in your player pool and Tom Brady loves his tight ends. Gronk makes an excellent pivot from Hockenson on the other side of this game and Cameron Brate is a sneaky play who will see targets and may even see a red zone target now and again. I actually prefer the Bucs Tight Ends more than I do Hockenson.

Defenses don’t matter, but I don’t mind taking a shot on the Buccaneers against Stafford and the Lions.

Miami Dolphins vs Las Vegas Raiders

Miami is favored by 5

This game has a projected total of 49 Points

This should be the main event of the day. Two AFC Teams not only playing for respect but also the playoffs. The Miami Dolphins are close to a playoff berth and a win here will only help to solidify their hopes of a wild card. Meanwhile the Raiders are all but eliminated with only a slim chance of making a wild card. A loss here would close that window for good this season. So both teams have a lot to play for.


Tua Tagovailoa has been good, recently. In fact he certainly has cemented himself as the starter in Miami. He has topped 20 Fantasy Points in 3 of his last six and has been using his legs to his advantage including 2 rushing scores last week. I like Tua’s upside in this matchup with the Raiders who rank 20th against Quarterbacks and are giving up close to 275 yards per game through the air. Especially with a must win situation I could see Big Game Tua taking over here. I think Tua is going underowned here with Brady and Kyler also on this slate, coming in around 13% and I think he could for sure be a slate breaker here in a prime time matchup against an AFC rival.

Derek Carr has been cleared to play, but Jon Gruden is not saying who is starting – Carr or Marcus Mariota. So without having a solid answer on who will start I can’t recommend either. Blame Gruden for that. I am hoping that we will have more clarity tonight so look for my take on a Raiders QB in the Showdown Article on the game. But if you are playing the all day slate, I think locking in one or the other is a fools mission without Gruden confirming who will start. I am sorry. My gut says it will be Carr but again, I would avoid Raiders QBs in the all day slate of games. We just don’t have an answer from Gruden to go off of.

Wide Receiver

Davante Parker and Jakeem Grant are in a prime position to deliver today against the Raiders 21st ranked defense. The problem is both Parker and Grant are listed as questionable. If they do not play Lynn Bowden and Mack Hollis should open up as value plays and Isiah Ford should see a continued up tick in targets. With both Parker and Grant game time decisions the strategy I may suggest is to roster one of them. The Game is late, so you will be able to late swap if need be. Or avoid a Dolphins receiver all together. Again – with no real guidance to say who will play, it is tough to give analysis. Isaiah Ford may be the safest of any of them at the time of this writing as the #3 he will see snaps and targets no matter who he is running alongside.

For the Raiders, I think Nelson Agholor will go unowned in the all day slate and will be a popular play in Showdowns. Over the last 5 games Nelson has dipped below 8 targets only once. However the Dolphins defense has been tough against Wide Receivers ranking 11th in the league. So it comes with risk to target Agholor, Henry Ruggs or Hunter Renfrow especially without knowing who is throwing to them. I will be staying away from Wide Receivers in this game in general in the all day slate.

Tight End

Mike Gesicki got practices in on Thursday and Friday but still carries a Questionable tag. If he plays he will be a sneaky start at Tight End seeing under 15% ownership and coming off back to back Monster performances against Kansas City and Cincinnati. If he doesn’t play Durham Smythe seems to be the Tight End in Miami with the most upside, seeing 5 targets from Tua last week. I don’t mind taking a flyer on Smythe. The issue is that the Raiders have been stingy against tight ends – top 10 against the position. So if Gesicki doesn’t play, I don’t have a ton of interest in Miami Tight Ends. Even if he doesn’t play I likely will only play him stacked with Tua.

Darren Waller is the highest owned tight end and at nearly 45% ownership one of the highest owned plays on the entire slate. I think Waller is the ONLY safe pass catcher in this game that you can lock in for the all day slate. The Miami Defense has been good, yes, but Waller is a special athlete and no matter who is under center you know he will get the majority of targets from the Raiders. I don’t mind Waller at all as a late game hammer in the all day slate – but I do prefer Kittle if you are paying up for Tight End.

Running Back

Josh Jacobs, along with Waller, is a safe play in regards to if he will be on the field and playing. He also is very likely to be the focal point of the Raiders offense as I believe that the offense will run through him especially early in this game. Volume alone puts Jacobs in play and we have seen even in tough matchups, Jacobs excel especially near the goal line. He is the second highest owned Running Back on the slate behind Fournette so it isn’t a sneaky play, but a safe play. He is the most expensive running back on the slate however so keep that in mind as you build your team. The Dolphins are allowing over 120 yards on the ground, so Jacobs could be in line for a big day and the volume of touches should be there.

On the other side of this game you do have a bit of a guessing game. Myles Gaskin is back and healthy and ready to go. Gaskin has been fantastic for the Dolphins in the second half of the season with double digit fantasy points in 7 of the games that he has played in. He last played in Week 13 amassing 90 yards on the ground and 51 yards through the air. He should be a smash against the Raiders who rank 28th against running backs and also are allowing over 120 yards on the ground. The issue is the layoff and if the Dolphins will ease Gaskin in – which means you could see a lot of Salvon Ahmed who had a monster performance last week running for 122 yards and a score, plus Matt Brieda who also had a good game taking 12 carries for 86 yards. Even Patrick Laird had a target last week. So the Dolphins backfield is a bit of a mess … my gut says it’s Gaskin’s show but be mindful of the committee. Gaskin makes an interesting pivot from Jacobs at half the ownership.

Again Defenses don’t matter and without a lot of knowledge on the particulars of this game… I am staying away from both sides, defensively.

Good Luck in your Contests!


Monday Night Showdown – Steelers Browns – DFS Strategy & Picks – Week 15 Concludes

The Steelers better be on their A Game tonight because the way that the Ravens and the Browns played this weekend – nothing is going to be a gimme in the AFC North. Thankfully the Steelers have what should be a “Get Right” game on tap tonight after back to back losses. We shall see, but we will also be ready to reap the rewards of fantasy points in our DFS Lineups, so let’s get right into the game!

My Captain/MVP Picks

Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben is far and away projected to be the highest owned player on the slate as well as the highest projected scorer on the slate. Couple all of that with him being the highest priced player on the slate too. Unlike last night where the highest priced player was Nick Chubb and I believed he would be lower owned at Captain due to the salary, I actually think much of what is driving Ben’s ownership tonight is that he will likely be the most popular choice for Captain/MVP. Despite the Steelers’ most recent losses, if you look back to Week 10 against the Bengals, Ben was unstoppable. 333 Yards, 4 Touchdowns and no interceptions. That performance led to Ben’s highest fantasy point total of the season: 32.3 FPTs. However since that game and more specifically over the last 4 weeks, Ben has had his troubles. First he has had an interception in each of his last 4 games including 2 last week against the Bills. He also has thrown for over 300 yards once over the last few weeks. The plus side over the last month is that he has also thrown 7 touchdown passes. However, I want to point out that the Bengals come into this game now ranked 11th in the league against Quarterbacks. Granted that is largely due to a stretch where they faced Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Daniel Jones and the returning Alex Smith, but still. Couple a Bengals defense that has probably had 4 weeks to prepare for a return match with Ben and Ben’s own struggles plus his enormous ownership tonight and his high Salary – and for me Ben isn’t a lock and load Captain on DK. On FD where salaries don’t matter as much, I am more apt to play him at MVP despite the ownership.

This would normally be where I would suggest a contrarian pivot off a very chalky and popular pick but tonight that will prove trickier than expected. Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, James Connor and Tyler Boyd are all projected at 40 – 60% ownership. I believe that the reason Johnson and Claypool are so high in ownership is due to stacking as they are the most popular plays to stack with Ben and likely Tyler Boyd is the most popular Bengal to run that stack back with.

Editors Note: James Connor has been ruled out tonight as of 3:45p. Benny Snell will start for the Steelers and Anthony MacFarland will be the primary backup with Jaylen Samuels having a role as a pass catching back.

So for me, if I am targeting a Steelers receiver at Captain instead of Ben, I am looking at the lowest owned of the bug three Ju Ju Smith-Schuster. Ju Ju is currently hovering in the 30% ownership range and that would make him enough of a pivot for me to play him at the top spot. Over the last 5 weeks Ju Ju has only failed to see 7 or more targets once and over that stretch he also has 4 touchdown passes. In week 10 against the Bengals, Ju Ju racked up 22.7 FPTs with 9 catches for 77 yards and a score. Don’t sleep on Ju Ju tonight.

I also don’t mind taking a shot on Chase Claypool who is the cheapest of the three Steelers’ receivers. I think the salary discount on Claypool is driving his near 50% ownership as his performances over the last 3 weeks certainly aren’t warranting that level of attention. But despite the recent drought in touchdowns, we know from watching the games that Claypool is a target for Ben in the Red Zone and he has proven he has multiple touchdown upside as well. So I don’t mind rolling the dice there.

Diontae Johnson looks to be the most popular to pair with Ben in a stack and is actually projected to be the second highest owned player on the slate becuSe of it. Johnson has the highest target share on this team – but what scares me are the Drops, of which he has had several over the last two weeks. For me if you are going to stack him with Ben, I would make sure you have another pass catcher with them and I would also use Ben at Captain and not Johnson. Drops are really.

With the news that James Connor will be out tonight I think Benny Snell will be a popular pick at Captain. The Bengals are giving up over 130 yards per game on the ground so there is a chance that Snell could deliver – but what I am worried about is how much the Steelers offense has been favoring the passing game over the run since the second half of the season began. They are the most Pass friendly team in the league so I believe that Snell’s opportunities may be limited. Keep in mind that Connor’s ownership was pushing 40% tonight so I would expect that Snell’s will end up in the same range. For me if I am multi entering and was looking at a running back to start at Captain/MVP I may take a flyer on Anthony McFarland who even in limited opportunities last week showed some explosiveness. There is a chance that he is figured more into the mix tonight and I could also see if the Steelers have this game in control they give him a shot to see what they have. For what it’s worth I believe a lot of the Steelers Pass/Run disparity has come from the troubling running back situation with Connor out and in. We may see that alleviate itself if the Steelers get up big.

On the Bengals side I think Tyler Boyd will be the natural pick at Captain but seeing where his ownership is currently makes me want to stay away and pivot to taking a shit on Tee Higgins who is seeing about 30% ownership but much like what I mentioned on Ju Ju, that is just enough for me to consider going to Higgins as a pivot from Boyd. Higgins saw 9 targets and took them for 115 yards and a score in week 10 and if the Steelers double team Boyd, I could see Ryan Finley looking Higgins’ way on the outside.

If you really want to save some salary and go contrarian I also don’t mind taking a flyer on AJ Green believe it or not. Since Week 10, Green has been on a bit of a Renaissance seeing 5 or more targets in 3 of his last five and scoring 2 touchdowns in that span as well. Week 15 has already seen Larry Fitz and Dee a Bryant score touchdowns, what’s to say one more throwback could get in the end zone here too?!

I bet you are all saying – well what about Ryan Finley? If Finley was seeing no ownership, I would be all for it. But Finley is nearing 50% ownership which says to me that over half of the players in tournaments will have either Ben or Finley as Captain tonight. I immediately want to pivot. Especially because I am just not sure what we will get out of Ryan Finley tonight. His season high of 7 attempts and 40 yards isn’t enough for me to invest in him at Captain. I will use him I’m a flex but I prefer Higgins or Green as a contrarian Captain and Boyd, probably the best Bengal to play despite the heavy ownership.

Flex, Flex, Flex it up!

For me if you are stacking the Steelers I would try and build a 4 man including Ben with two of the “big 3” Wide Receivers plus either Tight End Eric Ebron or ever present third down ace James Robinson. I just don’t see the Steelers going away from their pass heavy game plan especially with Connor missing. The other way I would go is to use Ben a receiver and a running back with the Steelers Defense. Both of these stacking philosophies are if you believe the Steelers will roll. I think mixing Snell and McFarland into your player pool is a good idea. Snell should lead this backfield and you never know the Steelers could go run first – but I also think McFarland will see some action. And don’t forget Jayden Samuels who could see some third down work and if for some reason the Steelers fall behind, would be very prevalent as a pass catcher.

I am going to try and avoid Tyler Boyd as a a run back to my Steelers stack as I believe that will be an uber popular move. Instead I would consider stacking Finley with either Higgins, Green or Tight End Drew Sample. Just to be different.

Despite the Steelers being heavy favorites I could actually see a lineup with 2 Steelers and 4 Bengals being the optimal to cash assuming the Bengals will be playing catch up. In this case I think you need to include Finley and Boyd with Higgins or Green. You can look to Tight End Sample or I also don’t mind Gio Bernard in a stack like that since he will be getting the majority of snaps and he could break off a solid run, or a solid catch and run and certainly fall in the end zone if the Bengals can make it to the goal line. I also think a kicker Austin Siebert may be an important piece to your Bengals stack. The Bengals will want points any way they can and I could see Siebert having a busy night…

Using Ben as a run back with a pass catcher will be very popular so if I am building a Bengals stack I’m going a 5 man with Ben by himself. Finley, Boyd, Higgins or Green, Sample, Siebert and Ben. Just to be different.

And this is 2020 and anything can happen – so taking a shot on the Bengals defense on a lineup or two is not the craziest idea. I mean Ben has thrown 5 interceptions in 4 weeks and we do have back up running backs starting tonight. Anything can happen – Interceptions, Sacks, Fumbles included!

Good Luck in your Contests!


Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A – WEEK 13 Edition!

READERS – WE NEED QUESTIONS!!  Send them in to us so we can answer them here!  Tweet your questions for Week 14 (Fantasy Playoffs) to @DelRayBoston 

Now Without further ado – it’s the Week 13 Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A! 

1. What was you biggest ‘Wrong Answer’ from the Week 12 that you regret:     

Sean:  Recommending any Las Vegas Raider and Brian Hill were a waiver wire pickup last week. 

Laquan:  Jonnu Smith screwed alot of ppl

2. What was your biggest “I Told You So” from the Week 12 RealDealFantasyHQ & A? 

Sean:  Sitting CEH and starting someone else over him 

Cody: Not starting Brian Hill

Laquan:  Antonio Gibson breakout game

3.  Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that Will Fuller has been suspended for 6 games, eliminating him for this season and the first game of next season. Additionally Randall Cobb is on IR and the Texans parted ways with Kenny Stills as well.  

If you were a Will Fuller Owner and Brandin Cooks is not available on Waivers – is KeKe Coutee your number 1 priority, or is there another wide receiver you prefer on Waivers to fill the void?   

Sean:  I’d be pretty high on KeKe.  He has back to back weeks with Touchdowns, both of which Fuller was on the field for and now he could slot into the #2 role behind Cooks in the offense.  If I needed a WR, I think Coutee is a smart add.  

Cody: I like keke, but he’s just not as talented as fuller. I’d rather go after Chark or Pittman Jr. if they’re available.

TY: As a fellow Canadian once famously said, KeKe do you love me? I’m sure hoping he loves producing for my fantasy team at least because I picked him up in 3 leagues.

Laquan: Keke is cool but not the player u can trust in ur line up come playoffs

Andrew: I like Denzel Mims, he has 7+ targets in 4 out of his 5 starts and a good schedule remaining except for LAR week 15 

4.  Staying on the Texans – with Fuller gone for 6 games and Cobb not available, is Jordan Aikens or Darren Fells worth a waiver add and possibly a start if you needed a tight end?  Which do you prefer?  

Sean:  I prefer Aikens only because of the targets.  Fells is a red zone threat though for Watson because of his size.  I think both are worth a waiver add and stash, pick whichever you prefer.  It is a tough matchup this week and you can see which one gets the usage before potentially starting either.  

Cody: I like fells better, but I’m only playing if I have an injury. I’m not starting them over the TEs currently on my roster

TY: I really don’t like either, last week against Detroit who let the offense feast to the tune of 318 passing yards and 4 TDs, neither TE had a single catch. To me, this is definitely a wait and see situation even in the deepest of leagues.

Laquan:   i mean they dont have enough volume for me to trust either of them in line ups   

Andrew:  I don’t like either when they are both active 

5. Josh Jacobs appears to be trending towards doubtful against the Jets (Editors Note: Jacobs has been ruled OUT).  If you were a Jacobs owner and Davante Booker was available on waivers, would you pick him up in the event Jacobs can’t go?      

Sean:  100% Yes     


TY: Even if you’re not a Jacobs owner, go grab Booker this week. He should be a RB2 against the Jets. I grabbed him and plan on starting him in 2 of my leagues this week.

Laquan:  Full Send. 

Andrew: I would not only pick him up, but keep him even when Jacobs is back 

6.  Kyler Murray has scored under 20 Fantasy Points in the last two weeks and this weekend he takes on the Rams with Aaron Donald and company lurking on the line and Jalen Ramsey likely shadowing Deandre Hopkins.  Would you still start Kyler this weekend or would you be looking for a one week waiver flier?  Kyler practiced in full on Friday and no longer carries a questionable tag.    

Sean:  I own Murray in 2 out of my 3 leagues and I am nervous, but the last time he played the Rams he threw for over 330 yards and now he has a much improved offense.  I think I have to roll with him.   

Cody: If you have another usable QB I’d consider it… see below for my QB waiver pick 👀

Ty: The only way I sit him is if you (somehow) have a top-5 QB sitting on the bench, definitely don’t go grab a guy off the waiver wire.

Laquan: Not the match up for Murray owners to be hoping for big points if u can look elsewhere

Andrew: You can’t bench him for any QB that’s on waivers. Just hope the shoulder is better 

7. Kenny Golladay is again out for Week 13.  Is he now droppable?  Keep in mind his Fantasy Playoff Matchups if he can get healthy:  Week 14 Green Bay, Week 15: Tennessee, Week 16 Tampa Bay, Week 17: Minnesota. If you are dropping him, who on the waiver wire are you making the bench room for?  

Sean:  I think if you need a win to get into the Playoffs and you think you can upgrade a position with someone on the waiver wire to start this week, then yes. If not and if you have the bench space, then I am ok holding onto him for at least another week and see if he can’t make it back on the field.  

Cody: I’m not dropping him, but I certainly don’t mind if you do.

TY: It depends if there’s decent guys on the waiver wire. I wouldn’t go dropping him for a Darnell Mooney but if a guy like Sammy Watkins or better is on your waiver wire, I’d consider it. 

Laquan: im keeping him for sure he’s a WR1 when healthy and if i can get him healthy in the playoffs thats a plus. 

Andrew:  It would be hard for me to drop him, look for a player with little upside on your bench to drop instead, if needed 

7. Who was the player that you have held onto all season and finally dropped this week – or what player, after 12 weeks is the most droppable in your opinion? 

Sean:  Not really all season, but I have been holding onto Duke Johnson for half the season and finally dropped him with the news that David Johnson is active.  

Cody: Josh Kelley

TY:  I cut ties with Duke Johnson this week in any league I had him in. I was really high on him a few weeks ago and for the most part he disappointed. With DJ back on the field this week, he should go down to <5% ownership and for good reason.

Laquan:    Duke Johnson and Alexander Mattison

Andrew: Tony Pollard has been stashed, but not sure I would want to start him on that offense even if Zeke went down

8. Who is your favorite SMASH play, on your lineups, that you can’t wait to see dominate your competition in week 11?  

Sean:  Davante Adams against Philadelphia 

Cody:  Thielen against the Jags

TY:   David Montgomery against the Lions. It’s finally Monty time

Laquan:   Kirk vs the jags today

Andrew:  He’s been struggling but I think Miles Sanders gets back on track against GB   

9.  Who is your normal starter that you are sitting this week, bye week and injured/inactive players not included:   

Sean:  Antonio Gibson.  Yes he has been good but the Pittsburgh Run Defense has been lights out and I think this is a low scoring, slow, game in general.   

Cody: Kenyan Drake. That Rams defense is gooood.

TY: Kareem Hunt is seeing the bench this week, simply can’t be trusted especially if you need a win to stay alive/clinch this weekend.

Laquan:   DJ Chark vs MIN 

Andrew:  Kareem Hunt had a hot start but he’s been TD dependent since Chubb returned. He’s not a must start for me anymore

10. Who is your favorite Waiver Wire QB that you would pick up and play this week if you needed him?  

Sean:  Call me crazy, but I kinda like Phillip Rivers against the Texans 

Cody: GIVE ME ALL OF THE KIRK COUSINS. Great matchup in a game against the Jags, Cook isn’t 100%, and they should lean on their stud WRs.

TY: Go grab Trubisky. He’s gonna torch the Lions (see his QB7 performance against them in Week 1). He has a great ROS schedule too if you’re hard done by at QB.

Laquan: Kirk is a full send 

Andrew:  This is really deep, but Sam Darnold is auditioning for other teams and LV tends to play down to their opponent. You could do worse this week 

11. Who is your favorite Waiver Wire RB that you would pick up and play this weekend if you needed him?  

Sean:  Myles Gaskin.  He is currently on IR so someone in your league may have dropped him – but has a chance to play this weekend. (Editors Note: Gaskin is Active against the Bengals) So maybe this is more of a stash – but look at his next 4 weeks during Fantasy Playoffs:  Week 14 KC, Week 15 NE, Week 16 Las Vegas, Week 17 Buffalo 

Cody: Devonte Booker has the best value this week.

TY: It’s gotta be Booker.

Laquan: Booker 

Andrew:  Booker should get 20 touches in place of Jacobs 

12. Who is your favorite Waiver Wire WR that you would pick up and play this weekend if you needed him?  

Sean:  Michael Pittman Jr against Houston 

Cody: Call me crazy, but TY Hilton averages 100yd and a 1TD against Houston for his career. If your desperate…

TY: If he’s available, Breshad Perriman has sneakily scored 52.4 PPR points in his last 3 games, making him the WR14 during that stretch.

Laquan: Corey Davis is still floating out there

Andrew: I mentioned him earlier but Denzel Mims  

13. Who is your favorite Waiver Wire TE that you would pick up and play this weekend if you needed him? 

Sean:  If Adam Humphries remains out, Anthony Firsker – Jonuu Smith has already been ruled out.  If Humphries is in, Trey Burton vs Houston 

Cody: Gesicki against a Bengals defense that Evan Engram ate up last week.

TY: It must be December because Kyle Rudolph is looking like one hell of a pickup.

Laquan: Schultz has been getting the volume id give him a shot with Jonnu out. 

Andrew:  Seahawks Jacob Hollister has been more involved since Olsen was injured. He should be available in most leagues 

14. Who is your favorite Kicker to Stream this week off the Waiver Wire?  

Sean:  I could see the Chargers needing to call on Michael Badgley a few more times than normal against the Patriots this weekend.  

Cody: Jason Myers

TY: Whoever your team’s favourite kicker is, because why not have more reason to root for them? It’s the only real reason to have kickers in your league anyways lol.

Laquan: ewwww

Andrew: who ever is in a dome  

15. Who is your favorite Defense to Stream this week off the Waiver Wire?  

Sean:  If they are available, Seattle going against the now Daniel Jonesless Giants. If not, I picked up Da Bears against Detroit  

Cody: Bears against the Lions w/o Swift and Golladay

TY: Start thinking playoff schedules guys. Look at getting either the Seahawks or Rams if they’re available and hold them for the next few weeks. Browns are a great option too.

Laquan:  Raiders vs jets 

Andrew: It’s a tough week for streaming DST but Tennessee against Baker and the Browns should be decent 

Have a question?  Send them in to us at Real Deal Fantasy HQ and you may see your question show up here in this new Weekly Article!  We can answer your Start/Sit, Season Long, DFS or whatever you want to ask! 


Week 13 NFL DFS Strategy & Picks – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

Week 13 is here and the madness of Covid19 absences seems to be behind us, at least for this week. NICE! However just because a player isn’t out with Covid doesn’t mean we don’t have injuries or other circumstances to take advantage of and find some DFS Value. Good news – we do! Additionally we have some bad defenses playing some questionable offenses, in several key matchups. What that means is overall ownership on players will be a bit more spread around and there is a higher chance of variance winning the day. That is good news for all of us week in and week out DFS Players. There will be more options to pivot away from Chalk Players and more ways to build a contrarian lineup even with Chalk players rostered. So this should be a fun one.

There is a storm raging here in the Northeast and outside of Shoveling, my focus is right here on DFS and this article. So I hope you can sit back with your beverage of choice and get something out of it that will help you build a better lineup or two and win some cash tomorrow! I know I hope to!

Before I begin I want to humbly thank you if you checked out last week’s DFS article. Last week’s article on the main DFS Slate had the most views in the two years I have been writing it and so Thank You! By the way if you found success from anything you saw here – please tweet me @delrayboston. I love hearing someone winning any money from advice that they found here. I am humbly proud to see that Real Deal Fantasy DFS is beginning to resonate with all of you and I am contemplating a video series for the last 3 weeks of the regular season and into the playoffs. If that is something you’d check out and watch, please let me know. I’d love to be able to interact with you guys and get your real time DFS questions too.

OK – so I did get some feedback on last week’s article which was a collection of my “Darts”… people liked it. I have been testing a few different takes on this article this season and I heard from more of you that the structure of my free flowing thoughts was solid. So that is what I will do again today. Now to reference if you are new here – when I say “My Darts” this isn’t to say my dart throws as picks. There will be dart throws referenced but my ‘Darts’ are my thoughts on the slate, games to key in on, strategies I am employing and of course picks. Enough of the jibber jabber – let’s go!

DARTS – Week 13

The Running Back Room:

What if I were to tell you that on a slate where Dalvin Cook is playing Jacksonville, Derek Henry is playing Cleveland and Nick Chubb is playing Tennessee the three projected highest owned Running Backs are Austin Ekeler, Devontae Booker, David Montgomery and James Robinson? How fast would you lock in Cook, Henry and Chubb? Right. I thought so. In essence these three studs are ‘pivots’ off of Booker and Montgomery. When has that ever happened? Oh Never. Some factors are at play here. First, Ek is coming of his highest target share in his career in Week 12 and the narrative that is at play is that the Patriots will make things tough on Justin Herbert and his receivers. Ekeler is an awesome player no doubt but for only 600 more on DK you could get to Nick Chubb at projected 5% ownership and in his last 3 games he has had 126 yards or more and two touchdowns and I just kinda like Chubbs matchup more than I do Ekelers.

So the question becomes really – are you paying up at Running Back or are you saving money. David Montgomery is only $5,500 on DK and is playing the leagues worst run defense. With 80% of Offensive snaps expected, he should smash – but IT’S STILL DAVID MONTGOMERY. He just had his first 100+ yard game of the season with his previous high being 89 yards. If his ownership stays where it is or goes higher, he is an easy fade for me. Davontae Booker is even cheaper ($1,500 less) and if Josh Jacobs can’t go (Editors Note as of early Sunday Josh Jacobs is inactive) he should absolutely smash against the Jets…but it’s the Raiders here. This should be a ‘get right spot’ after the implosion last week against Atlanta – but will it be? Look I am not saying Austin Ekeler, David Montgomery or Davontae Booker aren’t great plays on Sunday – nor would I be shocked if any of the 3 do indeed smash. For me though, I’m paying up. I am paying up for Dalvin Cook (who hasn’t seen less than 20 touches in any game he has been healthy for) at 15% less ownership. I am paying up for Derek Henry who is like Cook, THE GUY, in his offense at nearly 20% less ownership. I am paying up for Nick Chubb at a eye opening 32% less ownership. I also do like James Robinson a lot too, so I’ll eat that Chalk even at $7,300 on DK and $7,800 on FD (great value on FD by the way).

(Editors Note UPDATED. Josh Jacobs is inactive)

Paying up at Running Back is always a tough measure and by no means am I saying every lineup I build will have Chubb, Cooks and Henry or James Robinson in them – it would be cost prohibitive first and foremost and second I never like stacking two stud running backs from the same game. The chances of both going off at the same time just aren’t there. One way to be able to pay up for at least one of these guys is to pair them with a cheap/cheaper RB2 and so I do believe we will see plenty of lineups with Cook or Henry paired with Montgomery or Booker. So if you want to go that route and don’t want to get caught in the chalk – I remind you what I said earlier ownership on this slate is a bit more spread around, outside of the top 4 I mentioned and you can find some great plays, moderately priced with surprisingly low ownership that can help you pivot from the chalk Montgomery or Booker.

Kareem Hunt: Normally I’d say a great pivot off Chubb but at 4% ownership for Chubb, the pivot is the salary savings. Only $5,900 on DK and $6,300 on FD and projected at 5% ownership. There is a real possibility that the Browns are playing catch-up in this game and if so Hunt should see an uptick in snaps and targets and we have seen how dynamic he can be in the redzone. In lineups that don’t contain Nick Chubb, I’ll have some shares of Hunt. Interesting stack with Baker as well …

Miles Sanders: Sure he put up a dud last week but the Green Bay Run Defense has been trash and his offensive line seems to be getting healthier. Coupled with the fact that he is seeing the lion share of snaps in the backfield, why not? He isn’t ‘Cheap Cheap’ at $6,700 on DK and $7,200 on FD but at projected 7% ownership – take a shot here, please! Or how about Flexing Boston Scott if you want to go Cheap Cheap and .10% ownership and could be an interesting pivot from Booker at close to the same price. Scott clearly has a role in this offense and against the Packers, the Eagles will be trying to use every offensive weapon they can!

Chris Carson: Carson gets the Giants who no longer have Daniel Jones under center. How fast will that defense get gassed after a continual string of 4 and outs by the offense. You need to think about things like that – $6,300 on DK and $8,000 on FD, he isn’t cheap but at 10% or less ownership, I’ll stake a claim on Carson. If you believe Carlos Hyde will be involved in a big way too – take a shot, he’s going to be 1% owned and a cheaper than Carson. Think differently here people!

Wayne Gallman: On the other side of that game, if the Giants have trouble passing the ball with Clayton Thorson or Alex Tanney – they have to try and win the game some how and as of right now Davante Freeman is still on IR. Gallman has had a Touchdown or better in 5 of his last 6 games and could be an easy pivot from Montgomery at $5,600 on DK and $6,100 on FD.

I could go on – just a few names that should be on your radar at RB2 that no one seems to want to play on Sunday at least from the projected ownership.

Jonathan Taylor against the Texans. Or if you think the Colts will need to throw Nyheim Hines. Neither guy over 6% projected ownership and both should be in a similar smash matchup as Montgomery, from a defense perspective.

Damien Harris against the Chargers – or James White in a likely very competitive game on a team that favors the running game and running backs. No one is playing a Patriots Running back but even with Sony Michel active it was the Harris and White show only in week 12 and James White had two touchdowns.

Myles Gaskin – just activated off the Covid List and walking into a backfield that he will see James Robinson level snap share – and going against the Joe Burrow-less Cincinnatti Bengals. See the Wayne Gallman entry above on Defenses with already troubled offenses now starting troubled backup QBs if you need a reference. At least right now Gaskin is hovering in the 10% range and is moderately priced. I do think that ownership will rise with the news he is active, but I doubt it will eclipse Ekeler, Montgomery’s or Booker’s (save news that Josh Jacobs will play).

There are two other Running Backs with Stunningly Low Ownership and also eyeopening prices that I do need to mention. Neither are “cheap” and one of them will lead me into my next topics – stacks – but I think it’s only fitting I mention them here as you may be able to catch the competition looking if you choose to roster them.

The first running back I’m talking about is Alvin Kamara, who’s price has drifted all the way down to $7,000 on DK and $7,500 on FD and his projected ownership hovers at just a hair over 5%. First of all, I get it. We have seen Kamara’s usage, especially in the passing game, take a nose dive with Taysom Hill under center. However, I would challenge you to find at least one roster with Kamara on it. First week with Taysom Hill – the Saints were figuring it out. Second week with Taysom Hill the Saints played a team without a Quarterback and ran roughshod. Now they get a rivalry game with the Falcons and if by week 3 Taysom Hill hasn’t figured out how to Check Down to the team’s superstar running back by now – what the heck are they doing in practice? I am not saying we should see Kamara suddenly jump from his current target share to say Brees level target share – but we are talking about one of the most dynamic and explosive running backs in all of the NFL here. He doesn’t need 15 targets to get it done. Maybe it is just me but I think Alvin Kamara could catch a lot of DFSers sleeping on Sunday and I for one will not be one of those snoozers. Also keep in mind, the Saints PAID Kamara before this season starts. Return on investment is a very motivating factor. $7k on DK and 5% ownership on Alvin Kamara. C’mon now.

And if you want to favor the hot hand – Latavius Murray is even cheaper and even less owned, if that is even possible. Murray had a GAME against the Broncos – but part of that I believe had to do with the Saints realizing they could rest Kamara with the game in hand. Even though the Saints have largely owned the Falcons recently, Julio Jones may be back and I expect the Falcons to put up more of a fight. They have a starting QB playing after all.

The second guy I was talking about is Aaron Jones. This leads me to what I believe the top Stack of the day will be – Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams who get to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Rogers and Adams should eat the Eagles and Darius Slay alive on Sunday. Adams is projecting to be the second highest owned Wide Receiver and Rogers the 3rd highest owned Quarterback and for what it’s worth, I am projecting both to have the highest projected points at their positions. So, I love this stack and I expect the stack to be mega chalk. But Aaron Jones’ ownership ranks him below that of Derek Henry who we already mentioned as being a higher priced, lower owned pivot to the Chalk plays of Ekeler, Montgomery and Booker. Jones is hovering around 11% and I think makes an excellent pivot off of the Rogers-Adams Stack as well as the cheap guys up top. Both sites have priced Aaron Jones up a bit – DK to $7,900 and FD to $8,400 and any time that happens, it always makes me think that the DFS sites know something that I don’t. He makes a contrarian 3rd man in the Rogers Adams stack, since his involvement in the passing game doesn’t negatively correlate him from Rogers. Yes Jamaal Williams will be involved but something about this game makes me think, with virtually no one talking about him this could be an Aaron Jones week. I should mention that while I was writing this Deandre Swift was ruled out again, which means the cheap Adrian Peterson and even cheaper Kerryon Johnson’s ownership is likely going to rise. That is fine, if that pushes Aaron Jones’ ownership down below 10% – I am all in.

And sure if you want to go cheaper – Jamaal Williams will be a part of this game as well and he also carries touchdown upside. I am just saying – I love the Green Bay Rogers – Adams stack, but there are other ways to attack that offense and that game and Aaron Jones is at the top of my list.

Talking Stacks and Wide Receivers and more!

