Week 13 Sunday Night Football – Chiefs Broncos – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

You Can Find Me on Twitter @DelRayBoston As I took a quick look at this Showdown Slate it became very obvious that the spot to be “different” will be at Captain/MVP. The thing about these two teams are that their offenses are so generally concentrated that it’s almost like every stud on both sides ofContinue reading “Week 13 Sunday Night Football – Chiefs Broncos – Real Deal Fantasy HQ”

A Quick Look at Week 7 Thursday Night Football – Browns Broncos – Pricing, Ownership, Value, Picks – Real Deal Fantasy HQ

You can find me on Twitter @DelRayBoston When I think about tonight’s matchup between the Browns and Broncos, I am hearing the echo of former Celtic’s Coach John Calipari’s famous post game press conference as it pertains to the Browns: Baker Mayfield ain’t walkin’ through that door, Nick Chubb ain’t walkin’ through that door, KareemContinue reading “A Quick Look at Week 7 Thursday Night Football – Browns Broncos – Pricing, Ownership, Value, Picks – Real Deal Fantasy HQ”

Thoughts on my SFB11 Team!

The Scott Fish Bowl is something that brings the fantasy community together once a year for a great cause to raise money for charity. I’m so happy to be invited again this season and make new friends and relationships built around a great cause! The Qbs: So, I really didn’t have any type of strategyContinue reading “Thoughts on my SFB11 Team!”

Sell these RBs before the NFL Draft

By: Andrew Metcalfe NFL Russian Roulette Ever since I started playing Dynasty Fantasy football, the NFL offseason became so much more exciting to me. Holding on to mid-tier running backs can be like playing Russian Roulette with your Dynasty roster. One news flash of the team signing another starter and their value could instantly comeContinue reading “Sell these RBs before the NFL Draft”

Put Some “Respeck” On Justin Fields Name! Why He’s Better Than Most People Think

I don’t want to go completely down the rabbit hole on this subject, but for whatever reason it seems like it’s the popular thing to downplay the talent and dedication that Justin Fields has when it comes to football. Lately, word out of both the NFL (via unnamed NFL executives) and certain media outlets haveContinue reading “Put Some “Respeck” On Justin Fields Name! Why He’s Better Than Most People Think”

An Affair on Matt Ryan?!

An Affair on Matt Ryan?! Let me just preface this by saying I cant tell the future. But I sit here on April 2nd having just walked away from yet another debate about the Atlanta Falcons and who they should take at pick 4 in the 2021 NFL Draft. I write this knowing full wellContinue reading “An Affair on Matt Ryan?!”

3 Players to Buy for a 3rd Round Rookie Pick

A rookie draft pick that “hits” is a player that goes on to produce at least one Top 24 (Top 12 for QB and TE) fantasy finish at their position.  Many studies have been conducted on rookie pick hit rates, but the estimated rate for 3rd round picks is about 10-12%.  That means that weContinue reading “3 Players to Buy for a 3rd Round Rookie Pick”

Early ADP Bust

While 2 weeks is not nearly enough time to evaluate a player’s season, we can begin to look at trends that will give us hints offuture production. The players below have fallen short of fantasy managers’ expectations so far this season, based on their Average Draft Position (ADP). I am going to point out someContinue reading “Early ADP Bust”

Week 2 Top Waiver target predictions

Now that draft season is over, now is the time to obsess over our lineups and start/sit decisions up until kickoff. Post week 1 waiver claims usually have a huge impact on the remainder of the season. After we get to see the teams in action for the first time, there are bound to beContinue reading “Week 2 Top Waiver target predictions”

One Move Every Team Needs to Make: AFC West

Denver BroncosBiggest Need: Wide ReceiverThings may be finally falling into place for the Broncos offense as they showed flashes of explosiveness last year when Drew Lock took over. Adding the young explosive offense to the new offensive coordinator hire of Pat Shurmur, 6th in total team cap space, and the 15th pick in the NFLContinue reading “One Move Every Team Needs to Make: AFC West”