With the Will Fuller news it should come at no surprise that Brandin Cooks is projecting to be the highest owned Wide Receiver on the slate and it isn’t even close. What may be a surprise is that his quarterback Deshaun Watson is projecting to be the highest owned Quarterback on the slate, too. For me, Watson has too much of a hill to climb. He loses his number one wide receiver and gets to play one of the top defenses against Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers in the league, all in the same week? Yikes. Now back to Cooks, I believe Watson’s high quarterback ownership is coming from a Watson – Cooks stack. But I’ll be honest, the stack I am more interested in is Phillip Rivers – Brandin Cooks – Colts Pass Catcher. Nobody ever plays Phillip Rivers and it should come as no surprise he projects for less than 4% ownership. Look, if people are on Watson slinging the ball and what not, well there needs to be a reason for that to happen – that reason being Phillip Rivers is putting up points on the other side of the ball. In 8 of 11 games this season Rivers has attempted 30 or more passes. Additionally multiple Touchdowns in 2 of his last 3 games. Rivers gets to ply his trade against the Texans defense 28th against Quarterbacks and giving up nearly 270 yards per game through the air. Plus a Rivers stack is Cheap because he is Cheap and his pass catchers are cheap. For example, if you start a lineup on DK with a stack with Rivers ($5,900) Michael Pittman ($4,900) and Brandin Cooks for example ($5,600) your average player cost remaining is $5,600 and that will only go up once you plug in a defense. So while I am not crazy about the Watson – Cooks stack, I will have a few Rivers – Cooks stacks including Michael Pittman JR or Tight End Trey Burton or even TY Hilton and Nyheim Hines. This is a contrarian way of using the Chalk Brandin Cooks. No one is playing these guys and this could be a sneaky game to stack …

Additionally I’d also like to mention my favorite pivot off of Brandin Cooks is KeKe Coutee. It’s crazy not more people are flocking to Coutee here as he is dirt cheap and should see a significant uptick in snaps and potentially targets. You need to remember that it isn’t just Fuller who is not on the field. Randall Cobb is on IR and the Texans released Kenny Stills. Coutee also has a touchdown in back to back games. I also think you can take a look at Tight Ends Jordan Akins or Darren Fells as pivots from Cooks. We are only 2 weeks removed from Akins putting up a 5 for 83 line against New England who are typically very tough on Tight Ends. Fells is also a Red Zone target for Watson with his 6’5″ frame.

Another Stack I am looking at is Kirk CousinsAdam Theilen or Justin Jefferson. Dalvin Cook had been carrying a Q tag all week and it was finally removed today as he practiced fully on Friday. So while he is projecting right now at 20% ownership, I think on Sunday as word fully trickles out that he is a full go – his ownership will rise significantly, potentially to the top of the list. So I really like using the Vikings passing game as pivots off of Cook. Make no mistake Cook is in a prime spot to smash. The Jaguars defense can’t stop the breeze and this could be another Dalvin Cook highlight reel waiting to happen. However if that doesn’t happen, for whatever reason and Cousins and his receivers play a bigger role – the passing stack could be the optimal play and I want to have a few pieces of it. The only worry here is that if the Jaguars can keep pace enough to make this a competitive game where Cousins needs to throw the ball – risky, yes. But in the event the Vikings do take a commanding lead, I would not be surprised to see Alexander Mattison have a bigger role allowing Cook to rest up – the Vikings are eyeing a wild card after all and they want Dalvin Cook to be as healthy as possible.

I will be rolling out Kurt Cousins pass catchers stacks mainly in lineups without Dalvin Cook, mainly running it back with James Robinson. But I also will have at least one Vikings Onslaught stack where I include Cousins, Cook a Pass Catcher and the Vikings Defense. I think a domination of the Jags is possible.

In a very similar way I have a lot of interest in Ryan Tannehill Stacks with AJ Brown or Corey Davis and Adam Humphries who will be back on the field. Jonuu Smith will be out and while you can also use TE Anthony Firsker (at only $2,500 on DK) I believe it will be Adam Humphries that sees the underneath routes and in fact I think part of the reason Firsker has been a “thing” this season is largely due to Humphries’ absence. I think running this stack back with Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt is a great way to attack this game and be a little different as I believe as Dalvin Cook’s ownership rises, so will Derek Henry’s. I will roll the Tannehill Stacks in lineups without Derek Henry but similar to what I am doing with the Vikings, I will have at least one Titans domination stack with Tannehill, Henry, a pass catcher and the defense.

Additional Stacks I have interest in:

Jared GoffCooper Kupp or Robert Woods against the Cardinals. Kupp is my preferred option. My favorite run back here is Christian Kirk. I also have interest in taking shots on Cam Akers this weekend. He clearly looked like the most explosive of the runners for the Rams.

Baker MayfieldAustin Hooper or Rashard Higgins. Hooper is my preferred option as the Titans are a great matchup for Tight Ends. I believe a lot of people will chase Jarvis Landry’s monster performance in Week 12 but the Titans have been better against slot receivers than they have been with outside receivers, which is why I mention Higgins. This is a good spot to run it back with a Pass Catcher like AJ Brown or Corey Davis.

Taysom HillMichael Thomas. Tayson may have been a negative for Alvin Kamara but Michael Thomas is still getting his and I love the matchup against Atlanta. My favorite run back here is Julio Jones who’s prices have come down due to the injury weeks – but he’s back on the field on Sunday.

Derek CarrNelson AgholorDarren Waller. This is a total leverage play as first no one is going to play Derek Carr after last week’s disaster while I do feel at least Darren Waller by himself will be a popular play. I should also mention, I don’t mind Henry Ruggs either in this stack or as a one off play to fill out your lineup. Additionally it is a leverage play against Devontae Booker’s ownership. I will run this back with Denzel Mims or Breshard Perriman. I also have some interest in Frank Gore believe it or not, averaging 16 touches per game over his last 3.

Additional Wide Receivers I am eyeing:

I have been using Wide Receivers in the Flex spot more than ever, so to help you fill out your flex here are some of my favorite plays this weekend to fill out my lineups.

Allen Robinson (High Priced), Darnell Mooney (Cheap) vs Detroit – I don’t mind stacking with Mitchell Trubisky, just know he is a couple bad interceptions away from Nick Foles.

DK Metcalf and Sterling Shepard (Game Stack) – Seahawks vs Giants

Damiere Byrd or Jakobi Meyers and Mike Williams (Game Stack) – Patriots vs Chargers

DJ Chark vs Minnesota

Danny Amendola, TJ Hockenson (Tight End) vs the Bears.

Lastly My Defenses:

Dolphins vs the Bengals

Seahawks vs the Giants

Packers vs Philadelphia

Jets vs Raiders

Saints vs Falcons

Bears vs Detroit

Good Luck in your Contests!


2020’s Most Deceptive Matchups

By Ty Gour and Andrew Metcalfe

Many trade deadlines have passed at this point of the season, which means that it’s time to buckle down and evaluate your current players.  These next few weeks will be vital in separating the contenders that will advance to the playoffs from the pretenders that will be on the outside, looking in.  Making sure that you understand defensive matchups at each position is important when making critical start/sit decisions, so this will help provide some clarity to several teams that are not what they appear to be on paper.

First, here a few teams that your fantasy apps will tell you are bad matchups, but after taking a closer look, we aren’t too convinced that you should avoid them: 


Patriots (Fantasy points allowed to QBs: 6th least)

  • Fitzpatrick was starting Week 1, not Tua.
  • Russell Wilson finished QB4 in Week 2
  • Caught Mahomes in a rain game in Week 4, held him to QB17
  • Drew Lock’s first game back in Week 6, finished QB28
  • Blowout loss to SF, Jimmy G only threw the ball 25 times
  • Got Joe Flacco in Week 9, finished as QB18
  • Lamar Jackson finished as QB8 in week 10

Here’s the deal with the Pats, they’re not a bad pass defense, but they’re not a top-6 unit and in fact should be treated as more of a middle of the pack crew. They have gotten incredibly lucky thus far and caught 2 backups, a rain game against a top-5 offense, a QB coming off injury and performed mediocrely when faced with good QBs in front of them. Their remaining schedule consists of the Texans, Cardinals, Chargers, Rams, Dolphins and Bills so that 6th ranking is bound to plummet back down to earth.

Giants (Fantasy points allowed to QBs: 7th least)

  • Nick Mullens started in Week 3 for SF, finished as QB16
  • Dak Prescott got injured in Week 5. Put up 12.44 points in 3 quarters.
  • Kyle Allen’s first game as starter in Week 6. Finished as QB16
  • Kyle Allen got hurt in Week 9, Alex Smith takes over and finishes as QB25.

Same as the Patriots, they are a fine pass defense but not a great pass defense like the metrics may say. They’ve gotten a backup, caught a QB in his first start of the year, and injured 2 starters. Add all of this with the fact they play in the NFC Least and thus get to play Carson Wentz twice a year and you can see why the numbers are slightly inflated. They get the Bengals, Seahawks, Cardinals, Browns and Ravens after their bye this week so this will regulate shortly.


Falcons (Fantasy points allowed to RBs: 4th least)

  • Zeke finished as RB7 despite Cowboys being down big most of Week 2
  • Montgomery finished as RB41 in Week 3, Bears came from behind in 2nd half
  • CMC hurt in Week 5, Mike Davis finishes as RB1
  • Dalvin Cook hurt in Week 6, also won in a blowout, Vikings only had 13 RB carries
  • CMC still hurt in Week 8, Mike Davis finishes as RB32
  • Up big most of Week 9 vs Broncos, no RB finished above 4 points

The Falcons are the reason we’re doing this article. The reason they are the 4th best run defense is entirely situational. With 4 game situations where teams would seldom be running the ball, and getting to avoid CMC in both matchups is a major reason why they are where they are. They still need to face Kamara twice, Josh Jacobs, Ekeler if he’s healthy by Week 14, Tampa and KC, so it’s likely they plummet back to earth sooner rather than later.


Chiefs (Fantasy pts allowed to WRs: 5th least)

  • Herbert’s first start in Week 2, only really trusted Keenan Allen
  • No Cam Newton in Week 4, also a rain game
  • John Brown seldom used in Week 6
  • Snow game in Week 7
  • No Jamison Crowder in Week 8

I’m not saying the Chiefs are a bad pass defense, but I wouldn’t bench your WR just because KC is on the schedule. They are most likely a top-10 defense, but top-5 seems a little high given the circumstances they’ve faced so far. With pass happy teams like the Falcons, Saints and Bucs yet to come, we could really see what this defense is made of.


Dolphins (Fantasy points allowed to TEs: 6th least)

The case against the Dolphins is simple. They’ve only played 2 top-12 TEs so far, one was George Kittle in a blowout loss where his QB got benched at halftime and finished as the TE16. The other was Hunter Henry who finished as the TE3 last week. Don’t be scared to fire up your startable TEs against the Dolphins, they’ll do just fine. Expect to see the Dolphins return back to earth with matchups against Noah Fant, Travis Kelce and Darren Waller yet to come.

Next are several teams that seem to be “smash plays” based on fantasy points allowed so far this season.  Defenses have been bad overall in 2020, so it was difficult to find deceptively good ones.  Here are some that aren’t quite as bad as we might perceive when you consider injuries and remove outlier games:  


Bills (Fantasy pts allowed to QB: 5th most) 

  • CB Josh Norman been on COVID list since week 7
  • Tre-Davious White battled ankle and back injuries throughout the first half of the season
  • 3 out of the past 5 matchups have been against Wilson, Murray and Mahomes

Buffalo’s defense has been a victim of both injuries and a tough schedule.  Back-to-Back matchups against 2 MVP candidates (Wilson and Murray) is just brutal.  Especially since Josh Allen and the offense have been scoring at such a high rate, forcing them into many shootouts.  Much of opposing QBs’ success against this defense has come on the ground.  Kyler only had 245 passing yards and 1 TD against them in week 10, which was only the 2nd time this season he failed to reach either 250 yards passing or 2+ passing TDs in a game. 


Jets (Fantasy pts allowed to RBs: 8th most)

  • Patriots scored 3 rushing TDs against them from within 5 yards out in week 10
  • 182 rushing yards given up to SF in week 2, mostly accumulated by 80 and 55 yard long runs
  • Melvin Gordon has been the only RB to rush for 100+ yards against them this season (week 4)

The Jets have been put into tough goal line situations, mostly due to their poor pass defense.  Six RBs have scored rushing TDs against them since week 3 and four of them were from the 1 yard line.  Their rushing DVOA is actually ranked 10th best in the NFL, it’s not the easy matchup that it appears to be for RBs. 

Packers (Fantasy pts allowed to RBs: 3rd Most)

  • 2 games against Dalvin Cook: 274 total yards and 6 TDs have greatly skewed their run defense stats 
  • Pro Bowl DT Kenny Clark suffered a groin injury in week 1 and missed their next 3 games
  • MLB Christian Kirk, who was brought in to replace Blake Martinez, has missed 5 weeks due to injury

This is a defense that has been missing key pieces from their front 7 for the majority of the season.  They’ve also been burned twice by Dalvin Cook, who pretty much has torched every team he’s gone up against.  With Kirk and Clark back into the lineup and both Vikings games behind them, I expect them to be more of an average run defense from here on out.


Vikings (Fantasy pts allowed to WRs: 4th most)

  • Defense has faced the 10th highest attempts per game this season 
  • Week 1: Devante Adams went for 156 yards and 2 TDs on 17 targets
  • Multi-TD games allowed to studs like Adams, Metcalf, and Julio Jones

The Vikings secondary lost both of their starting CBs this past off-season to free agency, forcing them to start two rookies on the outside (Jeff Gladney and Cameron Dantzler).  With a lack of off-season activities this year, it’s no surprise that it has been a rough start. There have been several poor performances against the leagues’ best WRs so far on the year, but the pass defense has actually been closer to average against everyone else (11st best Pass DVOA in 2020).  While Minnesota is not a matchup for any fantasy manager to fear, don’t expect every WR to blow up against them going forward. 


 Chargers (Fantasy Pts allowed to TEs: 4th most)

Unfortunately for the Chargers, LA is in the same division as Darren Waller and Travis Kelce, who have both had big games against them this year.  It’s hard to fault them much in those matchups, as both players are used more like Wideouts in their respective offenses.  They have also given up TDs to OJ Howard and Jared Cook on plays where they were able to use their athleticism to get behind the defense.  The only other TE TD allowed came from Durham Smythe (Dolphins), who caught a wide open TD on a Goal Line play action fake that was beautifully executed by Tua.  Outside of those blunders, other starting TEs are averaging 2.9 receptions for 36.6 yards per game against this defense. 


Washington Football Team (4th most DST points allowed)

If you play in a league with defenses, don’t sleep on the Redskins as an opponent. While they may have a lot of points against them, their offense has a “new” QB in Alex Smith and in his first full start last week, he looked incredible throwing for nearly 400 yards and putting up 27 on the Lions. While it is the Lions, who themselves rank 27th in points allowed, it’s still worth mentioning how efficient the new-look offense looked especially in the 2nd half. The FT is not a team you can set and forget against anymore. 

Tennessee Titans (5th least DST points allowed)

The Tennessee offense runs through Derrick Henry.  Since they lost star LT Taylor Lewan in week 7, they haven’t been as efficient.  Henry has only scored 2 TDs since Lewan has been out, after producing 6 TDs in the first 6 games.  In that same timeframe, Tannehill has not surpassed 300 passing yards and has also seen a major dip in his rushing production.  A less efficient offense will force them into higher pass volume game scripts, which leads to more opportunities for sacks and turnovers.   

If this article will teach you anything, it’s that the numbers are always deeper than they seem. While defensive juggernauts like the Steelers and Colts are borderline unplayable against week in week out, it doesn’t mean you should avoid playing the top 5 in every position. The same goes with the bottom 5 as the Falcons and Cowboys are smash plays almost no matter what but that can’t be said for everyone. Keep all this information in mind as you’re making those tough lineup decisions during the stretch run. And if you wanna #BringHomeTheGold this season, stay tuned to all of the lights out content we produce here at RDFHQ!


Week 9 QB Primer

Any experienced fantasy player knows Week 9 is never an easy week as there are several teams on bye and thus players are forced to hit the bench or the waiver wire for a one-week fill-in. This year is certainly no exception with Joe Burrow (QB10), Carson Wentz (QB9) and Jared Goff (QB14) all QBs who are regular starters for most fantasy leagues on bye this week. However, 2020 has made this much harder as there are several QBs that are either questionable or out which is making the waiver wire much thinner, especially in 2QB/SuperFlex leagues. So today, as a special treat to you, I will go through every QB injury, their replacement(s) and what to expect from them!

Jimmy Garoppolo, SF – IR (Ankle) replaced by NICK MULLENS

While Jimmy G hasn’t exactly had a stellar fantasy season, he’s had a couple startable games and probably found a way into some starting lineups and was rostered in 42% of Sleeper leagues before his injury. News came out this week that he re-injured his ankle and is likely done for the year. His replacement, Nicky M (not quite the same ring to it), is proven and actually could make for a good fantasy start the rest of the year. When he took over in 2018, he was the QB13 over the final 8 weeks of the season and in his only full start this year in Week 3 he put up a QB16 week in a blowout win vs the G-Men. Go grab this guy if you need a QB, he’ll make a passable QB1 and a solid QB2/SuperFlex.

Gardner Minshew, JAX – OUT (Thumb) replaced by JAKE LUTON

The Jockstrap King himself got injured in Week 5 and attempted to play injured in his last two games before the bye, however put up his two worst outings of the season and has been given the hook to make room for Jake Luton. Prior to his injury, Minshew was putting up QB13 numbers and while we shouldn’t expect that from Luton, it does show what the offense is capable of. As for the newcomer, he had a spectacular senior season throwing 2700 yards and a 28:3 TD/INT ratio over 11 games at Oregon State. The big knock on this guy though is he straight up can’t run with -87 rushing yards as a starter last year, the 6th worst total in all of FBS. If you’re really desperate in 2QB or SuperFlex, he might be worth a start against a weak Houston D this week but that’s about it.

Matt Stafford, DET – Q (COVID) replaced by CHASE DANIEL

We don’t know for sure what’s happening with Stafford but for the sake of this article, we’re gonna assume he’s out and the Lions are gonna go with Chase Daniel as the starter this week vs Minnesota. While Stafford was the QB20, he did have a promising matchup and may leave bye-week owners scrambling. Unlike some of these rookies, we know who Chase Daniel is, a 10-year backup with 3 starts and parts of 4 games played in the last 3 seasons. Those starts weren’t overly spectacular finishing in between QB16 and QB20 each week. If you’re in a 2QB league, he’s worth the add if Stafford can’t go as he’ll probably get you 10-15 points, but if you expect 20+ out of this guy, you’re dreaming.


If you were one of those players in approximately 13% of leagues that still have Dalton rostered, I really hope you had a replacement ready. If not… you should probably just throw away the week. If you start one of these guys, they may not even put up positive numbers given the matchup, but regardless here they are. One of Gilbert or Rush is going to start this week vs Pittsburgh. Gilbert has thrown 6 passes in his 6-year NFL career and was an okay QB in college for SMU, and was actually pretty mobile rushing for 14 TDs in his final two years but that was 7 years ago. Cooper Rush has an awesome name, but not an awesome resume, throwing 3 passes in his 4-year NFL career and was productive for Central Michigan throwing for 12,000 career yards and 90 TDs in his 4 years as a starter. However, he threw 57 picks in that span and was far from productive as a rusher. Whoever starts here, don’t trust them, don’t roster them, don’t even think about them. If you do start them, don’t blame me for the L you’re gonna take.

Hopefully this article helped y’all out and can help you guys #BringHomeTheGold. If you like my content, you NEED to check out my Thursday Night livestream on my Twitter (@goursie19)! Myself and a few members of the RDF crew are gonna be there, we’re gonna watch the game, make some comments, talk about some pressing topics and answer YOUR questions LIVE! You don’t want to miss out!


Spooky Season – 10 Scary and Paranormal Activity in the fantasy Football world

Tis the season, so lets talk about what’s scaring us in fantasy so far this season. We also can’t leave out the weird and paranormal. Fantasy football can get crazy at times, particularly in 2020, but not even we could see some of this stuff coming!

Scary Hours

  • Michael Thomas is Currently WR 156 – Michael Thomas was arguably the “Safest” pick in the draft when you selected him the first round early this offseason. Since that time he has been anything but safe. Thomas has 4.7ppr points this season, and has yet to complete a full game heading into week 8. After missing time early with an injury, he was designated to come back only to be suspended for a game for disciplinary issues, and is now questionable with a hamstring injury. This pick has been haunting you long before Halloween.
  • 2019 Louisiana State University – LSU won the National Championship early 2020, which feels like a lifetime ago. That team was one of the most dominant in recent history, they’ve continued to be nightmares for people in the NFL. QB Joe Burrow is fantasy QB 13, and while he hasn’t been great due to a terrible offensive line, he’s had some great weeks, and leads all rookies in passing yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire hasn’t quite been worth of his first RD ADP but he’s been close. Clyde leads all rookies in rushing yards through 7 weeks, and is sitting at RB 10. Justin Jefferson currently leads all rookie WR in receiving yards, and sits as WR 17 in PPR. On a Vikings team that has been playing from behind for much of this season, Jefferson has been dominant, and has easily been the best rookie WR so far. LB Patrick Queen leads all rookies in tackles, and that Ravens Defense has played incredibly, current sitting at DEF/ST 3.
  • Adam Gase – Adam Gase is in my opinion the worst coach in football, and remain the only winless team in the NFL. Jets are absolutely useless on your fantasy roster. Lev Bell has finally gotten his freedom, and the Jets hopefully get their freedom from Gase sooner rather than later. The Jets have one player in the top 20 at their position. AND IT’S THEIR DEFENSE! They do not have a RB in the top 5. They have 1 WR in the top 50 at their position. Terrible.
  • Alvin Kamara – The lead for 1.01 in next years draft, seeing Kamara on your opponents roster gives you nightmares. He’s been averaging nearly 30ppr pts each week, and he has been nothing short of spectacular. He’s the Nightmare on Bourbon St.
  • Cowboys QB situation – We watch DAK absolutely go off the first 5 weeks of the season. After his devastating injury, the cowboys went from a rocket arm to the red rifle. If you own a Dallas pass catcher, after watching the cowboys put up an absolute stinker last week, you have to be nervous. They looked pathetic against Washington.

Straight out of the Paranormal

  • Calvin Ridley > Julio Jones – Calvin Ridley has outscored Julio Jones through 7 weeks, and is currently the WR 3 on the season. Many people thought Ridley was in for his best season as a pro, but I don’t think anyone thought he would be the number 3 WR through 7 weeks.
  • Top TEs – In what is an incredibly odd paranormal phenomenon, a position group has ended up exactly how everyone thought it would so far? The 4 of the top 5 TE’s right now are Kelce, Kittle, Andrews, and Waller. My top 5 TEs included them, and it’s just weird to see it play out like that. I don’t like it. Also, who resurrected Jimmy Graham? Surprise showing at TE 4 so far.
  • Another Sophomore QB – 2 years ago it was Mahomes, last year it was Lamar, and now it Kyler. Currently the Fantasy QB1, watching Kyler through it to Hopkins has been a real treat (no trick) for fantasy owners. Drafted as the QB 5, he has lived up to the hype.
  • Unlikely RB Heroes – MIA and JAX really surprised people with their RBs early this season. MIA traded for 2 RBs in the offseason, and then decided to go with a guy who was already on their roster in Myles Gaskin (and made for some great Carole Baskin themed team names). Currently RB 16 he’s had a great year thus far. A lot of people has JAX with a top 20 RB this season, NO ONE had it be the undrafted James Robinson. After cutting Fournette, Robinson has taken the lead role in JAX and run away with it (sorry for the bad pun). Wild to find 2 top 20 RB on the waiver wire early in the season.
  • The disappearance of the Ravens RBs – What happened? The ravens running backs, after such a dominant year last season, have completely ghosted us. Dobbins is sitting at RB 39 and Mark Ingram is RB 42. What changed? The Ravens are still a 5-1 team. Can this RB group rise from the dead?

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Dynasty Dumpster Diving

This is the time of year in Dynasty leagues that the contenders begin to make their playoff push and struggling teams decide to scrap their rosters and rebuild.  Finding value on the waiver wire or other managers’ benches is pivotal to your overall success.  I’m going to discuss two players that could either be on your leagues’ waivers or an afterthought by their current owner.  If you are looking for a deep stash with 2021 upside, consider going after one of these players while the price is next to nothing:  

Isaiah Coulter, WR Houston Texans 

Isaiah Coulter was the Texans’ 2020 5th round pick out of Rhode Island.  He flashed in training camp, but sustained a neck injury that landed him on IR to start the season.  The Texans WR corps seems crowded at the moment, but there have been rumors that the new regime is openly shopping all of the current WRs.  This includes the recent (and questionable) acquisitions of BrandinCooks, Kenny Stills, and Randall Cobb which likely helped to fuel the firing of Head Coach/GM Bill O’Brien.  Fuller and Stills are set to be unrestricted Free Agents in 2021, which would leave only Cobb, Cooks, and Keke Coutee (who has been in the doghouse for two years). One thing missing from the current WR group in Houston is a legit Red zone option.  Cooks, Fuller, and Stills have primarily been downfield threats for their careers, while Cobb is a typical slot receiver.  At 6’2”, Coulter would give Watson a bigger target that will allow them to improve upon a meager 64.7% TD rate (15th best in the NFL) on drives inside of the 20.  Considering that the Texans don’t have either a 1st or 2nd round pick in 2021, Coulter has a clear path for opportunity to become a starting receiver for Deshaun Watson by next season and likely won’t have much competition for targets.  

Rashaad Penny, RB Seattle Seahawks 

Rashaad Penny is the forgotten 2018 1st rounder that many were excited about as a rookie.  Unfortunately, his early career has been derailed by injuries.  However, his last two healthy games saw a nearly even backfield split with Carson:

2019 snaps

Week 12

Week 13







Before he went down with a torn ACL in week 14, Penny had been outperforming Carson in both yards/carry and yards/touch. He will be eligible to return from IR after Seattle’s Week 7 bye. Even though Carson has been lights out as the lead back this season, they are still limiting his snaps coming off a 2019 hip injury himself. Carson’s highest snap percentage on the season is just 61% so there will be opportunity for Penny to have a role once he’s back. Looking towards the future, Carson is set to be an UFA in 2021 while Penny is only on the 3rd year of his rookie contract and has a 5th year team option available. I’m sure that Seattle will consider extending Carson, but they also have 2 stars in their secondary (Jamal Adams and Shaquill Griffin) that are coming up on the end of their deals. If Penny can flash the potential that we saw from him last season, Settle might be inclined to move on from Carson and focus on shoring up their future on defense.


Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A – Week 6!

Week 6 in the NFL is Here!  What a showcase for future stars last week right?  Chase Claypool, Robert Tonyon, Travis Fulgham – outta nowhere!  That is 2020 in the NFL, you never know what you are gonna get … like a box of chocolates .. well my wife’s anniversary box of chocolates had what each piece were on the box…soooo here at Real Deal Fantasy HQ we want to be the images that tells you what is in the box of chocolates, only for fantasy football

So without further ado – it’s the Real Deal Fantasy HQ & A for Week 6!

  1. READERS – WE NEED QUESTIONS!!  Send them in to us so we can answer them here!  Tweet your questions for Week 7 @delrayboston

2.  What was you biggest ‘Wrong Answer’ from the Week 5 that you regret: 

Laquan: I actually think I was on point for the most part. 

TY:  I didn’t really have any last week. I guess not trusting DeVonta Freeman who had 16.7 PPR points last week would be my only wrong guess. Keep that in mind when reading today!

Sean:  Recommending Brian Hill as a waiver wire add.  Todd Gurley looked great on Sunday and he will eat again this weekend against the Vikings.

3. What was your biggest “I Told You So” from the Week 5

Laquan: D.J. Moore’s coming-out party putting up 21 pts against the Falcons.

TY:  Recommending Justin Jackson over Josh Kelley. JJ had 20 touches and looked great while Kelley struggled to break the line of scrimmage.

Sean:  Recommending that Emmauel Sanders IS a thing in New Orleans, especially with Michael Thomas out!  

4. Dak Prescott is now done for the season.  If you missed out on a waiver claim for the Red Rocket, who on the waiver wire are you looking to grab to start this week and potentially rest-of-season?  

Laquan:  Kirk Cousins. He has great back to back matchups against weak defenses. Has ATL this week – full send it. 

TY:  If Matt Stafford is still available, he’s a must-add. Otherwise Kirk Cousins has a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way and the ball should be in the air a lot against the Falcons this week.

Sean:  Jarrod Goff. The bottom line here is that the Rams are playing good football and they have a solid defense and run game.  But take a look at the schedule, I like Goff’s chances to put up solid numbers as we approach the second half of the season.  

5.     Dalvin Cook will not play this weekend due to a hamstring injury. Alexander Mattison will start on Sunday and play against the Atlanta Falcons who haven’t been able to stop ANYBODY.  Two Part Question:  

1). If you weren’t a Dalvin Cook owner, but were able to scoop up Mattison from the waiver wire, how much of a priority is he to get in your lineup?  Would you start him over another “starting running back” this week?  

2). If you were a Dalvin Cook owner, but were NOT able to scoop up Mattison, is there another guy on the waiver wire you could grab if you were desperate?  

Laquan:  100% over any rb2 i have this week. 


1) Yes! Start him, find a spot for him, he is gonna be a top-10 back this week. If that isn’t at least good enough to make your RB2 spot then you don’t need to be reading this because you’re winning your league.

2) This week, Royce Freeman has interesting fantasy appeal. It’s doubtful Lindsay is gonna get a full workhorse role in his first game back so he should see some touches.


1). I’m probably one of the lucky ones but Mattison in my NFL League, but now I have a problem.  Do I start him over Raheem Mostert or CEH?  

2). If I were desperate, Mike Boone will likely be the change of pace for Mattison. He saw touches last week and he is an explosive player.  Dollars to donuts, he’s available in your league.  

6. Who is the normal starter in your lineup you are sitting in week 6 and why?  

Laquan:   DJ Chark. He’s dealing with an ankle injury and doesn’t have the best matchup this week against the Lions, so he’s getting the bench.

TY: Kenyan Drake again. Chase Edmonds out touched and outscored him again. Drake will lose the starting role very soon.

Sean:  Deebo Samuel.  It stinks because we ‘just got him back’ but quite frankly the whole 49ers offense stink, stank, stunk in Week 5 and Jimmy G looked terrible.  Tough to trust against Aaron Donald and the Rams this week

7. Who is your favorite SMASH play, on your lineups, that you can’t wait to see dominate your competition in week 6?  

Laquan:   David Monty vs CAR!  This will be a very refreshing game for Monty owners! Cohen out for the szn and Panthers can’t stop a soul in the run game. FULL SEND

TY:  If you need a QB, Kirk Cousins vs ATL. Otherwise, get Justin Jefferson in your lineup for the same reason.

Sean:  AJ Brown vs The Texans. Probably the only thing that will slow AJ Brown down this weekend is how much the Titans run Derek Henry.  Brown looked AWESOME in Week 5 against the Bills and now he gets to play Houston and a secondary that is only slightly better than Cheese Cloth.  He should EAT!  

8. Who is your favorite Cowboys WR THIS week (aka the dawn of the Red Rocket Era of Cowboys Football):  

Laquan:   I look for Dalton to lean on Cooper this week being the #1 WR

Ty:  Michael Gallup was getting a lot of targets under Dalton. Worth keeping an eye on.

Sean:  Michael Gallup! 

9. It’s the Battle of the Bays as a fully healthy Tampa Bay Buccaneers play a fully healthy Green Bay Packers.  The question is, who has the better day?  Touchdown Tom Brady or Goat Aaron Rodgers?  

Laquan:  Aaron Rodgers 

Ty:  Rodgers by a mile

Sean:  Rodgers and he has 5 more Superbowls to win before I consider him GOAT. 

10.  As of this writing the Patriots and Broncos will play on Sunday AND Cam Newton will make his return.  The question is, would you play Cam Newton against the Broncos even if you had another option at QB?   

Laquan:  If Cam can play I’m playing Cam.  He’s been balling out and has the rushing upside.  I like him this week against Denver. 

TY:  If that other option is top-10, no. Otherwise, hell yea I would. 

Sean:  Yes. Newton is a gamer and you have to believe he will want to make a statement on Sunday, considering when he wasn’t on the field the last time the Patriots played … well … it didn’t look good. 

11.  Melvin Gordon was arrested for a DUI and now suddenly has a ‘mystery illness’ that WILL prevent him from taking the field (Gordon has been ruled out).  Would you  start Phillp Lindsay this week against New England AND is Royce Freeman worth an add if you are desperate for RB or Flex Help? 

Laquan:   Lindsay should see most of the workload so yes he should be a RB2 this week for a lot of lineups. Freeman –  I’ll wait and see before reaching for him. 

TY:  Philip Lindsay is gonna be an RB2/3 play for sure this week so he’s a must-start with Gordon out. Freeman could actually be worth a flex start if you really need the help in a PPR league.

Sean:  The Patriots have had struggles against pass catching running backs and I personally think Phillip Lindsey is starting this game.  So if I was in a bind I would start him.  AND if I needed desperate help in my Flex, Royce Freeman isn’t the worst idea to add from Waivers.

12.  Once again we have 5 Games with a line of 50+.  Which of these shootouts do you want the most pieces from in your lineup.  

Laquan:  DAL vs ARZ

TY:   Dallas vs Arizona is gonna be insane. Expect to see 30s on both sides of the scoreboard.

Sean:  I like Dallas vs Arizona to have a lot of fireworks and guys like Michael Gallup, Dalton Schultz, Chistian Kirk and if you are lucky Chase Edmonds are still on waiver wires.  Fire ‘Em Up if you need the help! 

13. We have one less New York running back in the mix, but still with the pieces that are left – can you trust a New York Running Back?  

Laquan: Freeman maybe at a flex spot but the Giants O Line is still trash.  

TY:   Freeman might actually be worth a play but that Washington run defense is scary. Let’s see what (Lamichal) Perine does this week.

Sean:  If I was desperate and he was available to me, I might take a shot on Freeman this weekend against The Football Team.  

14. Ok so NOW can we drop Kenyan Drake?    

Laquan:  No not yet. 

TY:  I just traded him for David Montgomery this past Thursday. So try trading him first, someone is gonna buy on name value alone.

Sean:  It appears Chase Edmonds is the running back to own on the Arizona Cardinals.   

15.   Who is your favorite waiver wire QB to stream this week?   

Laquan:  Kirk Cousins 

TY:  Kirk Cousins

Sean: Kirk Cousins

16.  Who is your favorite waiver wire RB to stream this week?  

Laquan:   None to be honest. 

TY:   JD McKissic is at least worth a stash.

Sean:  Lamichal Perine or JD McKissic

17.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Wide Receiver to stream this week?  

Laquan: Greg Ward Jr –  the only Eagles legit WR to catch balls out there sadly.   

TY:   Christian Kirk if he’s there is gonna feast on the Boys this week. And I don’t buy into the Claypool or Fulgham hype this week.

Sean: Assuming Chase Claypool has been scooped up, Travis Fulgham.  No DeSean, No Alshon AGAIN.  Zach Ertz looks like scorched earth.  I’d take a shot on Fulgham.  In Case you missed it, he just put 172 and 1 on the Steelers. 

18.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Tight End to stream this week?     

Laquan:  ehhh none..  

TY: Austin Hooper just because he’s getting a big target share, even against an awful Steelers team.

Sean:  Big Irv Smith going against the terrible Falcons defense

19.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Defense to stream this week?     

Laquan:   Believe it or not but I’d take Miami this week. 

TY: Titans if they’re available.

Sean:  The Giants vs The Football Team 

20.  Who is your favorite waiver wire Kicker to stream this week?     

Laquan:  ewwwwwwwww

TY:  Graham Gano vs the Football Team

Sean:  Staying with my man Joey Slye – Carolina Panthers 

Have a question?  Send them in to us at Real Deal Fantasy HQ and you may see your question show up here in this new Weekly Article!  We can answer your Start/Sit, Season Long, DFS or whatever you want to ask!    


RDFHQ Subscriber League Chronicles!

Without a doubt, this year has been the hardest in the history of fantasy football for managers. With the unpredictability of the virus, the high amount of devastating injuries, and the constant schedule adjusting, it has become incredibly difficult to try and keep a competitive roster week in, week out. It feels as though this year more than ever, it takes an awful lot of luck to be a contender. With that being said, it’s time to update the power rankings and show you, the fans, what’s going on in our crazy league.

Tier 6: The Waste of Space

12. Jkreis13 (2-3)

The only reason this team has won any games is because he’s rostering the QB2 and QB6 in Mahomes and Rodgers as well as the RB3 in Aaron Jones. He got lucky enough to get those pieces because the guy auto-drafted. He hasn’t changed his lineup since week 1 and we know this because he’s been starting Kerryon Johnson week in, week out. It infuriates me to see someone who doesn’t even want to be here in this league, can’t wait to replace this bum next year.

Tier 5: The Ones Who Aren’t Very Good

11. Dcaples75 (1-4)

It seemed like this guy was trying, up until about week 4. He left an injured DaVante Adams in his starting lineup that week, but it didn’t really matter because one of the contenders Alvin and the Chipmunks pumped him by 30. Then in week 5, he just gave up leaving 3 players on bye in his lineup and throwing the week to Lemdmcgowan, albeit even if he started his best lineup he likely still would have lost that week. He has pieces to be a good team, however it can get disheartening when you sit 1-4 and your only win is to a fellow 1-4 team. If he continues to not care, he’d definitely fall into Tier 6.

10. Cheap Seats (1-4)

Cheap Seats isn’t a bad metaphor for this team. He has some pretty solid pieces on his team, such as the RB5 and 6 in Zeke and Carson respectively, as well as two great QBs in Stafford and Tannehill and lots of depth. And it’s not like he’s trying, in fact his issue is he may be trying too hard. Case in point, he sat Tannehill last week and chose to start Joe Flacco instead… costing him 17 points. In week 4, he started Kenyan Drake and Mike Geisecki instead of Chris Carson and Zach Ertz, a decision that cost him 28.9 points in a week he lost by 30. He deserves a better record, he just needs to get out of his own way.

9. HerbNLegend (2-3)

What a shame. This man was near the contending ranks in my pre-season rankings and just look how far he’s fallen. Kids, this team is why you never go Zero RB strategy. His week 1 starting RBs were Le’Veon and Leonard Fournette and he had no viable replacements for them… they combined for 9 points that week. Ouch. Week 2, he started Hines and Michel, they combined for 3 points. At no point this year has his RBs combined for even 15 points in a week, you simply can’t contend with that poor of production. The only reason he even has wins at all is because of the Russell Wilson-DK Metcalf stack as well as the TE2 in Darren Waller.

Tier 4: The Unlucky Ones

8. Shotgun Fantasy (1-4)

This guy just can’t catch a break. Firstly, he’s had the hardest schedule to date. Secondly, it always seems like he’s a lineup decision away from winning his week. He doesn’t have a great team, as no player he has on his team ranks top 15 at their position, but it doesn’t feel like he should be 1-4 either. He has matchups against Autodrafter, Cheap Seats and HerbNLegend in the next 4 weeks to help right the ship before playoffs.

7. IndieNation (2-3)

It’s not like Indie has a bad team, in fact I like a lot about his team. He has Michael Thomas coming back in Week 7 to give his team a much-needed push. He has Alex Mattison who will be infinitely valuable until D.Cook comes back. And he has tons of depth, just lacking a dependable star player and it’s hurt him to this point. He’ll make the playoffs for sure as the two teams below him in the conference are write-offs, and he has the roster that could beat anybody any week, just not a roster I’d bet on going too far.

Tier 3: The Middle of The Pack

6. The Fantasy’s Phinest (3-2)

“Didn’t y’all say I wouldn’t win 3 games?”

This team has no business being here. The only reason he’s 3-2 is because he ran into the lowest-scoring team of the week for all 3 of his wins. Considering him a playoff team is laughable and yet Lady Luck is gonna carry him there it seems. And yet, through all of this, I actually don’t hate his team. His RB duo of Sanders and Chubb is downright scary when healthy, Herbert and Brees as your two QBs in SuperFlex is a great place to be. His WRs and TEs are horrific, however and that’s gonna hold him back from being anything more than a pretender come playoff time.

5. Anybody Can Get It! (2-3)

“F*** you, <insert any other owner here>, I’m gonna beat the breaks off of <insert opponent here>”

The all-rookie team is actually pretty scary all set and done. Clyde and JT are RB12 and 13 respectively which really isn’t a bad spot to be. CeeDee Lamb is the WR11 to date, and he’s accompanied by the WR6 in Tyreek Hill and WR12 in Mike Evans. This team is deep and skilled where it matters, and he could get even better if Lamar Jackson can step up his play. His biggest issue is if he loses a player to COVID/injury, there isn’t a ton of depth especially for RBs. Regardless, this is not a team I want to face.

Tier 2: The Pretenders

4. Lemdmcgowan (3-2)

This team is one that makes you think. He auto-drafted, but sets his lineup every week and has made roster moves so he’s actually managing his team, I can respect that. He’s the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, but he’s tied for 3rd easiest schedule. He just lost Dalvin Cook which leaves him with next to nothing at RB for at least a week or two as even when fully healthy his starters are Cook and Kelley. That could end up being his downfall, especially once OBJ comes back down to earth.

3. Team A.Js (4-1)

“Applying Humble Sauce all szn”

Is LQ really about to get torched on his own blog? Oh yeah. Week in, week out you just don’t know what you’re getting with this team. He’s beaten Alvin and the Chipmunks, and yet his 1 loss came to Shotgun. He’s had the 2nd-easiest schedule thus far and has been the 4th highest scoring team so it’s tough to say he’s deserving of 4-1. His RB core of Henry and Jacobs is downright scary, his WRs… not so much. Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown and Jamison Crowder don’t exactly have me ready to crown him champion by any stretch, His QBs are shaky as well. He’s got some work to do to prove he’s gonna take a serious run at the title.

Tier 1: The Contenders/The Likely Final

2. Alvin and the Chipmunks (4-1)

“F*** you and your maple syrup”

This team has a lot of upside and downside at the moment. Upside, his RB core of Kamara and Gurley has been downright terrifying thus far coming in as the RB1 and 11 respectively, he has a PPR god in Keenan Allen and his TEs of Hock and Hooper will do great in this TE premium league. However, there’s a big problem for Drew upcoming. He lost Dak Prescott for the season and his next man up is Derek Carr followed by Danny Derps. Not the ideal QB combo, but overcomeable. He gets two cakewalk matchups next in Autodrafter and Cheap Seats to figure it out.

1.Maple Leaf Maulers (5-0)

“You’re gonna have to figure out how to ship the trophy to Canada” Would you look at that? The Canadian kid is running the league so far. Highest scoring team? Check. Moderately hard schedule? Check. Only two wins where my opponent was within 20 points? Check. Mark Andrews being a TE premium god? Check. My Josh Allen/Stefon Diggs stack being absolutely lights out? Check. I’m doing this all without the #1 overall pick, CMC? Check… Wait what? That’s right, the most dominant team so far in this league has not had the best player in fantasy football on their roster the majority of the season. I better start making a place for the trophy on my mantle, the way it’s looking right now I’m untouchable.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! Please keep supporting all of our content, including all of our posts on the blog here, LQ’s YouTube (@RealDealFantasy HQ), my podcast Cold Hard Sports Talk which you can find on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and more!


Why You Shouldn’t Trust OBJ

Through the first 4 weeks of the season, OBJ has to be one of the, if not the, most controversial players in the fantasy world right now. Ever since he became a Brown we have become accustomed to seeing him underperform and meddle his way out of our starting lineups. And yet, here he is as the WR6. This can be attributed to his massive WR1 blowup last week, however it still seems so high for a player who disappointed 3 out of 4 weeks. I am here today to make sure you don’t fall into the trap and hurt your fantasy squads!

First off we’re gonna look at some of the bigger stats. We all know about catch rate, simply take a players catches, divide it by his targets and bam you get his catch rate. For OBJ he is sitting at just 53%, which in fact is his career low! Now you’re saying, well if he’s struggling to catch the ball, how is he the WR6?! Touchdowns baby. He is scoring touchdowns at an unsustainable rate of 18% of every touch he gets, his career high is 13.5% back in 2015 and he hasn’t hit above 9% since 2016. Needless to say, at some point he will regress to the mean. So with him struggling to catch the ball, and his touchdown production soon to slow down, he is about to plummet down the rankings fast.

Still believe in OBJ? Don’t worry, I got more. A more telling sign that his production is going to drop is his yards per target. Averaging 7.9 yards per target he ranks 84TH in the league! With numbers like that he needs to maintain a massive target share to stay productive and not be touchdown-dependent. So Cleveland is a good place for receivers to get big target numbers right? Wrong. They have thrown the ball the 3rd fewest out of anyone in the league thus far. The reason for that is simple, they let Baker be a gunslinger in 2019 and it led to him being a turnover factory. Their solution to stay competitive has been to hide him through heavy use of the run game and receivers running short routes, which in reality is an Odell’s owner’s nightmare.

So we see that Odell is struggling to catch the ball, his TD production is about to slow down, he doesn’t run a lot of deep routes and his offense doesn’t trust their QB. Add all of those factors together and you have a nightmare on your hands as far as potential production.

Thanks again to our stats guy here at RDFHQ, Andrew Metcalfe (@drewmet89), for helping me find all of these stats to help substantiate my argument. As well, if you like content like this, stay tuned to the blog we produce content like this all year. And finally, check out my podcast Cold Hard Sports Talk on Spotify for fantasy analysis in both football and hockey all year long!


Thursday Night Showdown – Jets Broncos – DFS Picks & Strategy

Gone are the days of ‘dog’ matchups in 2020 NFL. Please cite last Thursday’s Dolphin’s Jaguars matchup as proof. Everything about that game going in saw the Jaguars rolling over the hapless Dolphin’s defense and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing to the moon to try and keep up. Well in case you missed it, the exact opposite happened. So while thinking about tonight’s penny dreadful I can’t help but think that perhaps even though the Jets looked God Awful on Sunday, we could have a bit of a game on our hands – and where there is a game there are fantasy points and where there are fantasy points there is a DFS Slate to attack! So let’s talk…and let’s Cash!

Editor’s Note: The DK Pricing you will see in this article reflects the “Flex” price of a player in Showdown tournaments. If you want to choose that player as your Captain in those lineups you need to keep in mind that their salary will be 1.5x the Flex price. FanDuel includes the M.V.P Spot in their pricing for both spots and that is why it looks higher. Both the Captains spot and M.V.P spot garner 1.5x the fantasy points that is scored by the player.

I have to start this out with the Jets.


Early ADP Bust

While 2 weeks is not nearly enough time to evaluate a player’s season, we can begin to look at trends that will give us hints offuture production. The players below have fallen short of fantasy managers’ expectations so far this season, based on their Average Draft Position (ADP). I am going to point out some troubling signs for each that do not bode well for them going forward. I never encourage selling low on a player, but if any of these guys have a big week, I would try to move on and shop them to other managers that are willing to pay their pre-season value:

Drew Brees


2020 Rank: QB23

Coming off of an underwhelming performance on Monday Night Football, people are beginning to question if Drew Brees still has “it”.  Through 2 weeks this season, his 64.7% completion rate, 93.5 QB Rating, and 6.9 yards/attempt are all his worst marks since 2012.  Not to mention his 4.4% TD rate (16th best among QBs) leaves fantasy managers wanting more.  

I’m sure that the absence of Michael Thomas has had a negative impact on his performance, but we are not sure how much more time he’s going to miss.  There was a time when Drew Brees was the one that made his receivers relevant, not the other way around.  While Thomas is out, Brees is not startable in 1 QB leagues.  Once he has his All-Pro receiver back healthy, he should be a solid streaming option or QB2 in SuperFlex leagues.  

Derrick Henry


2020 Rank: RB25

We all marveled at Henry as he carried fantasy managers into the 2019 playoffs with 20+ point performances in weeks 12-14 only to be limited by a hamstring injury in week 15 and miss Championship week 16! Obviously, that’s not what you wanted from him to end the season, but he showed us enough to vault his ADP into top 5 RB range for 2020 drafts.  Despite leading the league with 56 carries through 2 weeks, he’s only managed 3.55 yards per attempt and has yet to score a TD.  Some hoped he would pick up extra targets in the passing game with Dion Lewis gone, but 3 receptions on 5 targets in the first two games doesn’t give me much hope for improvement in that area.  Especially with Darrynton Evans, the Titans’ explosive 3rd round pick RB out of Appalachian State, set to make his debut after recovering from a hamstring injury.  I expect him to take on the pass-catching role that was intended for Lewis last season. I certainly expect better days ahead, considering this interesting tweet from Chris Raybon: 


Even though Henry will likely increase his fantasy production as the year progresses, I don’t see him returning on his RB5 ADP this year.  The Titans are missing their All-Pro RT Jack Conklin, who signed with the Browns this offseason and Henry is feeling the impact.  Before he blew up last season to score 18 total TDs, his best PPR finish was RB15.  I expect him to end up as a high-end RB2 by end of season. 

Cooper Kupp


2020 Rank: WR44

The Rams WRs were a major topic of discussion for the Fantasy community this off-season.  Their mid-season transition to a heavy 12 personnel approach (2 WRS, 2 TEs) in 2019 was detrimental to Kupp’s production. While he struggled to maintain consistent snap counts and opportunities for targets, Robert Woods thrived.  Through the first two weeks of 2020, the Rams have been in 12 personnel on 22% of offensive snaps (only slightly up from 21% in 2019).  What’s interesting is that snap counts are not Kupp’s issue, he leads the team in snaps played for WRs.  There also hasn’t been a significant change in his team target share:    

Kupp Target Share





The problem is the Rams’ massive dip in passing volume from last season. In 2019, LA had the 3rd most pass attempts (39.5/game). They begin this season near the bottom of the NFL, averaging only 29 attempts/game. Given the early success they have had, I don’t foresee McVay going away from his run-heavy approach anytime soon. While it’s a positive sign that Kupp has been staying on the field in 12 personnel sets, it is going to be very difficult for him to return value on his WR16 ADP as long as they continue to favor the run game.


Studs & Duds Week 2

Studs and Duds Week 2 


Josh Allen 

Stefon Diggs

Calvin Ridley

Jonnu Smith

Tyler Higbee

Mike Gesicki


Julio Jones

Ty Hilton

Aj Green

Chris Herdon

Malcolm Brown

Todd Gurley

Week 2 is in the books and these guys up above are players I believed stood out as clear duds and clear studs for week 2. So lets start off with the Studs of week 2. 

My BOY! Josh Allen putting all the haters to bed with a elite fantasy performance putting up 46 pts against the dolphins. Yea I know ur thinking it was the dolphins that’s what he was suppose to do but that’s not the case here the game was very close at one point and Allen had to put the team on his back and set up his teammates for success to find the endzone. Allen had tones of hate being called a QB2, not a very accurate deep pass thrower , and a risk taker. Meanwhile back to back weeks with elite Qb1 performances putting the haters to bed. While we are on the topic of Allen I wanna bring up Stefon Diggs. 

Diggs and Allen connection is so beautiful to watch and its crazy its only week 2 with very little time spent in the off-szn due to covid. Diggs put up a whooping 29 pts 8/153/1 very impressive performance from Diggs catching long balls and making toe tap side line catches and etc. Diggs is looking like a top 10 WR if Allen and Diggs can keep this going. Its always fun to watch when guys are winning so ill be watching the Bills game very closely to see if this is the real thing or is it just early szn luck. 

MAN! Was I WRONG!Tyler Higbee went off ! 3 TDS putting up a whooping 28 fantasy points looking like a solid target for Goff moving forward BUT I will say I need to see this every week from higbee before I crown him TE1. Higbee finished with 5tgts 4recs and 54 yards. Not a lot of tgts and not a lot of yards I would like to see those yards increase maybe in the 70-100 yd range. Overall look for Higbee in a lot of starting line ups moving forward he earned it. 

Now lets talk some duds of the week. Some back to back duds that we expected a bounce back week or to take a step forward in week 2 but just didn’t pan out that way.

I wanna highlight Todd Gurley for this DUD of the week. Gurley ran the ball 21 times for 61 yards…Crazy we just seen a stat saying if Gurley runs the ball 20+ times the team wins 22-2 times… well lets make it 22-3 times.. Hard lost for the falcons to the Dallas Cowboys comeback victory but Gurley just looked terrible only putting up 6.7 points. Ito Smith looked more explosive and was heavily involved towards the end of the game. This worries me about gurley only because he ran the ball 21 times and didn’t produce much points. Gurley ADP was sitting tight in the 3rdround and he hasn’t returned that price tag for fantasy owners. The falcons aren’t a run first offense we see the WR core going crazy on teams with 3 100+ yard wrs in week 1 and Calvin Ridley turning up this week with 100+ yards as well. So moving forward with Gurley every week he maybe in question for fantasy owners starting lineups come Sunday. 

Next dud…. Chris Herndon..

I think this was a clear dud only because so many offensive weapons were injured he had no choice but to make plays for Sam Darnold and that didn’t happen. With Crowder, Bell, and Perriman catching a injury mid game u would think it would be the Herndon show but it wasn’t…. 5 targets for ONE REC! It should be hands off all Szn for jets players not named Crowder I cant stand that “Offensive Guru” Adam Gase and his questionable play calling and coaching style… it has to be miserable to be in that jets locker room. If he’s not fired mid szn… nvm because I know its not happening… 

Next Dud goes to my fellow ram player Malcolm Brown. I don’t think he’s one and done but the Cam Akers injury did knock the running game out of momentum for a min but Darrell Henderson was the next man up in that backfield behind Brown but I think this was more or less to see what Henderson could do with the potential of handle a decent amount of the workload. Basically Sean Mcvay is still holding try outs for the RB1 roll but watever he’s doing its working u have 3 very talented RBs why not use them all but for us fantasy owners this is very bad owner any of the 3. At the start of the szn I was telling the #Wolfpack to stay clear of the rams backfield this szn til the smoke clears of whos the “Guy” but right now its just nothing but a headache trying to figure out who will get u the most points this week. To be continued.

That was this weeks Studs and Duds article hoping u gained some understanding to lead u to victory in week 3! Make sure you follow me on all social media platforms @realdealfantasy.

Peace Love Happiness.


Week 1 Recap: 32 Things We Learned

It’s fall. School is back in session, the weather starting to cool off, and FOOTBALL IS BACK! After an electric week one, we have some things to go over. Call this the last review before the final exam. We’re going to go over one thing we learned about each team in week one.

Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals are going to be fun to watch this year. Kyler and that offense looked great against one of the best defensive units in football in their win against the 49ers. What did it show us? DeAndre Hopkins isn’t going anywhere. He had a great game with a line of 14-151-0. If you invested in him as a top 3 WR this year, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Atlanta Falcons:

The Falcons lost in an absolute shootout with the Seahawks this week. IT what was one of the more fun games to watch on the Sunday slate. Matt Ryan balled out, with nearly 450 passing yards. But the biggest winner is Calvin Ridley. Calvin Ridley needs to be in your lineup each and every week. While the Falcons won’t always through for 450yds, Ridley is going to get his.

Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens absolutely took it to the Browns this week. One thing that surprises no one is Mark Andrews tearing up the Browns defense. While a win also surprises no one, there were a few surprises in this game. The biggest thing is Mark Ingram with single digit fantasy points, and J.K. Dobbins with 2 touchdowns. J.K. Dobbins time is coming, and it may be sooner rather than later. Strike now before he cements himself in the lead back role in this prolific offense.

Buffalo Bills:

The Bills took it to the Jets in a game with a final score much closer than the actual game itself. The Bills have solid chance to win their division this year, and Josh Allen is the real deal when it comes to being a fantasy QB. My biggest take away is that the red zone work in this offense will go through Zach Moss, and I expect more work to follow. Zach Moss is going to be another rookie RB that can take over the lead role by midseason.

Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers lost in their opening contest against the Raiders, and I’m sure everyone was shocked to see that Christian McCaffrey is still good at football. The Panthers offense looked good, and Joe Brady’s scheme is going to keep them as an effective offense all year long. Their WR group is talented, and Robby Anderson is a big play waiting to happen. Given the right matchup, Anderson can score points in a hurry. Very boom or bust though.

Cincinnati Bengals:

As a Bengals fan, thinking about that last game makes me a little queasy. But there were a couple bright spots for the Bengals. Joe Burrow is the real deal, and I expect him to improve as the season goes on. More than anything tho ugh, it is apparent that he has a favorite target. AJ Green was an offensive PI call away from having a monster game, and he is back to being a starting WR on your fantasy team. He should be in your lineup barring injury.

Chicago Bears:

Is Mitch Trubisky the real deal? Has he changed? Is that Bears offense fixed? While the answer to these questions remain to be seen, the Bears stole a win from the Lions in their opener. There was an obvious take away from that offense, and that was that Allen Robinson is legit. Robinson is Mitch’s number one target, and while he didn’t find the end zone this week, I expect him to be a top 20 WR.

Cleveland Browns:

Yikes, what a terrible showing by Cleveland. That offense looked bad, the defense looked even worse. Were the Ravens just that good? Maybe, but we need to see more out of the Cleveland RBs. Chubb and Hunt had an equal number of snaps. Maybe it was just game script, but Chubb owners have to be concerned that they aren’t getting the bell cow work load they paid for. Hunt owners should be elated, he is seeing the field early and often, and they got him at a huge discount compared to Chubb’s ADP.

Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys played a terrible game against the Rams. Blake Jarwin tore his ACL, which is devastating for the promising young TE. The offense looked ok, and I think there’s no need to panic. Michael Gallup is going to be a stud. He had a monster 44yd catch called back on an OPI. He will be a great flex play all year, and I don’t see a world he doesn’t finish the year as a top 30 WR.

Denver Broncos:

The Broncos had a tough outing against the Titans. Drew Lock looked ok, but he’s got some room to improve. The RB situation is something that we were looking to figure out. While both RBs were healthy (Lindsay got hurt) they split snaps almost 50/50. Melvin took over after the injury, and will have value if Lindsay misses time.

Detroit Lions:

Look, the Lions blew it. You know it, they know it. It was bad. The good news is they have 16 games to redeem themselves. It was nice to see how their RB situation was going to play out. This is an RBBC. Swift has the most talent, but AP will see a lot of touches. Get rid of your Kerryon Johnson shares, as he is on his way out.

Green Bay Packers:

The Packers put up a ton of points in their win against the Vikings. Aaron Rogers looked great. The WRs made some plays, and Aaron Jones scored a TD. Devante Adams is an absolute animal, but you already knew that. Aaron Jones was a candidate for TD regression this year, and while he will regress some, the Packers still look to him in the red zone, and he will find pay dirt plenty in 2020.

Houston Texans:

DeAndre Hopkins is going to have a… oh wait. Bill O’Brien controls his roster worse than a spiteful 8 year old playing madden. They lost some weapons, and that offense doesn’t look incredible. There is one constant however. Deshaun Watson is a stud, and he’s not going anywhere. He could be throwing to a bunch of high school JV players. Unless he’s playing against the Monstars, play Deshaun.

Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts lost a terrible game to the Jags. That defense didn’t look great, but Philip Rivers didn’t impress in his first start in Indianapolis. He did bring something with him from LA, and that was all of the RB targets. With Mack done for the year, Jonathan Taylor is going to be a league winner for some rosters, but an important add this week in Nyhiem Hines. Grab Hines in every league you can, he has the potential to be the 2019 Austin Ekeler of this offense.

Kansas City Chiefs:

The reigning Super Bowl champs came out hot on Thursday night and absolutely trounced the Texans. This one is going to be short and sweet. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the real deal. If you drafted him in the first round, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Los Angeles Chargers:

The Chargers won an absolute stinker of a game against the Bengals. A lock down drag em out football game. Austin Ekeler took over as the lead back for the Chargers this season now the Melvin Gordon is a Bronco. Do not bail on Austin Ekeler. Yes, his targets were down this game, but he received more than 80% of his teams RB touches. The offense will flow through him all year long.

Los Angeles Rams:

The Rams surprised some people, coming out with a win on Sunday Night Football against the Cowboys. They looked good, and Jared Goff looked the like QB they paid him to be. We did get clarity on the RB situation in LA. Malcom Brown is the lead of the RBBC in LA. The Rams used him in the red zone a lot, and he will continue to have value as long as he holds that role.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Gardner Mishew came out firing against the Colts in their upset Sunday win. Chark is a true number 1 receiver. He’s Minshew’s favorite target, and Jax prioritizes him in the red zone. Big year coming for the young WR.

Miami Dolphins:

The Dolphins lost a tough game against the Patriots. This game didn’t have a lot of fun stuff to look at, and was fairly boring, so we’re going to highlight what we didn’t see. Matt Breida only had 5 touches on Sunday, and Gaskin led the RBs in touches, while Jordan Howard got the red zone work and TD. Matt Breida should not be on your roster. He just doesn’t have the upside.

Minnesota Vikings:

The Minnesota Vikings lost in a shootout with the Packers. There was a lot of turnover for the purple people eaters this offseason. That defense is not nearly as good as it once was. Which means they will need to score points offensively. Adam Thielen as a number 1 WR has returned. He will continue to get a ton of targets, and has looked like his 2018 self.

New England Patriots:

Why did we ever doubt? Cam Newton is a QB 1. There is no reason to believe otherwise. Belichick is going to continue to run him, and that gives Cam all the upside. The Pats WR are a little tough, so that might put a cap on him, but Cam looked scary on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints:

The Saints came out and ran all over the Buccaneers. While Brady didn’t quite look up to snuff, Drew looked pretty good, and Sean Payton has that team dialed in. The Saints are one of the more consistent teams from year to year. Do not bail on Michael Thomas, he will be just fine. You paid a premium for him, don’t do anything crazy.

New York Giants:

The New York Football Giants came out and looked ok against a solid Steelers defense. Danny Dimes made some mistakes, but if you look at the film he really did play a pretty solid game. He’s locked in on his number 1 wide receiver, and its Darius Slayton. He’s their redzone weapon, and will continue to light it up. He’s the WR you want to own in New York.

New York Jets:

The J-E-T-S Jets STINK. They’re terrible. This team is awful. I can only say it so many ways. I believe Adam Gase will be the first coach in the NFL to be fired this year. He lowers the value of every single player on that offense. Sell Le’Veon Bell. If you can, try to get one of those young rookie RB who showed out. Or a WR with some upside. I think Bell finished outside the top 30 at RB.

Oakland Raiders:

Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders came into Carolina and ran all over them. The Raiders have a bad defense. They aren’t good. But that offense will continue to run through Josh Jacobs. He is the most dynamic threat on that team, and the offense will run through him. Also a side note, don’t miss that Darren Waller lead the team in targets.

Philadelphia Eagles:

Weird week for the Eagles, as Miles Sanders didn’t play, and their O-line was hurt. They looked bad against the Redskins. Dallas Goedert had 1 less snap than Zach Ertz. His time is coming, and its coming now. He is a top 10 TE this year.

San Francisco:

San Fran lost a surprising game against the Cardinals. The offense looked weird, Kittle tweaked his knee a bit but should be ok. They’re missing Deebo Samual on offense, as it makes them one dimensional. However, Raheem Mostert is the lead back in that backfield, and he should be. Dude has all the speed, and should look to lead his team and your fantasy team to a lot of wins.

Seattle Seahawks:

Let Russ cook! The Seahawks looked great in their win over Atlanta. I thought he might start slow this year, and I was wrong. He came out very hot. Their offense does look different, as they look to pass a bit more rather than lean on the run. Chris Carson was more involved in the pass game. I think this will help him be more efficient. He’s been slept on in drafts the last few years, and this year was no exception.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

A grind it out win against the Giants, the Steelers offense looked substantially better with Big Ben at the helm rather than Mason Rudolph. JuJu is back to his old self, and I love to see it. There were 2 HUGE takeaways for me in this game. 1) Benny Snell is the lead back in this offense. He was better than Conner and much more efficient. Pick him up if you can. 2) Diontae Johnsons is the second WR in this offense. While he didn’t have a huge fantasy day, he lead the team in targets, and is a weapon they will continue to highlight.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Brady came out a little rusty. And that’s ok, I’m not worried.  New team with limited camp, I expected him to start a little slow. There was someone on this offense I have been concerned about all year, and it showed in week 1. Gronk is not his old self. He should not be on your roster. He simply doesn’t have the upside he did in the past. Grab a young guy with potential at this position.

Tennessee Titans:

The Titans squeak out a win again the Broncos late on Monday Night. While the Titans didn’t look like world beaters, Derrick Henry was still Derrick Henry, surprising no one. AJ Brown had a tough matchup with AJ Bouye, but he didn’t look great in his first game. Keep an eye on his targets, as he is a candidate to regress in efficiency this year. As long he continues to lead the team in targets he should be fine. Corey Davis tied AJ Brown for the lead in targets this week.

Washington Football Team:

The Redskins Football Team came out with a win against the Eagles, but man they did not look good offensively. While the Antonio Gibson hype came to a peak after AP was cut, he stuttered out the gate week 1. Gibson will need to establish himself before you can insert him into your lineup. Hopefully he can pick it up.

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Monday Night DFS Double Header! Part 1 Stealers vs Giants – Let’s Cash!

What a week 1 it has been. Stunning play by unexpected sources, let downs from those reliable players and unfortunate injuries too. That’s football guys… and thank the stars we have it.

BUT Week 1 isn’t over yet! If you played DFS and lost or maybe didn’t win what you hoped (DAG JARWIN INJURY!) you have a double header tonight that is full of DFS Goodness. Now because it is a double header both Draft Kings and FanDuel are running Classic two game tournaments as well as Single Game Showdown contests. So plenty of variance to play with.

What I want to do for you today is to set the table on both games. Players that I want to highlight for Classic 2 Game tournaments and those that I have on my radar for single game showdowns. Sound Good? Alright – Let’s GO!

Game 1: Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Giants

The Steelers are favored tonight in what the industry is calling a plus matchup for the returning Big Ben and his Merry Men. Here is the thing… the Colts played in a Plus Matchup against a Jaguars team that many in the industry referred to as a disaster. Look what can happen in Week 1. There will be plays all over this game so let me try and quickly highlight where I am looking for my DFS:

Ben Roethlisberger: $7,000 DK $7,800 FD

Showdown Costs: $15,300 DK Captain, $10,200 Flex, $15,000 FD

Big Ben is back and every account all training camp long is he is HEALTHY. This is a huge upgrade to all of the skill position players on the Steelers, obviously. In addition to that the New York Football Giants rank 31st against the pass and 20th against the run according to PFF based on last year’s model. I like Ben here, a lot. The question though is if the Giants are able to keep this game competitive. Yes, he has his full receiver core healthy but so is James Connor and I do fear that if the Steelers jump out ahead early, the running game will take precedence to control the clock late. That being said, Ben has a lot to prove tonight after his season ending injury in week 2 and I do expect him to have a great game. He is the most expensive QB on the board tonight and I expect him also to be the most popular play as well. So you will need to find variance in your lineups as well as value too… but Ben is a great play in tournaments and in showdown slates.

James Connor: $6,400 DK, $6,800 FD

Showdown Costs: $14,400 DK Captain, $9,600 Flex, $13,000 FD

This could very well be a James Connor game tonight, as much as we all hope that we get to see Big Ben slinging the rock down the field on every drop back. However there is a real chance that Connor takes over this game – for one thing, despite the strong training camp there is a potential that Coach Tomlin doesn’t want to over use Ben’s surgically rebuilt arm and in that case it is Connor early and often. On the other hand, Ben could come out like a Gunslinger putting up score after score until it is obvious it is time to grind. Either way I find Connor to be really underpriced tonight and a great play. The only thing always hanging over James Connor is injuries – however you can’t play DFS without risk. I think that a James Connor Ben Roethelisberger stack could be an interesting play tonight in classic tournaments – as a way to hedge your bet on either of the above outcomes. I likely will shy away from this stack in Showdown slates however as the opportunity costs are too high should one or the other outshine..

JuJu Smith Schuster: $7,200 DK $7,100 FD

Showdown Costs: $13,800 DK Captain, $9,200 Flex, $12,500 FD

The Curious Case of JuJu Smith Schuster. 2019 was a much maligned season for the young receiver. Poised for a breakout his quarterback goes down in Week 2 and with little fear of a passing game in general, he saw double coverage all season long until an injury ultimately put a nail in the coffin. Onward and upward – it can’t get any worse right? Here is the thing – many in the industry are pointing to this year as being the breakout for JuJu and as terrible as this sounds, I’m just not excited about it. JuJu is a great play and the obvious pairing with Ben in Stealers stacks tonight in Tournaments as he is the on paper #1 Receiver in this offense … but keep in mind the last time we saw JuJu in a prominent and successful role, he had Antonio Brown running opposite side of him. Now look you couldn’t ask for a friendlier matchup than the Giants tonight to get things back on track, but I am likely going to be underweight on my exposure to JuJu tonight. I think there are two more likely red zone targets for Ben which I will talk about momentarily that will cost you a lot less – especially in Showdown Slates. This is not me saying don’t play JuJu Smith Schuster… it’s just me saying, I am more likely to fade than to go all in.

Dionte Johnson: $4,400 DK $5,900 FD

Showdown Costs: $8,700 Captain $5,800 Flex$10,000 FD

There is a lot of excitement for Dionte Johnson this season. For good reason too! First with less than stellar QB Play last year over the last 4 games, Johnson Averaged 15.2 Fantasy Points and scored 2 touchdowns. Now he has Big Ben throwing to him and Big Ben recently Praised the Young Receiver coming out of camp. All signs are pointing to a breakout year for Johnson and at only $4,400 (Tournament) and $5,800 (Showdown) he is a lock in my DK Lineups. I also like his price on FanDuel but am a little taken aback by the $10,000 in single game Tournaments. Johnson will be a very popular play tonight at these prices so you need to be wary, but for the upside he offers in what is more likely than not going to be a Steeler’s runaway victory – give me all of Dionte Johnson.

Eric Ebron: $4,300 DK $5,000 FD

Showdown Cost: $9,600 DK Captain, $6,400 Flex $7,500 FD

Play Eric Ebron! No seriously. First off look at the pricing on Ebron. Talk about a salary saver. You want to stack Ben, Connor and JuJu – Ebron will help. But Eric Ebron also offers a TON of Red Zone appeal tonight against a Giants Team that last year ranked 20th against Tight Ends. It has been a couple years removed but remember how Eric Ebron scored nearly ⅓ of the Colts Passing Touchdowns in 2018? I do – he won me a championship. The knock on him has always been he has been touchdown dependent BUT guess who developed great Run Blocking Skills in training camp – Ebron. And on top of that, if he catches 2 Touchdowns and 40 yards worth of targets – he just may have won you some money. Play Ebron! With other Highly Touted Tight Ends on this slate, I think he will go under owned. Plus with Dionte Johnson in that same price range on showdown slates, I think Ebron will go overlooked. Play Eric Ebron. If he puts up a goose egg, hey I’m sorry. But with the savings he gives you, you likely were able to build a roster that cashes anyway. Play Eric Ebron.

Last note on the Steelers: Benny Snell. $4,500 DK, $4,600 FD and Jaylen Samuels $4,000 DK $4,700 FD. While I am not going to have exposure to either player in a Showdown Slate, if you are mass multi-entering in a tournament on either site I would recommend having a little exposure to these two players. Make no mistake – this should be the James Connor show tonight BUT there is injury risk with Connor and on top of that there is also the real possibility the Steelers go out ahead and Snell and or Samuels will get extended run as the game winds down. Just something to think about. Again these are Mass Multi Entering plays and a small exposure at that.

Oh yeah and PLAY SHOWDOWN TEAMS WITH THE STEELERS DEFENSE – not every Showdown team, but have exposure. I do not think you will regret it.

The New York Giants.

Please note – Golden Tate is listed as questionable and a Game Time decision at the time of this writing, so I will not be including him in my write up here. If he plays, I would be cautious that he is used more of a decoy than anything else. This season could be a Golden Tate year and I think the Coaching Staff are going to take their time on him.

Daniel Jones. $6,000 DK $7,200 FD

Showdown Cost: $13,500 DK Captain, $9,000 Flex, $14,500 FD

Here’s the thing. My gut says Daniel Jones is a bad play tonight. My gut is telling me this due to the Pittsburgh Steelers being the 3rd best team in all of football against Quarterbacks. However, as we saw this weekend – it’s week 1 of a wonky offseason and anything can happen? Right? Ok so if you want to play Daniel Jones there are two positives to bring up. First he has Saquon Barkley to dump the ball off to and second Sterling Shepard had a sterling training camp. Oh and Evan Engram is Healthy. Oh and Darius Slayton is a stud in the making … Yeah… still a tough putt against TJ Watt and Co. There is one other positive though – NO ONE is going to play Daniel Jones in DFS tonight. With a potential to be the lowest owned quarterback on the slate in Danny Dimes future, I’ll take a few shots in tournaments. Contrarian Daniel Jones may not be a bad play after all. Hmm…

Saquon Barkley $8,000 DK $9,000 FD

Showdown Cost: $16,200 DK Captain, $10,800 Flex, $16,000 FD

At $8,000+ Saquon Barkley is the most expensive player on the slate tonight. But is he worth it. Not only are the Steelers #3 against Quarterbacks – they are #3 against Running Backs too. BUT this is no ordinary running back! I think that the Giants are going to rely on the heavily muscled thighs of Saquon Barkley to carry them tonight and at the high price of playing him, the field you are playing with may avoid it in droves. I will not be. While I do not think he will have a big night on the ground, I do think he has a real chance at a big night through the air. You have to remember that 3/4s of the Giants starting pass catchers are healthy and with that attention can be pulled away from Saquon when he is running routes. I also see draw plays, delays and even designed throws coming his way. Yes there is a lot of risk but I like Saquon tonight and if I am playing any Giant tonight it will be him. I also like him a lot as contrarian Captain on some Showdown teams I roll out. No one is going to pay that much for Saquon against the Steelers Defense. Again, I’m not saying I’ll be all in especially in Showdowns, but I’ll have some shares. I think you should too.

Evan Engram $5,400 DK $6,300 FD

Showdown Cost: $12,000 DK Captain, $8,000 DK Flex, $11,000 FD

If there is a weak spot in the Steeler’s Defense it has been tight end – kinda. The Steelers still rank in the top ⅓ of the league against the position, but a healthy Evan Engram is (in my opinion) head and shoulders above most tight ends that they face and if Danny Dimes is able to have an effective game in the air tonight I think it will start and possibly finish with Evan Engram. I do believe that if there are any Giants players that will be rostered tonight it will be Engram, so beware I think he will be popular in tournaments but an easy way to be contrarian is to stack him with Daniel Jones who I believe will be significantly underowned. Additionally a Saquon Engram stack has the same appeal as I believe at Saquon’s prices he could also go underowned with Derek Henry, James Connor and Melvin Gordon all available for significantly less. But I like Engram tonight and will even have a few Showdown teams with him as a Captain.

Sterling Shepard $5,200 DK $5,700 FD

Showdown Cost: $10,800 DK Captain, $7,200 Flex, $10,500 FD

Even if Golden Tate plays tonight, Sterling Shepard will be the #1 Receiver for the Giants at least when Daniel Jones drops back. Accounts from Training Camp have been that Shepard has really come into his own as the leading receiver of the team and I’d look to see the Giants try and get him involved early if for any other reason to open the box up a little for Barkley. Shepard is a fine play tonight but just not one that excites me. I worry too much about the pressure the Steelers will put on Daniel Jones and I fear a lot of plays will lead to Engram as a safety net or Barkley as a dump off. That being said anything is possible in Week 1 as evidenced this weekend – so don’t ignore Shepard especially if mass multi entering. He’s just not a priority for me. If he beats me he beats me, I just think there are Sterling Shepard Weeks coming this season and this isn’t necessarily one of them.

Darius Slayton $5,000 DK $5,300 FD

Showdown Cost: $7,800 DK Captain, $5,200 Flex, $9,500 FD

One thing I am really looking forward to in this match up is Darius Slayton vs Dionte Johnson. No of course they won’t be on the field at the same time but coming out of last season these were two of the guys we were excited about coming from two teams that there wasn’t much to be excited about. I like Slayton here for much of the same reasons I like Johnson on the other side of the ball. He has a report with Daniel Jones. He has shown he knows how to get open. He is fast and quite frankly a real deep threat in an offense that (especially if Golden Tate sits) needs a red zone threat not named Barkley. You could do worse than rostering Darius Slayton tonight. If you are playing a lineup with Daniel Jones in it, find a way to pair him with Slayton. If Jones can get a 5 second drop back, I think he will be looking for Slayton crossing every time.

To wrap Game 1 up with some strategy… I think that there is a real chance that the Steelers Offense could break the slate and having pieces of it may be the only way to cash both in regular tournaments and in showdown slates. If I am playing Ben I am playing Connor and at least one other Pass Catcher being JuJu or Dionte Johnson or Ebron. If you are playing the two game tournament though… you will need to save some money to get pieces of the second game. So if I am playing Ben and Connor I’m likely pairing with Ebron for the savings.

On the other hand if I am playing a Giants lineup, especially in Showdown, I am stacking as many pass catchers with Daniel Jones as possible. I think that the Steelers Defense will have him on the run and in that situation any port in the storm will do. Jones – Saquon – Slaton – Engram or Jones – Saquon – Shepard – Engram. I think the only lock play for me will be Saquon on any Giants squad I roll out.

Good Luck in your Contests!

PART 2 – Titans vs Broncos – Coming Up After Dinner!


Studs & Duds ✅🤦🏾‍♂️


Most of week one is in the books we still have the Monday night games to go but we are attacking the studs and duds early. A lot of big names doing big things but also a lot of big names dropping a nice fat dud on a lot of fantasy owner chest. ( No this isn’t a OBJ joke).. but he was one of them.

So lets start off with the Duds list. 

·      Carson Wentz

·      Michael Thomas

·      Austin Ekeler

·      Joe Mixon

·      D.j Moore

·      Tyler Boyd

Ur probably wondering where’s OBJ, Le’veon Bell, Baker, Mark ingram, Keenan Allen and etc? Well it was either bad match ups to begin with or bad games we should of expected. Also for those who don’t understand the Duds list we don’t count injuries as performing like a dud duh so no Mike Evans talk… ( guy played hurt and it showed) 

But let dig into some of the players named above. 

Carson Wentz: 270/2tds/2Ints

First off Carson Wentz didn’t look comfortable in the pocket and the o line was letting him down causing some miss timed throws, duck balls and overall pocket collapsing more time than not. Wentz was sacked 8 times and 1 fumble. Not to touch on any real life football but lost a 17-0 lead isn’t a good look for overall performance. If they won wentz would still be on the Dud list only because he was suppose to stomp a mud hole in the redskins terrible defense but didn’t do so as we saw. 

Moving forward to wk 2 will be something to watch but I feel bad for guys with Wentz as there QB1 with a mid to low tier Qb as a backup on the bench. Its going to be a long year. 


Person I wanna touch on is 

Michael Thomas : 3recs 17 yards

So disappointed in Thomas performance only putting up 4.7 on 3 catches.. Thomas was a lot of owners first pick in the first round and didn’t help owners this week coming out with a dub. He was just simply covered and once the saints jumped up 2 scores on the bucs in the 3rd qt. it was the kamara show and a bunch of random WRs getting catches that don’t need to be on the field…and to make stills worst in the 4th qt he left the field limping with a ankle injury and did not return. So moving forward to wk2 he will have to be watched all week for injury reports and practice reps. I hope he’s ok but I will be a worried Thomas owner at the moment.

Now this is painful but I cant say it wasn’t expected but….

Austin Ekeler: 12 pts 84yards 1 TARGET for 3 yards.. 

Tyrod in the driver seat I been preaching it could get ugly and that’s exactly what’s happening. Allen took a hit and ekeler took a hit for sure. Ekeler seeing only 1 target is crazy to me. Ekeler lost the goal line duty to the rookie Kelly as well so things got a bit fishy for ekeler owners scratching their heads of whats going on. The only thing that does worry me a lot is the lost of goal line duty to Kelly so that means he may see less TD opportunities but hoping this week was a hick up of not seeing the catches out the backfield. On paper Ekeler was pose to eat up the Bengals defense but the Bengals had other plans of showing up and showing out. ( yes I know they lost) So moving forward my hopes for a ekeler bounce back in wk2 will be low due to the fact Tyrod is the starter. 

Now lets talk about some home run guys showing up Wk 1 with some fire. Here’s the list

·      John Brown

·      Jamison Crowder

·      Robby Anderson

·      Sammy Watkins

·      David Johnson

·      Nyheim Hines

Crazy to say most of these guys up above probably sat on ur bench blowing up. Good news is now u know they mean business. 

Robby Anderson 6 recs / 115 yards/ 1 TD 

Robby had a great camp. So great he killed all Curtis Samuel hype we had all summer. Robby was looking like a good overall WR in a new city with something to prove. I always thought of Robby as a troubled player, a one trick pony on a terrible team and just overall not much trust week to week. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves thinking hes a full send start and forget every Sunday but I have to admit I liked what I saw from robby and hope he can do this most weeks moving forward.

David Johnson: 77 yds 3 recs 1 TD 19 Fpts

DJ looked great in a Houston Texans uniform. He looked refreshed and hungry to play. I don’t wanna get ahead of my self but I have DJ as the Comeback player of the year. 

As long as they keep giving DJ the back in his hands Houston can have something special on their hands with DJ in the backfield. He showed he can still catch and run out the backfield. Looked very explosive in open space. Overall I was happy to see DJ in a good spot putting up Fantasy Points. 

Nyheim Hines: 8 recs/ 1 rec td/ 28 yds / 1 rus TD 27.3 Fpts

Well it must be 2021 and mack is out the door looking for work and it’s the JT and Hines show.. oh wait.. its 2020 and mack is hurt already and could miss a lot of time and here we are… the JT and Hines show. I gave Mack a chance and even said it might take up to 4-6 weeks before we see JT and Hines show but Mack tore his Achilles in the 2nd qt and it was curtains for him. JT did his thing for his first NFL start (14pts) but the guy who stood out to me and everyone else was defiantly Hines. Hines is the Ekeler 2.0 that Rivers will forever lean on when he runs into trouble. Hines was in on all the 3rddowns and most of the redzone opportunies. It warms my hurt that Hines is still floating on waviers to be grabbed because we maybe seeing this for the rest of the szn. Hines is just great after the catch and will see a ton of targets so he’s a stud this week putting up 27 points. He’s a no brainer MUST ADD for Wk2.


Week 2 Top Waiver target predictions

Now that draft season is over, now is the time to obsess over our lineups and start/sit decisions up until kickoff. Post week 1 waiver claims usually have a huge impact on the remainder of the season. After we get to see the teams in action for the first time, there are bound to be several league-winning players emerge that no one saw coming. A great way to have a successful fantasy season is to be one step ahead of your opponents. Here are my predictions for the top Week 2 waiver adds, so go ahead and pick them up now while they are free:

Derek Carr
The last time that we saw a healthy Derek Carr with two legitimate receiving options at WR was 2016 when he was throwing to Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. That year he led the Raiders to 12 wins and was an MVP candidate before his season came to an abrupt halt after he broke his fibula in week 15. His 96.7 QB Rating was good for 8th best in the NFL that season. Gruden believes that he’s found his WR tandem of the future in Bryan Edwards and Henry Ruggs and we’ve been hearing the hype out of camp all Summer. This week, Las Vegas faces an inexperienced Carolina defense that gave up the 2nd most points last season and was also bottom 10 in both total yards and yards per play allowed. If you are a proponent of the LATE-LATE QB draft strategy, go ahead and scoop up Carrbefore he lights up Carolina. He could also be useful in week 2 when he goes up against Drew Brees and the Saints, a matchup with “shootout” potential.

Darrynton Evans
Many experts had Evans as a mid-round draft day Sleeper, being a dynamic prospect coming out of Appalachian State. There hasn’t been much buzz surrounding him since he was selected by Tennessee towards the end of the 3rd round. That is better draft capital than Joshua Kelley (UCLA) and Deejay Dallas (Miami), who both seem to be much more popular. There is no chance that he challenges Derrick Henry for the bell cow role,who just signed a 4 year, $50 million extension in August. The Titans have 78 rushing attempts vacated from last season. Dion Lewis began the year in a complementary role that diminished as the season went along because he was highly inefficient. With Lewis now with the New York Giants, the only backs on the depth chart behind Henry and Evans are Senorise Perry and Khari Blasingame. If Tennessee decides to ease the workload of their workhorse back, coming off of his first 300 carry season by the way, Evans should be the main beneficiary. If he busts off one of those long TD runs that he was known for in college this Sunday, he could quickly be on other managers’ radars, so pick him up now before the waiver rush.

James Washington
Without looking it up, do you know who lead the Steelers in receiving last season? It was James Washington, despite playing one less game than Dionte Johnson. Granted, he only had 735 receiving yards on 80 targets. Pittsburgh’s 2019 QB struggles are well documented, so I’m not going to knock him too much for the limited production. Many are concerned about his opportunity for targets with JuJu returning to good health and the emergence of Dionte Johnson, but Washington is one of the most efficient receivers in the NFL. In 2019, out of qualified receivers (80 or more targets), Washington’s 16.7 yards per reception was 8th best in the league. This offense will be muchimproved with Big Ben back behind Center and he has already shown that he trusts Washington as his favorite downfield target. Since 2016, the Steelers have been top 10 in pass attempts every season that Ben has played at least 14 games. There is tremendous weekly upside with each of their top 3 receivers, Washington is the only one that you can grab at absolutely no cost right now.

C.J. Uzomah
Everyone is buzzing about Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense, but Uzomah seems to be the forgotten man. He was quiet for most of the last season while splitting time with Tyler Eifert(who is now in Jacksonville). In weeks 16 and 17, he totaled 10 targets and scored in both games. Cincy also likes Drew Sample, their 2019 2nd round pick, but he has yet to see significant snaps in a regular-season game. Uzomah is in prime position to take over as the top TE in this offense and become a safety blanket for Burrow this season. There are a multitude of potential TE breakouts this season, I’m putting C.J. Uzomah on that list as well. The best part about taking a chance on him, is no draft capital is required.


The Curious Case of Leonard Fournette

Earlier this week, Tampa Bay made the intriguing move of picking up the recently released Leonard Fournette. Now, this would be an amazing pickup for any offense that lacked RB depth or has to cover for an injury. However, Tampa is quite the opposite with the likes of Ronald Jones, LeSean McCoy, Ke’Shawn Vaughn and more on the depth chart already, making the Fournette pickup all the more puzzling. Now the question lies, how valuable is he now and how should you proceed?

              First off, we’ll start with his draft value. While he was still in Jacksonville, he was being picked around the late 2nd-early 3rd and was being valued as a dependable RB2 with RB1 upside. However, his issue was and always will be that his value was not from big play potential but rather the fact that he was going to get all the touches there. Now, take that volume away and what is he really worth? Since the pickup, many fantasy owners are avoiding him like the plague, his ADP has already fallen to the late 4th-early 5th round and I’ve heard stories of players getting him as late as the 13th and 14th round which would make him an amazing late-round stash target should he carve out a prominent role.

              Now that we know how fantasy owners feel, it’s important to see what his own coach is saying about him. Bruce Arians is already saying that Ronald Jones is the week 1 RB1, despite him having his own issues and only having 20 or more touches in a game twice all of last season. Now, to the untrained eye, it may look like a smoke screen to keep us guessing. However, knowing that Arians has made interesting personnel decisions like this before (ex. OJ Howard getting equal targets to Cameron Brate last season), it wouldn’t be unprecedented to make a proven back like Fournette work for a useful role. As well, from a statistical perspective, there’s a case to be made that Jones may in fact be the RB1 for the foreseeable future.

              When we dig into the deeper stats, we can see that Jones is ,in fact, more explosive than the former #4 overall pick. Jones has a higher yards per target, big run rate, yards created per touch and most importantly, more fantasy points per opportunity. In case you’re not familiar with the meaning of those stats, I’ll sum it up briefly. Jones is more explosive and in a perfectly equal setting, is more likely to produce the higher fantasy points. Factor in that early on, Jones factors to get more touches, it makes the case for Rojo as the more productive back all the more appealing.

              In short, this Bucs backfield is crowded with talented backs and there’s a good chance that roles are fluid on a week-to-week basis all season. As far as redraft goes, if there’s better RB options available in the middle of the draft, take them. However, if Fournette is available late in the draft, jump all over him, he’s one of the best safety net picks to have on your bench should Jones get injured or play himself out of the RB1.

              Now, I want to give a huge shoutout to our stats guy here at RDFHQ, Andrew Metcalfe (@drewmet89 on Twitter)! He provided me with all the advanced stats for this article and we’ll be continuing to work together all season so I can’t wait to keep churning out content with him! Drew is also a talented writer himself, go and check out his most recent article, the link is below. Finally, go check out my brand new podcast (link below!) if you haven’t already, there will be a new fantasy football focused episode coming out next week!

              Stay tuned for more fire content all season long, and keep it real!


Battle of the RBs

Battle of the RBs

Kenya Drake vs Miles Sanders

Drake : 8 tds 817 yds & 50 recs. RB18

Sanders : 6 tds 818 yds & 50recs. RB15

 Drake has some impressive stats in the 2019 szn since being traded found his self-taking the starting role from Dj fairly quickly. Getting involved in the passing game also a huge plus to ppr owners of course. But what’s next for Drake? Now the lead rb for ARZ rb 1 possibly in a workhorse situation with now Dhop joining the squad this makes the offense even more exciting to watch. Drake has all the signs pointing at him to be the lead back and to see at least 15-20 touches. All sounds good but we have to think.. is Chase Edmonds an actual threat to drakes production. At the moment we do not know completely of the game plan but I will say Drake will have some fire under his ass playing under a one year tag that he may be playing a bit harder than chase. To be fair we seen Chase blow up for one game against a bad giants defense and I believe that’s when the wave was created that chase is an option in the draft. Hand cuff yes of course but an actual draft pick for his actual value no. Drake and Chase could share a 1A 1B situation which wouldn’t be the end of the world for Drakes value come draft day because drake isn’t a high investment. As of now I got Drake in the 3rd round but come Nfl draft night if the cards bring in a rookie rb then might have to re think the investment of drake to be my RB2 on my squad. I look for Drake to be the supporting cast to my roster not the main character to bring home the gold. While drafting him I’m going with the understanding he’s not going to carry my team to the championship but he will be a very important piece to my squad to contribute at least 10-15 points a week if not more with this high power offense. But the question now is Drake or Sanders

Mile Sanders

Sanders has been slowing crawling up my draft board the closer we get to draft day. Corey Clement was basically let go. Jordan Howard signs with Miami and now all that is left is Boston Scott who finished the season off very strong. Now the eagles are known for the RB committee but Sanders was very productive when he was on the field. Giving the eagles a dual threat with his pass catching ability and his ability to get the edge and find open spaces. Sanders almost cracking 1k rushing is actually a surprise for me only because the eagles constant change at the RB position and found his way into the top 15 rbs going into the 2020 szn. Sanders is set up for success with this empty back field for the moment. Eagles would like to move forward with sanders being the number one rb but can we believe they will allow that? If not then Sanders needs to be used like Austin Ekeler if eagles want to bring in another brute body rb. If he’s not going to be having high rushing attempts then let’s get his targets out the backfield up to 100+ no sense of him having less than 200 rushing att. To be splitting carries and not getting the proper reps he deserves. Keep Wentz healthy dump offs to sanders will move the ball up field. Ertz isn’t always going to be open lol. Sanders has the potential to put up Ekeler numbers with the right play calling.

So over all drake or sanders? Both have question marks with situations. if I had to lean towards one of them in the 3-4th rd then I would have to go Drake only for the simple fact hes the workhorse and has 1 year to prove his self and it wouldn’t matter to the team running him to the ground on a one year contract. Sanders holds weight as well but with the eagles they seem to love to hold on to a lot of rbs so no telling what they will do in the draft and still early in free agency so time will tell with that situation.  

Drake for the win!


One Move Every Team Needs to Make: AFC East

New England Patriots: Tight End

As apparent to everyone last season, the Patriots offense looked terrible without the presence of Rob Gronkowski or just any “good” tight end in general. I decided to take an in-depth look at the Patriots with and without their tight end and these were the results:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is patriots-pace-.png

Shown above are the stats related to the Patriots pace of play in 2018 and 2019. As you can see, the Patriots rank more plays (per 60-minute pace and normal pace) in 2018 versus 2019. We can’t necessarily relate this to not having a tight end, but we can use this to show that there was a “hole” in the offense. Next, let’s take a look at the play of the Patriots without Gronk.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-1.png

Above are the game splits from 2010 to 2018 for the games that Rob Gronkowski (In-Split) and games he didn’t (Out of Split). I could have added tons of categories and every single one was worse without Gronk. Points for, Points per drive, and win percentage all went down in his absence and rightfully so as Gronk was a huge part of this offense. Now we need to narrow this down to his best friend….Tom Brady.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-2.png

Now I know that Brady might not return to the team this year, but we can use the splits chart above to show how the lack of tight end affected Tom Brady. Again, in split is games in which Gronk played and vice versa for out of split. Yet again you can see that the Patriots need a tight end and bad. They need to look to make a splash in free agency and target Austin Hooper or Eric Ebron.

New York Jets: Wide Receiver

Man the Jets were BAD last year and the only way to make this team improve is adding a supporting cast around him (and fire Adam Gase). With Robby Anderson headed out the door in free agency, the Jets will need to find a replacement in free agency or in the draft. Sam Darnold’s supporting cast efficiency ranked 28th, via playerprofiler.com, which measures the efficiency and overall play of the RB, WR, TE on the team. Along with that, Darnold ranked 26th in team dropped passes and 37th in red zone completion percentage on only ranking 25th in red zone attempts to show that the efficiency was just not there.

Although the Jets need a ton of help all around, they NEED to go get Jerry Jeudy in this year’s NFL Draft.

Miami Dolphins: Quarterback

Josh Rosen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brock Osweiler, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill, Chad Henne, and the list goes on and on…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Annotation-2020-03-05-075832.png

Shown above is the past quarterbacks for the Miami Dolphins dating back to 2016 and the QBR (quarterback rating) in those years. As you can see the quarterback play has not been good which should force them to go after Tua Tagovailo in the NFL Draft.

Adding a confident, playmaking Heisman candidate quarterback to complement the youth of the Dolphins team is what the Dolphins need to do. Brian Flores…make it happen.

Buffalo Bills: Wide Receiver

Josh Allen was a solid fantasy asset last year, due to his rushing ability, but in terms of an overall football quarterback, he was not that great. Allen ranked 23rd in adjusted yards per attempt and 33rd in true completion percentage. To me, the missing piece for this offense is simple and that is to add a wide receiver to play alongside the veterans of John Brown and Cole Beasley. Since they are in middle of the draft it may be hard to get one of the top two guys in Ceedee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy but Henry Ruggs and Justin Jefferson both stand out to me.


One Move Every Team Needs to Make: AFC West

Denver Broncos
Biggest Need: Wide Receiver
Things may be finally falling into place for the Broncos offense as they showed flashes of explosiveness last year when Drew Lock took over. Adding the young explosive offense to the new offensive coordinator hire of Pat Shurmur, 6th in total team cap space, and the 15th pick in the NFL draft things are only looking up for the Broncos. With all, the biggest need for this team is to add a wide receiver to fit into Pat Shurmur’s downfield stretching passing attack.

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Shown above is a chart showing the pass/run splits in Shurmur’s coaching career whether that be Head coach or offensive coordinator. As you can see, in three of the last 4 seasons he has coached a team that has thrown the ball over 60% of the time which obviously is very promising for fantasy purposes of the skill players on the Broncos. Although it has been super consistent in the percentages as a whole there has only been two outlier seasons as 54% and 52% instilling confidence in the passing attack for this squad going forward.

Then this now opens the opportunity for the addition of a wide receiver. Currently the Broncos are a little thin at receiving weapons with Courtland Sutton, DeSean Hamilton, and Noah Fant who is a tight end so there is obviously a need. Whether that is addressed in the NFL Draft or Free Agency the Broncos must get busy. Mock drafts so far this offseason have had the names of Henry Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy, Ceedee Lamb, and even Tee Higgins at that 15th spot. As all those names seem nice and promising we must remember one thing…. Free Agency happens before the draft, so as much as we think they will draft a receiver we have to wait and see if they go after a big name FA like Amari Cooper or if they add a couple smaller names like Robby Anderson, Nelson Agholor, or Breshad Perriman.

Best Possible Additions: Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs

Kansas City Chiefs
Biggest Need: Cornerback
Despite the surge of defense that led the Chiefs to the Superbowl, the Chiefs defense struggled overall, and this is where they need improvement. Here are some of the defensive ranks at certain stats from the 2019 season:

  • Yards allowed per drive: 25th
  • Plays allowed per drive: 31st
  • 3 and outs per drive: 31st

All stats via FootballOutsiders.com
32nd being the “worst” rank to get

The Chiefs could probably benefit from any defensive additions, but with Kendall Fuller, Morris Clairborne, and Breshad Breeland set to be UFA this offseason a cornerback addition will be needed.

Los Angeles Chargers
Biggest Need: Quarterback
With the recent news of Phillip Rivers not returning to the Chargers it seems only fitting to make quarterback the biggest need for this team. It has been 15 years and maybe even more since the Chargers have had to worry about replacing a quarterback, but they have made it clear that that is their next intention. The Chargers sit at the number 6 pick in the draft and it has been made almost “guaranteed” by the media and mock drafts that Justin Herbert will be in a Chargers uniform next season, but with the current trading state of the draft who knows if Herbert will be there. Head coach Anthony Lynn has made it obvious that the team would be comfortable with using Tyrod Taylor as a bridge quarterback to find their next Rivers. In multiple interviews he has stated, “Taylor is a heck of a quarterback…. and now he has an opportunity to maybe stepping up into the starting role.”

It will be hard to find their next Rivers, but the Chargers are in a prime spot to add a QB or an immediate impact player to help Tyrod. We have discussed on the channel the other free agency concerns with this team as Austin Ekeler, Melvin Gordon, and Hunter Henry are all UFA. The Chargers have a big decision to make, and I am excited to see what they can do.

Best Possible Additions: Jameis Winston, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert, Jacob Eason

Las Vegas Raiders
Biggest Need: Wide Receiver

Along the same lines as the Broncos needs is the Raiders, but the need of wide receiver for the Raiders is much larger as they lack that true alpha receiver. Raiders handled the offseason extremely well last season as they filled big holes in Free agency and the Draft with Josh Jacobs, Tyrell Williams, Maxx Crosby, and Clelin Ferrell as well as making huge improvements to the offensive line but they still struggled in the 2019 season.

Obviously, you can’t show why a team needs a receiver through a statistical breakdown, but I can give other factors to show the improvement areas of the offense and then tie in a wide receiver to outline why it would help. Oakland ranked 22nd in team touchdown percentage when in the redzone and Derek Carr held a red zone completion percentage of 59.2% ranking them at 20th out of all quarterbacks. When breaking down Derek Carr’s passing stats and overall 2019 season he secretly had a great year. Carr’s true passer rating, via playerprofiler.com, was 106.0 ranking him 7th and his clean pocket completion percentage was 77.9% ranking him 5th. I could break down a ton of bright spots to Carr’s game, but the one part of the game where the team is lacking is deep ball completion percentage and red zone completion percentage. The Raiders ranked 18th in deep ball completion percentage and 20th in red zone completion which screams that this team needs a pass catching identity outside of Darren Waller.

My strong prediction is that the Raiders look to the draft or maybe even exploring a Stefon Diggs trade to fill this need.

Best Possible Additions: Stefon Diggs, Ceedee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs


Talking some XFL, DFS, Week 3 … bigger, badder, boom

By Sean Weymouth @delrayboston

The title above references the tag line attached to Wrestlemania 3 way back in 1987. XFL DFS is kinda game changing. This is my first DFS article on the XFL and I am going to treat this a bit like none of us have played XFL DFS before – it will be easier that way for me to talk about my main strategy. I want to stress here though, the way both sites are treating XFL contests, you really have to know your stuff. Not just stats and analytics either (it’s only week 3, the sample size is not big enough). So my first strategy is simple – WATCH the XFL. If this is your first time playing XFL DFS I might recommend watching the games on Saturday and playing on Sunday only contests. The XFL has several rules that differ from traditional NFL and it causes a faster paced game that has favored passing. But that doesn’t mean every offense is an air raid either. So how do games with a lot of passing but not necessarily a lot of deep ball throwing, become the fast paced competitive games that have people buzzing – and wait, not a lot of run plays? What? (Ahem) I will say it again – you need to watch the XFL. The daily fantasy gods demand it – and Draft Kings and FanDuel won’t let you get away with not watching –

Don’t believe me? In Draft Kings classic lineups, the words Tight End don’t even exist. Not in the lineup and no player is designated as such. This kinda make sense since, in case you don’t know, there are XFL teams that don’t actually roster a Tight End. So – Draft Kings asks you for 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX and 1 DST. Whether a player is a WR or TE, to Draft Kings calls you a WR and the Flex spots can be RB & WR.

FanDuel actually does recognize players as Tight Ends but NO DEFENSE! FanDuel roster construction layout 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR/TE, 2 Flex – Offense, Offense, Offense!! (I like it!)

So like I was saying, sure you can look at 2 weeks worth of stats and analysis to make a pick but I think if you watch XFL games you will get a better feel for your roster construction on whatever site you choose. Come Week 7, I will lean on analytics a lot more like I would in an NFL Season but for right now, as much as we are figuring out how to play XFL – the players kinda are too. The ones and the teams who have figured it out, that’s who I’m going to highlight and tell you to play in week 3 (spoiler!) but watch the XFL, you’ll be a better DFS player for it.

Also before I dive to much further, i just have to say: I have played the last two weeks on DK and the DC Defenders DST has helped me cash each week. Roll with the hot hand

Ok let’s look at some league leaders and some usage stats you need to know – these are the top line plays I am looking at. Matchups aside, here are the emerging stars of the XFL through week 2:

QB: Studs:

PJ Walker (Houston Roughnecks) – 7 Touchdown Passes in 2 weeks. I mean let’s go! 62.3% Passer Rating – he’s thrown 64 times in two weeks guys. Oh and only 1 INT.

Cardale Jones (DC Defenders) 511 Passing yards leads the league. The Defenders are one of the emerging teams that could win a championship. Jones has 4 TD passes, 1 INT, but he is the focal point of the offense. I like him.

Jordan Ta’amu (St Louis Battlehawks) 78.1% passer rating he has thrown the ball 64 times over two games. He has 4 touchdown passes, a shade under 500 passing yards. Aces

Landry Jones (Dallas Renegades) made his XFL debut last week and did not disappoint 28 – 40, 305 Yards, 1 TD, 2 INT. Feels like a perfectly laid out Landry Jones game right Steelers fans?)

RB Studs. – here is a little strategy tip. You want to roster a running back that is catching the ball out of the backfield and running between the tackles. If that advantage is heightened in the NFL it’s on steroids in the XFL. There are a few that ar redoing it better than the rest.

Cameron Artis-Payne (Dallas Renegades) after a rough week 1 the former NFLer really emerged as the backfield leader in Dallas with 99 yards on the ground, 32 in the air and 2 rushing scores. Gotta like that.

James Butler (Houston Roughnecks) tale of Two Cities between week 1 & 2 with Butker but he has shown his chops as both a runner and a passer and has 3 TDs in 2 weeks. I like those odds

Jacques Patrick (Tampa Bay Vipers) Patrick is listed as the #2 back in Tampa but he took a major step in the right direction in Week 2 taking his share of the carries for 73 yards and also catching 3 balls for 18. I would expect this time share to continue and Patrick is the back to target. He also comes in at a nice Value on both sites too. By the way his running mate De’Veon Smith is a solid pick too. I just like Patrick because he is a little cheaper on both sites.

Lance Dunbar (Dallas Renegades) Dunbar is #2 behind Artis-Payne but has shown real Dual Threat capability. Receiving 5 and 6 targets respectively over the first two weeks. Absolutely could have broken any of his 6 rushes off too. I wouldn’t stack him with Artis-Payne but Dunbar is definitely a consideration.

Receiver: they are all studs. Hahaha. I am going to highlight a few here, but really if you are considering a value play – just look at his target line. In this league if he is targeted more than 5 times per game, that is a guy I am looking at to save some money here. Opportunity in this league isn’t as concentrated just yet. We’ll get to how I’m building my lineups shortly but here are some Receivers I am looking at:

Nelson Spruce (LA Wildcats) no denying that Spruce is becoming a security blanket for QB Josh Johnson but that’s ok if it resulting in 3 TD catches in 3 weeks. He is a lineup starter for sure for me. Additionally Spruce has had no less than 63 yards each week too. It’s Week 2 of a brand new Football League. Nelson Spruce is a lock and load for me.

De’Mournay Pierson-El (St Louis Battlehawks) slot receivers are big deals in this league with the manner most teams are running their game plan and there may not be any more prime example of an XFL receiver than Pierson-El with 13 receptions on 15 Targets 114 yards and a score. Last week’s TD catch was especially impactful. He’s a lineup builder for me for sure. By the way – isn’t Superman also an -El just sayin’

DeAndre Thompkins (DC Defenders) Thompkins misses week 1 with a foot injury but showed up in week 2 ready to go – 6 of 9 for 92 and a score. Boom. Set it and forget it. DC Defenders are on a roll!

Austin Proehl (Seattle Dragons) In week 2 everything the Dragons did offensively was garbage. Proehl included. So I need you to look at the guy and the team we saw in week 1, here in week 3. 5 for 10 for 88 and 2 scores. You need to keep an eye on the Dragon’s quarterback situation this week as things are-a-changing, or not. Either way, I think Proehl is going to be a big part of their game plan and he should be yours.

Ok my strategy here is to honestly look at every contest as I do for NFL Showdown Slates. If you have read any of my articles on those you will know what I mean. I start my builds at QB and then build and roster those players around him that are most likely to help that QB succeed and in turn everyone scores more fantasy points. If that QB doesn’t target his running backs, I don’t stack with his running backs. If the QB is only targeting his backs, I don’t stack with his receivers. There are only a few teams I’d consider “well rounded” so for week 3 I think I will use this as my step 1.

In showdowns I like a classic 2-3 guys from 1 team vs 1 stud from the other. Look at that principle here, just in your classic format. If you are stacking a QB and his two receivers (who also could be a RB or TE) use your two flex spots to do so. Then run that lineup back with the stud on the opposing team who you think will help to keep they game competitive and you are getting fantasy points on both sides of the ball of the game.

If my running back isn’t being selected to stack with my QB then you can bet I am picking the best dual threat option on the board. With only 1 true running back spot available on both sites do yourself the favor and get a guy who can get it done in the air and on the ground. The way these games are played, I believe 100 yard rushing games will be outliers and winning DFS lineups will ultimately look like a QB with 5 (or 6 on FD) receivers.

Also in week 3, pick your offensive weapons first and your defense last. Things are too volatile right now in the league to say a dominant performance in week 2 may end up being the norm for a team. Except for the Defenders DST I mean. Those guys are great.

Which leads me into my game theories for this weekend which I will touch on and wrap this bigger, better look at the XFL up.

Houston Roughnecks vs Tampa Bay Vipers Saturday 2pm ABC The Vipers have played their games with two things in mind – Power Running and Stingy Defense. Now they get to play QB PJ Walker and the Roughnecks whose Offensive Line is actually yet to allow a QB pressure in 2 weeks. I don’t expect this to hold up of course. What I see here is Walker and Roughnecks to open this up with a lot of run and shoot and if the Vipers can’t get to him, it will force Tampa Bay off their run first game plan very quickly forcing them to have to throw the ball which will be great news for the Roughnecks Defense who generate more QB pressure than any other team in the XFL. I like Walker and his receivers here. Final score Houston 24 Tampa Bay 10

Dallas Renegades vs Seattle Dragons 2pm FOX so this is a very interesting game where you have Dallas who loves the draw play, generating the most yards before contact per rushing attempt, playing Seattle who allows the least amount of yards before contact when defending the run. Kinda like a Irresistible force running into a Immovable object (WM3 Reference) – Good luck. This is a stay away spot for me. Final Score: Dallas 18 Seattle 17

NY Guardians vs St Louis Battlehawks 3pm Sunday ESPN so your NY Guardians have an interesting stat of having the highest average hurried drop back by opposing QBs and they get to face Ta’am who has the league leading highest completion rate through 2 games a ludicrous 82%. I believe this will be an exciting game with a lot of points scored. Get me all of it. Final Score Battlehawks 42 Guardians 38.

DC Defenders vs LA Wildcats Sunday 6pm FS1 as I have mentioned I really like the Defenders defense who are allowing a league low 54% completion rate to opposing QBs going against my man Nelson Spruce and his QB Josh Johnson who really likes to pass. Considering the Defenders are not all defense but have a great passing game themselves, led by Rashad Ross and his 2.94 yards per reception – I’m going Final Score Defenders 38 Wild 24

Good Luck in your contests!


The Class

2020 NFL QB class comes in as a potential all timer

Outlandish. Defined as bizarre and unfamiliar as in this QB class in compared to others is quite different. Why? Well hell to start it’s an actual legitimate class with franchise level talents. As we see the annual panic to grab the QB of the future, we finally as viewers can get excited as well. We may be seeing the earlies stage of one of the best QB classes of all-time and approaching the NFL Combine and Draft, there’s much buzz for many different players.

Now I’m not attempting to slander the following classes. Obviously, we’ve seen classes come out with a multiple all pros. “The Draft of a Decade” with Mahomes and Watson provided to be quite fruitful. Not to forget about the clear excelling class of Wentz and Goff… Ok maybe I’m being a touch bit unfair in my comparisons. But its hard to find a relatable class to this one where I personally see three week one starters who feel like they have all pro floors and following behind them, three dark horse players as well. So, when I look a my personal 2020 QB rankings, I know I must breathe for a second before I lose my mind on where to project their talents reaching. Before we step into that, lets look at the bare rankings I have.

LoveUtah StateJunior8,60060%6029403934
GordonWashington StSenior5,57971%4816-20013

            *A lot of numbers here. Some struggle to compare to others and I want to establish truth to them right here off the bat. This is career numbers for the QBs in college. Clearly there was a remarkable difference in starts and injuries also provided to be a factor.

We see a lot of fluctuation amongst the players and their stat breakdowns. Important clarification is needed to be pointed out again. This is career long numbers. We can fully see the stagnation and growth of players when we look at their passing yards throughout their college careers:

            Growth of players is better understood in the chart. We see a better mental picture on the yearly growth of players and how everyone stacks up to the competition around them. Obviously there are some outing issues. First, Tua’s injury of 2019. Secondly, Hurts playing behind Tua in his Junior year. Finally, all the years of absent stats due to playing behind someone, being redshirted, ect. We see the same outlying issues in the TD graph:

            What we can take away from these stats is how the QB is able to continue improvement when stepping into the NFL. Immediate growth perhaps may be most highly touted for NFL scouts. Having a player that can pick up a scheme quickly is the utmost important in a world the strives for immediate success. Being able to show high levels of growth to go along with stats and measurables will lead to a higher faith in a prospect. In turn this comes with better draft capital invested in the player and higher chances of success at the next level. What we can gain as fantast football players in these graphs is a better understanding of the QBs arm as well as how they grow. If we can take QBs with solid passing abilities, solid improvement and playmaking skills, in Dynast leagues, we have better chance of increasing hit rate on picks and can in turn grow our teams for higher successes.

QB1- Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

            Coming in as my QB1, I strongly believe when we see a healthy Tua, we are seeing one of the best QB prospects of all-time. I had recently done a film study covering his LSU tape. Seeing what he could do coming off of surgery 3 weeks prior and still be able to navigate the pocket and field successfully proves enough to me why he should be placed above Burrow. His stats don’t lie, he keeps the ball safe, he has the best pocket presence in the class and has deadly accuracy. Any QB in this day in age that can lay a ball into a WR at any place on the field would be a top scouted QB. Add that he has deadly legs and an internal sense of what’s around him, he becomes one of the most elite prospects in history. Don’t let injuries fool you into forgetting the dangers of Tua Tagovailoa.

QB2- Joe Burrow, LSU

            Greatest season by a QB ever. I’ll live with that statement until someone else can break the yards and touchdown record in a single season. However, he isn’t my QB1. Sure, he flipped the script from 2018 to 2019 largely due to the change in OCs to Joe Brady. He flew up his completion percentage (18% increase) which is huge for me. The yards (almost 3,000 more) and touchdowns (46 more) as well spiked up but why I find him at 2 is not harshly negative for him. I think that he is a spectacular talent but his single season sample size will follow him until proven he is consistent enough to do it again. Not to say he won’t, but until it’s seen, I can’t trust him to step on to a team and instantly transform an offense like Tua has the proven ability to. The other thing that hurts Burrow and has been clear from after the National Championship, his landing spot is dreadful. I’m sure if your reading this in February, you’re obviously a diehard fantasy fan so you don’t need another analyst pounding it into your head, and I won’t. But position is key. Look for an effort of growth in free agency and drafting for the Cincinnati team on the O-line and defensive side of the ball, or  Burrow will be running for his life and running from behind.

QB3- Justin Herbert, Oregon             My QB3 and QB1 last year, the Senior out of Oregon, Justin Herbert (May have just set the record for capitals in a sentence). Herbert is an all around well versed QB from the Pac 12 who has built a profile of solid accuracy in the short and mid-range parts of the field. Herbert has shown the ability to also be mobile in order to keep plays extended and his jersey relatively clean at the next level. Ability to drop in balls and lead receivers well, his major flaw comes in his deep play ability. While showing improvement in his arm throughout his Senior year,

the QB didn’t establish more than we already knew. A player that has take over ability and can make the important plays, but lacks the ability to stretch out a defense. I saw him as a guy who could flourish with time on a team last year but by giving himself that time this year, he has become more immediately ready. All that’s left for him to prove is can he consistently improve at the next level. I see him along with Burrow and Tua as week 1 starters, showing why they are in tier 1.

QB4- Jacob Eason, Washington

            Nicknamed, “The Cannon” by me and only referred to as that by me, Jacob Eason kicks off the tier 2 of QBs. While other analysts have Fromm sitting in this position I can’t see why people aren’t taking a QB with better overall weapons in his personal arsenal. From his nickname, you can see as to why he developed that name. Arguably one of the top QBs in the class at putting balls in the tightest of windows, the Junior QB walks with a swagger shown only by few on the football field. In my tape watching career, there is limited comparison to the balls this man has to throw some of the attempts he does. This however does lead to problems. His abilities are not refined to be a day one starter, but I don’t think they need to be yet. F Jacob Eason lands at a spot where he is given proper guidance, we may see the development of a future star. He doesn’t have the new NFL style of mobility, but as a traditional NFL pocket QB, many teams will be interested in acquiring a talent like Eason.

QB5- Jordan Love, Utah State            Probably the biggest wildcard in the class is a man from the Mountain West, Jordan Love. Big play ability, shows signs of a strong arm, solid mobility though not used often, and has the talent to extend plays well. On the flip side he faced limited competition, makes very poor decisions at times, and forces plays to work unsuccessfully. I think there’s a lot of refining to do for him but if done correctly, can give a team a solid QB. I think he shows the ability to make plays and extend for his receivers and while he doesn’t have peak talent around him, still finds ways to make things work for himself. Unfortunately, especially in his 2019 season, we saw him try and force balls into poor places. While he doe have solid accuracy, he does have a cannon and can’t rely on putting balls into windows that are slim to none. If Love is put on a team that is confident in him and puts in the work to make him a solid pro, I think he can do wonders for a team and for Fantasy.

QB6- Jake Fromm, Georgia

            Game manager. And I mean no disrespect to the three year starter from UGA. The best QB in this class at monitoring the game, keeping it in his control, and taking over when needing to. I see Dak Prescott as a perfect example. Perhaps that may clear my views up on him. A guy who can sit behind a solid o-line and a good RB and slow the game down. However, he isn’t a QB that just takes whatever is given and plays okay. There is still a dog (no pun intended) in him that will go out and take games for his team. Perfect example: Georgia vs. Florida 2019. Fromm’s ability to when put in a position of take over or lose, takes the offense in his hands and wins the game offensively for UGA. He has the ability, like Dak to take over when running isn’t getting it done, and I believe him to be a solid NFL QB but I struggle to believe he’ll become anything more than a real solid game manager.

QB7- Bryce Perkins, Virginia            2020 classes version of Lamar Jackson, a QB with great legs and solid development of an arm, sits Bryce Perkins as my number 7 QB in my ranks. Incredible pocket presence, wonderful speed/agility and a clean delivery of balls to his WRs is why I see Bryce Perkins as a highly productive future NFL QB for any team looking to capture what the Baltimore Ravens are doing. Having a playmaker like Perkins to keep defenses constantly guessing and chasing is shown to be quite effective in modern NFL and I personally believe that Perkins has a more developed arm his senior year than Lamar. Unfortunately you don’t step on an NFL field and be given the same chances as college. Linebackers are faster, Secondary, and Lineman the same. It takes the drive of Lamar to show rapid improvement to adjusting to the league. If we see Perkins do this however and take the necessary steps, hopefully with a team willing to do the same, we may not only get a good young NFL QB, but an excellent fantasy QB.

QB8- Anthony Gordon, Washington State

            Another prodigy of the Mike Leach offense, Anthony Gordon of Wazzu. However out of the gates, I want to debunk the fact that he’s just another stat stuffing one year player. Gordon threw for almost 1000 yards more than 2018 starter Gardner Minshew and 2000 more yards than 2017 QB Luke Falk. He put up 10 more TDs than Minshew and almost 20 more than Falk. However there was a large uptick of interceptions that we’ll get to in a moment. Obviously you can tend to blend in when tucked away in the upper corner of the North West. However that was highly prevented from happening posting over 400 yards in 9 out of 13 games and even sprinkled in a 9 TOUCHDOWN GAME! So the man can sling it well. His stats scream of success and his 71% completion does the same but there is one issue. Turnovers. If Gordon is able to cool down on the interceptions he can become a very solid pocket QB in the NFL. I do sincerely believe he will be able to do so with how much volume he was getting in college. Again another prospect who with the proper guidance can flourish. I can’t state enough the importance of coaching.

QB9- Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma            Openly a hater of the QBs of Oklahoma does not mean I don’t appreciate what the program is doing. While I predicted a fizzle out of relevancy for Baker Mayfield and eventually the same for Kyler Murray (however with an adapting NFL, survival may be more likely for Murray), I can say with confidence I don’t see a stage where Hurts can peak in the NFL to eventually fizzle. I believe he will be lost in the class and eventually faded away from the game. Its incredibly harsh to say as a writer for Fantasy Football to completely judge a guy who is attempting to make his dreams work, but that’s what I make content for. Lincoln Riley is one of the best NCAA coaches and a genius offensive mind. He knows how to nurture his QBs into success and puts together the best system for their abilities. And this isn’t me saying Hurts is so schlub but I do believe he isn’t ready for the next level. Unfortunately, he’s out of time in college and must take the leap. I think he has good legs and mobility and a solid pocket presence, but doesn’t show the ability to compete with primer talent. What keeps him alive in the NFL is draft capital and legs.

QB10- Nate Stanley, Iowa

            While I see the potential of QB success dying out around Gordon and Perkins, Nate Stanley has NFL size and an arm that can keep him on a roster. He doesn’t have any flashy abilities and struggles to remain consistent. However his traditional pocket QB ability will help turn Stanley into an enticing player for scouts. I believe with Hurts, there is rapid growth that needs to be made in a short time. He has to improve on mobility and consistency as a QB if he wants to gain any successes as a QB in the NFL. There’s a lot of question marks and work that must go in to turn Stanley into a reasonably competitive QB at the next level.


XFL Fantasy: Early Season Report

XFL Fantasy: Early Season Report

​Here we are, two weeks into the XFL season, and there is an awful lot to take in not only from a fan’s perspective but from a fantasy perspective as well. First off, we need to remember what the XFL is trying to be, not necessarily what it is. For starters, what the XFL has tried to preach is that they were going to be this new league that promoted a faster game that thrived off of the aerial attack and a much more looser return game which was supposed to open up the field for more explosive returns. Which that being said, here are some stats to evaluate how their mission is going so far.• There has been just one 300+ passing yard game (Landry Jones, Dallas, Week 2)• The leading passer, Cardale Jones, is averaging 255.5 yards per game. In comparison, 14 QBs averaged that number or higher this past season• Nelson Spruce from LA has had 192 receiving yards so far, no other receiver is over 150 (or 75 yards per game). In the NFL, there were 13 receivers averaging over 75 yards a game. • There are few dominant running backs as only 4 RBs (and one QB) have even topped 100 yards rushing thus far.• Only 4 TEs have caught more than 5 passes thus far, only 2 have even caught a touchdown• The return game has been a factor as there are 7 returners who have already topped over 100 yards in the return game.

While these stats appear to show that the XFL’s goal of an aerial based game haven’t entirely worked in their favour, the league is not entirely to blame. Unfortunately for them, the league has been incredibly lopsided so far. There are four good teams (Houston, DC, Dallas, St Louis) and the rest are mediocre or worse, of course it just so happens that these 3 also have the absolute no-doubt 3 best QBs in the league in PJ Walker, Cardale Jones, Landry Jones and Jordan Ta’amu. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a middle ground as the other 4 teams have been bad to worse with each team struggling at the QB position as they either don’t have a starter or their starters are game managers at best.

​With all that being said, is an XFL fantasy league feasible? My answer to that is yes, however it can’t be ran like your typical NFL fantasy league and would, obviously, need to be much smaller. For starters, the absolute maximum you could is an 8-team league due to the fact there is only 8 teams in the league. However, due to the lack of depth and parity, I would personally suggest capping teams at 6 that way you still have a decent size league and would make you think as to what positions are more valuable.

​As far as a roster makeup, here is my suggestion.• 1 QB• 1 RB• 2 WR• 1 TE• 1 K• 1 D/ST• 3 bench (QB/RB/WR/TE only)

The reason I made the bench offense only is that since there are only 8 kickers and defenses available, it seemed as though that would be best in order to maintain whatever a waiver wire could look like in this league somewhat useful. Now, the complications to an XFL fantasy league is the scoring system. With such a focus on aerial attack and the return game, I’ve decided to incorporate this into my system as well. It is a typical half PPR scoring system however passing TDs are worth 6 points and here’s the major caveat, in order to make more receivers valuable/startable, kick and punt return yards are also counted as 10 yards per point!

For this week, I will only do a preliminary position ranking with a few notes, I will delve into them more in next week’s article.

QB Rankings1. P.J. Walker, Houston2. Jordan Ta’amu, St Louis3. Cardale Jones, DC4. Landry Jones, Dallas5. Brandon Silvers, Seattle6. Josh Johnson, LA

I only put 6 in the ranking because honestly, after this it’s not even clear who the starters are. Tampa has went through 3 different quarterbacks through just two weeks and Matt McGloin, who is a game manager anyways, may have just lost his job after his dismal 44 yard, 2 interception performance… however his backup Marquise Williams really didn’t fare much better. Player to watch here would be Jordan Ta’amu who is 3rdin the league in RUSHING with 109 yards on the ground along with being 2nd in passing yards (493) and tied for 2nd in passing TDs (4). 

RB Rankings1. Cameron Artis-Payne, Dallas2. Matt Jones, St Louis3. James Butler, Houston4. Lance Dunbar, Dallas5. De’Veon Smith, Tampa6. Donnel Pumphrey, DC7. Trey Williams, Seattle8. Jacques Patrick, Tampa9. Christine Michael, St Louis10. Mack Brown, Tampa

Things to note here are that Tampa’s run-heavy offense is beneficial as they, as well and Dallas and St Louis has multiple fantasy relevant options to throw into your lineup. Another thing is my #10 Mack Brown has yet to take a carry this season, so why is he 10th on my list? Well he has already amassed 123 return yards, putting him 4th in the league in that category, and has him averaging 6.2 fantasy points per game which is good enough for the RB9 spot so far this year.

WR Rankings1. Cam Phillips, Houston2. Nelson Spruce, LA3. Keenan Reynolds, Seattle4. De’Morenay Pierson-El, St Louis5. Rashad Ross, DC6. Keith Mumphrey, St Louis7. DeAndre Thompkins, DC8. Kermit Whitfield, LA9. Eli Rogers, DC10. L’Damian Washington, St Louis

Here you see where good QB play really influences how good your WRs can be. Out of my top 10 receivers, 7 out of 10 catch passes from either Cardale Jones, PJ Walker or Jordan Ta’amu, the 3 early MVP favourites. Some of these guys (notably Whitfield, Mumphrey and Reynolds) are significantly boosted by return yardage as well.

TE Rankings1. Donald Parham, Dallas2. Nick Truesdell, Tampa3. Sean Price, Dallas4. Marcus Lucas, St Louis5. Brandon Barnes, LA6. Jake Powell, New York

There’s something you need to know about these rankings. Donald Parham is the XFL comparable to 2011 Rob Gronkowski. He is nearly doubling what any other TE has put up so far (he has 11.2 points per game, next up is Khari Lee who is at 5.5 points per game and that’s only because he caught one 39 yard touchdown pass in week 1). Any other tight end is all but irrelevant, carry on.

K Rankings1. Austin MacGinnis, Dallas2. Ty Rausa, DC3. Sergio Castillo, Houston4. Nick Novak, LA5. Andrew Franks, Tampa6. Taylor Russolino, St Louis7. Matthew McCrane, New York8. Ernesto Lacayo, Seattle

MacGinnis is the only kicker so far who is perfect and taken more than 2 attempts (5/5), Rausa has gone 5/6 but missed a gimme 35 yarder in week 1. Everyone else has too small of a sample size to truly evaluate.

D/ST Rankings1. DC2. New York3. Houston4. Dallas5. St Louis6. Seattle7. Tampa8. LA

The Defenders are on a tear so far, averaging 24 points a game and putting up 2019 Patriots level numbers early on. They are the clear-cut number 1 and it’s not close. For a bad team though, the Guardians have done a solid job on defense averaging 10.5 per game.

There is your early season XFL fantasy report, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to send an email @ tylergour19@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you 😊


Saturday Divisional Round DFS strategy – it’s beginning to feel like the playoffs!

By Sean Weymouth

TW @delrayboston

It’s difficult to write a “picks” article for DFS when you are talking about 8 teams full of studs. I like all of them. They are good. They have gotten further along than everyone else. In fact with ownership of these players in tournaments and in cash games being so hyper focused it on this dwindling player pool, I think the best thing to offer here is my strategies on how I am attacking the slate.

Let’s start with QB. Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, Cousins, Tannehill, Garoppolo and Russell Wilson. What a cast of characters – how do you pick? Common sense says that where most of the field of players goes one way, you may want to go the other. Betting on a great performance on your guy and a sub par one for the most popular player, allowing you an advantage.

I don’t know if this will apply today though. Both Lamar Jackson ($8,400) on Draft King’s and Patrick Mahomes ($7,500) have had a week off and have matchups that they should be able to carve up. They will be chalky plays but it may not be chalk you can avoid, as I’d expect one of these two players to be in most winning lineups today. Jackson and Mahomes are the 1a and 1b plays of the day, on paper. If you are able to, I would play them and I’d even play them without a stack. Both guys are on a mission here. Don’t over think it in other words.

I think there will be a lot of players trying to “contrarian” today with the underdog plays of Kurt Cousins ($5,700) and Ryan Tannehill ($5,400). I understand that way of thinking. However keep in mind, in both upsets last week – neither QB scored over 15 DK points. In fact if you played Tannehill, you probably lost with his 7 point performance. Now anything can happen, but if I am the Titans and Vikings my offensive scheme isn’t going to beet away from what brought me here – run first. Tannehill only completed 8 passes for 72 yards to beat the Patriots. Cousins did throw more including amassing 242 and a score – but that resulted in a paltry 13 fantasy points. I am staying away from both of these guys today – but Dalvin Cook ($8,000) and Derek Henry ($8,200) should be on your radar!!

Then you have Aaron Rogers ($6,500) who I actually expect to be the lowest owned on the day. The reason is clear – it’s tough to trust him from a DFS perspective. Do you know that including Week 17, Aaron Rogers only scored 20 or more DK Points 5 Times? Yes, 5. So for all other 12 weeks Aaron Rogers – from a DFS perspective – stunk. Today he plays the Seahawks and Russell Wilson ($6,600). The narrative says this will be a shootout. But I am looking at both defenses with a glaring obvious issue with that narrative. Neither the Green Bay or Seattle defenses can stop the run ranking 17th and 22nd and giving up 117 or more per game on the ground. Aaron Jones ($7,400 and to a lesser extent Jamaal Williams ($4,600) will has a major role in the Packers Game Plan. Coach Pete Carroll has already said he wants to feature Marshawn Lynch ($4,800) today and don’t sleep on pass catching back Travis Homer ($5,100) either. Both the Packers and the Seahawks rushing options should be on your radar. I’d additionally expect that only Aaron Jones will see a high tick in ownership. If I had to pick between Rogers and Wilson, it’s Wilson because of his legs…but I’m not excited about it!

This brings us with Jimmy Garoppolo ($5,600). Garoppolo will be popular today as the cheapest option out of the Elite 8. He also has been inconsistent this year, with the run first offense of Kyle Shanahan in play. He will be facing a Minnesota Defense with a chip on their shoulder after shutting down Drew Brees in the Superdome. He also has one of the best clutch time weapons to throw to George Kittle ($6,200). What to do with Jimmy? Well let’s start with that Handsome Jimmy has even less 20+ DK point games this season than Aaron Rogers – 4! Let’s even look at his last regular season win, where he put up 285 yards and no touchdowns against Seattle. If I don’t like Tanehill, Cousins and Rogers for the same reasons… I think you catch my drift. Raheem Mostert ($5,800), Matt Breida ($3,300), Tevin Coleman ($3,500) should all be on your radar. Mostert mainly but if desperate Breida and Coleman will get touches and be involved. Also – just because I don’t like Jimmy G doesn’t mean I don’t like the big guy … George Kittle is my favorite play today at Tight End.

Lastly I think Deshaun Watson ($6,700) will be overlooked by many players going up for Mahomes and Jackson or going down for Cousins and Garoppolo. There is some fear here. The Kansas City Defense has quietly become the 8th best in the league against Quarterbacks, holding teams on average to 221 yards through the air. Additionally the KC pass rush isn’t one to sleep on and there is no other QB in the league that has taken more sacks than Watson. Lastly, while you can run on KC – the Texans feature backs do not carry an “elite” feel to them versus Dalvin Cook, Derek Henry, Aaron Jones or evening Lynch – all of the run first offenses we have discussed this far. Watson however is an AFC South winning QB and can break a slate and take over a game at a moments notice. He is an explosive play maker and believe it or not, a very sneaky play today. With Mahomes less than $1,000 more, I think most of the field will gravitate there. I think Duke Johnson ($4,700) could be a very sneaky play with the Chiefs being middle of the road against pass catching backs. DeAndre Hopkins ($7,400) is in play especially with Wil Fuller again coming up questionable. If the Texans are to win though, they will need a big game from Nuk. Unfortunately if Fuller sits, there just isn’t another receiver on this team I trust to see the targets. I’m not falling into a Kenny Stills trap again. Lastly on the Texans I’d expect Carlos Hyde ($5,000) to be virtually unowned and we have seen Hyde pop off big games against teams that aren’t elite against the run.

Some other plays I like today:

Davante Adams ($7,800) – despite not liking Rogers, it is clear where the targets are going and Adams will need to step up today to get a win at home.

Tyreek Hill ($7,600) is in an absolute smash spot against the leaky Texans secondary. Hill is my favorite Wide Receiver Play today.

DK Metcalf ($6,800) who really broke out last week will be popular but is in a great spot to repeat…. Tyler Lockett ($6,600) also has this same great matchup and with a few dollars savings from Metcalf, may make Lockett a better play today – especially with ownership likely moving toward Metcalf.

Deebo Samuel ($5,200) has proven to be a very capable and versatile number two to Kittle and has a great opportunity against a Vikings Defense who has been up and down all season against Wide Receivers.

Mark Ingram ($6,700) Ingram’s biggest games of the season have come on Lamar Jackson’s biggest fantasy weeks. If you are playing Jackson for that kind of upside, don’t sleep on Ingram.

Damien Williams ($6,000) Since returning from injury Williams has regained the clear cut #1 RB in the offense and if the Chiefs and Mahomes are putting up massive points, I want his running back on my squad.

Marquise Brown ($4,400) I have no evidence of this and am certainly nothing from his up and down season could tell me this, but I think Hollywood is a great play today. You heard it hear first.

Mark Andrews ($5,600) and Jacob Hollister ($4,000) I group these guys together because they have so much buzz on them week after week and I’ll just say it’s worth it. Hollister damn near one beat the 49ers in week 17 and Andrews is riding a Two Game Touchdown Streak – Let’s Go!

Jimmy Graham ($3,300) the ghost of Graham got 7 targets last time on the field and he is near minimum salary. He makes for a very contrarian play at flex double stacking Tight Ends in your lineup. Trust me you’ll be amazed.

My dart throw of the week – David Moore ($3,900) who saw 4 targets last week and if the Green Bay Defense comes to play at home today, there could be a role for Moore especially in the red zone.

And my Lock of the Week? Travis Kelce ($6,400). Kelce is the #1 Tight End in Football and he is a big time target of Pat Mahomes. Set it, forget it, it just feels good. Additionally you are getting Kelce at a discount from where his price was all season. Man, speaking of double stacking Tight Ends – if you can get a Kelce/Kittle Lineup together – I like your odds.

Good Luck in your Contests!


10 Things we learned about the 2019 Szn

2020 has just started, and the fantasy season is a long ways away. Some up us are coming off league titles, and some of us are ready to erase a last place finish. The good news is we can take a look at some of the things that happened in 2019 to get an edge for next year.

  1. Derrick Henry dominates December

Henry is a mammoth of a human being, and it’s been thought that he becomes harder to tackle as the season wears on. As injuries pile up, and teams are eliminated from the playoffs, the big man rumbles with ease, but is it significant? Late season and into the fantasy playoffs (weeks 13-17) Henry steps up his game, right when you need it. His average points per game the last three seasons have been 8.4, 12.6, and 19.6 PPR points per game in 2017, 2018, and 2019. But what is it through the end of the Fantasy season? Henry averages an ABSURD 23.8, 23.7, and 10.5pts per game in the fantasy playoffs. A huge statistical increase each year, missing only one of the 15 possible games during that stretch (Titans sat a bunch of players week 16).  He’s dominant, and that is especially so during the playoffs.

2. Don’t draft a QB early

Drafting a QB early to get a “premier” QB is not worth the risk. WAIT ON QB in the draft next year, there’s going to be value. Here’s a look at the top 5 QB’s drafted this season, and where they finished.


Not a single QB in the top 5 reached their ADP amongst QB’s. The first QB to meet his ADP or exceed it? Russell Wilson, who was the 8th selected.

3. Defenses  are highly dependent on their schedule

This one is pretty self-explanatory, a good fantasy defense can be predicted by the strength of their schedule. The Steelers, Ravens and Patriots, 3 of the top 4 fantasy defenses this season, had a strength of schedule 12th easiest or better. The top defense in the Patriots, played had the second easiest strength of schedule this season.

4. The youth movement has arrived

Here’s the top 5 players at RB and WR along with their ages:

McCaffrey (23)Thomas (26)
A. Jones (25)Godwin (23)
Elliott (24)J. Jones (30)
Ekeler (24)Kupp (26)
Henry (25)Hopkins (27)

Top 5 RB’s are all under the age of 25, and the WR’s are younger than 27 with the exception of Julio. Don’t get stuck drafting older players because of their names. WR’s and especially RB’s hit their peaks early. When your debating picks next year, you might want to give a young guy the edge.

5. Michael Thomas is the best WR in football, and deservedly so

Michael Thomas had elite production this year. Elite level volume (149 catches), would really help you do that. His volume isn’t just a product of the offense however, he creates his own, and here’s how. Michael Thomas this season, has a catch rate of 80.5%, higher than any other WR, its so dominant in fact, that the next closest WR with more than 50 targets (Thomas had 185), was 5% lower than Thomas, and he did that at a higher rate than any WR in the NFL. He quite simply makes catches that other WR’s do not. When you factor that into his target share, that’s what allows him to put up better numbers than anyone has ever seen. The man has hands.

6. Off field concerns have a tendency to come back to bite

When guys have issues coming into the season, sometimes that’s the sign you need to stay away. Four examples of guys with huge potential the past three years who disappointed fantasy managers due to their behavior.

  1. Antonio Brown – Played in 1 game in 2019, and cost many people a championship, but the signs were there in the offseason and preseason when he went wild on social media.
  2. Le’Veon Bell – Had issues with his contract in 2018, held out the entire season, is signed by the Jets, and goes the entire year without a 100yd rushing game.
  3. Josh Gordon – Do not let the potential fool you, the man unfortunately isn’t where he needs to be mentally
  4. Melvin Gordon – While he played this year (Looking at you bell) he finished 23rd at the position, but even more startling had fewer points per game that his back up, who managed to finish the season as RB 4.

7. A great offense is important for RB’s, but even more so for WR

Let’s take a look at offense rank and compare it to fantasy points for elite WR and RB.

RBTeam Points ScoredWRTeam Points Scored
A. Jones15thGodwin3rd
Elliott6thJ. Jones13th

The top 5 WR’s all played on offenses in the top half of the league in points scored. Keep this in mind when looking to draft WR’s next season, while volume is important, also keep in mind the offense that they play for. Teams that put up points are great for WR. While you think the same would be for running backs, its seems that that it not the case. While I’m not saying “Draft a RB on a bad offense” I am saying that it might not be as important as you think. That being said, scoring is always better than not scoring, so if you in a pinch on who to draft, take the guy on the team more likely to be in the end zone.

8. Raheem Mostert is the most talented back in the Bay

You might think this is crazy, but hear me out. Mostert really came on at the end of the season this year, and still has time to make noise in the playoffs. Thus far he’s excelled rushing, despite the fact that he ranks 9th in terms of the percentage of runs against an 8 man box at 32.12% per Next Gen Stats. He averages 5.6 ypc, the highest amongst all qualified running backs, even though he’s 9th (!!!) in number of 8 man boxes faced. This number is higher than Breida, and a whole 1.6 yards more than Coleman. His 8 rushing TD’s are tied with Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb, Kenyon Drake, and Marlon Mack, despite having 25 less carries than the next closest on that list. The man is talented, and if he can take over the backfield in a prolific offense, he should be poised to break out next season.

9. TE is a premium

Getting a good TE isn’t something that’s nice to have, it’s something you need to have if you are going to compete down the stretch. Including the fantasy playoffs the top 5 TE’s scored an average of 224.14 points this year, and none of the top 5 average below 13.8ppg. The next 3? They only averages a 173.2 points, and only one managed more than 12ppg. If you look outside the top 10? No TE averaged 10ppg. Elite TE’s are tough to come by, and getting one you can depend on can help you excel.

10.   AJ Brown will be a star next season

In a season that many fans did not predict, the Titans have no beat out the Patriots on wildcard weekend and head to the divisional round. After the starting the season in a downward spiral, most credit the change from Mariota to Tannehill with the resurgence of this team, and he’s made a huge impact. But don’t sleep on AJ Brown. Brown has been shown that he can soar on the deep ball. His average air yards per target is 13.4per Next Gen Stats, right up there with another excellent rookie WR in DK Metcalf and OBJ. He accounts for nearly 30% of his teams air yards. He’s what separates him, even with a ton of his targets being deep passes, his catch percentage is 61.9%, which is above both Metcalf and OBJ in that category. With 8 receiving TD’s and no real endzone receiving threat on that roster, Brown is in a position to win a lot of people their games next season.  What can Brown do for you?

As always you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @RealDealFantasy. And you can find my person pages at @CodyReer24 on all platforms.

Superbowl Sunday – Rams Bengals – DK Showdown Picks – Prize Picks Selections – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

You Can Find Me on Twitter @DelRayBoston

Well here we are. Superbowl 56! If you asked almost anyone if this would the Superbowl we would see on September 1st 2021, odds are no one would have picked this matchup. Outside of course of Rams and Bengals Fans but dollars to donuts even those fans wouldn’t have guessed they’d be facing off. But here we are.

From a DFS Perspective I think you are doing one of two things. A). Building Showdown Lineups on DraftKings, FanDuel or another site or B). Placing some bets on a site or app like Prize Picks. So this article will focus on both. Showdown Picks for DK and Over/Under picks I like on Prize Picks.

If you haven’t tried Prize Picks yet, you need to check it out especially for a single game day like today. Head to http://www.prizepicks.com and learn more, right now they are offering a first deposit match of up to $100! Free Money! Go Get It!

Draft Kings Showdown Strategy & Picks

Superbowls are games where Superstars shine and unlikely Heroes emerge. However in both those cases history has shined more favorably for both Superstars and Unlikely Heroes to be pass catchers. David Tyree Helmet Catch. Mr Do Everything Troy Brown. Rice. Just a few examples that stand out to me. So 99% of my showdown lineups today will be pass catchers at Captain.

I have to be honest, my favorite right now is Odell Beckham Jr $12,600 at Captain but only 23% owned. In a very concentrated offensive game like this, 23% is really appealing. Coming off a NFC Championship game where he finished with 113 yards, the only thing he was missing was a Touchdown. I bet he gets one today.

Of course Cooper Kupp is the man. $17,400 may be too cheap still. 49% ownership may not even be enough. 5 Straight Games with a touchdown or better. 4 of the last 5 with 95 or more yards. He is as close to unstoppable that we have seen this season. So of course the majority of my lineups will have Kupp at Captain and I don’t care what the critics say.

Between Odell and Kupp you may forget about Van Jefferson $7,800 20% ownership and as a deep play threat in a Superbowl especially if the Bengals are able to effectively rush the passer as they did in Kansas City, Stafford has the arm to sling it deep if that rush creates a one on one down the sideline for Jefferson. Also with injury comes opportunity … enter Kendall Blanton at Tight End for the Rams 22% ownership $6,900. He caught all 5 of his targets for 57 yards in the NFC Championship game and now with 2 weeks of prep with the starters, this could be a Blanton Breakout moment. He is on my radar.

From an ownership perspective you really are gaining an edge between Ja’marr Chase 30% and Tee Higgins 27% so I say mix and match them. In my opinion both have a great opportunity is Joe Burrow is able to navigate the amazing Rams front 5 accordingly. Chase is on an absolute record rookie tear without question with probably only Kupp rivaling his current hot streak. The fact that Kupp is seeing significantly more ownership makes me a very interested in both of the Bengal’s rookie. Pricing also makes Higgins, on his own little tear as well very appealing to. Chase $15,600 at Captain, Higgins $11,400. That’s nice.

Similarly to the Rams most ownership will be going to Chase and Higgins, so don’t forget about Tyler Boyd 23% owned $8,100 and CJ Uzomah $6,600 20% owned – two safety nets for Burrow and in the case of Uzomah a nice favorable matchup.

For me I like the pass catchers at Captain most and from a construction standpoint I think if you are able to mix and match 3 – 4 of the above keying in on Kupp, Beckham, Chase, Higgins first and filling out with Jefferson, Blanton, Boyd or Uzomah, is going to be a smart strategy.

I prefer using Joe Burrow ($10,600 flex 49% owned) stacks with his receivers more than I do Matt Stafford ($10,800 51% owned) stacks but of course I will have at least one Stafford – Kupp stack in my mix. If I am not going Pass Catcher at Captain, I like Joe Mixon $14,400 36% owned and I also LOVE the Cam Akers price of $9,600 and Akers also is only pulling around 30% ownership. Both Mixon and Akers are adept pass catchers and I think both will have sizable roles today. The other way I am going is the Defenses with the Rams my favorite of the two $5,100 14% owned but the Bengals looked good against Mahomes and at $4,800 and 10% owned, I’ll have a couple captained lineups.

And as you build your lineups, don’t forget the kickers! We all know how important Kickers can be in Superbowls if you find yourself with the money at the end of you build, roster a kicker every once in a while. Especially if you are mass multi entering. And don’t sleep on a dart throw on Sony Michel either.


Alright if you are new to Prize Picks – no problem. Here is the general thing to know. DAILY FANTASY BETTING. Yup if you are in a state that allows DFS, they allow Prize Picks and here is a look at some AWESOME lines to consider today for the Super Bowl:

Matthew Stafford Over/Under 280.5 Passing Yards.

In 3 of his last five games, Stafford has gone for over 300 yards against 3 tough defenses Baltimore, San Fran and Tampa Bay which of course was the last two games. I like the OVER here. However the Bengals defense has averaged under 220 yards passing on the road all season. So it isn’t without risk.

Joe Burrow Over/Under 275.5 Passing Yards

In 3 of his last five games, Burrow also has gone over 300 yards BUT he only needed to throw 250 yards to beat Kansas City, so you’d think I’d like the UNDER here – but NO, I like the OVER. The Rams have allowed an average 316 passing yards at home – and they are at home.

Cam Akers Over/Under 54.5 Rushing Yards

Since he has been back, Akers has hit 55 yards only once. He has actually averaged 47.5 per game for 3 games. While I think he has an impact in the passing game, I like the UNDER here. The Bengals are allowing an average of 110 yards on the ground but Sony Michel is also getting touches.

Joe Mixon Over/Under 60.5 Rushing Yards

Twice in his last 5, Mixon has gone over 60.5. Against Tennessee in the playoffs he only needed 6.5 more yards to meet this. It’s a gamble, but I’ll take the OVER here. Barring injury there really isn’t much competition for Mixon for touches and even though the Rams average under 100 yards on the ground at home, we only need Mixon to get 61 to hit paydirt.

Cooper Kupp Over/Under 8 Receptions

Kupp has had more than 8 catches in a game more time this season more than he did under. Over the last two playoff games he has 9 and 11 catches respectively. I like the OVER here and see Kupp being involved from jump.

Ja’Marr Chase Over/Under 18 Fantasy Points

Chase has had 17.7 or higher fantasy points in 4 of the last 5. However, something about today feels like we may see the Rams throwing the kitchen sink against Chase. I am inclined to take the UNDER here, as much as I love Chase as the player.

Odell Beckham Jr Over/Under .5 Touchdowns.

I’m locking in the OVER. #Analysis

This is just a small sampling of the one of a kind bets you can make today at Prize Picks and I really encourage you to check it out and at least see what you could do. Hit 2 and win Hit 3 and win big! Parlay All Day Baby!

Good Luck in your Contests!

NFL Conference Championship Sunday! Chiefs Bengals, Rams Forty-Niners! Draft Kings DFS Preview – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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I was about to write how much the results from last night’s WWE Royal Rumble hearken back to that old saying – the more things change the more they stay the same. Then I was like – shoot what if there are WWE Fans who haven’t watched Royal Rumble yet, you don’t want to spoil anything. So I won’t…

But the adage is true. The more things change the more they do stay the same. The Chiefs, Rams and 49ers all in Championship Games, we’ve seen a lot of that over the last 5 years and in the Rams and 49ers cases we could go back even further than 5 years… And then there is The Bengals. Why not us? I guess if that spoils any Royal Rumble Results, my bad … but I am not here to predict a winner or predict who we will see play in the Superbowl. It is just a footnote – the more things change the more they stay the same.

So we have 2 games to talk about for DFS Purposes and we all want to make some cash. If you are playing the all day slate than this article is for you because I’ll be talking both games – but where and when possible I’ll also mention some showdown plays when I see them for you single game players.

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs 3PM

There are 2 players on the slate today that are expected to have over 60% ownership and one of them is in this game. JOE MIXON $6,800 will be the highest owned player on the slate today and honestly, it’s tough to fade him. Sure in week 17 against the Chiefs he didn’t set the world on fire finishing with 86 Total yards and no scores – but we just saw how Mixon can turn a blah fantasy day around last week just by adding a touchdown and with the Chiefs expected to try and slow down the Burrow-Chase train, I think Mixon could carve out a great fantasy day. But 60+ % ownership is still scary. I think stacking Mixon with Burrow is a way to get different or playing Mixon as a flex and using two other backs for RB1 and RB2 also could be different. I like Mixon today, it’s just tough to pull leverage from high ownership like that.

I’m going to skip ahead here because I am really taken aback by ownership on a certain player and I feel like I must be missing something. Here are your top 5 owned Wide Receivers going into today’s games:

Tyreek Hill 49%

Cooper Kupp 46%

Tee Higgins 41%

Deebo Samuel 40%

Ja’marr Chase 37%

Wait, hold on, 266 & 3 Ja’Marr Chase at $6,700 is the least owned of the top 5? Are you freaking kidding me? Do I think he will go 266 and 3 again? No. Do I think he has a shot to go 100 and 1? Absolutely. If this ownership holds he is my favorite play in this entire game. 6 Times this season he has gone 100 yards or better including 3 of his last 5. TWICE this season he has broken 200 yards. He hasn’t had a touchdown since that epic game but I think that changes today. Love Ja’marr Chase.

I also like Tee Higgins too at only $5,700 if the Chiefs are able to slow Chase down, it will be Higgins who will see the most likely benefit and he has the chops to do it, quietly hitting 96 yards last week against the Titans and in Week 16 against Baltimore he damn near broke 200 yards himself. If you want to offset 60% Mixon ownership and onslaught stack with Burrow, Chase Higgins and Mixon is certainly a way to go.

So let’s talk Joe Burrow for a minute. At $6,600 he’ll be the second highest owned QB on the day behind only Patrick Mahomes – way behind Mahomes mind you who sits at 42% ownership to Burrow’s 27%. Burrow’s run down the stretch has been epic. Over 300 Yards in 3 of his last 5, over 400 yards in 2 of those games, over 500 yards in one of those games. He went 30 for 39 for 446 and 4 touchdowns the last time these two teams played and I just don’t know how you can bet against a similar result today. Honestly he is my second favorite QB play on the day. I really like Burrow-Chase-Kelce as a easy stack. But mix and match Burrow with his receivers and the Chiefs guys. Heck if he puts up 38 Fantasy Points again, he is well worth the investment price.

So let’s talk Patrick Mahomes $7,400 the highest owned Quarterback. So many great things to talk about certainly and historically speaking he may be the best of this generation so far. What I have learned though is that it’s what Mahomes does when it counts that matters when you are talking DFS and when it counted the last 2 weeks against the Steelers and the Bills, two defenses ranked much higher than the Bengals – Mahomes delivered. He has thrown for 778 Yards and 8 Touchdown passes over those two games and 1 interception. He’s also rushed for 88 yards and a score over the last 2 as well. He is on fire and now he is playing an AFC Championship game at home at Arrow Head. It is his 3rd AFC Championship Game in 3 seasons and it’s a bit like his home turf. Don’t over think it – play Mahomes.

Is it Hill or is it Kelce. That is the age old question and any DFS Analyst will tell you the rookie move of playing both in a lineup with Mahomes is a fools mission because one will break your heart and all 3 of them are “expensive” players that didn’t do your lineup any favors. Except, the last two games – if you played both Hill and Kelce together, you probably did pretty well with both players trading 100 yard games and both players ending with a touchdown or better. Tyreek Hill is $7,000 and the highest owned WR on the slate. Travis Kelce is $6,500 and the second highest owned TE on the slate (shocking!). The Bengals found a way to slow these guys down in week 17 holding them to a combined 60 yards, though Kelce did have a touchdown. If I am playing one over the other it’s Kelce for the consistency (Touchdown or Better in all of the last 5 games) but I am giving you the green light to stack both if you so choose.

Byron Pringle is a thing. He’s seen 7 or more targets in 4 of the last 5 games. He’s had a touchdown or better in 3 of the last five including 2 against Pittsburgh in the Wildcard and 1 against Buffalo in the divisional. At $4,300 and 13% ownership if there is a contrarian play to be found in this game with upside, it’s Mr Pringle.

Other Plays in this game:

Tyler Boyd (Sleeper Pick): $4,200 34% owned

Clyde Edwards-Helaire: $5,300 19% owned

Jerrick McKinnon: $5,100 34% owned

CJ Uzomah: $3,400 11% owned

Chiefs DST $3,000 19% owned

Bengals DST $2,600 10% owned

Dart Throws:

Demarcus Robinson $3,800 2% owned

Darrel Williams (if he plays) $4,200 1% owned

NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers at LA Rams 6:30PM

Twice this season the Niners have gotten the best of the Rams. Week 13 was a rout 31-10 in favor of San Fran and Week 18 27-24 the Niners snuck a win and backdoored themselves into the playoffs. So there is some data here to pull from – BUT and I mean a big BUT, the Rams Defense – particularly the D Line – has played two weeks of stellar football that I am just not sure the Niners are fully prepared for with their own Offensive Line a bit banged up… I honsetly think this game could go either way but of the two, I will make a bold prediction that the final score looks a lot more like Week 18’s than Week 13’s.

CAM AKERS ($5,000) will be the highest owned player in this game at 55% and I think that has a lot to do with price. Akers is a full $1,800 cheaper than Joe Mixon (the most expensive RB) and in truth he is the 5th highest priced “stud” running back to choose from. That to me is the only logical reason for the ownership since a) the Niners are tough on RBs ranked 10th against them on the season and b). after two fumbles in Tampa Bay, one that could have cost LA the game, there is a natural assumption that Sony Michel ($4,600 14% owned) will have a larger role in this game after seeing only 1 touch last week. The jury is still out for Akers – in my opinion. I like him more as a Flex Play because I really like what I have seen from him in the passing game, at least against Arizona. Stacking him with Stafford and a receiver with Akers in the flex is a way to get different. But he will likely lead this backfield in touches and if there are double teams on the wide receivers and linebackers are covering tight ends, I could see Akers finding some room to navigate. To be fair, I also like Sony Michel as a dart throw for the same reasons.

Play Cooper Kupp. He is $8,800 and the most expensive WR. He has 46% ownership and he is the second highest owned WR. In both losses against the 49ers he went for 122 and 118 yards respectively. He also scored a TD in their last meeting. He has gone over 95 yards or more in 5 of the last 6 games with 6 Touchdowns in that span. That includes 183 yards last week in Tampa Bay. Don’t get cute. The Niners haven’t been able to stop Kupp so far this season and unless they throw a triple team on him, they won’t today either win lose or draw. Play Cooper Kupp.

To me the guys I am most interested to watch on the LA Side of things are O’dell Beckham Jr $5,100 22% owned and Tyler Higbee $3,700 24% owned. In O’dell’s case it’s growing confidence with Matthew Stafford including 6 TD receptions since joining the team. There is a real chance that this is Beckham’s breakout game today with so much attention that is likely to be paid to Cooper Kupp. Higbee on the other hand could also have an expanded opportunity if he mainly sees Linebackers covering him all day, he could be fed underneath and we also know Stafford likes to look for Higbee in the redzone. I will have a lot of these guys in double or triple stacks with Stafford and Kupp.

So lets talk Mathew Stafford $6,600 27% owned. Stafford will be the 3rd highest owned QB and I can’t say why for sure, but he might be my favorite QB play on the slate. Over the last 4 games Stafford has finished with 19 fantasy points or higher and he is on a two game NO INTERCEPTION heater! On top of that he also has back to back weeks with a rushing score. I don’t know, call it a gut feeling but the Rams are at home with the chance to play a Superbowl at home and Stafford is playing some of the best football of his career right now … oh yeah and Cooper Kupp. I just like Stafford, I like the opportunity and I like the ownership

Leading me to Jimmy Garoppolo $5,400 9% owned … the lowest owned of the 4 so far, Jimmy G is an interesting contrarian play at QB. In week 10 against the Rams he finished with only 182 yards but he had 2 TD passes. In Week 18 against the Rams he finished with 316 yards and a TD pass but he also threw 2 interceptions. In both of his playoff games this season he has also finished under 6 fantasy points – and his team won. Real Life Football he is a QB that finds a way to win. DFS football though… can you trust it? Up against Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Leonard Floyd at home – with a Superbowl appearance on the line? If he beats me he beats me but I am OK with fading Handsome Jimmy here.

Eli Mitchell in two games with the Rams this season finished with 96 and 85 yards on the ground but no touchdowns. In both games he also saw NO targets. At $5,900 and 45% ownership I want to play him but since the Niners have been also using Deebo Samuel out of the backfield, Mitchell’s opportunity and ceiling is certainly Capped. I think if you are playing him you are hoping for a touchdown because 95 yards and a score is way different than 95 yards without one. I’ll have a few lineups with Mitchell in them but he isn’t a priority for me.

Who is the priority is Deebo Samuel $7,200 40% ownership. Don’t let the last two weeks fool you. In week 10 against the Rams Deebo finished with 30.3 Fantasy Points. In Week 18 against the Rams Deebo Finished with 28.96 Fantasy Points. Play Deebo today #Analysis

The wild card on this team to me is George Kittle $5,000 37% owned. Real Life – Kittle is probably the 2nd best all around tight end in football behind Travis Kelce. Fantasy Life – a different story. The last time Kittle saw north of 15 fantasy points was week 13 (ironically against Cincinnati). In Week 10 against the Rams he had a TD but I think the Niners need Kittle to step up today and I am willing to take my shots. An emotional guy, he will likely be on his game with the crowd expected to be 60% San Fran Fans.

Other Plays in this Game

Van Jefferson (if he plays): $3,900 11% owned

Brandon Aiyuk $5,000 29% owned

Rams DST $3,200 28% owned

49ers DST $2,800 24% owned

Dart Throws:

Mohamed Sanu $3,000 1% owned

Juan Jennings $3,200 5% owned

Ben Skowronek $3,000 (If Van Jefferson Can’t Play)


2021 Divisional Round – SUNDAY DRAFT KINGS DFS PREVIEW – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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It feels like yesterday was a shocking day all in, if you were watching the NFL Divisional games. Let’s talk real world football for a second. Who would have guessed that 4 of the best teams in the league would have combined for a total of 58 Points? Additionally, who (outside of San Fran Fans maybe) would have guessed that not only did Aaron Rogers lose, he would finish with statistically one of his worst play off games, 20-25 for 225 and no scores (and no picks). But when you go fantasy world thinking there are just a whole lot of “huh”?

D’Onta Foreman outscores Derrick Henry?

The 49ers Defense outscores Ja’mar Chase, Davante Adams, Derrick Henry, Deebo Samuel?

Could we actually see a Tom Brady vs Jimmy Garoppolo NFC Championship?

AND if the Bills beat the Chiefs today and the Rams beat the Buccaneers, that means not only that no #1 Seed will be in the championship games, it will also mean the no team that earned home field advantage going into the playoffs will be in the Championship game either. #History

Two things that were proven correct from yesterday’s article were 1). Quarterbacks – Joe Burrow was the highest fantasy scoring quarterback on the day and 2). Aaron Jones had a special day, indeed – well as special as you can get in a 10-13 loss, but I digress. What we can learn from yesterday’s games is the methodology in yesterday’s article is still sound. If you are playing the all day slate, you need to not look at each game in a bubble but look at the whole day in selecting your picks. So let’s begin – and let’s hope for some shootouts to send the crowd home happy too:

LA Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3PM

Starting with quarterbacks, unlike yesterday there is a BIG separation in regards to ownership between the early game and the late game. Tom Brady $6,800 looks to have around 15% ownership on the all day slate, while his opponent Matthew Stafford is not only the cheapest QB at $6,200 but also the least owned at 9%. Personally, I love that both men are being overlooked so heavily versus Allen and Mahomes later on. I look at it like I will have 4 lineups, each having a different quarterback and if it so happens that in the late game the Bills Defense and the Chiefs Defense really step up to the plate and the late game is a low scoring affair, I will be happy that I have a couple lineups where Brady and Stafford performed well and outscored Allen and Mahomes. The odds of this aren’t in my favor but in DFS you need to take some educated risks. So let’s educate:

Tom Brady has been excellent all season. Sure he had some down games but 13 Games with multiple passing touchdowns including 6 of those where he had 4 or better. That is absurd. In week 3 against the Rams Brady threw 55 times, completing 75% for 432 yards and score, oh yeah he had a rushing score as well. He finished with 28.68 Fantasy Points and he has 7 total games with 28 or higher fantasy points on the season. BUT today he gets a very different Rams team with the addition of Von Miller for one but also a defense that has recorded multiple sacks in each of their last 6 games. 3 times in that span they also have had 2 or more Interceptions in every game. Point is this is a defense that will be coming after Brady from jump and likely all game long and we all know the story about if you ‘hurry Tom Brady’ good things can come for your team. Could Brady outscore Mahomes or Allen later in the day, sure of course he can he is Tom Brady, but will he? I have my doubts. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Brady – 15% ownership alone makes him appealing, but I do not believe he will be the top scoring QB on the day.

Then we have Matthew Stafford, coming off the first playoff win of his career! Amazing! Statistically speaking from Week 12 on Stafford has been playing his best football as a Ram. Multiple Touchdown passes in 7 of the last 8 games and averaging 21 Fantasy points in that span, he also added a rushing score last week against the Cardinals. The reason why his Fantasy numbers have been suppressed is because he can’t shake the Stafford out of himself. 9 Interceptions thrown in that span and 4 fumbles. The Buccaneers defense come into this game with a whopping 19 Interceptions and 10 Fumble Recoveries on the season. Not to mention 49 sacks including multiple recorded in 13 or the last 15 games. All that taken into account, I like Stafford mainly because of the 10% ownership if he somehow overcomes his demons and the Tampa Bay Defense and is a top scoring QB on the day and you have stacked him correctly with receivers who perform … I like the odds of cashing.

One thing is for certain, after rattling off all of those defensive stats, both of these defenses are firmly in play today. The Buccaneers are $3,100 and are the highest owned but interestingly the lowest statistical rank of 11 on the season. The Rams are meanwhile the highest statistical ranked defense on the season (#1) but are only 15% owned at $3,000.

Running Backs

Both of these defenses are coming in as two of the best in the game against the run. The Buccaneers rank 16th against the season but at home they have held running games on average to 84 yards. Yikes. Meanwhile the Rams have been better on the road against the run, averaging 98 yards in away games allowed, and ranked 7th against the run. However the Titans yesterday came into that game ranked 1st against running backs and allowing 85 yards on the ground at home and Joe Mixon ran all over them. Good on Joe Mixon. Point is this is the 2021 season still and if yesterday couldn’t have been a better example of what that means – anything can happen.

Leonard Fournette $5,700 60% ownership has been activated off the IR and will make his return. From week 4 through to Week 15 when he got hurt he had double digit rushing attempts in all but 2 games (one of those week 15 when he left the game). Additionally Fournett had averaged 6 targets per game. He has 8 rushing scores on the season and 2 touchdown catches. Most of this season has been in a time share with Ronald Jones, but Jones is out today. Instead I think Fournette will be sharing the work with Gio come lately Bernard (more on him later). The biggest fear for me on Fournette is that in week 3, he had his worst statistical game of the season – 8 yards on 4 carries and 3 targets for 26. Yikes. The DFS crowd was with Mixon yesterday finishing 80% owned and it paid off. I am not sure I am buying that Fournette, the second highest owned back on the slate will have the same result.

Cam Akers $5,500 45% owned on the other side of this game may be one of my top 2 favorites on the day. Akers made his season debut last week and shocked the world by dominating the running back touches in that game. 17 Carries, 55 yards and a spectacular superstar like 40 yard catch and run. My gut is telling me that we are going to see a lot of Akers in this game and you can go back and look at my article from that last Rams game – The Rams did indeed line Akers up at Wide Receiver several times in that game. I think the Rams are going to find ways to get the ball in Akers’ hands and if ownership on Running Back continues to go away from Akers, that is fine with me. Damn the torpedoes and play Cam Akers.

Giovanni Bernard $5,000 11% ownership I think the lesson that can be learned from the Titans yesterday is that teams aren’t ready to walk away from the guy who helped bring them to the dance, even when the star that guy was playing for comes back. Call it the Hot Hand approach. Well Bernard certainly has had a hot hand. Last week with Bernard being the last real hope of a healthy running game for the Buccaneers, Bernard took 11 carries for 44 yards and a touchdown while also catching 5 of 7 targets for 39 yards. Because of that performance I think you need to keep Bernard in your player pool and while I can’t say he makes the cut as an RB2, I think he makes an excellent low owned Flex Play.

Sony Michel $5,300 20% owned. It isn’t like Michel who had run extremely well and durably for the Rams coming into last week’s game, disappeared in the wake of Cam Aker’s return. He still saw 13 carries for 58 yards, it is just clear he immediately reverted back to the change of pace role he began the season with. However, I do think the Rams still view Michel as the primary goal line guy and I do think he belongs in your player pool. I prefer Bernard only slightly here but I think Michel also is a decent flex option and I expect as the day goes on his ownership will drop.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Mike Evans $6,800 38% ownership to me is the most interesting story to watch. With both Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown on the field in week 3 Evans still saw 10 targets, caught 8 of them for the tune of 106 yards. Over the last 5 games Evans has finished with 89 yards or better in 3 games including 117 yards last week against the Eagles and he has 5 touchdowns in that span as well. The wild card in this game however has to Jaylen Ramsey. With Godwin out and Brown gone, will Ramsey be deployed to slow down Evans and what will that look like? I see a lot of contested catches in Evans’ future… It’s tough not to stack Brady and Evans today, I get it – but with all factors on the table does Mike Evans have a shot at being the #1 Receiver on the day once the dust settles? I am far from all in on that notion.

Cooper Kupp $8,600 70% owned. The differences between Evans and Kupp are quite frankly, wide. Arguably the #1 Receiver on the season, Kupp has been nothing short of spectacular. Double digit fantasy points in every game this season, 17 or more in all but 2. In 16 games this season Kupp finished with 90 or more yards, 14 of those over 100. In 12 games this season he has had a touchdown or better. In week 3 against the Bucs, Kupp saw 12 targets and caught 9 for 96 yards and 2 scores. Even with the emergence of O’dell Beckham Jr in this offense, Kupp has persevered – last week in one of his worst performances yardage wise he still broke 60 yards and a touchdown for 17 fantasy points. Even when he is down, he won’t kill your lineup. Just like Thanos, Cooper Kupp is inevitable.

O’Dell Beckham Jr $5,300 20% owned. Here’s the thing. I like O’Dell in this game. The Rams like O’Dell and O’Dell likes the Rams. He has seen an average of 5 targets over the last 5 games and he has a touchdown in 3 of the last 5 as well. He has 6 total this season, all with the Rams, more than any season he had with the Cleveland Browns. Would I play O’Dell over Kupp – no. Would I double stack Stafford with Kupp and O’Dell – yes. I also think he makes a bit of a leverage play as a run back in Brady/Buccaneers stacks where most people will try to Jam Kupp in. The salary savings in O’Dell in that scenario can allow you to nab at least one stud from the later game too.

Rob Gronkowski $5,800 27% owned. Gronk Smash! Well, that is what we hope. Look we all know the highest owned Tight End on the slate will be Travis Kelce by a mile, so playing a tight end in this game is a risk and I think most of Gronk’s ownership is coming from people trying to double stack Cooper Kupp and Tyreek Hill and/or Stefon Diggs, so they are saving money with Gronk at TE. I get it. But let’s also not forget that Gronk is a Tight End with 3 games this season over 100 yards – the only Tight End with more is Kelce. Let’s also not forget the relationship between Brady and Gronk and if this is Gronk’s last run, Brady will be looking out for him. Point is as a pivot from Kelce, yes he makes sense but from a pure play standpoint I will have Brady Gronk Stacks along with Brady-Evans-Gronk stacks in some lineups today.

Other Plays in this Game:

Tyler Higbee $4,000 32% owned the Buccaneers are 18th against Tight Ends

Van Jefferson $4,400 11% owned

Cyril Grayson $4,100 2% owned – IF HE PLAYS

Ty Johnson $3,700 18% owned – Especially if Grayson doesn’t play

Buccaneers DST $3,100 42% owned

Rams DST $3,000 15% owned

Dart Throws:

Cameron Brate $2,700 1% owned

Scotty Miller $3,300 1% owned

Ke’shawn Vaughn $4,700 2% owned

Jaelon Darden $3,000 1% owned – if Grayson doesn’t play only

John Brown $3,000 Now Ownership – DEEP DART THROW, if Grayson doesn’t play only

Ben Skowronek $3,000 1% owned – DEEP DART THROW


Fun fact, my first big DFS win came in 2014 in the NFC Divisional Game in this exact time slot. Could lightning strike twice for the old dog over here? Fingers Crossed.

Easily the most anticipated matchup of the weekend, Josh Allen $7,600 37% owned takes his Bills into Arrow Head to try and unseat the current AFC Champion Patrick Mahomes $7,100 32% owned and his Kansas City Chiefs. This should be one for the ages. Also something to think about. With both the #1 Seeds in the AFC and NFC already eliminated (ie; no Derrick Henry, No Aaron Rogers) and by the time this game kicks off one of either Cooper Kupp and the Rams or Tom Brady and the Bucs will also be eliminated – I would say whoever wins tonight, Bills or Chiefs has a really good shot at the Superbowl and Lombardi Trophy. You heard it here first.

Josh Allen in Week 5 against the Chiefs threw 25 times, completed 15 for 315 yards and 3 Touchdown passes. He also rushed for nearly 60 yards and added a rushing touchdown. That is the problem when you try to compare any other Quarterback today to Allen – it is just so tough to think that Brady or Stafford, even Mahomes could outscore a guy who is averaging over 250 yards passing per game and 61 rushing yards as well. He has had multiple Touchdown passes in 14 of 18 games this season and he has 6 rushing scores on the season as well. He is without a doubt the #1 offensive weapon on this team and the Chiefs (ranked 31st against QBs) will need to find a way to stop him above all else, and I am not sure they will be able to. Interestingly, the Chiefs Defense is second only to the Buccaneers in ownership today.

Patrick Mahomes didn’t fare as well in Week 5 against the Bills completing 33 of 54 for 272 and 2 scores but he also had 2 interceptions. Mahomes also ran for 61 yards but he lost a fumble in that game. That being said, lately Mahomes has looked much more like Mahomes. Twice in the last 5 games he has gone over 400 yards. He’s had 2 or more touchdowns in each of the last 5 games 3 or better in 3 of those games and 5 last week against the Steelers. He has had 2 picks and 2 fumbles in that span and if there is an achilles heal to Mahomes being the top fantasy scoring QBs it is those errors. The Bills Defense has been playing excellent football lately recording 3 or more sacks in 4 of the last 5 games and 3 interceptions in that span. They also have 15 Fumble recoveries as a defense this season. You can never count out Mahomes especially defending his AFC title at home, and I’ll have my share but rankings wise, I put Josh Allen just ahead of him.

Running Back

Devin Singletary $5,900 60% ownership, rivaling only Uncle Lenny in ownership Singletary walks in to this game on a genuine hot streak. He’s had 81 yards or better in 4 of his last 5 games and at least 1 touchdown in each of those games as well including 2 last week against the Patriots and 2 in Week 17 against the Falcons. He’s seen 2 or more targets in 3 of the last 5 including 4 last week and add a receiving touchdown in week 18 against the Jets. He is the unquestioned RB1 on this team and the Chiefs are in the bottom half of the league against the run allowing nearly 120 yards on the ground. He is my second favorite back today behind Cam Akers.

The Kansas City Chiefs Backfield: Somewhat out of nowhere, this backfield seems to be a committee so I need to address it as a whole. Clyde Edwards-Helaire $5,200 13% owned has had a rocky season to say the least. He is still listed as the RB1 and he will play tonight, but if you saw the way Jerrick McKinnon $4,800 30% owned played last week – if I am the Chiefs I am rolling with the hot hand: 61 yards on the ground, 81 through the air and a touchdown catch. Damn. Even is CEH is active, I have to assume the Chiefs will be looking to manufacture ways to get McKinnon the ball. Then you have Darrell Williams $4,200 2% owned who in his own right is an adept pass catcher, but he is questionable to play. If he doesn’t, I think Derick Gore $4,000 2% owned is in flex consideration as another dynamic back. We don’t know how the Chiefs will roll out this back field, but my best guess as CEH and McKinnon split snaps and carries and targets while Williams and Gore are more dart throw Flex play.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Stefon Diggs $6,500 44% owned. It is eerily similar how in Week 5 when these two teams met, Diggs and Tyreek Hill ended with 69 and 63 yards respectively. In that game though I think you had a bit of a role reversal. It only took Diggs 2 catches to get his 69 yards, while it took Hill 7 to get his 63. Look there is no question Diggs is Allen’s #1 Target, he’s averaged 7.5 per game all season. But the things that prevent me from falling in love with the price tags are the other intangibles. Diggs has gone 100 or more only twice this season. 80 or more only 4 times. He has 10 touchdowns on the season but big gaps between most of them but he has had a score in 3 of his last 5. In that week 5 game Diggs had his season long 61 yard catch and while he has the Talent to being the #1 WR on the day, I still prefer Kupp. Allen – Diggs stacks will be very popular today and of course I will have at least one, but I really like Diggs as a run back on Chiefs stacks. I love the price too and that the Chiefs are ranked 2nd to last against Wide Receivers.

Tyreek Hill $6,600 42% owned. I don’t recall ever seeing Tyreek Hill at a sub $7,000 price tag. I think we have to take advantage. Tyreek to me is the ultimate boom or bust DFS play. When he booms he breaks the slate. When he busts he normally costs you big because of his salary… but at a manageable $6,600 he is very appealing today. He has 3 games this season of finishing with 148 or better and like Diggs he has 10 touchdowns. If the Chiefs need to play catch up at any point Hill can help you catch up quick. If he breaks the slate today, you will want to have had a healthy share of Mahomes-Hill stacks. The Bills come into this game ranked 1st against Wide Receivers, but I am yet to see a defense that Tyreek Hill can’t blow by, especially if he’s already seen them once in a season.

Travis Kelce $6,500 33% owned. In Week 5 against the Bills. Kelce went 6 for 57 and 1. Coming into that game he had already had two 100+ yard games. Since week 5 he’s had 4 more. He’s also had 10 Touchdowns. He has been targeted 5 or more times in 15 games this season, double digit targets in 6 or them. He has the mind meld with Mahomes that previously was only reserved for Brady and Gronk in this era. I’d say Kelce is also as inevitable as Thanos but the Bills defense, ranked 1st against tight ends, has been stout. There is no question that if the Chiefs are to win this game one of either Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce will need to be the all star that they are. But it’s a roll of the dice on which one will and while it has happened that both go off in a game, it is rare. So I don’t believe it wise to double stack Mahomes with Hill and Kelce. But I will have equal share of the individual stacks. Normally I prefer stacking Mahomes with Kelce over Hill for the salary savings but with only $100 difference between them I think having equal shares of the stacks is smart.

Dawson Knox $4,900 11% Probably my favorite Contrarian play of the day is to stack Allen and Knox. Knox just seems to be on Allen’s wavelength and no matter the matchup if Allen needs an outlet, more often than knox it’s Dawson. 3x this season he has had multiple TD catches and last week he took 5 targets for 5 catches for 89 yards and 2 TDs. I like hot streaks. The Chiefs are middle of the road against tight ends and with over half the field playing either Kelce or Gronk, I love that Knox is being overlooked. Ironically, he also has 10 TDs on the season. I love Allen-Knox stacks, I also like Knox as a contrarian run back on Chiefs stacks.

Other Plays in this Game:

Byron Pringle $4,300 18% owned

Gabriel Davis $4,600 20% owned

Cole Beasley $4,000 20% owned

Emmanuel Sanders $4,200 6% owned – love that ownership

Mecole Hardman $3,900 15% owned

Isaiah McKenzie $3,500 4% owned

Chiefs DST $2,800 32% owned

Bills DST $2,600 11% owned

Dart Throws:

Demarcus Robinson $3,600 2% owned

Zach Moss $4,100 2% owned

Good Luck in Your Contests!

2021 Divisional Round – SATURDAY DRAFT KINGS DFS PREVIEW – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Well we have reached the last stretch of the 2021 Season. With 4 games on tap for the weekend and (in theory) the best of the best playing each other, it will be tough to get different in tournaments – but that is why we are hear. To help you #BuildBetterLineups. So let’s get right into it!

Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans 4:30PM

THE KING IS BACK! Derrick Henry will be returning to the field today and probably not a minute too soon for the Titans. Although, I do believe that the Titans defense isn’t getting near the credit it deserves for keeping the games without Henry close and competitive. So let’s talk some plays!

If you are playing the all day slate, I don’t think you can get cute with ownership at the QB position each of the 4 are pulling roughly 25% ownership and sure there may be two that are heavier owned than the others, but it’s a margin of 5-10% difference and honestly that isn’t anything that is going to sway you one way or the other… stacking creatively will likely be the leverage/variance maker.

I am saying this because for me that means you are in need of Raw Points from the Quarterback Position. So when I consider Joe Burrow $6,600 and Ryan Tannehill $5,800 I have to ask the question – do either player have the chance to outscore Jimmy G or Aaron Rogers later. Starting with Burrow over the last 3 games Burrow has averaged 39 Pass Attempts, completing roughly 74% and averaging an amazing 405 yards and 3.25 Touchdowns and 32 fantasy points. He plays a Titans Defense ranked 24th against Quarterbacks who are allowing a hair under 250 passing yards. Meanwhile Tannehill has averaged 19.5 Passing Attempts over the same span, completing around 71% averaging 206 yards and 19 Fantasy points. He gets a defense ranked 18th against QBs and also averaging 250 yards through the air. If Derrick Henry wasn’t back, I might take a shot on Tannehill here in a must win at home. But even as unsustainable as Burrow’s numbers have been, out of the two if there is one that has a shot to outscore the QBs in the later game – I think it is Burrow.

Next we have another conundrum – play Derrick Henry ($7,500) or play Joe Mixon $6,600. Surprisingly, it is Mixon who is drawing the ownership at close to 75% and I have to assume that has a lot to do with people either playing Mixon thinking that Henry will be the chalkiest of chalk, or people are playing Tannehill and stacking with Mixon because they think a Joe Burrow – Derrick Henry stack will be the Chalkiest of Chalk. Well at 58% ownership on Henry and 30% ownership on Burrow, I can tell you … that is not the case. Once again if you are playing the all day slate, in clicking either running back you need to run it through the same lens as QB. Do either Henry or Mixon have a chance to score higher than Aaron Jones and Eli Mitchell later. The pace that Henry was on prior to his injury was without question historic. Over 100 yards rushing in 5 of 8 games played. Over 130 in 4 of those 5. 10 Rushing Touchdowns in 8 games including 3 games of 3 rushing scores. Only twice in 8 games did he see under 28 rushing attempts. And he had FINALLY gotten in the passing game too. It’s been so long, maybe you forgot how absolutely dominant Henry was to start this season. He will see a Bengals defense that ranks 21st against Running Backs and allowing over 100 yards on the ground. Meanwhile Mixon has only gone over 100 yards 3x all season long. Over the last game he has averaged 50 yards on an average of 17 carries. He does have 3 more rushing scores on the season but again keep in mind, he has played 10 more games than Henry this year. The biggest thing in Mixon’s favor is the passing game where he has consistently seen an average of 5 targets for 45 yards over the back half of the year and he has 3 touchdown receptions on the season. But the matchup is brutal. The Titans rank #1 against Running Backs and are allowing a paltry 85 yards on the ground. The science and the sense is in Henry’s favor. If either of these backs has a shot at the most raw points – it has to be The King.

Last point I will highlight is defenses here. I think one sneaky play today is defenses in this game. I think the most players are going to go all the way up for the Packers at an affordable $3,200 in the tundra against the west coast team… Additionally the Titans are looking to be the highest owned at $2,800 and so – I think a sneaky play is the Bengals at $2,700. Here’s a fun fact, in Away games this year the Bengals are giving up an average of 225 passing yards and with a known low volume passing game on tap already, I think he Bengals have a decent shot at positive points – even in a loss – and with the Bengals being the 3rd highest owned – if they find a way to slow Henry down too, you could be walking into the later game with a positive yardage at DST.

Other Picks:

Ja’Mar Chase $7,100 36% owned, the Titans rank 31st against WRs

Tee Higgins $5,700 37% owned

Tyler Boyd $4,700 19% owned

I love the Burrow double stack with Chase and Higgins or Chase and Boyd, running it back with Henry

AJ Brown $6,200 50% owned, the Bengals rank 15th against WRs

Julio Jones $4,600 19% owned

Nick Westbrook-Ikhine $3,800 2% owned

It’s tough not to pair Tannehill and AJ Brown, but instead of running it back with Mixon, I much prefer a Bengals Wide Receiver at half the ownership of Mixon. I mostly like Julio and NWI as low owned lineup fillers for my lineups that are heavy with Packers and Niners.


CJ Uzomah $3,400 41% owned – the Titans rank 6th against Tight Ends

Anthony Firsker $3,100 6% owned – the Bengals are 25th against Tight Ends

Geoff Swaim $2,800 3% owned

Ryan Izzo $2,500 3% owned


There isn’t a soul looking at this game and not thinking that the 49ers are going to know what to do with the cold of a Green Bay night at Lambeau Field. I have a different take. They know what to do – run the football. Run the football. Run the football – run the game. Anything can happen remember.

If you are playing the all day lineup you will ultimately face the same questions as exist with Burrow and Tannehill. If there really isn’t much difference in ownership, raw points will matter most at the position. So the question is do either Aaron Rogers $7,100 or Jimmy Garoppolo $5,200 have a shot to finish with more fantasy points than either Ryan Tannehill or Joe Burrow. So the answer in my mind is yes – kinda. Burrow is still probably my favorite Quarterback on the slate but not counting week 18 where he was pulled at half time, Rogers was also lighting things up down the stretch. Averaging 35 pass attempts per game week 12 – 17, 265 yards per game. He 33 touchdowns on the season and only 3 picks – with multiple touchdown passes in every game but 1. Meanwhile Handsome Jimmy has also really stepped his game up down the stretch. Averaging 33 pass attempts over his last 5. It is Jimmy’s completion percentage (63%) though that gives me worry as it the lowest of the 4, even below Tannehill’s. Of these two players the raw points have to favor Rogers at home and so now with all 4 discussed my ranking is: #1 Burrow, #2 Rogers, #3 Tannehill, #4 Garoppolo.

The next piece of this game that I think you need to consider are the Running Backs. Aaron Jones $6,800 36% ownership and Eli Mitchell $5,800 and 48% ownership. I really like Aaron Jones the player but I don’t think there is any use in looking at his numbers in trying to make a comparison on who to play. This is because there has been a real division in snaps and opportunities between Jones and AJ Dillon $5,100 12% ownership. COMBINED this season Jones and Dillon are averaging 24 attempts per game. Ironically, in games this season where Mitchell started and finished (15) he himself averages 23.5 opportunities. So from the stat standpoint the clear volume play here is Mitchell. BUT to me. my gut is telling me, there is a reason why the Packers have given Jones so much sideline time all season and that reason is to keep him fresh when it matters most – these next 3 games. Again it is just a gut feeling – but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jones clock 20+ carries and 6+ catches, potentially two scores. Now the Million Dollar Question, can either back put up more raw points than Derrick Henry and/or Joe Mixon? The Packers and Niners are 6th and 7th against running backs for what it’s worth. For the opportunity (based off of the season) I give the edge to Mitchell, but my gut still tells me something special is coming from Aaron Jones. #1 Derrick Henry #2 Eli Mitchell #3 Aaron Jones #4 Joe Mixon #5 AJ Dillon

Instead of focusing on defenses here the last in depth comparison in this game for me is Wide Receiver 1s. Davante Adams $8,500 60% Ownership and Deebo Samuel $7,600 40% ownership are the guys that I think we need to take a hard look at. Adams is arguably the overall Wide Receiver 1 in the league averaging 11 targets per game in 2021 with 8 games +100 yards including week 3 against the 49ers where he saw 18 targets, caught 11 balls and finished with 132 yards. Adams has 11 Touchdowns on the season. Meanwhile Deebo has 6 games of 100 yards ore better, averaging 8 targets per game with 6 Touchdown Catches. What keeps Deebo in the conversation though is his rushing game. Since Week 10, Samuel has had no less than 5 rushing opportunities in every game including 10 last week in Dallas, where he had his second highest rushing total of the season at 72 rush yards (he also finished with 79 in Week 11 against Jacksonville). Tack on 9 Rushing scores for Deebo on the season and he is right there with Adams in my opinion for WR1 Status on the day. So the question becomes what to do. Well if you want build around Henry-Adams-Samuel it will be very difficult so I think you need to choose in a lot of your lineups, Samuel or Adams… you can’t go wrong. I think either man has the potential to finish as WR 1 today. Personally, I rank the top WR options today as #1 Deebo Samuel #2 Davante Adams #3 Ja’mar Chase #4 AJ Brown

Other Picks:

Alan Lazard $4,300 23% owned

Randall Cobb $3,100 24% owned

If you are stacking Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams, give your lineup some variance by double stacking either Lazard or Cobb. Plus the price on Kittle makes him a nice run back option or Eli Mitchell, who is also priced aggressively.

George Kittle $5,300 35% owned

AJ Dillon $5,100 11% owned

Brandon Aiyuk $5,100 18% owned

Garoppolo stacks with Deebo will be popular but a way to offset is to double stack with Kittle or Aiyuk and run it back with Lazard or Cobb or a flex on AJ Dillon.

Josiah Deguara $3,000 8% owned


Jauan Jennings $3,100 5% owned

Trent Sherfield $3,000 2% owned

Travis Benjamin $3,000 2% owned

Equinnious St Brown $3,000 2% owned

Marcedes Lewis $2,600 1% owned

Jauwan Winfree #3,000 2% owned

Ross Dwelley $2,500 3% owned

Charlie Woerner $2,500 3% owned


Super Wild Card Weekend CONCLUDES! Monday Night Showdown – Rams Cardinals – Win and Move On! Draft Kings DFS Preview – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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HAPPY DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY. Please join us in celebrating a great, great man.

Before I talk Draft Kings Showdown strategy & picks, I just want to mention – if you aren’t watching Monday Night Football with Peyton & Eli on ESPN 2 during the games, with their alternate commentary and guests … give it a shot tonight, especially if you are a fan of Duane “The Rock” Johnson.

Well here we are, at the end of the Wild Card Round. To recap it was an exciting week of football, though somewhat predictable. The surging Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals beat the underdog Raiders. Josh Allen and The Bills beat the Patriots at home in a blowout. Tom Brady and his Buccaneers beat the Eagles at home and Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce & The Chiefs sent Big Ben into retirement and the rest of the Steelers home. I am pretty sure most people saw all of these outcomes, coming. What I didn’t see coming was the 49ers going into Dallas and winning against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. It gives me some hope for tonight’s game where “anything can happen”.

Truthfully though in this game between the Rams and Cardinals – I really can’t say for certainty who is going to win. I just think both of these teams are really good and I think this is a toss up, a coin flip if you will. There isn’t any question you have two high powered offenses squaring off – but you also have two solid defenses matching up as well. It does make it a little tricky in building your DFS Showdown lineups. So right out of the gate, I am mainly focusing on 2 build types: 4-2 (4 from one team, 2 from the other) and 3 3 (balanced). 4 – 2 in the event it is a track meet with one QB-Receiver or Receiver-RB stack from the dominant team all you need while the other team spreads the ball around in trying to come back. The Balanced Build is all about this being a lower scoring defensive struggle, so my 3-3 builds will have defenses and kickers in it.

The Cardinals

I am intrigued to see how the Rams deploy Jalen Ramsey tonight. In the earlier meeting between these two this season, which the Rams won (remember AJ Green not turning around to bother snatching a gimme winning touchdown at the end of the game), Ramsey spent a lot of time in the middle of the field and a lot of time on secondary receivers and not a lot of time shadowing Deandre Hopkins. Now with Hopkins off the field, where will we see Ramsey most of the time. I think that is an important piece to consider…

Captain Picks:

Kyler Murray $16,800 Captain. Murray will be the most popular Captain tonight at over 50% ownership and it is interesting, considering the last time these two teams played he finished with 22 Fantasy Points throwing for 383 with two picks and NO touchdowns, while also running for 61 yards with a fumble and no touchdowns. It’s not that I don’t like Kyler tonight but (call me crazy) I don’t like him at Captain. Did you know that only once this year he finished a game with an average Depth of Target of over 9 yards. Over his last 5 games he hasn’t exceeded an average depth of target over 7 yards. Additionally, on the whole this season the 60+ yard rushing game is far from the norm. He has gone over 60 on the ground 3x and across the rest of the season he averages 38.6 rushing yards. If the Cardinals have a chance to win, he can go more interceptions than touchdowns either. He is a fine flex play at $11,200 and if you are multi-entering you will end up with a few Kyler Captain lineups, but I’m not crazy about it.

James Connor $14,100 Captain. Connor will be a game time decision. If he doesn’t play, I slide Chase Edmonds right in at Captain consideration and even if Connor plays, especially if you are multi-entering, I think keeping Edmonds in your player pool at flex is smart. Anyway back to Connor, 5 Multiple Rushing touchdowns this season including 2 in Week 14 against these Rams. Connor has 16 rushing scores on the season. He’s also caught 3 touchdown passes. This is why you are playing James Connor at Captain – multi-touchdown potential. I love it every week he is on the field and if he happens to run for 75 or better and catchers 3 or more passes while scoring multiple touchdowns, he could bust the slate open. At 26% ownership, if we get news he is playing that might jump. But I like Connor here and again, Chase Edmonds is very interesting whether Connor is in or not.

AJ Green $8,700 Captain. Week 14 against the Rams represented the most yardage of the season for Green in his new Arizona Home. It could have resulted in a game winning score, but having that chip on his shoulder is one I want to bank on. Should he find salvation with touchdown or two, I’ll be glad to have him at Captain. Certainly he benefited by double teams on Deandre Hopkins. Could that happen to Green or will it be Christian Kirk? I love the stack of both guys with or without Kyler and I love playing one or the other in a single stack with Kyler. Mix and Match. Kirk also had 74 yards in that week 14 game too. Both guys are solidly in the flex for me too.

Christian Kirk $10,500 33% ownership at Captain is very warranted here. Since Deandre Hopkins has been limited or out, Kirk has been the safety outlet and down field guy for Kyler Murray. Last week against Seattle aside, Kirk has averaged 7.8 targets per game and gone 79 or more 3 out of the last 5. His touchdowns really haven’ t been there this season (1 over the last 5 games) but we all know with Kirk’s speed he could only need 3 catches down the field to hit 100 and a score. If the Cardinals want to win this game they will need Kirk to step up and with his target share he has to be in consideration at Captain.

Antoine Wesley $2,700 16% ownership. This is a dart throw, I get it. But look – 3 touchdowns in 3 weeks for a guy who since Week 15 has been the WR4 and hasn’t seen less than 4 Targets per Game! since then hasn’t seen less than 4 targets per game. This is a touchdown or bust play sure but $2,700 at Captain … play whoever you want in the rest of the lineup and if he goes 4 for 40 and 2 as well – man will you be in great shape in your contests. Now this likely all hinges on if Rondale Moore plays in this game. Moore has missed the last 3 and is currently questionable. If Moore doesn’t play I like the Wesley Captain play. If Moore does play, I prefer both guys in the flex and I still would have a slight lean to Wesley.

Definitely I think you can consider the Kicker Matt Prater at $6,000 at Captain. He’s consistenly seen 3+ Field Goal all season including 3 in the last time these two teams played each other. I really like the Prater – Kyler – Connor contrarian stack, basically saying all of the Cardinals scoring will come from these 3. I’ll also have at least one lineup with the Cardinals DST at Captain – it is Matthew Stafford on the other side of the ball after all.

The Rams

We are all well aware that Cooper Kupp has had a career making season this year. But what I think is going partially over looked is the chemistry that has developed with Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr who is doing his best Robert Woods impression (kidding). In 6 of his 8 games with the team he has seen 5 or more targets and caught 5 Touchdowns – his most in any of his last 3 seasons. OBJ finished week 14 against Arizona with 6 Catches for 77 yards and a score. At 23% ownership (literally half the Ownership Kupp is seeing) and at $10,200 I think he is phenomenal pick for Captain and a bit under the radar too

More Rams Captain Picks

Cooper Kupp $19,500 your most expensive Captain on the slate and the 2nd highest owned, Kupp is nothing short of electric. Find a way to get Kupp in your lineups tonight. Only once this season has he finished with under 95 yards. 11 games over over 100 yards and 16 touchdowns on the season he is the unquestioned #1 offensive weapon for this team. Week 14 against this team he saw 15 targets, caught 14 of them for 123 and a score. Lately he has added at least one rushing attempt per game too as if he wasn’t already doing enough. The only downside of Kupp at Captain is the pricing but if you can figure it out, it may be the best decision you make all season in DFS.

Matthew Stafford $16,200 at 40% ownership at Captain I like Kyler more due to the rushing yardage but here’s a few fun facts about Stafford that makes me want to play him at Captain tonight. First, h threw at least 1 touchdown pass in EVERY GAME this season. Second in 13 games this season he has thrown 2 or more touchdowns including 2 in Week 4 against Arizona and 3 in Week 14 against Arizona. Third arguably week 14 against Arizona is arguably his best game of the season. 26 of 30 for 287 yards, 3 Touchdowns and NO interceptions. Now the downside. He has thrown 17 interceptions this season (1 more than Kupp has Touchdowns) and that includes one in Week 4 against Arizona. Moreover over the last 5 games of the season, he threw 8 picks. YIKES. I’ll have at least one Stafford Captain Lineup with both Kupp and OBJ in the flex – but I won’t have multiple

Sony Michel $11,700 at 41% ownership I think Michel is a solid play at Captain. Since really taking over the backfield in Week 13 he has seen no less than 18 carries in any game including taking 20 for 79 yards in Week 14 against the Cardinals. In the last 3 games of the season he also has seen no less than 4 targets per game too. Now Cam Akers is back, so it is possible that he cuts into Michel’s workload… but with the season and playoffs on the line, my gut says that they stick with one of the guys who helped get them here down the stretch. He is also a sold stack play in the flex with the Rams DST in lineups you use the DST in.

Cam Akers $9,900 15% ownership. Yes this is a dart throw at Captain and yes his price is awful high for a dart throw but on the off chance they are ready to let Akers loose tonight I will have at least one lineup with him in it and I also do not mind using Akers in the Flex on Sony Michel Captain’d lineups. I also have a suspicion that if the Rams are playing catchup, we could see the Rams use Akers as pass catcher a bit more than they may have planned on. Anyway, my gut says we will see a fair share of Akers tonight and again I will have at least 1 lineup with Akers at Captain.

Similarly to the Cards, I think you can consider the Kicker Matt Gay at $6,300 at Captain. He’s saw 3 Field Goal attempts in Week 14 against the Cardinals and he could have a repeat performance tonight. Playing Gay in your Kupp – Stafford stacks is a way to save money and be different. I’ll also have at least one lineup with the Rams DST ($5,700) at Captain at 12% ownership if the Rams D shuts the Cardinals down at low ownership, you could be sitting pretty. I’ve already mentioned a Michel-Rams stack – but no one is playing an Akers-Rams stack, or a Kupp-Akers-Rams stack either!

DART THROWS (Flex or Captain):

Van Jefferson (if he plays) $7,800/$5,200

Rondale Moore (if he plays) $6,900/$4,600

Chase Edmonds (Especially if Connor doesn’t play) $7,500/$5,000

Ben Skowronek (if Van Jefferson is out) $1,800/$1,200

Zach Ertz $9,300/$6,300

Tyler Higbee $8,100/$5,400

Antoine Wesley $2,700/$1,800

Eno Benjamin (only if Connor is out) $3,600/$2,400


NFL Super Wild Card Weekend – SUNDAY Slate – Buccaneers Eagles, Cowboys Niners, Chiefs Steelers – Draft Kings DFS Building a Balanced Lineup & More – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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It’s funny how just adding one more game to a slate changes the immediate approach on building lineups in DFS. It’s kinda amazing when you think about every week with 11 games going on how easy it is to “miss” a player when you are building and get blinded by “too good of a match up” in one game and suddenly realizing after kickoff you completely ignored another game entirely. When you spend one day building lineups on a 2 game slate and then literally a few hours later go to build lineups on a 3 game slate – it’s like all the same nervousness of the 11 game weeks. Like Aerosmith – I just don’t want to miss a thing.

But the big thing for me as I continue to drill down the options is … I actually think you can miss a thing. I think you can miss several things actually. More on that later. What I think you can’t miss however is what I really want to highlight right now. The Quarterbacks. I think the Quarterbacks today are going to matter a whole lot and using 3 filters on selecting which of the 6 to begin your lineup with is going to be helpful.

The First Filter is price. Once again this slate contains no player over $7,900 and no Quarterback over $7,300. However it may surprise you with only 6 Starters on a slate the difference in price from the highest owned to that of the lowest owned is $2,100. That is a lot of cake to consider with prices so close across the other positions. So what I would recommend is set a spending limit at QB, one that will allow you the most opportunity as you build the rest of your lineup.

The Second Filter is opportunity. Yes every quarterback will have all the opportunities (barring injury) to perform. So what I mean by opportunity here is actually the opportunity to leading your lineup to being the the highest scoring lineup in contest.

Third filter is ownership and leverage and your ability to build that in your lineups, starting with the QB. For instance if you are using the highest owned highest priced QB, where will that lead you as you build and what leverage can be gained, if your remaining salary doesn’t allow you the plays you want… and how does that effect that QB’s opportunity to be the highest scoring QB on the slate for you too….

Patrick Mahomes at $7,300 is looking to being the highest owned QB on the slate at 30%. Meanwhile the QB on the other side of that game, Ben Roethlisberger is looking to being the lowest owned QB on the slate at 4% while also being the cheapest of the 6 starters at $5,200. Let’s run the filters. First price. Putting Mahomes in your lineup at QB leaves you $5,337 per player left in remaining salary. Let’s add in the most expensive Defense at $3,400 and that brings your remaining salary to $5,600. In a balance build that would lead you to Eli Mitchell ($5,700) and due to injuries, the next closest salary is Tony Pollard ($5,300). Still at $5,660 per player you could go Amari Cooper ($5,900), Devonta Smith ($5,400), Brandon Aiyuk ($5,200). Since you will want to stack Mahomes with someone, you can try and include Travis Kelce at $6,700 leaving you $5,100 in the flex and as you will see there are interesting plays like Miles Sanders, Dalton Schultz, Lev Bell, Chase Claypool … I mean, it’s doable. Let’s use Claypool for a Steelers Run back. Here’s your Mahomes lineup in a balanced build:

Pat Mahomes

Eli Mitchell

Tony Pollard

Amari Cooper

Devonta Smith

Brandon Aiyuk

Travis Kelce

Chase Claypool


So what happens if we exchange Mahomes for Roethlisberger and give this lineup back $2,100 …

Immediately you could upgrade Tony Pollard to Najee Harris, or any of your Wide Receivers to either Deebo Samuel or Tyreek Hill or upgrade Claypool to Mike Evans. In each case, I think you can see how it can effect your opportunity for a higher scoring lineup. Sure Mahomes may have a better opportunity to outscore Big Ben, but by rostering Big Ben I think any of those above moves coupled with the rest of your lineup is a better opportunity at being the highest scoring in the contest. Plus the last filter – ownership. So if Ben’s holds at 4%, you already have variance and if he happens to somehow score more fantasy points than than the 37% owned Mahomes – you have mega leverage in a high scoring lineup. Does this make sense?

Let’s run it again with Tom Brady the second highest priced QB at $7,200 with 19% ownership and Jalen Hurts the 4th highest at $6,100 at 10% ownership. Largely you can see a very similar balanced build as Mahomes. With Brady in at QB, your average remaining player salary is again $5,350. So we plug in the highest priced Defense – the Buccaneers at $3,400 and we are back at $5,628 per player. Let’s plug in Eli Mitchell again but before we plug in RB2, we need a stack for Brady so let’s plug in a $7,000 Mike Evans instead of paying up at TE for Kelce in the Mahomes lineup. We could go back to Devonta Smith as a run back at $5,400 but I will instead pay down at TE for Dallas Goedert at $4,400 as my Eagles run back and I’m back at $5,575 remaining salary. So let’s now plug Brandon Aiyuk and Chase Claypool back in. We now have $6,200 left so let’s get back to RB2 where we can upgrade from Tony Pollard to Ezekiel Elliot at $6,100 and finish in the Flex with CeeDee Lamb at $6,300. Actually – I kinda like this lineup:

Tom Brady

Ezekiel Elliot

Eli Mitchell

Mike Evans

Chase Claypool

Brandon Aiyuk

Dallas Goedert

CeeDee Lamb


So let’s plug in $1,100 in savings with Jalen Hurts and I can immediately upgrade Eli Mitchell to Najee Harris, or upgrade Claypool to Devonta Smith if I want to double stack or upgrade Brandon Aiyiuk to Amari Cooper. Or Goedert to Schultz at TE. So again, multiple ways to increase my opportunity at a higher scoring lineup – and the ownership on Hurts, if he happens to finish with more fantasy points then once again – major leverage over the field.

Let’s go one more round. Dak Prescott at $6,400 and 24% ownership versus Jimmy Garoppolo at $5,300 and 14% ownership. Starting off with Dak at QB and the Buccaneers at Defense (just to keep everything the same) we find ourselves at $5,700 left in remaining salary per player. We will again plug Eli Mitchell in at $5,700 and hold off on RB2 for a moment and like with Brady, I’ll pair Dak with a WR – in this case $6,300 CeeDee Lamb. $5,580 in remaining player salary. From there we can go with our friends Devonta Smith and Brandon Aiyuk and with $5,766 left we can pay up at TE for Kelce or Gronk at $6,400 but we still have RB2 and Flex to fill. So I will pay down again, this time for Pat Freiermuth at $4,200. That leaves us $6,550 in remaining player salaries where I can nab Najee or Zeke at RB2, lets use Zeke at $6,100 leaving us $7,000 at Flex where Mike Evans or Dionte Johnson at $6,700 immediately jump out. Let’s use Johnson in a Steelers double stack with The Muth I kinda like this lineup too:

Dak Prescott

Eli Mitchell

Ezekiel Elliot

CeeDee Lamb

Devonta Smith

Pat Freiermuth

Diontae Johnson


Now if we swap Dak for Jimmy G, we have a whopping $1,700 left in Salary to play with. We could upgrade Lamb or Johnson for $7,900 Deebo Samuel or $7,300 Tyreek Hill. If we upgrade Johnson to Samuel we could even have room left to upgrade Devonta Smih to Amari Cooper and upgrade Lamb right back to the $6,700 Diontae Johnson we just had gotten rid of. I like this lineup too especially with the Jimmy G ownership.

So there you have it. Being smart with your choice of QB can really matter in DFS and can really help to shape a better lineup if you filter your QB choices through Price, Opportunity, Ownership. This is all here to help guide you to build better lineups. I hope it helps. And sure I could have jammed in both Deebo and Tyreek and built a lineup from there – but with pricing so soft I think a balance build is the way to go today and I just gave you six approaches to building like that.

Obviously every player I mentioned above is in my player pool and here are some more that I think should be in yours as well:

Ke’Shawn Vaughn – $4,500 – 2% Ownership

Jauan Jennings – $3,700 – 4% ownership

Breshad Perriman – $4,600 – no ownership

Cedrick Wilson – $4,300 – 5% ownership

Byron Pringle – $3,900 – 11% ownership

Mecole Hardman – $4,100 – 1% ownership

Quez Watkins – $3,800 – 9% ownership

George Kittle – $5,800 – 20% ownership

And every DST is in play for me as well

AND Some Dart Throws to stick in your Flex:

Lev Bell – $4,700 – 1.5% ownership

Jordan Howard – $4,300 – 2% ownership

Boston Scott – $4,500 – no ownership

Ray Ray McCloud – $3,600 – no ownership

Scotty Miller – $3,500 – 1% ownership

James Washington – $3,200 – no ownership

Jalen Reagor – $3,100 – 3% ownership

Greg Ward – $3,000 – no ownership

Cameron Brate – $2,800 – 4% ownership

Zach Gentry – $2,700 – no ownership

OJ Howard – $2,500 – no ownership ‘

Demarcus Robinson – $3,300 – no ownership


NFL Super Wild Card Weekend – SATURDAY Slate – Raiders Bengals, Patriots Bills – Draft Kings DFS Strategy, Plays and More – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

You Can Find Me on Twitter @DelRayBoston

Before I begin I want to say something. I am currently isolating with a family member testing positive for Covid earlier this week. I have no symptoms and thankfully the way our home is arranged, my family member can isolate. However, of anyone in my family this person was the least likely to catch the virus in the eyes of all that we know. This person ALWAYS Masked Up. Even at family functions. Rarely was this person outside of the house without a mask. This person was an eagle regarding social distance, even when outside. No touching, barely a hug to anyone outside the family. This person always was first in the house with new masks, keeping everything clean, even stocking up on at home testing. Tomorrow will be day 5 and I am to test and I am hopeful I will stay negative and everyone in the house, including this person, tests negative. But for anyone out there reading this that has some notion that this thing isn’t real, let me assure you, it is. The agony this person has been in for the last 5 days I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But where it really is real, is for the people around whomever tests positives. The worry and stress over your loved one sick. The added stress of suddenly running a house down a body, while trying to manage care and help safely for everyone. The division of the house where in my case we are down a two rooms – the walls close in a hell of a lot more no matter how big your house is when that happens – believe me.

So listen. I am pleading with everyone out there. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated – get vaccinated. Please. It’s not just for you, it’s not even just for your immediate family. It is for ALL OF US. This person in my life is fully vaxxed and boosted and still got it – so I get the message so many people are saying: Vaccines don’t matter. But they do. I am fully vaxed and boosted and have no symptoms. So is my kid – despite Covid being in my house. And the person that is dealing with it – there is a real chance tomorrow on day 5 they test negative too. That is all because of being vaccinated, I am absolutely 100% certain of it. Do you not recall this time last year people were dealing with symptoms for 2 weeks or longer? Do you think the news is lying when they are reporting the over crowding of hospital beds with over 60% of those cases being non-vaccinated patients? Do you think the NFL players coming back from Covid absences want to suck on oxygen or have their snaps limited because their lungs still haven’t recovered – do you think they are doing that for a show? For god sakes get out of your own head and get vaccinated. For all of us.

And please – FREAKIN’ MASK UP. You think anyone will think less of you because you are wearing a mask in this day and age, anywhere? If they do, then do you really want to hang out with this person? Wearing a mask helps protect you and your loved ones. And one thing I can tell you is available everywhere are the new KN95 and 95 Masks. We just had a box delivered yesterday and we ordered them the night before. The science is saying 45% higher likelihood of preventing Covid than regular hospital masks, cloth masks with filters and yes gators. I am telling you it matters. I promise you it matters. If you can’t find a at home test at the stores – go to a testing sight if you are feeling bad and if you are positive …. ISOLATE. It sucks, yes but for real talk – the way this sh*t goes away is if we ALL do everything we can to limit the exposure until the exposures cease.

BY THE WAY. I am not a celebrity. I am not a talking head on a news show. I don’t get paid to write this every week. I am nobody. I am saying this so you can understand, I am a regular person and I care about the health and safety of everyone, I am passionate about the health and safety of everyone. If I could take the place of my family member right now to deal with the pain they are going through so they instead could be non-symptomatic, you are damn right I would. What I said above comes from my heart and this is not a paid endorsement. It is what I believe and I hope maybe it helps you.

If you are angry I have a soapbox to stand on, that’s fine. Don’t read on then. If you aren’t smart enough to do the above things for yourself and your loved ones, then you probably haven’t been smart enough to listen to anything I have ever written on here for 3 seasons and you probably haven’t won a cent. So if you want to stop reading here, that’s fine – just please take the measures I mentioned above and please do them. For all of us.

If you are still reading here, thank you. Even if only 20 people see this, if each of you can tell 20 people about it and they tell 20 people and so on … it has the chance to effect someone. Thank you.


This two game slate today for Wild Card Saturday has a lot going for it from a DFS perspective. First Pricing. No player on this slate is over $7,900 on DK. So literally, you can almost play anyone you want in whatever combination you want. It’s kinda incredible. Because of the soft pricing, the notion of CHALK (High Owned) CHEAP PLAYS is also kinda out the window. You can find ways to get different because all of the ownership is on 5 or 6 “stud” players. So I’ll talk game by game, touching on favorite plays, low owned leverage plays and I’ll even mention some showdown strategy too.

Overall here are your Top 3 Highest RBs and WRs as of 11AM this morning. I won’t mention QB, TE or DST since really, the choices are too limited anyway. I”ll discuss any plays in those positions in each game

Top 3 Owned RBs: Joe Mixon (75%), Devin Singletary (61%), Josh Jacobs (54%). Mixon by the way will be the highest owned player period, on the entire slate.

Top 3 Owned WRs: Tee Higgins (54%), Hunter Renfrow (40%), Ja’Mar Chase (37%). Close 4th is Stefon Diggs at 36%.

In both cases above it is clear that the Patriots will be the leverage play of the day (if they perform in Buffalo) as there is NO Patriot above 22% ownership as of right now and most of them are in single digit ownership as well.


We have two stories here to pay attention to in this game. First – Joe Burrow ($7,300) and Ja’Mar Chase ($7,800) clinched their playoff berth in Weeks 16 & 17 with back to back history making performances – but they sat the final week of the season, along with Joe Mixon ($7,100) and several other offensive starters. Can Burrow do it again? Or did the one week layoff kill the mojo?

The other story is that the Raiders just find a way to win. They changed their destiny down the stretch and last week won an overtime game against the Chargers that was as fun to watch as I am sure it was emotionally and physically draining for the Black & Silver. Can they keep riding this lightning bolt (sorry Chargers fans no pun intended) or did they play “their playoff game” last week, so to speak, and I too physically drained to put on another performance.

Derek Carr ($5,800) As of right now at 20% ownership Carr is a distant 3rd behind Burrow and Allen, but I expect that ownership to go up as the day goes on. First, if you have listened to any DFS Podcast or watched a DFS Video in the last 24 hours you will here the same thing – Love Carr here to be “different”. So that is why I am mentioning him first. The Plus on Carr is the price tag which even with slate with suppressed pricing, $5,800 allows you to do a lot. But for me – he is a mass multi entry play only. Only 5 Times in 18 Games has Carr scored over 19 Fantasy Points and in week 11 against the Bengals, he finished with 10.6. Only 5 Times in 18 Games has Carr thrown for over 300 yards and in week 11 he threw for 215. In seven games this season Carr has thrown 2 touchdown passes (meaning in 11 games he threw for only 1 or fewer) and in 5 of those 7 games he also threw a pick. In fact there are only 5 games this season where Carr didn’t throw an interception (So 13 games he threw one if you are keeping score – including Week 11 against the Bengals). I think Carr is a bit of a trap here but you can’t beat the price. He is a Mass Multi-Entry pick only for me.

Joe Burrow $7,300. Despite 36% ownership if there is a QB in this game I am playing it is Burrow. Over the last 5 games that Burrow has played he has thrown for 1,776 Yards and 3 of those games he finished with a 73% completion rate or higher. In that span he has also throw 12 Touchdowns (including 4 in back to back Week 16 and 17) and only 2 picks. In fact he hasn’t thrown a pick since week 13. Now granted in Week 11 it was one of Burrow’s lowest fantasy scoring weeks at 10.2 Fantasy points – but basing this solely on how he finished his regular season, I think that was an outlier. Again if I am playing a QB in this game, it is Burrow despite the ownership.

Ja’Mar Chase $7,800. I love the Burrow – Chase stack today for a couple reasons. First with Joe Mixon’s ownership at 75% focusing on the Bengals Passing attack is a leverage play. Second, getting Chase at 38% ownership is also a measure of leverage over the 54% owned Tee Higgins – which has to be due to pricing. But history making performances is the name of the game with Chase after his 266 and 3 performance against the Chiefs and no better way to make history than to win in the playoffs. I think Chase comes into this game ready to dominate and I love a player with a Chip on his shoulder. Plus you can only go up from a Week 11 32 yard and 1 performance against this same team.

Darren Waller $5,700. It hasn’t been a “Waller the Baller” kind of year has it. And since he has been back from injury, it hasn’t been very inspiring. Despite this at 52% ownership he is far and away the highest owned tight end and it is all about the matchup. The Bengals rank 26th against Tight Ends and in week 11 he took 8 targets for 7 catches for 116 yards. There will be a lot of Derek Carr – Darren Waller stacks today. There will be a lot of Joe Burrow – Tee Higgins – Darren Waller stacks today. I love the Ja’Mar Chase – Darren Waller stack with or without a matching QB. Play Darren Waller and don’t worry about the ownership. You can get different elsewhere.

Joe Mixon $7,100. At 75% ownership I can make a strong a case as fading Mixon as I could for playing him. The match up is there, the Raiders rank 30th against running backs giving up 114 yards on the ground. The opportunity is there as Mixon has had double digit carries in every game this season and seen 4 or more targets in 7 games including 6+ in back to back games in Weeks 16 and 17. The issue is the yards and touchdowns. Only 3 times has Mixon had 100 yards on the ground this season and that also hasn’t happened since Week 12. He does have 14 touchdowns on the year on the ground and 3 through the air. It’s a head scratcher for me. I think if you are playing Mixon you are hoping for a multiple touchdown game because I can’t trust the yardage. At 75% ownership you’d be wise if you are multi-entering to have at least a couple lineups without Mixon too as an immense leverage play.

Hunter Renfrow $6,400. The second highest owned WR on the slate Renfrow clearly shined with Waller off the field – but in Week 16 in Wallers Return, Renfrow still managed 76 yards and a score. To me, that is why you are playing Renfrow today – the Touchdown opportunity. 2 last week against the Chargers. 5 in his last 5 games. I also don’t think anyone is mentioning he is also the punt returner and a double stack with the Raiders DST if he runs one back is a definite leverage double point scorer. There will be a lot of Rendfrow run backs on Burrow – Chase or Burrow Higgins Stacks. It will be probably as popular as using Waller as a run back in those stacks. I like a Carr-Renfrow-Waller stack myself, but either way I think Renfrow needs to be in your player pool.

Josh Jacobs $6,600. The second highest owned running back on the slate, yes, but I actually think I prefer Jacobs today. I actually am not basing it off the 132 yard and 1 performance against the Chargers, it was his 129 yard performance against a formidable Denver defense in week 16 that reminded me just who Josh Jacobs was and could be in pivotal games like today’s. So call it a gut – but if the Raiders want to try to slow down Burrow and his receivers the best way to do that is to control the clock and run the ball. With 26 or more rushing attempts in 2 of his last 4, again my gut says the Raiders will go to Jacobs early in this game and lean on him if they are successful. The match up is there too with the Bengals ranked 26th against RBs and allowing over 100 yards on the ground.

Tee Higgins $6,200. There are reasons why Higgins is the highest owned Receiver on the slate. First the $1,600 price break from him to Chase. Second, 3 of his last 5 he has had 100 yards or more receiving including 194 in Week 16 and 138 in week 13. BUT here is my worry. In those other 2 games he saw 5 and 3 targets, finished with 62 and 23 yards and had no touchdowns. In 8 games this season he has finished with 62 or less yards and in 7 games 78 or more. This is a true definition of a Dart Throw not seen since Mike Williams 2021. The Price is driving the ownership and while I will have some shares because – you never know, I much prefer Chase in this matchup. There will be a lot of Burrow – Higgins – Renfrow or Waller stacks today… so if you play Higgins, maybe go Carr – Higgins – Renfrow or Waller, to be different.


Tyler Boyd $4,600 33% ownership

Zay Jones $4,000 26% ownership

Bengals DST $2,900 36% ownership

Raiders DST $2,500 22% ownership


Desean Jackson $3,100 2.8% ownership

Bryan Edwards $3,300 5% ownership

CJ Uzomah $3,500 23% ownership (obviously this is people fading Waller thinking they are sneaky)

If I am playing Showdowns in this game I am focusing on Pass Catchers at Captain. Chase, Renfrow, Waller, Higgins, Boyd primarily. I’m only interested in Burrow at Captain for QB. I think Mixon and Jacobs will be very popular at Captain today as well, so that is why I am most interested in Pass Catchers. I think Double stacking Pass Catcher with QB and Running Back will be my primary build. Don’t ignore the low owned 3rd and 4th receiving options and definitely don’t ignore the Kickers. I am inclined to use the DSTs as well in any lineup with the Running Backs featured prominently.


The first thing that is a plus on a slate like this is late swap. When you are building your lineup where possible, plug in some plays in this game. If your Bengals – Raiders plays flop you will have some time to make adjustments in your lineup with Pats Bills plays. The second plus in this game is injury news or sudden absences. You will get word of this well in advance of kick off so again if you are paying attention you can make changes accordingly.

This will be a rubber match this year with the Pats and Bills at 1 win each in their first two meetings. The Bills are heavily favored tonight as now back to back AFC East Champs and at home but there is something to note that is pretty major. Currently it is 8 Degrees in Buffalo and at kickoff it is expected to be 7 with it expected to be 6 by the time the 3rd quarter starts and 5 by the time the 4th quarter starts. Wind won’t be a factor like it was the last time these two teams played in Buffalo but the cold will be. I am not talking about the narrative that Josh Allen stinks in the cold. I am talking about physics. Freezing temperatures cause the ball to not sail through the air, causes hands to freeze which makes drops and fumbles more likely, it causes kicks to go shorter distances. Could this game surprise me and reach 50+ total points? Sure … but I think this will be a low scoring slug fest between rivals with the weather being a big factor in that.

Mac Jones $5,300. The least owned of the 4 starters at only 6%, it is clear there is no faith in Jones or the Patriots Passing game from the DFS Faithful. But I am not being a homer when I say I love the play, not only because of the ownership. Sure could Mac shock the world and throw for 300+ yards and 4 Touchdowns? Sure anything can happen – but it is more so the comp to the much higher owned Derek Carr that interests me. For $500 less than Carr, Jones has had only one less game of 19 points or higher than Carr. For $500 less he also has 7 more Touchdown Passes than Carr in 7 games of 2 or more touchdowns like Carr has. Interestingly he has almost the identical amount of interceptions as Carr has. All of this for roughly 1/8th the ownership and $500 in savings. True, his two games against Buffalo have been his two lowest fantasy point totals of the season BUT they also represent his two lowest pass attempts of the season. A total of 18 in 2 games where he has averaged 25.5 attempts all season long. What if the Pats flip the script on everyone and Throw First tonight? Hey it could happen. But for largely the same statistical Quaterback as Carr at an 1/8th of the ownership – I think Mac Jones is in play.

Josh Allen $7,900 at 38% ownership Allen will be the highest owned QB on the slate. Is it true that Josh Allen plays poorly in Cold Weather? I won’t go into the details but yes, historically the cold has not been his friend. The difference between all of those other Cold Weather games you will see and tonight? None of those games were playoff games and only one other was even at home in prime time. In the wind game the Patriots dominated the run game and won and Josh Allen looked all out of sorts. In game 2 between these two the plan was simple and it worked. Score More Points and as much as it takes to force the Patriots to throw. In that game he threw the ball 47 times, with 30 completions 314 yards and 3 Touchdown Passes. Do I expect the Patriots to allow Josh Allen to do that again? No. But where the Patriots have struggled FOREVER is against mobile quarterbacks and in 3 of Allen’s last 5 he has run the ball 12 or more times. In week 14 against Tampa Bay (a notorious run stopper) Allen scrambled 12 times for 109 yards and had a score. In Week 17 against Atlanta he took 15 carries for 81 yards and 2 scores. In a cold weather game – I think Allen’s running ability is the X Factor and he is my #2 QB behind Burrow. Also I love him at Captain in Showdowns and MVP on FanDuel Single Game contests as well.

Stefon Diggs $7,500. The fourth highest owned receiver I think many people will believe the adage the Patriots try and take away what teams do best. Well in this case, I think that thing the Pats will try and take away is Josh Allen. Why? Well because in Week 16 against this team Diggs took 7 Catches on 13 Targets for 85 yards and a score Diggs is arguably the most complete route runner in the game and even if it is dink and dunks for 10 yards a pop in the cold, he’s going to get the targets and likely he is going to get the yards. Honestly, he is my favorite WR play on the slate behind Ja’Mar Chase and here is a lineup that I am playing that exemplifies the soft pricing and being able to get both Diggs and Chase in a lineup:

QB Mac Jones

RB Damien Harris

RB Devin Singletary

WR Kendrick Bourne

WR Ja’Mar Chase

WR Stefon Diggs

TE: Darren Waller

FL: Zay Jones

DST: Patriots

Damien Harris $6,400 at 29% ownership, Harris is a carrying a Q tag but is expected to suit up. In Both games against Buffalo this season he has gone over 100 yards on the ground and has scored 4 touchdowns (one in Week 13 and three in week 16). The Patriots have shown they will run the ball in neutral or losing scenarios and Harris is the guy. In cold weather, I like the run games here and as noted it is why I like Josh Allen so much. I think you have to have Damien Harris in your player pool.

Devin Singletary $5,800. At 61% ownership Singletary is the 2nd highest owned running back on the slate behind only Joe Mixon. In 3 of his last 5 he has finished with 86 or more yards on the ground and 5 touchdowns. He’s also had multiple targets in 3 of his last 5 and he even caught a Touchdown pass against the Jets in Week 18. The Patriots are allowing 123+ yards on the ground and in a cold weather game I think Buffalo leans on the run a bit more than usual – especially if they take an early lead. I think I prefer Harris in this game – but as you can tell from the lineup above I will have plenty of Singletary in my lineups tonight.

Gabriel Davis $3,900 at 34% ownership it isn’t the old low owned dart throw Gabe Davis that we are used to but I think I need to highlight him here. Granted Manny Sanders is back, likely to a full snap share – so it remains to be seen if that effects Davis here BUT in 3 of the last 5 Games Davis has out targeted Cole Beasley by 4 or more looks from Allen and with a whopping 14 targets in Week 18 he was the most targeted of all Bill’s Wide Receivers. Sanders has seen 8 targets only once this season while Davis has seen 8 or more 3 times. So for me I think it’s Davis who is the #2 in this offense and he is in play for me in Lineups I am not using Diggs in.

Kendrick Bourne $4,400. I love the sub 10% ownership on Bourne tonight. There is no question Bourne is the big play threat in this offense and due to that if I like Mac Jones I have to like Kendrick Bourne. He has seen 4 or more targets in 9 games since Week 6 and has gone 75 or more yards 4 times this season and on a team that runs on first and second down at the highest rate in the league, that is saying something. He has been on a serious TD Drought having last scored one in Week 12 where he had 2. I like him to break that drought tonight. I think he makes an excellent contrarian run back in Bills stacks and I obviously don’t mind the Mac Jones-Kendrick Bourne stack either.

Jakobi Meyers $5,000 one of the reasons I mentioned Bourne first is the ownership on Meyers at near 27%. That signals to me that most players are running Bill’s stacks back with Meyers and/or stacking Mac Jones with Meyers. So I like the contrarian nature of using Bourne in that spot at Half the Ownership. Meyers is also Questionable and if he is ruled out, I would expect Bourne’s ownership to jump. There is no question though who the #1 WR is on this team. 6 or more targets in all but 3 games this year and 8 or more in 10. Meyers has gone for 70 or more yards 5 times and again that is saying something on the run first Patriots offense. The one thing that worries me is the lack of touchdowns. He has only 2 on the season. While I prefer Bourne tonight, I think you should have Jakobi in your player pool – if he plays.

I also will be mainly pulling my defenses from this game. First in a 2 game slate it is always advisable to play the later game defense in case the first game becomes a shoot out – you never want to carry a 0 at DST into the second game. But also in single digit temperature and both teams used to playing in the cold this game has the makings of a low scoring affair where either Defense is viable in DFS. The Bills are $3,200 at 30% ownership. The Patriots are $2,700 at 10% ownership.


Rhamondre Stevenson $5,100 – 13% owned

Cole Beasley $4,200 – 30% owned

Hunter Henry $4,500 – 16% owned

Dawson Knox $5,100 – 11% owned

Jonuu Smith $2,700 – 3% owned

Emmanuel Sanders $4,300 – 5% owned


Nelson Agholor $3,500 – 1% owned

Zach Moss $4,500 – 2% owned

Brandon Bolden $4,800 – 3% owned

Isiah McKenzie $3,400 – 2% owned

If I am playing Showdowns tonight my favorite captains are Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Damien Harris, Kendrick Bourne or the Defenses and Kickers. I think when you are building lineups I would build around 3 central stories 1. Josh Allen and the Bills go guns a-blazin and throw and score at will. 2. the Patriots Run First Game Plan dominates the game or 3. this is a low scoring game where defenses and kickers matter heavily. Bourne I like as the low owned Wild Card. Stacking wise I am looking at 4-2 builds with either side (4 from one team, 2 from the other).


And Check back later this weekend!

Tomorrow AM: Wild Card Sunday DFS Preview

Monday Afternoon: MNF DFS Preview

Week 18 Sunday Night Showdown in the Dessert of Las Vegas – Raiders Chargers – Win and You’re In – DFS Preview – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

You Can Find Me on Twitter @DelRayBoston

Earlier today for the main slate we spent a lot of time going over the playoff implications for various teams as well as the scenarios of which certain teams could make the playoffs. Well for Sunday Night Football tonight, the playoff implications are simple. Whichever team wins, is in. That’s it.

So on the surface the short answer on who to play in Draft Kings showdowns seems easy – uh, play everyone – I think we can dive a little deeper to find some solid Captains picks and some values to help you #BuildaBetterLineup.


Austin Ekeler $17,400 Captain. In Week 4 against the Raiders Ek took 15 carries for 117 yards and a touchdown. He also caught 3 balls for 20 yards and another score. The Raiders coincidentally are allowing a hair over 116 yards on the ground and what is the best way to neutralize a solid pass rush, quick passes to the running back. Since Week 2 there isn’t a single game where Ek has seen at least 3 targets and in that Week 4 game against the Raiders he saw 5. Austin Ekeler tops my list for Captain choices tonight despite 15% ownership. He will be a more popular choice in the Flex at close to 40% ownership, which has me leaning his direction at Captain more.

Josh Jacobs $11,700. This has not been the season we all hoped for from Josh Jacobs, I get it. However when healthy (which to be fair he is Qyestionable for tonight as of this writing) there is arguably no player on this team guaranteed to see opportunities each week than Jacobs. In 5 of his last 6 games Jacobs has seen double digit rushing opportunities and in 10 games this season he has seen 4 or more targets as well. If the Raiders are going to have a shot at slowing the Chargers offense down, it will have to start by establishing the run with Jacobs so I’ll take a shot on him at Captain especially at 8% ownership. At 34% ownership in the Flex he becomes slightly less appealing. If Jacobs is out by the way, I think Peyton Barber becomes a viable flex play at $1,500.

Keenan Allen $15,600. The clear #1 WR Target on the Chargers, Allen will need to get going early tonight. I think the biggest knock on Allen at Captain has always been that he is more of a possession receiver out of the slot than a big play threat, but lately Allen has flipped that script a bit. Last week he nabbed a beautiful TD grab. Week 15 against Kansas City he took 6 catches for 78 yards and a score. Against a tough Denver defense he took 7 catches for 85 yards. While not my favorite Captain play, he is worth a mention at 12% ownership. He’ll be 40% owned in the flex so yeah, I prefer him at Captain.

Darren Waller $13,800. Waller is expected back tonight and man have the Raiders missed this big guy. Week 4 against the Chargers he had 50 yards and a score and before he went down in Week 12 he had recorded 3 games of 90+ yards and 2 touchdowns. Sure that doesn’t inspire certain greatness but we also just had back to back weeks where Noah Fant and Travis Kelce put a hurting on this defense. I think Waller fits nicely between Noah Fant and Travis Kelce on the rankings. His 6% ownership at Captain is very appealing, but it may rise if the Raiders drop that Q tag this afternoon. I also like him in the flex at 24% ownership.

Mike Williams $10,800. This is more of a dart throw at Captain since Mike Williams is more of a dart throw but that really spectacular game winning touchdown last week has to be cause for alarm. I think if the Chargers are really going to put this game away it will be with deep shots at Williams early and often. Week 4 against the Raiders was the outlier in Mike Williams’ amazing first 5 games where he was going bananas. Week 1 82 yards and a score. Week 2 91 yards and a score. Week 3 122 yards and two scores. Week 5 165 yards and 2 scores. If Williams puts up anything close to those finishes, you will need him at Captain to cash. He will be a popular flex play at 30% so again, much like Williams – I am all or nothing, Williams at Captain or on my bench.

Hunter Renfrow $12,600. It will remain to be seen if Renfrow maintains his role in this offense with Waller back. Since week 12 Renfrow has seen 9 or more targets in 4 of 6 games. But what leads me to believe he isn’t “going away” is that in the first 12 games with Waller on the field he saw 7 or more targets in seven games. He also had a touchdown in Week 4 against this team, something he has also done in back to back weeks in Weeks 16 and 17. He is a popular flex play at over 35% so hi 7.5% ownership at Captain really appeals.

Justin Herbert $17,100. Herbert will be the most popular pick at Captain and it isn’t hard to figure out why. In Week 4 against the Raiders he threw 3 TD passes and no INTs. He is averaging 35.5 passing attempts per game with a +71% completion rating. Only 5 games this season has he attempted less than 4 rushes and he has seen NO GAME this season where he didn’t throw at least one Touchdown Pass. He will be the most important piece to a Chargers victory – most likely – an despite the ownership, he makes a great Captain pick. He will be 50% owned in the Flex as well.

Derek Carr $15,000. Carr will see roughly 18% ownership at Captain. Carr has thrown nearly as many Interceptions as he has Touchdowns this season and has not gone over 300 yards passing since Week 12. Oh wait, that is the last game that Darren Waller played before he got hurt. Oh and Darren Waller is back tonight. And the find a way to win Raiders are at home with the playoffs on the line. Call it a guy feeling but I like Carr at Captain. He’ll be close to 40% owned in the flex for what it’s worth.


If you are using Ekeler, Allen or Williams at Captain I think you need a stack with Herbert in the flex. I would consider a double stack with another of the big 3 too. Ekeler + Herbert + Allen will be popular. So I prefer Ekeler + Herbert + Williams to be different. I wouldn’t sleep on TE Jared Cook here either as a low owned Chargers Flex Play.

I also don’t mind using the Chargers DST in stacks with Ekeler at Captain. If you have a pass catcher or Herbert at Captain, I also like sticking the kicker Dustin Hopkins in. In non-Ekeler Lineups taking a dart throw at RB2 Justin Jackson is a smart play to be different. A couple other Chargers Dart Throws to mention are WR3 Jalen Guyton and a desperation deep dart on WR4 Josh Palmer.

From the Raiders Side, I don’t think you need Derek Carr if you have Josh Jacobs at Captain. I like the Jacobs Raiders Defense + Chargers Kicker as a primary stack. I also like Jacobs + Waller or Renfrow + another Raiders WR like Desean Jackson or Zay Jones or a deeper dart throw at Bryan Edwards.

If you are using Waller or Renfrow at Captain stacking with Carr in the Flex is a priority and then a double stack with another Raiders Pass Catcher + the kicker Daniel Carlson.

This is an interesting high stakes game on Sunday Night Football. There are a lot of ways you could play but these are my takes.


PS I’ll be at the WWE Supershow at the Boston Garden tonight so if you see me say HELLO!

Week 18 NFL – DFS Sunday Preview – So, It’s Come Down To This – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

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Here we are week 18 and we have some teams vying for a playoff spot while other teams already a week into preparation for the post season. So how to attack this situation in DFS? Obviously that is something you need to decide on. So in today’s article I am going to do something a little different. I am going to look at Game by Game and tell you what I am actually doing. Yes. That means if I am avoiding a game all together, I will tell you. The reason for this is I will also be able to lay out for you the different scenarios teams are facing in regards to playoff hopes or seeding. So let’s start with the early window:



The Bengals are locked in for the playoffs and win, lose or draw here that won’t change. Additionally with the Chiefs’ victory yesterday the only way the Bengals can increase their playoff positioning is if the Titans lose to the Texans which they have no control of. Thus JOE BURROW will sit today. JOE MIXON will sit today. I would guess we won’t see much from Ja’mar Chase, Tee Higgins or most of the rest of the starting offense either. Additionally on the BROWNS side, BAKER MAYFIELD IS OUT.


Nick Chubb $7,900 – 3% Ownership

Bengals DST $3,000 – 1% Ownership

Browns DST $2,600 21% Ownership


The Packers have clinched the #1 Seed in the NFC and will receive a 1st Round Bye in the playoffs. They do not need to win this game, nor do they need to worry about any outcome from any other NFC team’s games. There is no reason why any Packers Starters should play today though AARON ROGERS has said he wants to play. HOT TAKE – I am not playing Packers today. I would not be surprised if ROGERS, ADAMS, JONES, DILLON any of them don’t even make it through the first quarter. Additionally for the Lions, JARED GOFF is highly Questionable.

DFS Plays in this game:

Deandre Swift $6,900 – 6% owned

Amarah St Brown $6,800 – 7% owned (Especially if Jared Goff Plays)

Packers DST $3,500 – 1% owned

Lions DST $2,400 – 7% owned


Both of these teams are eliminated from Playoff Contention. In fact pretty much the only two things on the line today are pride and Minnesota’s chance to move up into the Top 10 in next year’s Draft. But what we know are two things: KIRK COUSINS will play today. JUSTIN FIELDS will not. Oh and JUSTIN JEFFERSON needs 6 receptions to overtake Michael Thomas for the most receptions in a player’s first two seasons.

I Love Me Some Vikings Stacks Today:

Kirk Cousins $6,100 – 2.4% owned

Justin Jefferson $8,100 – 18% owned

Dalvin Cook $7,800 – 12% owned

KJ Osborn $5,500 – 1% owned

Tyler Conklin $4,200 – 1% owned

Vikings DST $2,900 – 12% owned

Run the stack back with:

David Montgomery $6,800 13% owned

Darnell Mooney $5,900 8% owned `

I don’t even hate a sneaky Bears DST $2,700 at no ownership as a one off. I think this is a game that you can build around. Pride between these two teams is a big deal and the Bears pass catchers (outside of Mooney) are all cheap and great for lineup fillers too. I expect this game to be sneakily high scoring despite calling out the DSTs here.


Both of these teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. Neither team can make any difference in their draft positions either. However unlike the above game of non-playoff contenders, nothing about this game appeals to me with for the most part two sub par offenses squaring off against two middle of the road defenses. This is a stay away spot for me. If a WFT or Giant Player beats me in a tournament, so be it. I am ok with avoiding this game entirely today.



If the COLTS win today, they are in – OR if the Bengals Lose – but let’s stay with the Win and You Are In part of this sentence. The Jaguars are OUT. We know this. Additionally, win lose or draw they cannot gain ground in next year’s draft more than they already have. I am not playing Jaguars today. If the Jags beat me, they beat me so be it. Who am I playing from this game:

JONATHAN TAYLOR $9,300 18% owned – is as close to a lock for me as can be.

Other DFS Plays in this game:

Carson Wentz $5,800 – 4% owned

Michael Pittman JR $5,900 – 10% owned

TY Hilton $4,700 – 1% owned

Austin Dulin $3,200 – no ownership

Jack Doyle $2,700 – no ownership

Colts DST $3,800 – 1% ownership


This game is very interesting to me. Both teams need to WIN to have a chance at the playoffs. However, it isn’t just a win and you are in scenario like with the Colts. The Steelers need to win AND have both the Colts Lose AND the Chargers-Raiders game not to end in a tie to get in. The Ravens on the other hand need to win AND have the Chargers, Colts and Dolphins all lose to get in. So I expect we will see a very competitive game in Baltimore today. Unfortunately it will be without LAMAR JACKSON. Also JAMES WASHINGTON. I like a lot of DFS Plays in this game. I like Steelers Stacks, I like Ravens Stacks. I especially like it because for the most part, the whole game is being overlooked.

DFS Plays in this game:

Ben Roethlisberger $5,400 – 1% owned

Dionte Johnson $7,600 – 3% owned

Chase Claypool $5,100 – 8% owned

Najee Harris $7,200 – 6% owned

Ray Ray McCloud $3,800 – no ownership

Pat Freiermuth $4,600 – 2% owned

Steelers DST $3,000 – 4% owned

Tyler Huntley $5,700 – 6% owned

Marquise Brown $5,900 – 10% owned

Rashod Bateman $4,900 – 3% owned

Mark Andrews $7,500 – 5% owned

Devonta Freeman $5,200 – no ownership

Latavius Murray $4,400 – no ownership

Sammy Watkins $3,900 – no ownership (especially if Devin Douvernay is ruled out)


Since the Chiefs won yesterday, the Titans need to win this game to clinch the #1 Seed in the AFC and the first round bye. They did NOT activate The King for this game. Will they prevail. Also the Texans are OUT. The Titans are seeing a lot of ownership. The Texans playing only to spoil their rivals’s hopes & dreams, are not – outside of Brandin Cooks. Titans Stacks will be popular with Brandin Cooks as a run back. I can see it clearly.

DFS Plays in this Game:

Ryan Tannehill $6,000 – 10% owned

Davis Mills $5,300 4% owned

D’onta Foreman $5,700 – 18% owned

Rex Burkhead $5,200 1% owned

AJ Brown $7,000 20% owned

Brandin Cooks $6,300 15% owned

Julio Jones $5,000 3% owned

Geoff Swaim $3,300 – no ownership

Titans DST $3,300 – 6% owned

Texans DST $2,600 – no ownership



The Saints clinch a playoff spot if they WIN and the 49ers Lose. The Falcons are out. How do I see this game playing out? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is:

ALVIN KAMARA is $8,300 and only 6% owned in an match up with ATLANTA. Lock it in.

Other DFS Plays in this game:

Taysom Hill $6,200 – 9% ownership

Mark Ingram $5,400 – no ownership (If He Plays)

Cordarrelle Patterson $6,400 – 7% ownership

Russell Gage $5,600 – 2% ownership

Kyle Pitts $5,700 – 3% ownership (If Pitts doesn’t play, take a flier on Hayden Hurst)

I think you can also look to Saints Pass Catchers for cheap lineup fillers, it is just so difficult to determine which will go off. My favorites are Lil’Jordan Humphrey and Adam Trautman but they are all cheap and no one plays Saints Pass Catchers.


The Bills are locked into the playoffs and if they win here and the Patriots lose, they are the AFC Champions for the second year in a row. The Jets meanwhile are out. I expect the Bills to come out swinging early in an attempt to put this game on ice early. Meanwhile I expect the Jets to try to play spoilers.

DFS Plays here: The Bills. All of them. Including the DST. Josh Allen Stacks – GO. Don’t sleep on the running game either #Analysis.

Other DFS Plays in this game:

Michael Carter $5,000 – 9% ownership

Jets DST $2,300 – no ownership

49ers vs RAMS

Lots of Playoff Implications here. First the Niners Clinch if they WIN and the Saints LOSE. The Rams win the NFC West with a win. I would expect fireworks in this game. Also big news Rams RB Cam Akers is active – will he see a big role here? Also Jimmy G looks to be back for the Niners! Additonally, Cooper Kupp is chasing history. Should mention too if both the Cardinals and Rams lose, the Rams still get the title … but let’s not talk about that.

I love Rams Stacks today, I love Niners Stacks today.

DFS Plays in this game:

Jimmy Garoppolo $5,500 – 4% ownership

Matthew Stafford $6,700 – 8% ownership

Cooper Kupp $9,700 – 22% Ownership

Deebo Samuel $8,500 – 5% ownership

Odell Beckham JR $5,800 – 4% ownership

Van Jefferson $5,100 – 3% ownership

Brandon Aiyuk $5,600 – 1% ownership

George Kittle $6,700 – 4% ownership

Tyler Higbee $4,000 – 8% ownership

Eli Mitchell $6,000 – 12% ownership

Sony Michel $6000 – 18% ownership

CAM AKERS! $4,700 – 2% ownership

Rams DST $3,100 – 2% ownership

Niners DST $2,900 – no ownership


As a Patriots Fan I hate this game. South Florida in December for Northern Teams = voodoo hoodoo every time. If the Patriots win and the Bills lose, the Patriots reclaim the AFC East Title. But do to the hexing nature of this scenario (history is with me on this). I personally will be fading this game outside of the DSTs.

Can you tempt fate and play Mac or Tua or Damien Harris or Rhamondre Stevenson or Jalen Waddle or any player on either team. Sure. But this is is a complete avoid for me. That said – Go Pats! #Analysis


I think when the NFL put this game on the schedule the headlines of RUSS vs KYLER were in their minds. However here in Week 18, Russ and the Seahawks are OUT of the playoffs. Meanwhile Kyler is locked in for a Playoff spot but he is playing to win. Why? Because if the Cardinals win and the Rams lose, than the Cardinals are the NFC West Champs. The problem is the Rams are also playing at 4:25 so Kyler will need to win this game to have a shot at the title. This could also potentially be Russell Wilson’s last game as a Seahawk. Pour one out for the legacy he leaves with this team.

This may surprise you, but I really don’t like much in this game. I think you can play Kyler in a stack with Christian Kirk or AJ Green or Zach Ertz. If James Connor plays he is probably my favorite play in this game as Chase Edmonds is out. I also think the Cardinals DST is viable. Run the Cardinals Stack back with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett or Rashad Penny. It’s a stay away spot for me though. Could that bite me in the a**? Yep, but I’ve made my peace with it.


The Carolina Panthers are out. Tom Brady & the Buccaneers are NFC South Champs and locked at the 3 Seed, win lose or draw. They can lock up the #2 Seed with a win and a Rams Loss, but I would speculate that isn’t as much of a game plan focus as a nice feather in the cap if it happens. The Panthers have been a surprising solid defense all season. The Bucs’ defense has been hit or miss to put it nicely. The one thing I know about Tom Brady is he likes to go into the Playoffs with a season finale win … but I just am not confident we see Brady go a full game here – why risk it Tampa Bay? Additionally I think the same can be said with Mike Evans. Godwin is done for the season. AB is spectacularly out too. Brady – Evans will be a core need for the Buccaneers in the playoffs. Also Ronald Jones is out.

So why would Tom Brady risk injury to play this game? If he finishes top 5 in passer rating, he earns an additional $562,500. If he finishes Top 5 in completion percentage or yards, he earns another $562,500.

But the real potential winner here could be GRONK. If Gronk catches 7 Balls today, he earns $500,000. If he has 85 yards in this game he earns $500,000. If he catches